‘There’s No Age Limit For Marriage’- DJ Pierra Makena

In a recent interview with YouTuber Oga Obinna, Kenyan DJ and media personality Pierra Makena opened up about her views on marriage and relationships. At 42, Makena remains single and unafraid to challenge societal expectations surrounding marriage timelines.

“Who says there is an age one should be married? I have had people saying certain things because I am not married. I do not want to get married to the wrong person to please society,” she expressed.

“I have not met that one person who I can say ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with them.”

When asked about her ideal man, Makena described him as “God-fearing, hardworking.”

“Jitume, you do not have to be rich, a man who is clean and smells good. A good kisser,” the 42-year-old said.

However, when questioned if she would make the first move on a man, Makena admitted that she wouldn’t, citing past experiences of rejection.

“I would never hit on a man, what if he says no? I can use someone but I can’t do so directly. I have been rejected a couple of times before,” Makena shared.


Pierra Makena Calms Concerns- Swollen Face Due to Allergies, Not Violence

Singer and radio host Pierra Makena has reassured fans after a swollen face in recent videos sparked concerns about domestic violence. While the image, reminiscent of a boxer after a tough fight, alarmed many, Makena quickly clarified that it was not the result of any physical attack.

“Fam I’m better and getting treatment from home. I didn’t get beat so my army lower your weapons,” she posted, urging her followers to avoid jumping to conclusions. The star explained that her puffy face was caused by a severe allergy and acute lower back pain, promising to share more details soon.

In a follow-up message, Makena reiterated her assurance, expressing gratitude for the well wishes and thanking medical professionals for their prompt action. “Honestly hata sina nguvu ya ku argue,” she joked, highlighting her exhaustion. She clarified again that the swelling was purely an allergic reaction, not the result of a fight or accident.

DJ Pierra Makena Debunks Rumors Of Romance With Makeup Artist Creative Phil

Popular DJ Pierra Makena has put a stop to speculation surrounding her relationship with makeup artist Creative Phil. After photos of them together sparked dating rumors, Makena took to her Instagram to clarify the situation.

In a playful yet firm tone, the 42-year-old addressed her followers directly: “Okay okay okay… I need y’all to calm down. Stop cooking your own stories! You might put me in trouble with the verified. Then again, you’re also giving me ideas… maybe I should date one of these youngsters.”

While playfully teasing the possibility of dating “youngsters,” Makena’s main message was directed at silencing the gossip. She expressed frustration with the blogs spreading false information and encouraged fans to seek the truth rather than relying on conjecture.

“But anyway, Daniel and your friends, take a deep breath next time. Ask me, and I’ll tell you who he is and his details. No need to lie to Kenyans. Wah! Honestly, if Phil can make us trend, then if you know the real deal, the country will stop,” Makena wrote.

The two previously sparked dating rumours fueled by cosy photos of them together. Do you think they may be lovers in denial?

DJ Pierra Makena Opens Up About Being Dumped While Pregnant

In a heartfelt interview with Eve Mungai, renowned DJ and actress Pierra Makena revealed the emotional turmoil she endured when her baby daddy married another woman while she was five months pregnant. With raw honesty, she shared her journey from heartbreak to healing, shedding light on her decision not to pursue legal action and her unwavering commitment to protecting her daughter’s well-being.

Makena described the agonizing moment when her partner, despite an amicable breakup, gradually distanced himself from her and their unborn child. Despite his seemingly polite demeanor, she was devastated to learn that just five months later, he had married another woman.

The emotional impact of this revelation was profound, and Makena admitted to never believing she could overcome the pain. “We had a very good relationship, but after we broke up and I was pregnant, he left,” she recalled, her voice filled with emotion. “He didn’t even want anything to do with us. And he was very polite about it; he wasn’t rude, demeaning me, or anything. But five months later, he got married to someone else.”

Makena described the experience as excruciating, emphasizing the difficulty of adjusting to a reality where the person she once shared a deep connection with was no longer a part of their lives. The DJ explained that the situation forced her to embrace contentment, accepting the cards life had dealt her.

