Dr. Ofweneke: I’m Not Humble About My Success

Renowned comedian and MC Dr. Ofweneke has said that he is no longer humble about his success. He believes in letting the world know when he is doing well and that he won’t shy away from displaying his achievements.

“I don’t know why people hide who they are. I am not humble. I was humble when I did not have a fortune. At the moment, I’m working on acquiring my dream car very soon, and I have notified my team that I will not have tints put on that car. People have to see me,” Dr. Ofweneke said.

He continued, “I hid when I was poor; I’m not hiding now. How will you guys know what God is doing?”

The comedian is determined to ensure that his status and success are apparent to the masses, stating that he wants people to understand where he stands in life.

He recalled an incident during a commercial shoot in Nigeria where celebrities from across Africa were gathered. He introduced himself as “Dr. Ofweneke from Kenya.” However, his seemingly modest introduction did not sit well with a Nigerian comedian.

“He said to me, ‘What is wrong with you? I have Googled you; you are on TV, Radio, and the Churchill show. Your social media numbers are huge, you are popular, and yet you are here telling us you are Dr. Ofweneke from Kenya. The problem with Kenyans is that they are too humble with success. I learned my lesson ever since,” Dr. Ofweneke shared.

Not stopping there, the comedian also issued a stern warning to bloggers, putting them on notice that he would take legal action against any blog that publishes stories detrimental to his brand.

“I no longer tolerate nonsense from blogs. I have been in this industry for 14 years just to sit there and let blogs spoil my career with silly stories. You write nonsense about me, and I come for you,” he declared.

Dr. Ofweneke’s decision to be more open about his success is a bold one. It is a departure from the traditional Kenyan way of being humble, even in the face of success. However, it is a decision that is likely to resonate with many people, especially those who have achieved success against the odds.

Nicah The Queen claps back at ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has responded to her ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke after he recently did an interview opening up on what went wrong in their relationship.

In the interview, Ofweneke said that at some point the marriage wasn’t working for him. This statement seems to have rubbed Nicah the wrong way.

On her Instagram, Nicah penned a harsh message to her ex-husband, saying, “Oh boy!!! Don’t get me started! We both know I don’t get dumped….I do the dumping..it’s crazy what people tell themselves to feel better.”

She also tagged Obinna, the interviewer who spoke to Ofweneke, and asked him to interview her as well.

“Someone tell Dr. Ofweneke to not dare me!! I have receipts不不不不 we both know the truth不不不不 sips tea!!! I think my second name should be “an ex one can never forget!” I’m a stamp baby云 #Jesusgurl @ogaobinna I think we should have a sit-down!!!!”

Ofweneke had spoken lovingly about Nicah in the interview, saying that he ignored the foundation of their relationship and tried to change her into what he wanted her to be. He also admitted that he made mistakes in the marriage and has learned from them.

However, Nicah’s response suggests that she is not happy with Ofweneke’s version of events. It remains to be seen if the two will ever sit down and air their grievances in public.

Nicah’s fans are divided on her response. Some people believe that she is being petty and should just move on, while others think that she is right to stand up for herself.

Ultimately, it is up to Nicah to decide how she wants to handle her relationship with Dr. Ofweneke. However, her response has certainly sparked a lot of discussion and debate.

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen and Dr Ofweneke open up about their failed marriage

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen and her ex-husband, Dr Ofweneke, have spoken out about the reasons for their divorce.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Ofweneke said that he made the mistake of trying to change Nicah into the person he wanted her to be, rather than accepting her for who she was.

“I ignored the foundation,” he said. “Why relationships don’t work out is because we get into relationships with the idea of changing what attracted us to them in the beginning. You get? This is what I like about you, then I want to come in and do a whole interior redecorating. So I want to turn you into what I prefer.”

Ofweneke also said that he made the mistake of putting the burden of his happiness on Nicah.

“Otherwise people are stuck in powerbank relationships whereby one person is just charging the other. So the other one is full, and the one is left empty,” he said. “This leads to cheating because they have to go look for another person to refill them.”

Ofweneke said that he ended the marriage while they were relaxing at home.

“I loved Niccah so much that I forgot myself,” he said. “But the day I rediscovered myself is the day I told her mama, it’s been a good stretch. Actually, we were holding hands watching Netflix. We were in the house, the kids were there, my brother and sister.”

