Source of DK Kwenye Beat’s wealth exposed

Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat continues to live a luxury lifestyle despite the infamous sex scandal that caused him to slow down on his songs and has now raised concerns about where his money comes from.

On social media, some people have claimed that DK is a member of a fraud and “wash wash” cartel that also includes gospel performers like Hopekid and Mash Mwana.

DK Kwenye Beat addressed the issue and called the allegations absurd.

“These have been the claims that have been going round about gospel artistes not just me. The question has always been where are gospel artistes getting money yet they no longer seem to have as many shows as was the case before, which is true there aren’t as many shows in the gospel industry as before,”

However, DK insists that gospel performers don’t truly rely solely on the gospel industry’s lack of shows to support themselves.

“One thing people don’t understand is that, most of us ‘tulijipanga’. When we used to make money from music, many of us took on investments. Today people are beginning to see the fruits of our investments and now wonder where we are getting our money from. People should also remember we serve a living God, he can never forsake you,”

When a young Nakuru woman came forward in March 2019 accusing the ‘Asusu’ hitmaker and his friend Hopekid of tricking her into having a threesome with them and subsequently infecting her with an incurable STD, DK’s music career, which was on the upswing, underwent an unexpected turn.

The well-known artist suffered consequences for his behavior, lost several deals, and under increasing public criticism, DK was compelled to make an official apology.

DK says he is considering becoming a pastor after being forced to take a music hiatus due to the scandal’s sting.

Bahati refuses to do collabos with local artists, says it’s only international artists from henceforth

Bahati has announced that he will no longer be working with local artists on music projects. Taking to his social media account, he broke the news to mixed reactions. This decision comes a few days after he announced he would be releasing a new song with fellow gospel artist (is Bahati even a gospel artist or is he just dabbling?) DK Kwenye Beat.

Bahati announces his return to gospel

It should be noted that Bahati was with DK Kwenye Beat at the event that they were at immediately before the latter was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the life of a celebrity photographer and videographer Ambroze Khan.

What had spared Bahati is that he had the sense to travel on his own and those travel arrangements spared him from being involved in this mess.


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Beef! DK Kwenye Beat disses Willy Paul

DK Kwenye Beat is finally back in the limelight with his new hit song featuring Bahati and he is surfing that wave to the maximum. He is even back to getting shows and this just serves to remind us of how big is star the latter truly is.

DK Kwenye Beat denies infecting anyone with he.rpes back in 2019

He was recently called up by blogger Ankil Ray and one of the questions that they touched on was whether he and Bahati choose to release their song on the same day the new Willy Paul was releasing his new song.

That was where things went left with DK growing impatient at the question and also any association with or to Willy Paul. He insisted that his moves are guided by God but he is unsure as to who guides Pozze’s and proof of this is in the fact that their sum is trending while willy Paul’s is not.

‘Tufanye DNA Tujue Baba Heaven Ni Nani’ DK Kwenye Beat Tells Bahati

DK Kwenye Beat was also very quick to say he has no real relationship with the former gospel artist and any interactions between Bahati and his frienemy have nothing to do with him. Basikali, hatambui Willy Paul.


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A post shared by Ankali Ray (@ankaliray)

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DK Kwenye Beat denies infecting anyone with he.rpes back in 2019

DK Kwenye beat has opened up about the accusations he received back in 2019 that he along with fellow gospel artist Hopekid had participated in sexual Congress multiple parties at the same time yaani a threesome and they had infected the participants with the incurable STD known as herpes.

Why we love the new aggressive DK Kwenye Beat who has dissed Bahati

Back then this was a huge accusation one that he had failed to respond to preferring to allow his church elders and lawyers to speak on.

4 years later open up about his experience with the allegations and going to get tested for the disease only to find out he was clean. DK Kwenye Beat did so while on an interview with both Diana Marua and her husband Bahati where he along with his wife were having conversations on their YouTube channel.

Wueh! Willy Paul takes a swipe at DK Kwenye Beat’s health in new video

He categorically denied being infected or having infected anyone with a disease. DK Went on to say that he had no idea what the disease was and he approached it from a very naive position. He however decided to get tested because of his wife and to give his mother peace of mind.


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Bahati announces his return to gospel

Former gospel singer Bahati has announced his return to the gospel industry as he changed a new song he’s working on together with controversial gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat.

Bahati Hints On Reverting To Gospel Music

Taking to his social media account is the music video that they are currently working on which seems eerily familiar or should I say inspired by Kanye West Sunday service is.