She revealed that acknowledging the reality of her circumstances, despite the unexpected turn of events, played a pivotal role in her emotional healing. Makena acknowledged the need to move forward and prioritize providing a stable and loving environment for her daughter.

“For me, I’m very content with where I am in life,” she affirmed. “I taught myself to be content when I realized I was pregnant and this man was not going to be there.”

Addressing the possibility of legal action against her baby daddy, Makena unequivocally stated that she could never take him to court. She explained that pursuing such a course would only serve to perpetuate negativity and expose her daughter to unnecessary emotional distress.

“I would never sue him,” she declared. “I don’t want to create negativity in my life, and I don’t want to put my daughter through that.

Makena’s decision to prioritize her daughter’s emotional well-being and her unwavering commitment to providing a loving and supportive environment underscore her strength and resilience. Her openness and honesty in sharing her story serve as an inspiration to others navigating the challenges of single parenthood and overcoming heartbreak.

Pierra Makena blasts her baby daddy

DJ Pierra Makena, a celebrated female DJ and actress, has recently spoken out about her baby daddy’s absence in their daughter’s life. She has moved on and does not wish to force any man to be part of their child’s life if they are not inclined to do so.

“I have forgotten about him; that means he is not in the life of my child. I would rather push a cart than beg a man to love his own flesh and blood,” she said.

She is currently single but is looking for someone to marry. She wants to find someone she connects with well and believes in marriage for life.

DJ Pierra Makena has successfully kept her personal relationships out of the public eye. The mother of one has been linked to several notable public figures, but the identity of her daughter’s father remains a closely guarded secret.

During her daughter’s fourth birthday celebration, Pierra Makena commented on the role of fathers in parenting, emphasizing how some women may initially feel anxious about raising children without their fathers, only to discover their own capability.

I admire DJ Pierra Makena’s strength and independence. She is a role model for many single mothers. She is showing the world that it is possible to raise a happy and healthy child without a father.

Pierra Makena on female DJ’s selling nudity and not experience

DJ Pierra Makena was always known for her curves, I mean the petite waist and broad hips kept her followers glued to her page – and I believe they still do to date. Well, apart from that she’s also known for her deejaying skills – something she truly loves and wants to fight for.

With time moving so fast – so everything changing too and I guess this is why Pierra Makena feels disappointed with the new age female deejays using their bodies to entertain their fans.

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Pierra Makena

Pierra Makena who is a mother of one recently told Eve woman that female Deejay’s no longer depend on their experience and passion for music to entertain their fans; but most have turned to nudity which they claim is art.

To prove her point, Pierra gave an example of the South African deejay who stripped naked  as part of the entertainment during an event in  December saying;

Also read: “I went through h*ll” Pierra Makena opens up on struggles as a single first time mum

DJ Pierra

See, many female deejays have turned this whole art into a nude thing. We even saw a female deejay in South Africa strip naked before thousands of fans.

Confusing sexy and ratchetness

Well, being one who likes to parade her body with her petite outfits, one would think this is a case of a pot calling kettle black but in her defense, Pierra explained;

Yes, I also wear hot pants and all that but I feel that female deejays are selling more nudity than an experience. This must change.

Well – problem is, these new Deejay’s are entertaining a completely different crowd – that is in terms of age and looking at this new generation – nudity might just be enough entertainment for them. No?

Body goals! Pierra Makena giving many sleepless nights with drop dead gorgeous figure (Photo)

Pierra Makena who is one of the most popular DJ’s in the country; has been working tirelessly working on her body for years.

DJ Pierra

Just like most first time mums, Pierra Makena ended up battling baby fat for close to 5 years; and surprisingly, all that fat is gone!

Ghafla confirmed this with a new photo shared on Pierra Makena’s page and judging from the flat flawless tummy; one would never say she has ever carried a baby to full term.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter

Baby fat where?