Ofweneke said that he regrets the way the marriage ended, but that he is now in a better place.

“We were not perfect for each other,” he said. “I remember that day that I left, I remember God was laughing in my ear, this was not the marriage he had planned for me. She is a good woman, amazing, but she is not the person I planned out for you. So you went with aesthetics, while I was going for the calling.”

Nicah The Queen has also spoken out about the divorce, saying that she is hurt but that she is moving on.

“I am a strong woman, and I will get through this,” she said. “I am grateful for the time I had with Dr Ofweneke, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

The couple have two children together.

Dr. Ofweneke Claims He Loved His Ex- Wife Too Much That He Forgot Himself

Kenyan comedian Sande Bush, better known by his stage name Dr. Ofweneke, has opened up about his failed marriage to gospel singer Nicah The Queen. In an interview with Obinna, the comedian shared his insights into the dynamics that led to the end of their relationship.

Ofweneke said that one of the biggest mistakes he made was focusing too much on his partner’s happiness and neglecting his own. He explained that people often enter relationships with the intention of changing their partners, which can lead to unfulfilled expectations.

“We get into relationships with the idea of changing what attracted us to them in the beginning,” he said. “‘This is what I like about you, then I come in and I want to do a whole interior makeover of who you are, so I want to turn you into what I prefer.’ So I end up not being who I am to make you happy.”

Ofweneke also said that he had placed an undue burden of happiness on his partner. He called this a “power bank relationship,” where one person becomes the sole source of happiness for the other. This can lead to emotional dependence and eventual dissatisfaction in the relationship.

“The second mistake I made in my marriage is putting the burden of happiness on other human beings,” he said. “I tell people I’m my own happiness, otherwise, we are stuck in power bank relationships, one person is charging the other, you can’t sell what you’re not feeling.”

Finally, Ofweneke spoke about the concept of personal growth and healing within relationships. He said that people often end up as emotional healers, trying to fill the emotional voids of their partners. This can be a draining and unhealthy dynamic.

“We need to learn to be whole people before we get into relationships,” he said. “We need to be able to heal ourselves and not expect our partners to do it for us.”

Ofweneke’s insights offer valuable lessons for anyone who has been in or is considering a relationship. By understanding the mistakes that can be made, we can avoid them and create healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Dr Ofweneke Calls Out Kenyan Blogs for Spreading Gossip

Comedian and events host Dr Ofweneke has taken aim at Kenyan blogs, accusing them of spreading gossip and ruining careers.

The comedian, whose real name is Sunday Bush, said he no longer gives interviews to blogs because he believes they are not interested in authentic content.

“I no longer tolerate nonsense from blogs,” he said. “I have been in this industry for 14 years to just sit there and let blogs spoil my career with silly stories. You write nonsense about me and I come for you.”

Dr Ofweneke also said that most blogs, especially up-and-coming ones, lack rational, morals, and objectivity in reporting.

“I think we are giving people too much power over our destinies,” he said. “I’m not going to be those weaklings in the industry, just because someone has a camera, a phone, and a keyboard. The very few blogs I give an audience to are the big and popular ones with authentic content.”

The comedian warned that any blog that writes gossip about him should be ready to face him, saying that he will never give them the satisfaction of responding to their stories.

Dr Ofweneke also said that he is too busy to spend his time on clout chasing like some of his peers in the industry. He said that he rarely keeps tabs on what is happening on social media, and that he is focused on his career and his family.

“Let me tell you, I don’t know what happens on social media,” he said. “Do you know how many companies I run? I am on radio, on TV, emceeing events, and I have a marriage to maintain. When will I get the time for social media just to follow other people’s lives?”

Dr Ofweneke’s comments are a rare public rebuke of Kenyan blogs, which have long been accused of spreading gossip and rumors. However, his comments are likely to be welcomed by many celebrities who have been the victims of blog smear campaigns.

Dr Ofweneke angrily warns popular radio presenter meddling in his marriage

For some reason Dr Ofweneke has found himself making headlines on most tabloids thanks to the women in his life. It first started with ex wife Nicah the Queen who got into a bitter argument with Amber Ray; a dont care socialite who ended dragging Ofweneke name in their scandal.

