DK Kwenye Beat flaunts massive weight loss in new body progress photos

For years DK Kwenye Beat has been trolled for his body weight; and for some reason – he kept ignoring until a while back when he embarked on a new fitness journey.

His recent pictures show a lot of visible progress, and his fans have been quick to congratulate him for taking such good care of his body.

DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat himself seems proud of what he has accomplished as well, and while the artist did not say much in the comments under his photos; it was clear that he was in a good place in his head. He captioned one of the photos;

Commitment leads to action. so far so Good

Living healthy lifestyle for family

Now that DK is a father and a husband – the young man clearly has no choice but to put his people first; and this means – cleaning out his old eating habits and embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

Since the birth of his daughter, the fella has also been maintaining a low profile; and while his friends i.e Mr Seed drown in scandals – DK is busy being a father and husband to his family.

Below are a few of the new photos showing the massive body loss.

DK’s weight loss
DK’s body transformation

DK celebrates 29th birthday but Kenyans quickly turn it to another Herpes joke 

Kenyans apparently aren’t ready to forgive gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat after his sex scandal with HopeKid.

DK has just turned 29 years old and celebrated his birthday but Kenyans online turned the day into another mocking session just like they did when Hopekid–“Herpkid”– celebrated his birthday.

Kenyans were quick to wish him “a herpy” birthday after he took to social media to share that he has just turned a year older.


Ever since his sex scandal between him fellow artist Hope Kid and a 20 year old lady from Nakuru, life hasn’t been really easy for the singer.

He recently confessed that even NTV refused to air an episode of Bahati’s show because he made a cameo.

“In between these issues, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost deals, I’ve lost reputation but what keeps me moving is that I have not lost God. Huyo tu ndio amebaki,” he said.

Here’s how Kenyans wished him a happy birthday online:

Caroline Njanja Herpy birthday
Monicaah Ke happy birthday dk kwenye dick

Mwiitu Wa Kamba Let’s just agree on this, yes he sinned,so what?if your blood cannot wash away his sins shut up..!people sin differently, its only that he was brought to the lime light..happy birthday and good heath man….

Maingi Jnr Guys it’s a happy birthday … Stop this herpy thing Dk next time learn to apologise … Anyway herpy bd

Oliver Ndara Herpelicius birthday ????

Antonio Nyagah Happy birthday ,Wamlambez , wanyonyez 
Rose Nimoh Wishing you more herpy years to come ????

“I will work out for the sake of my fans” DK Kwenye Beat

Singer DK Kwenye Beat has finally given in to working out on his weight. This comes weeks after fans trolled him for having gained a bit too much making him look out of shape.

At first he was convinced that the pressure and memes would disappear over time but seems that Kenyans were on a roll to make him change. Apart from the heartless memes, others went on to advice him on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Speaking to the Nation just recently the singer had this to say;

“Since November last year, it has been like a song. DK you need to work out, DK you need to hit the gym. For emphasis, memes have been created and shared online. I have seen it all and I almost quit social media but I resolved to stay and respond to the criticism with love, with my story. When I started out, most people knew me as a petite guy. The hustle was crazy then and so much has changed. The life I had and what I have now are different. Then, I couldn’t even afford a burger.”

Losing weight for his fans

As weird as it sounds, DK Kwenye Beat says the only reason he is joining the gym is to make his fans happy. He said,

“I have to consider what my fans are saying because I believe that they have my best interests at heart. That said I will work out to be fit because I don’t want them to say, man, we are your fans but you don’t listen to us. Worth noting is that my weight has not had any effect on my health. I am okay.”

But truth be told. In this generation we are living in one has to stay healthy to live longer and not impress fans!

“Mnakaa mmeshiba” J Blessing takes shots at DK Kwenye Beat’s belly

Even after releasing a song telling his story, seems that DK Kwenye Beat will have to embrace the trolls about his weight gain.

A couple of days ago the singer came out to reveal how the ruthless comments affected his feelings.

Quitting social media

Also read: DK Kwenye Beat tells his sad story after years of being fat shamed by fans, this is heartbreaking!

DK went on to mention that he wanted to quit social media to avoid the criticism but his career wouldn’t allow him.

He however put his feelings in a song that has been receiving positive reviews on social media.

J Blessing’s comment

Anyway seems like J Blessing is the latest fan to troll the singer. In a comment left under a photo shared by DJ Mo, the videographer makes fun of DK’s belly by writing to say;

Though it was on a light note, does this qualify him to leave such comments?

DK Kwenye Beat tells his sad story after years of being fat shamed by fans, this is heartbreaking!

Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat’s excess weight gain has left him being trolled by many on social media. Apart from being called fat, others went on to claim that he was pregnant without considering his feelings.

At first he seemed cool with the whole fan and games comments but in his latest posts we now learn that he has been battling with a lot of issues.

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In one post the singer shared a screenshot of a fan who claims he swallowed ‘Asusu’ from one of his songs. DK Kwenye Beat however responds telling Kenyans that they will soon understand what led to his sudden weight gain.

Quitting social media

In another post the singer reveals that the trolls almost led him to quit social media. However, after thinking it through he decided to stick around and he has no regrets. He wrote saying;

The tongue has no bone, but it is strong enough to break a heart. ?. Social media is a hostile path to walk on, especially when you are not PERFECTLY created or have a body like mine. I won’t quit social media as I had intended, I will instead share my story to inspire another. #comingsoon #KijanaWaKayole.

Kenyans urge DK Kwenye Beat to hit the gym after his new photos emerged

Gospel Singer DK Kwenye Beat might need to rethink his choice of diet judging from the new photos making rounds on blogs. He seems to have put on a little too much weight around his tummy area that has left Kenyans trolling him.

Not that it is bad to put on weight, but in DK’s case this might affect his health among other things. Judging from one photo the singer appears to have some difficulty in how he walks and this could be caused by his The size of stomach he now owns.

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Kenyans on Instagram react

Kenyans on social media however had nothing ‘pretty’ to say to the singer moments after the photos emerged online. Some went on to congratulate him for the ‘pregnancy’ forcing him to pull down the photos to avoid such negative vibes.

Though a persons body is determined by his lifestyle the photos below will convince you that he really needs to enroll in a gym for the sake of his health.