Her fitness journey has however not been easy; as we saw Pierra struggle with baby fat for close to 4 years.

But thanks to consistency and discipline, Pierra has managed to shed off all her baby fat; and currently looks like a 20 something year old girl. Slay mama slay!

Pierra Makena

Well, could be that the excess weight was caused by the stress she suffered after baby daddy walked out on her; months before their daughter was born.

From what we know, is that Pierra is a dedicated single mum for now; but hey it’s been 5 years since the nasty breakup up…probably it’s time to move on. Yes?

Check our the new photo below;

Pierra Makena flaunts figure


MC Jessy’s suggestive response to DJ Pierra after complaining her daughter is outgrowing her school uniform raises eyebrows

MC Jessy is known for his comical stunts but at times, they can go overboard unknowingly and end up working against him.

After 9 months of school-going children forced to stay at home in the face of Coronavirus, DJ Pierra’s daughter has unfortunately outgrown her school uniform.

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News she has made public while crying foul after buying her 4-year old Ricca Pokot, school uniform early in the year that has already been rendered no longer fit for use.

The debate

The celebrity DJ shared a recent photo of her baby girl dressed in her school uniform that has already become too small for her, crying;

“FAM!! at the begin of the year 2020, I bought uniform for my LO. It’s end of the year Ricca hasn’t gone to school.. guess what ! She has out grown her uniform…????????????????????????????”.

Ricca Pokot stuns in school uniform

A greatly pained Pierra Makena admitting that every parent should by now understand how it feels, for your child to outgrow newly bought uniform that was very expensive.

“…just to repeat that uniform is very expensive…parents know that,” she pens.

They don’t fit no more…. kids grow so fast. Now what do i do?????? ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️,” she questions.

Ms Ricca Pokot

But the mere fact that they no longer fit did not convince her enough that it is time to dispose of them.

Declaring that it is time her daughter started dressing in her school uniform even during Zoom classes.

MC Jessy provides a lasting solution

No sooner had she made her declaration that fellow entertainerMC Jessy readily provided a solution;

“Don’t worry, na Usiitupe….her small sister will use it. ????”

MC Jessy

Well, quick-witted fans quickly understood what he meant, in other words, he will get DJ Pierra a younger daughter so that she can compensate for Riccas fast growth.

Something she agreed to; “???????????????????????????? I’m on it”.

True to it, fans backed him up, admitting that since both hail from Meru, then it would not be a bad idea, starting a campaign on baby number 2 for the disk jockey.

DJ Pierra with daughter Ricca

MC Jessy is currently a single man, while DJ Pierra has embraced single parenting with a big spoon.

her_majesty_81 wewe ndo utaleta the small sis????????????????. Yu two would make the best couple
gahmbih voice of reason each time ????baite helps a baite????????????????
kendicarol22 online in-laws we want another baby ????????????????

Already? DJ Pierra Makena hints on baby number 2

Sassy celebrity DJ Pierra Makena is a proud mother to a 4-year old gorgeous baby girl but she now feels it is time for baby number 2, 3 and more.

The 39-year old who wears many hats, was deserted by her baby daddy after realizing she was pregnant.

Also read: “Never ever force a man to be in his child’s life” Pierra Makena takes pride in being a single mum

Since then, the media personality has had to bring up her stunning daughter, Ricca Pokot, single-handedly. But in as much as the heartbreak left behind painful wounds, she believes motherhood is beautiful.

The disk jockey has never thought twice about giving her daughter the very best life, who is an almost complete replica of her. Right from the bossy attitude, to the dashing looks, to the sense of style and fashion.

The adorable Ms Ricca Pokot

Ricca Pokot might be an upcoming model, who the world is not prepared for yet.

More children?

Anyway, the two were out on a breathtaking, knight-themed photoshoot that left the Queen and her princess marking their territory just in case the enemy was in vicinity.

The two look adorable, contented with life and living each moment like their last.