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Well, looks like Amber Ray isnt the only media personality interested in Dr Ofwenekes private life – which brings us to the recent outburst Dr Ofweneke had after receiving a call from Milele FMs presenter Ankali Ray; who reached out trying to find out whether Ofwenekes marriage to Christine Tenderess is still intact.

Dr Ofweneke with wife, Christine

Judging from the phone call all Ankali wanted was to know why Ofweneke hasnt been posting photos of his wife Christine like he did before; a question that left the comedian offended. However responding to this, he said;

This year I told you to leave my family business alone plus my past marriage, if we are together or not, how does that concern you?

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Do I have to post to the public to prove that we are together? Ankali, I will tell you this as your big brother, I dont need to post photos about my wife and children for people to know that we are okay? Ask me about my projects,

You need to start respecting me Ofweneke

Well, okay we get it… right now Dr Ofweneke is at a stage where he feels its unnecessary to keep parading his family online; and with that, maybe people need to start looking at it this way too.

Dr Ofweneke s wife

Im old and its high time you guys start respecting me in this industry. You are calling to ask me because Im not posting my family? This thing will bite you.

Unfortunately for Ankali who hadnt thought of it that way – this matter was to ended up on his bosses desk – that is according to threats made by Ofweneke.

If you want to proudly pay your bills with my bad news, I will not allow you and will call your boss Alex Mwakideu, because I dont like this.

And just in case you were wondering whether Ofweneke and Christine are good… this is what the comedian had to say.

Me and my wife are okay, Im in a happy marriage and I dont have to explain that to the public尖ou cant be looking for sadness in peoples lives every day, you are doing this thing the wrong way. I will call your bosses about it and I have stopped posting my family because of people like you. I will not give this industry a reason to celebrate my sadness my wife is even here I can see her. Im one of the successful comedians in Kenya and my marriage is not breaking and dont call me again,

Dr Ofweneke concedes defeat, congratulates old friend Oga Obinna for bagging Kiss FMs breakfast gig

It is official that Oga Obinna is the new face replacing Jalango on Kiss FMs breakfast show. This was announced by comedian Oga Obinna who couldnt keep calm after learning Radio Africa management chose him; as the perfect replacement to host the breakfast show alongside Kamene Goro.

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As seen on his post, its evident to see Obinna had been secretly praying for the Kiss FM job; since his last radio gig was in 2019 alongside Anto Neosoul at Nation FM.

Dr Ofweneke concedes defeat

Well, his friend Dr Ofweneke who is also a top comedian was also considered for the job; but probably there wasnt enough chemistry between him and Kamene – hence losing the show to Obinna.

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However having been friends for years, Dr Ofweneke used this opportunity; to congratulate his friend Obinna for emerging the winner in a post that read;


Also read:

Bro @ogaobinna you beat me to it,I acknowledge. You have always been a worthy competitor everywhere our names are mentioned in the same conversation. I pray for favor as you add this medal to your coat. May God bless you as start your new job at @kiss100kenya with @kamenegoro.

And to Radio Africa and Jalango for considering him a candidate Ofweneke thanked them saying;

To @kiss100kenya & @radioafricake at large and the management the fact that my name came up in your list as a possible replacement for @jalangoo is already a huge one for me,It assures me that among the best my name is in existence. GOD BLESS YOU. ONTO MORE WINNINGS ON GODS WILL

Dr. Ofweneke Proposes To Lover Christine On Her Birthday And It’s A Big Yes (Video)

Renowned comedian Sande Bush, better known as as Dr. Ofweneke has finally proposed to his exquisite girlfriend Christine Tenderess on her birthday, Aug 24. Ofweneke gushed over his light-skinned girlfriend on his Instagram earlier today while celebrating her plus one;

”Today heavens cried because they let go of an angel to this great earth & she fell into my arms!! || Today aint about anything else apart from you,Gentle soul that you are needs to be celebrated ???????????? || As you turn a year younger today E & I are greatful that you are our mum,thank you for taking care of us always, for loving us & for being part of our loves || Mi Amor,As You celebrate your birthday; as the priest over your head I speak breakthru into your life…”

Ofweneke Proposes

Dr. Ofweneke seized the opportunity to propose to Christine; who happily said yes. Posting a video of a ring on Christine’s finger, Dr. Ofweneke captioned;

”AND BOYS & GIRLS 色色 Its a YES!!!”