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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

Bahati first broke onto the scene as a gospel artist who was enormously popular given his ballads and mournful, woeful singing. He however soon branched out and join the secular world.

‘Tufanye DNA Tujue Baba Heaven Ni Nani’ DK Kwenye Beat Tells Bahati

This coincided or perhaps collaborated to the fall of contemporary gospel in Kenya as since he and his friend/ enemy Willy Paul did gospel it has never been the same again. Are you excited for this new song?

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Hopekid says seggs scandal he was involved in was fake

A couple of years back, word broke about how deep in the sin of lust Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat were and then we were hit with a double whammy when it was further revealed that the two had contracted venereal diseases.

Valuable Lesson Kenyan Celebs Can Learn From Dancehall Star Hopekid’s Comeback

He has now come out to finally address the rumours and he did so by categorically terming the entire conversation as a manufactured scandal. He said that the entire fiasco was cooked and concocted by his haters and he had to leave everything to higher powers including his church and lawyers.

Hopekid went on to reveal that he had to get tested to put the allegations firmly in the place of a lie before all the parties involved were sat down and the issues that were the genesis of the drama were addressed.

¨I was curious to find out who these gospel artistes are until my name was mentioned¨ Hopekid speaks on viral threesome scandal

Hopekid went on to further address his regrets about how he handled the entire affair saying he wished he had handled it like Willy Paul usually does and he seemed to be upset with the advice he was given by his “higher authorities” because they chose to protect the girl who was the source of the story.

How the Herpes Saga has really ruined Hope Kid’s career

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Here’s How Dk Kwenye Beat’s Wife’s Lavish Birthday Went Down! (Video)

Gospel singer David Kilonzo, better known by his stage name DK Kwenye Beat, is celebrating his wife’s birthday. The gospel singer had his fellow musicians at the birthday party, including Willy Paul and Bahati. This happens only a few days after the three were seeing together having cheeky moments while teasing each other.

Dk and his wife, by the name Shanice Wangeci, have a kid together. The two lovebirds are long time lovers and their kid, Kayley Leilani Kilonzo was born early in the year.

Dk Kwenye Beat With His Daughter-IG

Wishing his wife a happy birthday on his Gram, DK wrote,


You are crazy Brethren’s @willy.paul.msafi @bahatikenya

Thanks For Gracing My wife’s @shanicewangechi Birthday Party”

Dk Kwenye Beat celebrates his wife’s birthday, days after holding a secretive wedding with his wife Shanice. It’s unclear why he decided on this kind of wedding, but he previously got involved in an alleged sex scandal.

The prominent gospel artist thanks his wife for always being there even during tough times. Without a doubt, the two look good together. Check out the videos on the party;



DK Kwenye Beat and Wife expecting their first child together (Photo)

Do Kwenye Beat will soon be a dad thanks to his wife, who is expecting their first child as revealed on social media.

The singer who had been keeping a low profile for months went on to announce his wife’s pregnancy through his social media pages where he wrote;

DK and Wife expecting their first child together


❤He has made everything beautiful in its time.❤ @shanicewangechi @rfh_healthcare

This comes almost 2 years after the gospel singer was dragged into a messy scandal; that involved both him and controversial singer, Hope Kid. According to reports, the two had been accused of allegedly trying to take advantage of a certain video vixen who had paid DK a visit.

DK and Hope Kid

According to the lady, the two men then slept with her; leaving her with a sexually transmitted disease.


Despite all this, the two artists maintained their innocence as they accused the video vixen of having been paid to tarnish their image.

DK Kwenye Beat with Fiancée

As much as the scandal affected DK’s relationship with his long term girlfriend; the new pregnancy photo proves that he managed to convince his woman to stay; and now, the two have a baby on the way.

Congratulations to both DK and his wife for the new great news!

Size 8 has proven many people wrong

When Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, announced that she had seen the light circa 2013 many people, including yours truly, thought it was the biggest joke of the century.

We thought she would not last long before backsliding as it has been the case with most secular artists who decided to get saved.

It was hard to fathom how Size 8, who had been known for seductive dance moves and short outfits, was going to ditch that lifestyle.

Naysayers claimed that her music career would really suffer as a result of the move but we were wrong, the Mateke hitmaker has proven us wrong.

Size 8

6 years later, she’s still strong in the faith. She has never looked back since she made the bold step to get saved.

Size 8 has disabused all stereotypes and changed her lifestyle from what we used to know her as.