The Queen DJ Pierra and her princess

For the mum who has time and again proven her unconditional, overflowing love for her baby girl, admitted that maybe it is time she bore more children.

A PROUD MOTHER!” she starts off.

Going ahead to add “I think i need to get another of this humans…???????? I’m not soo badly off.”

DJ Pierra and daughter stun in knight-themed photoshoot

You ask why and she has the answer;

“I thought bringing up a child would be a disaster but heey….look at me now! ( chrisbrowns voice).”

Unlike what she thought the journey of motherhood entails, it actually turned out sweeter than bitter and cannot help but look forward to making many more such irreplaceable memories.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter

Motherhood for her has borne more good fruits than bad and for this, she is thinking of getting kore.

What are your thoughts?

Cute video of DJ Pierra’s all-grown daughter imitating her mom’s bossy attitude excites fans

DJ Pierra Makena is a proud mom to a doting young girl who has completely taken after her.

The cute little girl was captured on camera wearing her mom’s braid wig and in a pretty vest top, occasionally whipping her hair back while talking to her mom.

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Known for her heavy accent of the Queen’s language, a dear Ricca Pokot confidently questioned her mom regards her shy male cousin.

Ricca stylishly imitates her mom

The young one had already taken up an attitude, swinging her eyes to the side and playfully acting bossy with her hair.

Her mom, meanwhile, could be heard gasping in the background, shocked by the tell-tales of her little girl.

DJ Pierra’s daughter, Ricca looking classy

Also read: “Never ever force a man to be in his child’s life” Pierra Makena takes pride in being a single mum

What worried the celebrity DJ and actress most was that a dear Ricca was clearly taking after her right before her eyes.

Either way, Pierra was proud of her little girl slowly turning into a very good actress sweetly gushing: “This baby makes me happy…”


July 22, 2020, the disk jockey female guru celebrated her adorable baby girl as she clocked 4 years, proudly declaring herself a proud single mom to Ricca, with zero regrets about parting ways with the father to her child.

Ever since Ricca came into her life, DJ Pierra has enjoyed a beautiful bond with her twin, who lights up her world.

DJ Pierra Makena and daughter Ricca Pokot

The comment section attracted cheer and laughter as fans could not help but adore the growing baby girl with nothing but love.

top_drawer_thrifts.ke Goshhhh????????????????????


aminaamaru Haiyaaaaa????????????


millianamildred Her eyes❤️❤️ Ricca won’t joke with people. ????


iz_bellarin Awwwh ???????????? she is too adorable


mou_reen4321 It’s the attitude for me❤️????????


dinamwashao Aaaw Ricca u so sweet..how can he just do that


wanjiru_gichimu_ Jeez the attitude weeuh

9 Kenyan celebrities who have embraced single motherhood with a big spoon

A number of female personalities in the Kenyan public space, have taken up the role of parenting by themselves for a better part of their lives, some their biological children, others adopted.

Well-known public figures who either got divorced, gave up on marriage life or just had what many would term ‘deadbeat’ baby daddies. That is my list.

Regardless of the spaces they work in, their professions, their choice of industry or even their age. Let’s dive right in.

1. DJ Pierra

The curvy disc jockey realized she was expectant in 2016, soon after partying ways with the father to her daughter who had already started dating someone else. As her daughter recently turned 4, Pierra Makena clarified that she doesn’t regret becoming a single mother.

DJ Pierra Makena with daughter Ricca

2. Anne Kiguta

The celebrated K24 journalist is a mother of twins whom she bore with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew, Jomo Gecaga, before he moved on with sassy TV girl, Lola Hannigan in 2017, who recently welcomed their first child together. As we speak, Ms Kiguta is all about bringing up her 3 boys.

Anne Kiguta with baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga

3. Brenda Wairimu

The adorable light-skinned actress bore a child with popular artist, Juliani before partying ways and getting linked to actor Ephy Saint. Named Amor Njeri, recently turned 5 years of age but Juliani has since moved on.

