Mr. Blue has featured Aslay in his new jam titled ‘Nitabadilika’ and it’s a big tune (Audio)

Tanzanian musician Khery Sameer Rajab, popularly known as Mr Blue, has featured the equally talented Dogo Aslay in his latest release and  we love it.

The song dubbed Nitabadilika, which is a Swahili word that means ‘I’ll change’, is about a man who is promising his significant other that he will reform.


Mr Blue says that he willing drop habits such as coming to the house late and excessive drinking because he loves the lady.  He also promises her that he will listen to every word that she says.

This jam is so dope, apart from the cliche message in it, you must admit that the delivery by Mr Blue and Dogo Aslay was out of this world.

I don’t know if this jam is dope because of  their voices but the way it flows is so mice. I kept hitting the replay button and didn’t want the song to end. Now that is what defines beautiful music.

The beat on this jam is also awesome. You could say that it sounds pretty much the same like most of the Bongo jams out there but you have to agree that it really blends well with the vocals.

Listen to Nitabadilika below and tell us what you think.

Dogo Aslay could soon dethrone Diamond as Tanzania’s biggest music star

Isihaka Nassoro, alias Dogo Aslay is one of the Yamoto members whose star has continued to shine even after the band broke up. The other of course is Mbosso who is under the wings of Diamond Platunumz.

Dogo Aslay

However, it does not really come as a surprise that Aslay is still excelling in music. Before Yamoto was formed in 2013, the 24-year-old singer already had a number one single dubbed Naenda Kusema. The song was released in 2011.

After the band broke up, Aslay was rumoured to be joining Wasafi Records but that didn’t materialize. However, that didn’t affect his career as a solo artist as it picked up almost immediately.

He has several songs to his name including; Hautegeki, Mario, Anankomoa, Kwa Raha, Tatoa, Hauna, Pusha, Baby, Likizo, Nibebe, Usitie Doa, Angekuona, Subalkheri Mpenzi and Natamba.

However, my all time favourite is Muhudumu. This song always play in my head when I am at a club. One day I’ll gather the courage to tell the waiter, “Muhudumu ongeza glass” in Aslay’s voice. I digress.

A few days ago, Aslay dropped yet another single dubbed Nyang’anyang’a and, as expected, the song is performing well on the charts.

I love the song. Everything was executed well. The beat is very catchy, the visual is also good. What else do you expect when Justin Campos is the video director? Nothing but class!

At this point, I’d dare say that Dogo Aslay could soon dethrone Diamond Platunumz as Tanzania’s best singer.

Watch Nyang’anyang’a below and tell us what you think.