T0 add to that, her music career is really flourishing. Today, she’s one of the biggest gospel artists in the country.

Perhaps the fact that she’s married to a saved person, DJ Mo, has played a big part in her journey.

These days, many people look up to her and seek advice from her like DK Kwenye Beat when he was involved in a sex scandal and that’s really laudable.

Listen to her latest release with Wahu dubbed Power.

DK: I don’t have herpes. Fellow gospel singers used witchcraft to convince Kenyans i’m sick and i’m going to expose them

Almost half a year after being exposed for rapping and exposing a 20-year-old lady with herpes, gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat is still insisting he’s innocent.

DK spoke to Massawe on Radio Jambo and said that fellow gospel artists are using witchcraft to ruin his career.

“First of all, I chose to clear this during my birthday because I don’t want to ever talk about it. I want to put this clear today that I did not rape anyone. I am not sick. I have all the results, and she was not my lover. The leaked audio that was circulated was not me.” he said on radio. 

“Five per cent of them are people in the gospel industry and they use witchcraft. They even know that I know them. Two per cent of them are people in a chama, and three per cent are people with a bad heart.”

The gospel singer went on to claim that he will soon expose all those artists who have been behind his downfall.

“We are not perfect, and that is why I chose to give them time. I have lost reputation, I have lost deal,s but I know I did not lose my God,” he said.

No Mercy

He added that after the saga, he went and tested and everything was negative but Kenyans were already convinced he was sick.

“I went to a government facility and tested for everything, even HIV-Aids. The counselling stressed me so much because I was counselled for something I don’t have. The fact that I can’t change the whole scenario affects me so much, but I know it is only God who can save and redeem me from that,” DK said.

“I will not forgive those who were involved in bringing me down, and I don’t wish any good for them.”


NTV refused to air an episode of Bahati’s show because I was featured- DK Screams 

Ever since his threesome sex scandal that also included fellow gospel artist Hopekid, singer DK Kwenye Beat’s life hasn’t been easy at all.

The singer claims he has been discriminated by churches and neglected by friends after the scandal which left the gospel world shocked.

DK recently claimed that NTV refused to air an episode of Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s reality show BeingBahati, because he was featured in the episode.

He added that only a few gospel artists came to console him after things came crushing down.

Familia kama ya DJ Mo na Size 8 walimama sana, walipigwa vita ambazo si zao. Kuna mtu kama Daddy Owen, kuna Moji, kuna Guardian Angel. Kuna mtu ambaye si wa karibu kama Juliani alifunga safari akakuja kuniona. Mwingine alisimama na mimi sana alikuwa anashinda kwangu mpaka saa kumi asubuhi ni Bahati na hio time hatukuwa hata tuko karibu,” he said.

Lost money

Both Hopekid and DK have claimed that they lost tonnes of deals because of the scandal which was brought to light by Blogger XtianDela, who exposed them two for taking advantage of the young lady.


Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

I honestly feel like Kenyan gospel musicians are deep in slumber. I’m saying this because I feel that the gospel industry is not as vibrant as it was a few years ago. I feel like it has stagnated.

If you are an avid fan of Kenyan music then I’m sure you remember how the gospel industry was big five to ten years ago. Can you?

M.O.G performing on stage
M.O.G performing on stage

The gospel industry was so enormous so much so that secular artists were almost unheard of, no one even cared about them or what they were up.

The biggest song in the country at any given time was from the likes of DK Kwenye Beat, Juliani, Willy Paul, M.O.G, Benachi, Daddy Owen, Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika etc.

I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way, the secular industry overtook took over. We can debate about this until the come home but deep down you also know that this is a fact.

The gospel music is not what it was five to ten years and this begs begs the question, are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep, did they get too comfortable or are they just lazy?

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro

I know it’s not a competition between the two sides. After all, they are all Kenyan. As a Christian, it just gives me comfort when the gospel industry is at the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of secular music. Yup! From Sauti Sol to Ethic, anything goes. I have nothing against secular musicians.

It’s just I really miss that days when gospel music was the order of the day. Those days when gospel gigs had the biggest crowds. The days when gospel musicians were really praising God with music.

This is a clarion call to all Kenyan gospel musicians. Enough said!

DK Kwenye Beat lets loose his dreadlocks and comes out looking like a girl in hot water braids

DK Kwenye Beat is one controversial gospel artist whose name has been in the light  for all the wrong reasons and now his dreadlocks are a mess.