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

4. Tanasha Donna

A lot has been said around this barely 25-year old singer and single mother who recently exposed Tanzanian baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz for neglecting their son but either way, she clarified she was not going to force him to support their son.

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

5. Caroline Mutoko

The seasoned Kenyan media personality has a 3-year old son and opted to adopt a daughter, Theodora Nduku in 2011 when she was 8 months old, who is as good a complete replica of her, now all grown and beautiful. Caroline has taken up the journey of single motherhood, and judging from her age, she might keep on with the trend.

Caroline Mutoko and daughter
Caroline Mutoko and daughter, Nduku

6. Victoria Rubadiri

A 34-year old Vicky bore her daughter at the tender age of 19 while studying abroad, with a man she parted ways with but through the support of her parents, guides and cares for her now teenage daughter.

TV Queen, Victoria Rubadiri (right) and her father with her daughter (left)

7. Akothee

Madam Boss is proudly a mother to three daughters and two fairly young sons and as she clocks 43, the beauty has been all the way financially independent after going through rough relationships with men.

Akothee with her family in France

8. Avril Nyambura

The sweetly-voiced songbird is rumored to have borne her son with veteran producer, J Blessing and so far, she is all in when it comes to taking care of her growing adorable 2-year old baby boy.

Avril Nyambura with her baby boy

9. Nana Gecaga

Nana, best known as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, is proudly a mother to three grown boys whom she bore while still unmarried, admitting she will comfortably take care of her boys, during her recent interview with MC Jessy. Nana currently stands as the CEO of KICC.

The Gecaga boys

DJ Pierra Makena gets emotional as she lovingly introduces her Big Sister to the world

DJ Pierra Makena flaunts her big sister and showers her with praises for having walked this journey with her.

The mother of 1 reveals how much love, care and unending support her elder sister, Fridah Gitonga, has shown her.

Right from the delivery room to times when the Queen of the decks felt like giving up on life.


As Fridah turns a year older, DJ Pierra lovingly pens:

This the lady who held my hand in the delivery room….

she has been by my side even when i hit rock bottom..(well all my family did)

she has taught me how to take care of my baby and prays for me like she’s my mom..

i call her my sister. Our first born Sister.

Please help me wish her a happy happy blessed birthday!!! @utajaza love you to bits!!


Fridah Gitonga has not been introduced to the world before and it sure seems to mean a lot to the female Disk Jockey to have penned down this.


Well, it is clear that the sister does not grace the limelight like the veteran DJ does time and again.

Happy Birthday to Fridah!

DJ Pierra Makena out to guard her dignity, attesting her success to God

Curvaceous DJ Pierra Makena has been on the spotlight facing allegations of using her body for fame but comes out strongly to refute the rumors.

The sassy top Kenyan female DJ has in the past shared her traumatizing experiences, to get to where she is but Kenyans feel she is lying.

However, up and close with Parents Magazine, the DJ clarifies:

It is sad that people do not believe that a woman can make it on her own.

Nobody can claim my success and fame apart from God.

I put in the work and he has been gracious enough to bless the works of my hands.

DJ Pierra articulates that it is all God´s doing that she has come this far as well as her unceasing effort.

The vibrant successful DJ however feels saddened by the fact that people actually try to put one down but when they don´t succeed, back bite you.

For me, anything that compromises my dignity is a big no.

As a woman when you refuse to compromise, the same people asking you to lower your standards will always go behind your back and try to tarnish your name.

They will, however not mention how they tried to hit on you and you refused their advances.

According to the popular DJ, her dignity tops her list of a successful life and therefore up in arms to let the ugly rumors about her success, settle.

Point to note is that rumors and misconceptions almost always tag along with fame and so is one´s security.


This the female DJ cites as she recalls a day when she had just concluded one of her performances before interacting with fans.

While they were just taking selfies a man in a big jacket approached her, revealed his gun then signaled her to follow him.

I pretended that I had not understood him and looked away.

I knew that if I acknowledged him or tried to decode his signal he would do something dangerous.

