“I just don’t give a f*ck” Pierra Makena responds to trolls dragging her about her cameltoe

A while back Pierra Makena came out hun blazing attacking young female DJ’s for using their bodies to entertain fans instead of using their talent to create networks and bigger platform for their projects.

For a minute – the lady sounded like a mum watching out for their kids or wait…an older sister keeping her younger sisters in check – simply because her times up and doesn’t want them to ‘waste’ themselves.

Tbt: Pierra Makena

Of course we laughed off after reading what she’d said about young female DJ’s during that interview. Like come on – haven’t she been doing the same over the past years…like before the baby and all?

If my memory serves me right, back then Pierra Makena always used her body to keep the crowds coming…I mean it’s her body that made me notice her and not her mixes. Sasa mbona nikudanganye….for some reason I wanted to have her curves when I get to her age….update on the body goals is that tutapewa mwili mpya binguni.

Pierra Makena a hypocrite?

Well seeing that her advise was only aimed at female DJ’s who really don’t care about her opinions; the mother of female DJ’s in Kenya seems to have joined the bandwagon – cause clearly she was about to win this ‘decency’ case with Z gens!

I guess this is why she recently shared a couple of thirst trap displaying her githambutha cameltoe to the world. Seeing this, fans quickly called – out Pierra Makena for dressing indecently yet she’s a mum.

With the many mean comments, Pierra finally decided to respond saying;

SWEETHEARTS MKO AJE LEO? Listen….years ago I was dead terrified about what will people say!! I Was overweight..I got trolled and peoples opinion became my daily bread… I covered myself..I was not proud of myself and I hated me all because of few peoples opinions. One day I turned around and realised that I don’t need to take it. And my life changed.

For the first time in a long time, Pierra Makena says she was able to work through her self esteem issues and now more than ever – she doesn’t really care what fans think of her.

I started loving me and everything that is me. So if today you see me doing me, with all due respect keep your opinion of me to yourself.. on a scale of 2017 to now I DGAF. Otherwise NAWALOMBOTOVU!!!!!! ION I have a new work out plan if you want to join me…..