The artist, in an Instagram video is seen flaunting his long, curled and girl-like dreadlocks, all smiles and unbothered.

One would easily take them for the ladies´ hot water braids.

Take a look:

This hairstyle raises controversy among his audience who now sit confused at the kind of hair moves the gospel artistes are making.


First, the artist early showed off his all-held up locks that just ignited mixed reactions with many calling the Lord upon his child, to show him the way.

Well, I bet His Hairstyle, His Choice!

“Wewe Ndio Manufaa” Dk Kwenye Beat is back

“Wewe Ndio manufaa” Dk Kwenye Beat is back with a new single,. He has released this two months after his collabo with Bahati on “Sorry”. The talented singer was trending on social media for the wrong reasons early this year. Seems like that didn’t hinder him and he is still going strong in the gospel industry. Wewe ndio manufaa is the work of  Artpoa and Performed by Dk kwenye Beat.  The release has come as as a surprise after Kenyans lashed on him as a result of the fake apology song.

Dk kwenye Beat; wewe ndio manufaa


On to production, it   is a great one. All aspects of international standards have been taken care of. Also, the background is a win for the artist. Bwoyp is the one behind the quality video. The audio is clear  and of good quality.In Wewe Ndio Manufaa, ItsDrama and Yo Alex have made sure that the audio is well done. Also editing is well done.

Lyrical Presentation

The lyrics are so good and they are flowing. The introduction is just great; “Ata Nikiwa na Madeni,Bila Mapeni We unisemi, uko nami Daily Nikiact silly ,nikicatch mafeeling Nikikosa dili ,shika namba mbili Niko sure uko nami,nyingine kali Bila sisimami ,bila siwezani Zaidi ya Ganji,na mali Na hali ,uko place fulani Hawatuwezi mi na wewe ni Army Sitetemeki wanaipa Amani Bila wewe siitakuwa Funny Bila wewe siitakuwa Funny.”  Isn’t God a great friend? Also could he be talking of how he was able to go through the social media shame?

In addition,the chorus bring in the title of the song through repetition. It is short and clear; “Kule Tumetoka Ndio Far Ndio Far Ndio Far Kwangu Wewe ndio Manufaa Manufaa Manufaa.”  It says that they have come from far and He is the only hope.

He needs to concentrate on more on his gospel career and avoid social media drama. I rate the song at 6/10.


click the link below to watch the full video.

Femi One mocks Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat in latest hit ‘Hiyo One’ (Video)

I have longed for the day when I could finally say that Kenya’s queen of rap Femi One is finally back. Ladies and gentlemen, that day is finally here! Femi One is back! You can tell that I’m excited as I write this, I’ll try and contain myself.

Allow me to jog your memories a bit. Do you remember how Femi One killed it on Pilau Njeri, Jah or the Ligi Soo (Remix)? These songs were released more than three years ago. This was when we could all agree that she was in her best element.

Somewhere along the way, she lost her mojo so much so that mediocre rappers such as Msupa S thought they could trade insults with her. Imagine the audacity! I digress.

Femi One

And no, no one has said that Femi One has not released any song in the last three years. She actually had a couple of songs. However, most of her fans, including yours truly, felt that she was just releasing music for the sake of it and not what we had known her for.

After being lost for so many years, Femi One is back to her roots or rather given us a reason to believe that she is still the badesst female rapper in the region.

A few days ago, she released a brand new hit dubbed Hiyo One and we can’t get enough of it. Everything about her new song is on point.

From the punchlines to the wordplay, to the beat, to the beat that was made by Kevin Provoke. Nothing is amiss about this song. For the first time in a long time, I really felt like Femi had lived up to her name as the queen of Kenyan rap.

Femi One

My favourite verse in this song has to be when she said “Fresh kama Tropical fresh Vs PK, I am so sick f*ck Hope kid DK,” I was literally on the floor when she dropped that line.

I listened to Hiyo One a couple of times while trying to understand the thought process behind it. I came to the conclusion that Femi One can never be dethroned. It’s never happening.

The video was directed by Ricky Bekko of Big Dreams Entertainment.

Watch Hiyo One below and tell us what you think.

Kenyan gospel musicians who rarely write their songs and what it means

Songwriting is a practice that exists all over the world. It has been around for ages. Some of the greatest musicians of all time, including Michael Jackson, had songwriters. It’s a career as any so there’s nothing wrong with it.

I, however, have some concerns about songwriting in the gospel industry, especially in Kenya. I’m of the opinion that this practice should not exist and I’ll try my best to explain why.