However, she quickly took to safety towards a club bouncer.

I quickly made my way to the club bouncer who was nearest to me and stuck by him until I was safe.

It is since then that she learnt her security is of key importance if at all she wished to live and see her daughter bloom.

DJ Pierra Makena confirms she is in love

Celebrated female DJ, Pierra Makena admits that she is love once more and is ready to take it to the greatest level of all.

Up and Close with Pulse Magazine, the popular DJ shared:

This year, I just want to be surrounded by love and more love.

I believe in love and I want more of that.

This is to confirm that I am in love indeed.


However, the man behind her sincere declaration remains undisclosed till she decides otherwise.

I think I am on trial now…

I think it´s something like a probation.

The sensual disk jockey early in the month, clocked 38 and is definitely not growing any younger.

Additionally, DJ Pierra, had a replicate of her birthday done yesterday at Golden Ice Bistro:


She might have sworn to never bear kids again but the beauty and brains definitely deserves a Mr Right in her life.

Let´s now wait for her engagement party.

DJ Pierra Makena narrates how a gunman approached her while she was taking selfies at a popular club

DJ Pierra Makena has opened up on an incident that left her scared to death while at a popular club in Nairobi.

According to the DJ, she was busy talking selfies with fans when a man carrying a gun crushed their party and ordered her to follow him. She ran away to the bouncer for help.

“I pretended that I had not understood him and looked away. I knew that if I acknowledged him or tried to decode his signal he would do something dangerous. I quickly made my way to the club bouncer who was nearest to me and stuck by him until I was safe. That is the day I learnt the importance of having tight security,” she said in an interview with Parents Magazine.


The mother of one also confessed that she always attends club gigs with her own security just to be on the safe side regardless whether the club are providing security for her.

“I always have two security guys in every gig I go to, whether provided by the club or myself. My small brother and personal assistant are always in every show to ensure I am safe,” she added.

Jalang’o’s reaction after DJ Pierra Makena was exposed for using a dead mixer to spin for Uhuru Kenyatta 

Kenyans believe popular DJ Pierra Makena is a straight actor and duped Kenyans during Jamhuri Day celebrations that she was playing a set.

The K24 DJ shared a video on social media spinning the turn tables in a manner suggesting that playing the song but Kenyans noted all the faders were done and there could be no way she was playing the music.


In an explanation, the DJ defended herself saying:

“If anything, I am the one who posted the video on my Instagram page. I am not stupid to upload that video when I know I was duping people; I wouldn’t post it if that was the case. Anyway, I owe no one an explanation because none of those people who are trolling me online pay my rent or feed me and my family. Let them continue making noise online while I am depositing money to the bank and paying my bills. In short, what I am telling them is: let us all work hard,” said Makena to Edaily.

Stop it

She later gave another explanation insisting that the turntable was really connected and people should stop tarnishing her name.

Comedian Jalango also came to her rescue and wondered why she was still busy explaining to people about the clip.

“I don’t know why you always waste your time explaining yourself! Ok now that you’ve explained will your explanation pay your bills? Nkt!” wrote Jalang’o.

“People thought my career will die” DJ Pierra Makena responds after Jamhuri Day criticisms

Pierra Makena was the deejay of the day during Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium on Wednesday December 12th.

Makena however came under sharp criticisms from online trolls who claimed she was using a mixer that was not connected to the public address system. This after she posted a video of herself mixing at the event.

In the video, Pierra is seen mixing as the president’s motorcade made its way into the stadium. Hawk-eyed persons however noticed that Pierra’s deejaying system was not connected, they claimed that she was lying that she was mixing yet the music was being played from another system.


I killed my level best

Pierra has since dismissed the critics saying her system was connected. She further says that she delivered her best and that those who are hating on her are just jealous people who thought her deejaying career was over after she gave birth.