Celebrities flocked the comment section to congratulate Ofweneke;

Eddie Butita, Mwende Macharia, Hope Kid, Sleepy David; among others reacted;


The two sweethearts have a baby girl together. The CEO of the clothing store ‘Blush Baby’ and also ‘Blush Collections, Christine is very ravishing; and not much is known about her personal life as she loves to keep it under the wraps. Her Instagram account remains private.

Congratulations to both of them!


Take Notes! Dr. Ofweneke Gives The Dos And Dont’s When Someone Takes You Out For Dinner

It’s only ethical to avoid doing things that might bring shame to both you and your partner while in public. When you go out on a date, a few things like the man pulling a chair for her lady may be a sign of a true gentleman. Additionally, letting the one who pays for the meal to order their food first is an ethical plus.

Kenyan comedian and radio presenter Dr. Ofweneke has put across the courtesies that one needs to consider when they’re taken out for dinner. The funny man posted on his Instagram; saying it’s ethical to order food which is less expensive than that of the person paying for the meal. He also added that they should be the ones to order first.

Dr. Ofweneke biography: real name, nationality, tribe, education, life

Dr. Ofweneke wrote,

”If I don’t tell you, your friends fear to tell you… If somebody offers to take you out for dinner or supper please, rule number 1. Wait for the person paying for the food to order first. Number 2, don’t order anything that is expensive than the person who is paying for the bill. It’s only courtesy. If the one paying the bill and I order water, please, the most you can order is toothpick…”

I agree with Ofweneke. This is actually one of the ethics people don’t talk about often. I hope it goes to a good number of people.


Kurudiana na yeye hapana Nicah the Queen denies wanting ex, Dr Ofweneke back

Nicah the Queen has been making headlines thanks to her big booty but truth is; fans love it and cant wait to see another video from the lady.

After years of living life like most Nairobi girls; Nicah recently decided to change her ways; and is now believed to be investing as a minister of the word. So far we she refers to herself as Jesus Gurl – but something about her mode of dressing seems to speak otherwise.

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

Away from that, just the other day – Nicah opened about her life, church; and ex husband Dr Ofweneke while on an interview with Massawe Jappani. For the first time we got to learn a few unknown details about their former relationship; and whether or not she has since moved on.

Moved on for the better

Judging from what the gospel singer, socialite cum minister of the word said; its obvious to see that coparenting has been really easy for her and the comedian.

Unlike other couples – these two are focused on giving their daughters a healthy home despite the family being blended. Speaking about her ex, Nicah not only admitted to missing her ex man; but made it known that they are just friends. She said;

I miss the moments, I would say we created good memories. He was my best friend, we used to talk and even if love fails, if you people were best friends, you still care for each other as friends

For those claiming that she wants to get back with the comedian, Nicah went on to address this saying;

there are moments na sio ile ya kumumiss ati yakutaka kurudiana na yeye hapana.

Copy and paste? Dr Ofwenekes wife shares photo showing striking resemblance between 6 month old daughter and hubby!

Baby Eisley Flavor Sande is an adorable baby girl but most of all, her fathers twin!

After 6 months of raising her in private, Ofwenekes wife recently shared a new photo showing how grown their daughter has since become.

Judging from the new photo, it appears that most people couldnt help but notice the striking resemblance between Ofweneke; and his baby girl who not only shares similar facial features but also the hairline!

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Dr Ofweneke with his newborn daughter

Moving on with Christine

After his ugly break up with gospel singer Niccah the Queen, Comedian Dr Ofweneke moved on with one Christine who is the current wife!

Unlike Niccah, the new lass in Ofwenekes wife has been maintaining a low profile and continues to insist on the importance of privacy especially when it comes to her relationship with Ofweneke.

However 3 months ago, Ofweneke couldnt contain himself from introducing his light skinned daughter through his social media pages.