You see, some of the biggest gospel musicians in our country rarely write their songs, they might have the mellowest voices around but they can’t pen down a song or hardly do so.

Mercy Masika’s Mwema and Nikupendeze were written by Mr. Vee, Shule Yako was written by Pitson.


Moji Short Baba was the brains behind most of DK Kwenye Beat’s songs in the last one year, including Kijana Wa Kayole, Kwa Yesu Sawa. He also wrote Kumbe Kumbe by Bahati and Mr. Seed.

A chap known as Godson Jawabu wrote DK Kwenye Beat’s Asusu and Sari Sari.

Pitson also wrote Daddy Owen’s Vanity, Size 8’s Afadhali Yesu and Pale Pale, Makena’s Narudi, Laura Karwirwa’s Ni Neema Yako, among others.

These are just a few examples. They paint a picture of what the local gospel industry has become – a money making venture.

Do you feel a little bit disappointed when you discover that your favourite gospel was not written by the person who sang it? Of course yes.

The notion behind religion is that the man above should use you as a vessel to pass the message of salvation to others. So, what happens when you bought the ‘message’ from another person? Are you a vessel?

On the other hand, assuming the songwriters don’t do it for free, which is pretty obvious, does it mean that they are selling the gospel?

This article was not meant to ridicule any gospel singer, its purpose is to provoke a discussion. What do you think about all this? Leave a comment below.

Zero chills as fans insult Bahati and DK kwenye Beat after dropping new song

Social media users following both Bahati and DK Kwenye Beat have come forth to express their disappointment after the two artists dropped their latest song dubbed sorry.

According to most this is just another strategy for the artist to seek attention while making money at it.

Some went on to drop comments saying Bahati was no different from DK Kwenye Beat; who a few weeks was accused of infecting a 20 year old with herpes.

Apologize to the lady before we forgive you

Judging from the comments left by fans; most seem to believe that the new sorry is not issuing any genuine apology. Instead DK Kwenye Beat was mislead by Bahati to ride on the negative vibe that left him trending after the heroes story.

Anyway read the comment below;

Dk Kwenye Beat deletes all his Instagram photos weeks after his s*x scandal

DK Kwenye Beat might be keeping a low profile and for this reason he now has opted to deleting his Instagram photos.

Also read:DK Kwenye Beat rushed to hospital after sex scandal with a 20 year old video vixen

This comes weeks after he was linked to a sex scandal that saw his name get tarnished on social media. According to reports, the gospel singer apparently affected a 20 year old video vixen with herpes.

The singer at first denied the allegations until an audio of him bragging about being with the young girl leaked online.

Singer deletes photos

After going missing in action for weeks, the singer has now deleted all his Instagram photos.

We are not sure why he thought of making this move; but judging from the comments he was receiving…one can assume that this could be the reason.

Anyway, we are hoping from seeing whether he will be back to making music soon.

Yalio pita si ndwele! Hopekid back on social media like he never had a threesome 

Gospel singer Hopekid is slowly creeping back on social media after an ugly storm recently whereby he confessed he was guilty to having a threesome with a campus girl alongside his friend DK Kwenye Beat.

The popular gospel singer was on social media to celebrated his birthday after staying away almost a month from the platform to let the storm calm. In his return, he posted a photo wearing a tee written: I’m Good bro. I gave it to God.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ???? THANK YOU GOD FOR ANOTHER YEAR ?? #General #MrBigDeal.” he captioned the photo. 



Hopekid, real names Simon Peter Wambua, was in murky waters just weeks ago after a student from Nakuru accused him and DK of forcing her into a threesome.

DK was in an even uglier situation where by the 20-year-old girl accused him of knowingly infecting her with herpes. The two gave several apologies but Kenyans rejected them, saying it’s high time fake gospel artists like the two be oust in the music industry.


Ringtone, a shameless gospel singer who does not deserve an ounce of respect

If at all there’s any Kenyan singer that I regard with disdain then it’s Alex Apoko, alias Ringtone.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s hard to have high regard for someone when they don’t even respect themselves. A male celebrity who is in the habit of poking his nose into people’s affairs is almost unheard of in this day and age.

About a fortnight ago, when DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid were the talk of the town for infecting a 20-year-old girl with a deadly Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), Ringtone secured interviews at local TV and radio stations to give a ‘first-hand account’ of what happened.