“This is me playing before the band came in……and we did the patriotic song as the president came in..which was being performed by the band….i killed my levels for the band so i cue u the next
Please carefully note i am using controllers which only need the two connections as circled….anyone who knows this can help Anyone saying my equipment was not connected.
I did expect trolls especially when i have been praying so hard to get such an opportunity…..the devil comes in different ways but once again God rules….. amazing how people have bile when someone achieves something. People thought my career will die when i become a mom but clearly when God says yes no one can say no.





Pierra Makena responds after being accused of sleeping with more than 27 men

K24’s Beat Box host DJ Pierra Makena has fired back after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi accused her of sleeping with many men.

Nyakundi accused the DJ of sleeping with more than 27 men while also dissing other ladies on his instagram account, asking men to never take their kids. Nyakundi claimed that the women all have sponsors and no young man should take care of their kids after the sponsors ditched them.

“Kama body-count ya Kamene Goro ni 27, wadau wanasema ya Pierra Makena nikama (x 10) times ten. Ati kamemangwa sana na ma-Sponyo. Wamechangamkia burungo yake kuruka. Hamna shida. Bora msituletee hao watoi wa sponyo ati tuwalelee. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. But I like this new wave of presenters. Not those miss goody two-shoes pretenders like akina Sheila Mwanyigha, Rubadiri, This Is Ess and Adelle Onyango. Wanajifanyanga ma-Pastor na bado tunajua wanamangwa”, wrote Nyakundi.



Makena made a calm reply, choosing not to lose her cool and fire back with insults to Nyakundi who has always attacked women. She told Nyakundi she made a lot of money from her sponsors and doesn’t need any help, especially from him.

“Aaaaaw..thanks hun for downplaying me..means a lot, I promise none of the Sponyos will take care of my babies and neither will I bring any to you to raise.. I banked alot while at it. Oh btw add one more to the list made a killing last night..waking up now,” responded Pierra Makena.

Pierra Makena attacked for celebrating herself on Father’s Day 

As almost everyone celebrated their dads yesterday on social media marking Father’s Day, celebrated DJ Pierra Makena found herself in some rather ugly situation with no man to celebrate for her baby.

Why not?

The DJ was attacked by Kenyans for celebrating herself instead of her dad or her baby daddy who they ditched her. While some ladies where impressed with the post, some saw it as a feminist move, aimed at putting men down.

“Big shout out to all Super mothers….who take up the role of a Father when the man can’t be one…. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL GREAT DADS !!!” said Makena. 


Mishi Dora, your turn! Makena shows her sexy figure after working out(photos)

Nairobi Diaries cast member Mishi Dorah recently tore apart Peirra Makena’s self esteem by public calling her fat and that she has a bad body shape.

It seems Makena took the words to heart and vowed to get her sexy back.

The former Ebru TV presenter has been pushing herself by working out harder than ever and she was recently online to flaunt the results and, they are just amazing.

During her coast trip where she had gone to DJ, Makena posted a few thirst-inducing photos to show the pricing of working and Kenyans –Team Mafasi especially– loved it.

“No excuse not to work out.. i’m down 2kgs heheheeee!! My tummy is slowly taking shape…… I have a target,” she said in her post. 

Getting her sexy back

Mishi Dora had mocked the DJ last year after she gave birth and has been fighting to lose weight. Well, Makena had this for her:

“After my baby..I gained 35kg…. I was 85kgs ????…I decided not to pressure myself since i was trying to figure out how to be a great mom to my LO. I believe im ready now to drop the kgs and i’m doing 60 days first to kick start me. So far without working out and all i have dropped 7 kgs. I’m now at 78kgs.” she said. 

Here are the photos:



“My sweetheart please pick your fights carefully” Shaffie Weru warns Pierra Makena in regard to suing Mishi Dorah

Pierra Makena is taking legal action against Nairobi Diaries’ actress Mishi Dorah. Shaffie Weru however cautions that suing Mishi is a bad move for Pierra Makena.

Pierra and Mishi’s beef began a week ago on social media. The Nairobi Diaries actress claimed that Pierra body shamed her on a WhatsApp group.