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In a series of photos Ofweneke went on to caption the post saying;

Ofwenekes newborn daughter, Eisley

Today,Mummy,I wanna find the right words to say about your arrival but well I cant ???????????????? How can I thank God for you, After full 9 months you arrived in style winking your eye not knowing am your father, Everybody is excited of your arrival including your elder sisters Faith & Debbie but more is your mum and I…..As your father I promise to drop the sky for you, clean the streets for you, lead you, protect you, defend you, feed you, spoil you and more so to bring you up in the ways of God. Welcome to the world Baby Eisley Favor Sande.

Anyway check out the new post below!

Dr Ofwenekes wife and daughter

Comedian Dr Ofweneke celebrates his 29th birthday in style!

Comedian Dr Ofweneke must be a proud father of two lovely girls! As he turns 29 years the fella could not hold back from celebrating his lifes achievements.

Through his Instagram page the new daddy in town went on to celebrate himself with a moving post that attracted most of his fans to join in.

Ofweneke wrote;

In a few hours will be turning 29 year!! Counting Gods favor in my life


Well, the comedian has not had it easy as he struggled to get his name to the top but is proud to reveal that he is a self made fella.

New wife and child

After his nasty break up with Nicah the Queen aka Jesus girl; the comedian moved on with his life and now has a new wife.

Dr Ofweneke s wife

Ofwenekes new wife is however a low key person unlike Nicah the Queen. The couple managed to keep their pregnancy on the low for 9 months but finally announced the birth of their day just a few days ago.

Anyway as he marks another year in his life, I bet Ofweneke has so much to be grateful for !


Meet comedian Dr Ofwenekes hot girlfriend that will leave many jealous!

Dr Ofwenekes new lover is definitely an upgrade and for this reason the comedian cum MC cannot hold back from flaunting her on his Instagram page.

Well after keeping a low profile for months, the comedian has once again gone ahead to share a new photo with his bae – and looking at the comments seems like his fans are ready for him to settle down with this lovely lady.

Dr Ofweneke With his daughter

This comes almost 2 years after he broke up with his ex-wife gospel artiste Nicah The Queen.

Weezdom clinches hard on Dr Ofwenekes ex wife 穡Nicah the Queen穡

Ready to remarry

A while back during a radio interview with a popular radio station, Dr Ofweneke opened up about his breakup with the mother of his daughter; saying that they had both moved on with their lives.

Dr Ofwenekes new found love

Dr Ofweneke also went on to add that he is currently seeing someone special and was ready to walk down the aisle.

What I am sure is, I will marry soon and I am dating someone special.

Dr Ofweneke: I was born in 1991 and that’s when my parents separated

Comedian Dr Ofweneke has had a tough past. In a recent interview, he revealed that his parents separated just a week after he was born in 1991.

“I do not know what happened between my parents but my mother left when I was a week old, he says.

And they were very young. My dad was 23. They were living in Mathare, Kwa Chief. My dad took me to my grandmothers place in Mbotela. We moved to Huruma, Dandora – all these ghettos.

The comedian went on to say that after this ugly split, she decided to look for his mother while in high school. After talking to a few relatives, they finally told him that his mum works at Industrial Area.

I am not very emotional, but when she saw me, she hugged me while crying for 30 minutes, he says.


His biggest regret is failing to forgive her when she asked him to on her death bed at Kenyatta National Hospital, after losing her battle with HIV-related illnesses.

I still have that image of her in my mind, lying on that bed, struggling to get that statement out to ask for forgiveness. I was still mad. I did not know that she was literally in the last stages of her life. I just told her I would see her tomorrow. I did not know tomorrow would be in heaven. She died about four hours after I left, he added. .

“You are the best Ex and the best baby daddy ever” Nicah showers ex husband Dr Ofweneke with praise

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen has wowed her fans with a rare praise of her ex husbandcomedianSande Bush aliasDr Ofweneke.

For starters, Nicah and Ofweneke had such a dramatic breakup inMarch 2017. Their marriage hit rock bottom after Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah wasunfaithful.

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Dr Ofweneke and Nicah
Dr Ofweneke and Nicah
Daughter’s first day in school

Nicah and Ofweneke have been brought closer by their daughter who joined school for the first time. The comedian woke up early to take his daughter to school for admission.


Nicah was so impressed by her ex husband dedication and effort that she decided to pour out her heart to him. She praised Ofweneke saying that he is the best ex and baby daddy ever.