Apart from landing a slot on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto, Ringtone was also on The Chipukeezy Show, which airs on Ebru TV, to shed more light on the scandal that shook the gospel industry.

Imagine securing an interview on national TV to talk about other people’s affairs instead of promoting your craft. This goes to show that Kenyan musicians are ready to stoop to any level to get some attention.

From his narration, you would be tempted to think that Ringtone was with Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat when things went down. But he wasn’t. It was all hearsay. He was probably in studio recording another horrible song.

Surprisingly, Ringtone was also aware what caused the fallout between Bahati and Mr. Seed. According to him, the long time friends do not see eye to eye because Diana Marua called the cops on Mr. Seed’s pregnant girlfriend. Even if she did, how is it his business?

But he didn’t stop there, he even used his social media accounts to give Kenyans the latest 411 on the two scandals never mind the fact that none of them involved him.

At this point, I feel we should join hands and ask Groove Awards to introduce a “Gossiper of the Year” category. That way, our boy won’t go home empty handed as he has been in the last few years.

Funnily, Ringtone, who happens to be one of the most controversial gospel artists in Kenya, never talks about his misdemeanors. Like that time when he allegedly impregnated a 22-year-old girl, or that time when he was kicked out for failing to pay rent or how he collided with authorities to evict some mzungu woman from her Karen home.

Ringtone, if you are reading this, please talk about your scandals with the same energy.

Size 8 finally distances herself from DK Kwenye Beat’s scandal

Evangelist Size 8 has found herself on the wrong side after coming out to defend her family friend; DK Kwenye Beat who had been accused of sexually abusing a 20 year old fan/video vixen.

According to the statement she had earlier released the singer who is now a preacher urged people not to judge DK Kwenye Beat. However, this was not received well as many fans called her out in the comment section for her ignorance and insensitivity!

DK’s audio leaked

Well, this was before DK Kwenye Beat’s audio recording leaked on social media. Judging from what DK is heard saying; most fans concluded that indeed his apology was another PR stunt to help save his career.

Size 8’s statement

In a new post shared by Size 8 the lady opened up about distancing herself from the sex scandal following the new audio that confirmed DK’s actions. Size 8 wrote saying;

DK Kwenye Beat rushed to hospital after sex scandal with a 20 year old video vixen

Seems that DK Kwenye Beat could not handle the heat caused by his sex scandal. From what we have learnt is that the gospel singer admitted having been intimate with his 20 year old video vixen thanks to an audio recording leaked by his close friends.

Also read:DK Kwenye Beat responds after being accused of infecting 20 year old video vixen with Herpes

In the audio, the ‘gospel’ artist is heard bragging about having been with the girl; something that angered many Kenyans on social media.

However the audio was released just a few hours after the singer issued an apology to his fans and girlfriend. As expected many could not hold back after listening to what many term as ‘trash audio’ since it proved that his apology was staged to apparently save his reputation.

DK rushed to hospital

Judging from the comments left on his page; seems that the singer ended up being affected hence rushed to hospital. A photo of him lying in bed was shared by Ringtone who revealed that DK was currently in the hands of doctors. We are however yet to find out what he was hospitalized for. Check out Ringtone’s post below.

Xtian Dela finally exposes Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat as the gospel artistes who had threesome with a student… infecting her with herpes

Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat have been exposed for forcing a varsity student from Nakuru to have sex with them against her wish.

So, Xtian Dela started the #Toboa platform on Telegram for people to share their stories, for them to be free and express themselves anonymously without being judged.

A lady shared a story about how she was forced to sleep with gospel artistes X and Y (Dela later on revealed that X is Hope Kid while Y is DK Kwenye Beat).

So the varsity student met Hope Kid online and they started flirting with each other. The two agreed to have sex and the lady traveled to Nairobi for the booty call.

On arrival in Nairobi, the lady was picked by Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat, they drove to DK’s house instead of Hope Kid’s. The student and Hope Kid started smooching upon arrival at the house, Hope Kid wanted to have sex with him in the living room as DK watched but the lady declined and insisted that they must do it in the bedroom just the two of them.

Forced threesome

The lady says that DK showed up in the bedroom naked while stroking his manhood moments after Hope Kid had finished his business. DK forced himself into the lady, she tried resisting but the fat gospel singer overwhelmed her with his sheer weight.

DK only left after doing what brought him to the bedroom. The lady was left with Hope Kid in the bedroom crying. He consoled her before they called Uber and saw her off.


Two months after the incident, DK Kwenye Beat contacted the lady and they hooked up. The two had consented sex, the lady however says that DK refused to use protection and ended up smashing her raw.

