Size 8 shares sweet birthday tribute to daughter Ladasha Belle for Her 4th Birthday!

On 19th November the Muraya’s always make sure to spend this special day in the best possible as – their first born, Ladasha belle, was welcomed in the world 4 years ago!


To celebrate Ladashabelle’s big day, Size 8 posted a birthday tribute on Instagram, filled with a moving and sweet message where she wrote;

Yeeeeeeepppppyyyy its her 4th birthday what a mighty God I serve!!!!!! Her life is a miracle from Heaven!!!!! @ladashabelle.wambo God is faithful mummy I love you so much so much…………..You are true sign of Gods power!!!!!!!!!
Thank you @nishasurbankitchen , the cake it so beautiful ……. thanks for this it means alot to me!!!!! Cc @djmokenya

Size 8 with daughter Ladashabelle

Size 8’s post received close to 41k views and with comments from close friends and die hard fans all wishing little Ladashabelle a happy birthday as she turned 4 years.

DJ Mo’s message to Ladashabelle

Ladashabelle is certainly turning into a fine young lady and judging from how her daddy pampers her, we can all agree that she is her daddy’s favorite girl!

Through his Instagram page DJ Mo celebrated his daughter’s birthday with a special message where he opened up saying;

It’s been 4 years and God has been faithful – am always proud of you and honestly you make us happy with mummy . I pray to God to always favor you and may you grow to be the most happiest woman ever .
It’s your day sema unataka nini …we ready to spoil you ????
Happy birthday my missy ❤️ @ladashabelle.wambo
Cc @size8reborn

Size 8’s message after landing new endorsement deal 

Gospel singer Size 8 has landed a new endorsement deal with a detergent company called Kleesoft.

The detergent company which is owned by the Chinese and is looking to enter the Kenyan market. Size 8 has been named as the official Kleesoft’s brand ambassador in Kenya.


Taking to social media, the singer thanked God for rewarding her yet again with another mega-deal.

“Glory to God In the highest for this golden opportunity to work with KLEESOFT WASHING Powder as their new BRAND AMBASSADOR!!!! Isn’t God amazing? Yes He is.So I take this opportunity to invite you to try KLEESOFT WASHING POWDER today you will not regret it. It’s the best…………… new packaging coming soon…….. kufua ni kleesoft na kleesoft ni kufua,” she posted.



Kenyans, did Size 8 quit her job because she’s pregnant again? 

Kenyans believe singer Size 8 is now cautious more than ever and is leaving nothing to chance following her recent miscarriage that left her family devastated.

Size 8 has taken a break from TV and radio. She hosts Pambio Live alongside DJ Ruff Kenya every Sunday from noon to 2pm on Maisha Magic East since 2017 and also her radio show.

Asked why she’s not reporting to work, the popular singer gave a vague answer which sparked the rumors.

“Due to health-related issues,” she told Word Is on Monday.


She then went on to add that she’s only working on the Softcare campaign that requires little effort.

“The only contract I’m on is Softcare because it does not require a lot of my time,” she said.

Size 8 had a miscarriage on December and truly could be the reason why she’s taking a rest.

“I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest, I’ve cried I’ve asked God so many questions I have given my husband stress He is trying to make me be okay, I was so angry…my faith in God has been greatly tested,” she said then while announcing of her loss. 

Why Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa hasn’t been on TV lately

Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa has been missing in action for a while now.

The popular host who works alongside DJ Mo has been down with an illness though she didn’t mention what exactly but took the time to thank everyone who checked up on her.


Grace said she has been going through a tough time in terms of her health but the love she has gotten from her family has kept her going.

“This past week has not been easy. I have been at my lowest but because of Love, I still held on and hoped for a better day. Waking up to Love from #mineand then kids who cheer you up at every gesture is the greatest thing that has happened and I am blessed to have them around me. I thank God for every message and call that came in this week. Your prayers have gone a mighty long way. I love you all and God bless you for being family. I am stronger,”

DJ Mo: Shame on the ones spreading rumors that i’m cheating on Size 8 

DJ Mo is happily married to Size 8 and those trying to ruin their union should be ashamed. That’s the message DJ MO had for anyone claiming that they are currently in a rocky place with Size 8.

He denied that the two are growing apart by the day.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinions. So, kama hatuja achana (We have not split)  someone should be ashamed [for spreading such rumours]. Let me tell you something, don’t believe in rumours. If we are still strong they know that…by the way hatuachani (we are not separating).” he said. 

Size 8

Rumours that the DJ has been cheating flooded social media recently forcing his wife to speak on the issue.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. Those are just rumors from people,” she explained.

Popular pastor: Groove Awards is fake. There is no power of gospel in those awards

A popular pastor has joined a bunch of Kenyans who have been complaining about the gospel industry and also rebuked the it saying that it’s full of pretenders.

On social media, pastor James Reborn specifically attacked Groove Awards saying that it’s rewarding music that doesn’t praise God but earthly things.

“GROOVE AWARDS is fake there is no power of gospel in those awards they are just lost generation hiding in the church secularising gospel,” said the pastor on Facebook.

James Reborn

Dance music

He then went on to attack such song as Oddi dance, KDF and other similar song that have been ruling the airwaves claiming that they shouldn’t be categorized as gospel at all.

“I weep for our young generation because if odi dance, KDF,kula neno,baksizo, is what we call gospel then we are lost completely lost,where are the Franck mtakatifu, babeto, Israel hezekiah, of this generation.we need to fix something here before all is lost.GROVE AWARDS is fake and fake change to secular awards before Jesus finds you with a nyahunyo and teach you a lesson. # Grove awards is fake
# The truth be told # Temple of Grace Church Ruiru.”