“You are an awesome dad @drofweneke You wore your best suit for our baby’s first day of school.God bless you for being there for our girls.cheers to the best Ex ever and baby daddy?,” wrote Nicah.





Dr Ofweneke: Mymost embarrassing moment was when I was called a wife batterer, I went home and I locked myself to cry

ComedianSande Bush aliasDr Ofweneke and gospel singerVeronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queenhave been separated for two years now.

The drama that followed their breakup emotionally affected both of them. Ofweneke in particular had toreinvent his brand after he was painted in a negative light.

Their marriage hit rock bottom after Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah wasunfaithful.

Dr Ofweneke and Nicah with their children
Dr Ofweneke and Nicah with their children

In a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Ofweneke revealed that he was deeply affected after he was called a wife batterer. The comedian says he had tocancel meetings with clients and rushed home to cry.

“The most embarrassing moment in my life was reading stories about me on social media that I was a wife batterer. It was the lowest in my life and I even cried. My brand was clean and I had never had controversy before. I had to cancel the meeting with a client, went home and I locked myself to cry,” said Ofweneke.

The comedian also revealed that he was currently in good terms with his ex wife, he argued that if he had indeed battered Nicah they wouldn’t be even be friends.

“Nicah and I are the best of friends and we even enjoy ourselves. At times I miss her and regret if we did things different, we would have been far. If I was violent, we could not be friends like we are. I make sure I talk to my daughter every day because she has provided a good platform for me to raise them with her other daughter.”





“There are good people out here, Ofweneke is one of them”Abel Mutua narrates howDr Ofweneke saved his wedding

Abel Mutua and his sweetheartJudy Nyawira exchanged vows sometimes in November 2015 in a colorful wedding. What many people didn’t know is that Dr Ofweneke played a big role in making that wedding a success.

Abel reveals that his wife and him planned their wedding in less than a month, they didn’t have a committee to help them with the planning or even to raise money.

Abel Mutua with his wife and daughter
Abel Mutua with his wife and daughter

“#RandomPeopleAppreciationWeek This week Im taking time off to appreciate individuals whove come through for me at one point or the other and Im starting with this gentleman! The eagle himself. In 2015 My baby and I planned our wedding in less than a month. No committee, no nothing. It was heavy. 3 days to the event after weve run out of cash it hits us that we forgot to get an MC,” wrote Abel Mutua in part.

He did it for free

Abel reveals that he called Dr Ofweneke and explained his predicament and the comedian agreed to be the MC at his wedding without charging him a single cent.

Dr Ofweneke
Dr Ofweneke

“I pick up the phone and call this gentleman right here. Mind you we had only met less than 3 times before this day. I tell him my story and without thinking twice, he tells me, Bro! Arusi lazima ifanyike. Nitumie details zote, kitu ipigwe! He agreed to do it free of charge. I couldnt believe it. There are good people out here. @drofweneke is definitely one of them. I can only pray for you Sir. Hiyo stage ya BET lazima utakanyaga. Shukran Babaa. I appreciate you,” wrote Abel.


“I would let our baby be his flower girl and I would be there wearing my best dress” Nicah responds after Ofweneke annouced he was ready to remarry

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen and her ex husband comedianSande Bush aliasDr Ofweneke have been talking about each other in separate interviews over the past week.

The two have been separated for two years now, their marriage hit rock bottom after Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah wasunfaithful.

In a recent interview with Word Is, Ofweneke revealed that he was ready to remarry and that he was looking for a woman with short hair like Nicah.

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Will attend his wedding

Nicah responded to her ex husband announcement that he was ready to remarry while speaking during an interview with Pulse.

“I mean there were both good things and bad things in our relationship and that means you dont write everything off even after you move on. We have babies who should not be affected by all this and that is why you should throw your differences aside for the sake of babies. If he decides to wed today, I would let baby be his flower girl and I would be there wearing my best dress to witness and congratulate him.

“Honestly, I pray that whoever he marries understands that we have children and that she should respect that fact. Children are always innocent and they should not be subjected to the issues of parents separating. Besides, Ofweneke and I are co-parenting and that will always be. However, I would want him to get himself a loving woman who understands,” said Nicah.