A week later, the lady realized she had blisters on her private parts. She went to the hospital and she was told that she had contracted herpes – a sexually transmitted infection which as no cure.

The lady confronted DK Kwenye Beat and he quickly dismissed her. She became suicidal and even started cutting herself on the hand. She however received support from her family which helped her avoid the suicidal thoughts.

It was after Xtian Dela started the #Toboa platform on Telegram that the lady decided to share her story. Dela contacted the two musicians and they denied everything. He went on to expose their identities and evidence to prove the lady’s story is true.

Hope Kid with the lady (her identity has been hidden)
Hope Kid with the lady (her identity has been hidden)

Below is the lady’s own narration:

So last year, i was direct messaging kenyan artists about my career, video modeling. Getting a few replies from some of them. So one gospel artist called X gave me his number and told me to text him on WhatsApp. I thought i was gone get considered. We used to talk, like officially then one thing led to another after a few days we were sexting. Our horny selves decided to meet for a Holy Smash. I spared a day from school. Travelled all the way from Nax Vegas to Nairobi to get smashed. He was to pick me in town but he texted that morning telling me to go to some estate i wont mention

When i got there he picked me up in a black Volkswagen Golf. It was tinted so when i got to the car the back left door was opened and i got in. That move ruined my life wallah. I will never recommend any gal to consider dating or smashing with these gospel artists… So Mr X was sitted on the co driver seat and his fellow gospel artist, Mr Y was sitter on the driver’s seat. Change of plans people. We went to Mr Y’s home instead

Got there i asked to go to the washroom, i peed then cleaned up my punani coz i knew what was coming next. Getting back to the living room, i was served wine and a Tee to change in. Size yake size ya noma. With my self respect i went to one of the bedrooms (out of 2) to remove my dress and put on the Tees still with my lingerie on. Went back to the living room and sat next to My X. He started kissing him and the next minute i was on his lap. He removed the Tees, tshirt, then unhook my bra so quickly. Wueh the way he was doing it, its like he has some good experience.
I told him i was uncomfortable banging in the living room with Mr Y around. He was so OK banging there but he insisted. So he took me to the second bedroom. I closed the door and switched off the lights.

When he was on top smashing the missionary way, i noticed there was light coming in from the corridor, door was opened. Boom! Mr Y was behind X. He had no clothes on and he was stroking his dick. Mr X was really hitting the spot and i started to moan like some possessed person so Mr Y climbed on to the bed, nilishtuka mayoo, he kissed me to prevent me from making sounds. Majirani wasiskie.

Mr cummed i guess, he got off before i realized whats happening, Mr Y was eating my pussy. Remember they both are gospel artists whom I’ve danced their songs i church since elementary sch.

Then boom Mr Y had his Dick in. He was heavy ??so i got tired and now i was able to breath and react. I shouted at him like super angry to get off of me. I was afraid they would do me harm of i didnt corp with them. So he left and i was alone with Mr X. I cried so bad and he was apologizing but i didnt take his sorry. I never had a threesome before and i felt like they were taking an advantage of me. Being like a whore to them. So i took a blunt from my bag got high then Mr Y, a pastor joined for a puff. Wueh these niggas tho heri Willy Paul gatho.

They called over an Uber to drop me off in town. Got back home
After a few weeks, about 2 months, Mr Y, 3 party, unwanted person called saying how he missed me. Since i was over the shits, i considered being friends, stupid me. He started hitting on me saying we could be a thing yet he was engaged his fiancee works ‘abroad’ he claimed they had issues and he needed sth to hold on to. So boom am inNairobi again. We talked then we started making out. He got in but this time with no CD??. When i realized i told him to wear one. So we banged then showered and came back home.
A week after the sex i got blisters around my pussy hole, mainly on my butt cheeks. Wueh went to Maristopes and i was told i had HPV, cervical cancer causing virus. This dude stopped texting back or picking up my phone.

Had to ask my sister in law foe cash to go to hospital, tests and meds, about 5K.

Nilimeza dawa but knowing am at a high risk of getting cervical cancer at the age of 20 years, not married, no kids yet i saw no point of living.

I texted him and told him that i feel like dying and he told me do the fuck you want. I suffer from mental illness JSYK, mental breakdown, depression, trauma, doubts etc.

So i took a new blade and cut my self on the arm severely. Am a weirdo, i prefer physical pain to emotional pain.