Size 8 introduces extended family in this beautiful photo 

Gospel singer has been posting a lot about her family which includes her daughter and hubby DJ Mo, but never has she shared little about her whole extended family.

On Instagram recently, she took to social media to share a photo of her extended family. The photo has left her fans asking for more after sharing.

“We got together after such a long time,” said Size 8 in the photo. Adding, ” themunyalis@munyalism3@mmunyali@charlesmunyali@nafkg@rispamunyali Anne, Pastor Dennis ,Pastor Munyali Minister Deborah ??????”

Size 8’s extended family

Here’s what guys had to say

Kenyans trash Size 8’s argument that gospel singers have content in their song, Agree with Jalas 

Jalango was recently a trending topic after coming out and shooting gospel artists in the foot over their music. The comedian and radio presenter stated that gospel music has zero content and artists should change.

“Mateke” singer Size 8 on the other hand came out to defend her people saying that gospel singers are doing just fine since saved people can relate to their content.

“Jalang’o should not judge people with a few songs because ours is the biggest music industry, and I believe every song has a message. Everyone sings differently, thus it would be wrong to judge them with their content.

“Like the new Daddy Owen song, Donjo, is just a way of saying he is enjoying life in Christ. Kula Neno is the word of God, meaning read the word of God. I think the problem is the understanding by people and not the song or perhaps the delivery. But from someone who reads the word, they will understand what every artiste means with their song.”

Well, a poll done by a popular website now reveals that Kenyans are not siding with Size 8. Almost all of those who voted agreed with Jalas that Kenyans should change their gospel songs.

Here’s the poll:


Days after DJ Mo landed top deal, Size 8 now also blessed with yet another lucrative job 

It seems God is favoring power couple Size 8 and hubby DJ Mo. The two have been landing top deals the whole of this year and looks like they are not stopping any time soon.

Size 8 has now landed a new ambassadorial job from Soft Care Sanitary Pads. She took to Instagram to share the news after landing the top deal.

Thanking God

“My God my Yaweh my Jehovah the Lord of Host has done it again wapi HALLELUJAH. Am so excited to announce this am the brand ambossador of yet another product SOFT CARE SANITARY PADS uuuuuuwwiii i used to lack sanitary pads now my face is on a pack woi my God my God who be like my God no one………. thank you guys for all the support and prayers. Thanks to all who buy the SOFT CARE DIAPERS out of the success in sales of this product i got another endorsement the SOFT CARE SANITARY PADS the Lords works.


“I want to encourage someone out there never give up press on God is creating a beautiful story. And give your life to Jesus christ if you are not born again look how Jesus changed my life and how God’s blessings fall daily………. to God be the glory #softcaresanitarypads #endorsements#brandambassador #JesusChrist #evangelist,” read the Mateke hit maker’s post.

DJ Mo flaunts ‘fake’ Nikes on TV and Instagram

Gospel DJ, DJ Mo, is yet again a topic of discussion after fans believed he was on Instagram flaunting a fake pair of shoes.

On Sunday, the NTV DJ was on social media showcasing a pair of Nike shoes that some believed was not original. The shoe, which is basically a remixed version of the ’90s classic, the Nike Zoom Flight 95, costs about Ksh, 20, 000 but were just being sold for less than Ksh 5000.

Others loved the pair

Many believed, at such a price, the shoe must be fake.  The shoe was released last year and once worn, the shoe provides comfort through its breathable Flyknit upper and the super thick and plush insole.

DJ Mo shares tricks that ensure he stays successful in showbiz

Gospel DJ, DJ Mo, has come a long way to becoming the top and influential DJ he is today. His journey to success has had a lot of ups and downs but this has not stopped him from being the best.

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He married singer Size 8 and are now seen as entertainment industry’s power couple, especially after they were blessed with a child.


Develop a thick skin

Mo was recently on social media to share how he has manged to be so successful and relevant for so long saying that a thick skin and being ready to handle success have been key in his blossoming career.

“Break the norms – if you want to be different and always on top – – you can’t be successful and yet you don’t want to go through the process , or still you can’t handle success and what it comes with – grow thick skin and focus – Bless -” said DJ Mo on Instagram. 


Dj Mo and Size 8 publicly kiss for the first time but this is why Kenyans on social media could not handle it!

Size 8 turned 30 years this past weekend and to mark this special event, the lady spent her day with family and friends at Enashipai resort in Nakuru where her husband seemed to have a couple of events lined up for her surprise birthday party.

From the photos shared by Dj Mo and other friends, there is no doubt that Size 8 turned 30 years in style and the fact that she had her family around made it extra special.

However after the cake session, Size 8 received the ‘kiss of life’ from her husband that has left most social media users discussing it on their social media pages.

Well, I am not really sure whether the two were uncomfortable hence the ‘bad locking lip session’ or they just don’t kiss at all.

Anyway a few fans wrote saying;

Diana: He has let me down. He is kissing like he’s sucking juice out of a straw

Muthoni: This reminds me of someone I used to know.

Masinza: Can’t believe huyu Ni Size 8 Na Dj Moz

Grace: Maybe ni leo tu ilitokea vibaya

Karithi: Actually, size 8 ndiye ameplace wrong… Look at it again

Rebecca: Lol anakunywa chai moto

Risper: Pitieni huku uone Dj Moh akinyonya mafuta kwa caburetor

Victoria: Kissing upper lip ni matata for Kenyan men, afadhali they just stick to lower lip, nimeenda hivi nakuja

Tonnie: It’s called the carburettor kiss folks

Lena: Anavuruta oil kwa carburettor.

Winnie: na ni maceleb. Wakujie classes

Rachel: Hehe DJ mo it’s not done like this #kiundutho
Liz: Hiyo kiss yuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!
Njoroge: I guess this guy’s side hustle is being a mechanic