Single and ready to mingle

Nicah also stated that she was equally looking forward to get in a new relationship. She explained that after two years of separation she had completely moved on with her life.

“I am single and ready to mingle. I mean, I moved on. Its been two years and I have now healed from the heartache. The good thing is that I dont regret my marriage to Ofweneke as out of it we got a baby. Im happy for him that he has also moved on,” said Nicah.


DJ Creme leaves KTN just months after joining station after their show with Ofweneke was moved

DJ Creme has been forced to ditch KTN after his program with Dr Ofweneke that was moved from 8pm to 10pm. Creme and Ofweneke have been hosting Thursday Night Live since Feb this year after they ditched Ebru TV.

On Instagram Creme explained why he left the show saying that his busy scheduled forced him to.

“Every Good Thing comes to an End, and that End is a New Beginning. Unfortunately Ill no longer be on Thursday Night Live on KTN.” he said.

Good terms

Creme said that working with Ofweneke was always fun and insisted that nothing bad happened between him and the Mombasa Road based station. He said he left there in good terms.

Creme performing at Avenida

“However , Im Grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside one of the Funniest guys I know, My Brother and Friend@drofweneke.I couldnt keep up with Live TV due to the constant travels ,Conflicting Schedules & Personal Ambition. Its said that Follow Your Heart , Itll Lead you to Your Lifes Treasure ?I got nothing but love for The KTN Family,@drofwenekeand You my Amazing Fans . Im forever Grateful.Peace & Light Always儭Keep Shining.”

Ofweneke has not posted anything about Creme’s move, hinting that the two might have parted ways in bad terms.

Dr Ofweneke describes his ideal woman days after he revealed he was ready to remarry

Sande Bush better known as Dr Ofweneke has been a single man for over a year. The comedian’smarriage hit rock bottom sometimes in March 2017.

Ofweneke’s ex wifeVeronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen accused the comedian of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed she wasunfaithful.

The comedian recently revealed that he was ready to remarry. He also disclosed that Nicah and him talk about their children and nothing more.

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Ideal woman
Dr Ofweneke and ex wife Nicah
Dr Ofweneke and ex wife Nicah

Dr Ofweneke described the kind of woman he is looking for inan interview with DNG. The comedian stated that he loves with with short hair because it’s economical to him. (Nicah had short hair)

“I want a woman with short hair because that is an economical marriage. there will be no lies on the cost of weaving ooh 3000. No we go together,” said Ofweneke.




“I enjoyed my marriage but I will marry again” Dr Ofweneke responds after ex wife Nicah makes it clear she will never go back to him

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen announced that her marriage had hit rock bottom sometimes in March 2017.

Nicah accused her husbandSande Bush better known as Dr Ofweneke of physical abuse. Ofweneke on his part claimed Nicah wasunfaithful.

Early August 2018, Nicah made it clear that she will never get back with Ofweneke during questions and answers session with her fans on Instagram.

“Given another chance to get back with Dr.Ofweneke what would you change and what advice can you give to newlyweds,” asked a fan Nicah.

“No I will never go back to Egypt,” Nicah replied.

Everybody has moved on
Dr.Ofweneke with Nicah and their children
Dr.Ofweneke with Nicah and their children

Speaking to Word Is, Dr Ofweneke responded to his ex wife statement saying that he has also moved on with his life and would marry another woman.

“I dont regret my past because there is a beautiful baby involved. It was good when it lasted and I enjoyed my marriage, but I will marry again when the right time comes,” said Dr Ofweneke.

The comedian also revealed that he was in good terms with his ex wife. Ofweneke said Nicah and him talk about their children and nothing more.

“Nicah and I talk, but we basically talk about our children and nothing more. We are in good terms because of the children but whatever she is doing with her life, that I respect even if I dont know what she does.”




Comedian Ofweneke leaves Mafisi thirsty after sending sweet birthday message to his assistant(photos)

We all see comedian Dr. Ofweneke always organised, on time and looking sharp while working but have ever thought who makes all this possible? If you have never, well, the comedian recently revealed her.

And no, it’s notNiccah The Queen. She’s now history.


The comedian recently took to social media to share a sweet birthday message to his personal assistant and she’s one fly gyaal that Mafisi will sure love to take to Club Space on a chilly Friday.