Mishi hit back at Pierra in a long post on social media. She savagely attack the popular DJ going on to say she was lying about her age.

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Not a clever move!

Mishi Dorah

Shaffie Weru advises Pierra Makena to pick her fights carefully. The Kiss FM presenter cautions the female DJ against messing with Nairobi Diaries women.

“To DJ Pierra Makena – my high school sweetheart – please pick your fights carefully. Don’t mess with women of Nairobi D. As the host of the recent Reunion show, I want to give you a cheat sheet on how to handle these beauties.

“Let them fight among themselves and never get in between. Because they will drag you through the mud and they will smash your lawyer, boyfriend, baby daddy and not to mention your father. And they don’t care. With. No. Apologies,” wrote Shaffie Weru on his column on the Star.

They will make you their business

Pierra Makena

Shaffie further urges DJ Pierra to reconcile with Mishi Dorah. He tells her that Nairobi Diaries actress will gang up against her and make her their business.

“If it is true you fat-shamed Mishi Dora, or even attempted to comment on Mishi’s very Phat body, start by sending emissaries. Because this is far from over. You will be the storyline of Nairobi D’s Season 8. Deal with it now while the show is on a break.”


“A fat DJ is a no no!” Pierra Makena left speechless after receiving this comment from a fan

Celebrities often receive heartbreaking comments from their fans but since fame comes with a price, most often choose to avoid getting tangled in the comments since it never ends well.

The latest lass to be fat shamed on Instagram is Pierra Makena who received a shocking from a fan who thinks that she has stopped taking care of her body which grown bigger after welcoming her first child.

DJ Pierra

According to the fan, Pierra should do something about her body since she is now apparently making the young girls think it’s fine to give birth and keep gaining the excess weight without thinking of hitting the gym.

After reading the comment, the female DJ cum TV show host shared a screenshot on her Instagram asking fans what she tell the lady (Saumu). The comment read to say;

Pierra’s post

However…we can say that the lady who posted the comment as insensitive as baby fat weight is something almost 90% of women struggle with and even after hitting the gym, it sometimes proves to be hard but it’s normal.

Back when Pierra Makena knew nothing about short outfits and expensive wigs! (Photo)

Pierra Makena is not a new name in the entertainment industry. In fact she is one of the most talented female DJ’s who ruled our airwaves before moving to Ebru TV where she now hosts a TV show together with the likes of Brenda Wairimu and others.

For years now she has been praised not only for her talent but also amazing figure that gave most fans sleepless nights. Her sense of style is also something many cannot ignore but did you know that back in the day she was just another simple girl who probably knew nothing about under dressing?

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Well, I happened to get a hold of her throwback photo when she was still a young innocent college girl. In the photo, one can notice her figure which is hidden under the long attire she had worn and unlike most ladies in the entertainment industry – Pierra Makena has always been a light skin.

Check out the hilarious throwback below:

Pierra TBT
Pierra TBT

“I labored for 24 hours” Pierra Makena opens up about the pain she went through to deliver her daughter

Giving birth is not a joke and from what I hear – the pain can easily make one look crazy as the body completely feels different and since it is something that all women will have to go through when welcoming their children…it is good to be prepared for the worst!

One of Kenya’s hottest DJ, Pierre Makena welcomed her first child last year but what we didn’t know is that she was stuck with labor pains for 24 hours (a whole day) before baby Ricca Pokot became a reality.

Through her social media pages, Pierre Makena narrated how she labored and the joy she felt after finally holding her baby for the first time. She wrote saying;

24 hours of labor…last year at this time I was going through soooooo much pain wah!!! I got induced and the pain got worse….and minutes later I pushed a bouncing baby girl….the pain was gone…God is great!!!! And now…..a year later I can’t express how happy and excited I am to celebrate her 1st birthday….just the other day uh?

Well..,I guess that there is nothing that can beat the joy of parenthood right? Check out how tiny Ricca looked when she was born.

    Baby Ricca