This is what i did to myself. Hoping to bleed to death (Picture Below).

2 weeks after i finished the medications i got the blisters back, this shits painful BTW, i couldn’t sit, bathing was a task, peeing was another and long call was hell on earth❗️❗️

My sister in law and my mom took me to a popular gynecologist in town, and had several tests done on me. So expensive. About 20 k. Results came back HIV- but i was infected with Herpes fully, 4 types. He was the only one who fucked me with no CD.

Mayo. When i got my results from Karen hospital, located in the tallest plaza in town. I went to the last floor wanted to jump and kill myself since i saw no point of leaving but i thought about my Mum. Id hurt her so much. Like a slap on her face
The celeb, Mr Y has been on my DM but i this year i texted him on WhatsApp telling him everything. He never freaked out and so i confirmed, he knew what he did to me? so now i dont see myself dating because i wont be able to find a perfect match(>y<)(>y<)
Someone to take the risk for me, am sort of a public figure am afraid of my status getting exposed or blackmailed in the future by my “partner” and insomnia be able to have a normal child delivery.
Am fighting everyday to accept myself, taking medications daily which are so expensive, asking my big bro for medications but cant tell him which ones.
Life is sad. Right now even simple things easily piss me off. I recently got angry and cut myself again its an addiction am unable to stop and i seriously need help since am afraid that one day i will not be able to leave my bedroom alive. No one in my family knows that i cut myself. They just think am a weirdo but i have so much on plate for a 20 year old who just started to understand what life is

Still trying to know who i am but damn. I have no reasons for living.

Anto Neosoul disses DK Kwenye Beat: Stop copying me and be original. WTF

Singer Anto Neosoul is one frustrated man.


Because someone in the industry is closely watching him and, instead of supporting and propping his work, goes behind his back and duplicates it. And that man is called DK Kwenye Beat.


Anto aired his frustrations over DK’s new song called “Enyewe” that was released just two days ago and a follow up photo shoot he did. According to the singer, DK stole the concept of the shoot from him and didn’t even bother paying homage.

“As if using my voice wasn’t enough! Sasa mpaka concept ya photoshoot utatumia ndio you look like you’re the shit! BE ORIGINAL!!!! But humans though!! Wtf,” said an angry Anto.

Enyewe is a remake of  “Kwa Yesu sawa” that was released in 2017.

Here are some of the photos:


Watch the latest one below:



Willis Raburu assists DK Kwenye Beat shed weight after being fat shamed multiple times

DK Kwenye Beat has finally decided to shed off excess fat. The gospel star gained a lot of weight after his breakthrough in the industry.

DK vowed to do something about his weight after he was fat shamed multiple times by trolls. Some people were legitimately concerned about his weight as critics poked fun at him.

“I am not comfortable with my weight and the most annoying question people keep on asking me is, why are you fat? Most of the people who ask me this are not genuine. However, some are concerned about my health. I have started my weight loss programme, which entails a healthy meal plan and a workout plan,” DK Kenye Beat said during a recent TV interview.

DK Kwenye Beat at the gym

No sweat no gain!

DK has since hit the gym just like he promised he would. Willis Raburu and his fitness trainer are seen helping DK Kwenye beat with physical exercises in a video shared by the singer on social media.


“I will work out for the sake of my fans” DK Kwenye Beat

Singer DK Kwenye Beat has finally given in to working out on his weight. This comes weeks after fans trolled him for having gained a bit too much making him look out of shape.

At first he was convinced that the pressure and memes would disappear over time but seems that Kenyans were on a roll to make him change. Apart from the heartless memes, others went on to advice him on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Speaking to the Nation just recently the singer had this to say;

“Since November last year, it has been like a song. DK you need to work out, DK you need to hit the gym. For emphasis, memes have been created and shared online. I have seen it all and I almost quit social media but I resolved to stay and respond to the criticism with love, with my story. When I started out, most people knew me as a petite guy. The hustle was crazy then and so much has changed. The life I had and what I have now are different. Then, I couldn’t even afford a burger.”

Losing weight for his fans

As weird as it sounds, DK Kwenye Beat says the only reason he is joining the gym is to make his fans happy. He said,

“I have to consider what my fans are saying because I believe that they have my best interests at heart. That said I will work out to be fit because I don’t want them to say, man, we are your fans but you don’t listen to us. Worth noting is that my weight has not had any effect on my health. I am okay.”

But truth be told. In this generation we are living in one has to stay healthy to live longer and not impress fans!