???THE EAGLE??? | Help me wish this amaizing lady, The one who handles my diary,My dept collector ???? My alarm when I forget to wake up, My Personal Assistant. I know at times I can be tough on you as your boss but thank you for bieng a fast learner and bieng impressive on your duties. As you celebrate you birthday I want you to know that you are treasured and valued. On behalf of Defa Media Group Limited and I we wish you the happiest of life@am_teriyakiHAPPY BIRTHDAY!! said Ofweneke.

Here are her photos:

You don’t even take care of My first baby Nicah the queen blasts ex fiance, comedian Dr Ofweneke for lying on National TV

Comedian Dr Ofweneke is currently living as a single man after his nasty split with his ex fianc矇, Nicah Thequeen who also happens to be the mother of his child.

Their split however became public early this year after Nicah Thequeen went on to narrate how she had been abused by the comedian.

According to her the fella had been hitting to a point where she decided to walk away. She went on to add that if not for the neighbors, the fella she referred to as her husband would have done the unthinkable.

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The comedian maintained his silence until just recently when he got a chance to speak on Lets Talk which is hosted by Pierra Makena, Brenda Wairimu, Ella Wanjiru and Monique Bett. For the first time, the comedian admitted to have parted ways with his lady but are still communicating since they have a daughter together.

He goes on to however deny getting physicial with Nicah Thequeen and just like any responsible dad he has been talking care of Nicahs first born daughter who he treats like his own.

But did he lie? Well, Nicah thequeen who also happened to watch the interview says that the comedian is lying and unlike what he made people believe, he does not take of her child. She wrote saying:

Nicah’s comment

Priceless! Comedian Dr Ofweneke reaction after Bridget Achieng reveals she spent 3 million to bleach her skin

Bridget Achieng has joined the list of socialites like Vera Sidika proving that skin bleaching is quite expensive. So far we know that Vera Sidika spent 50 million to get her current skin tone and now Bridget Achieng says she used 3 million for the same procedure.

Bridget Achieng

The Nairobi Diaries actress revealed this while speaking on Dr Ofwenekes show leaving the comedian and MC Jessy in shock. This is probably because the two comedians thought the money would have been put in better use.

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Well, to respond to this Dr Ofweneke is seen lost of words as he removes his glasses before screaming

One宇wo..three million

MC Jessy who was seated listening to the interview could hide the fact that he was tongue tied as he helped Ofweneke to calm down.

Not quite sure whether Bridget Achieng was being honest considering that she was said to be broke before coming into the lime light but you can watch the interview below:


Daddy’s little girl; Adorable photo of Dr Ofweneke spending some quality time with his daughter

Comedian Dr Ofweneke is said to have split with his fianc矇 Niccah the Queen last year September and the two have been raising their daughter separately but rumor had it that the comedian had apparently stopped supporting his daughter, something that we are yet to confirm.

Anyway from the few photos he has been sharing on his Gram, the fella has just been doing what he does best and that’s being a funny man. However I bumped into a new photo posted 5 days ago of the comedian hanging out with the same daughter he is said to have neglected.

From the caption and how the photo looks, it is easy to see that this was not staged but another daddy and daughter moment we rarely get to see since everyone now what’s to keep their personal lives private.

Below is the adorable photo that has left most of his fans congratulating the comedian for spending time with his baby girl despite having split with his fianc矇.

Hardwork pays: Checkout the sleek and pricey ‘baby’ Dr Ofweneke has been rolling around in

There is no doubt that comedian Dr Ofweneke is a hardworking man. If you follow him on his social media pages you will notice how he is ever up and down handling events especially Weddings to put food on his table.

Just like the few comedians rolling with big cars the fella has unveiled the car he rolls in and boy must he be happy. Dr Ofweneke drives a mark x that costs almost ksh 1.5 million and from how he carries himself these days, the fella must be swimming in some good money.

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He however chooses such things on the low but thanks to his expensive suits and sometimes designer shoes we believe that he is really doing well in terms of taking care of himself and of course his daughter though rumor has it that she is currently living with his ex fiance.

Ofweneke shared the photo on his social media pages and captioned it:

The bigger the test the sweeter the victory!! ???THE EAGLE?

Checkout the photo below: