Dr Ofweneke: I was born in 1991 and that’s when my parents separated

Comedian Dr Ofweneke has had a tough past. In a recent interview, he revealed that his parents separated just a week after he was born in 1991.

“I do not know what happened between my parents but my mother left when I was a week old,” he says.

“And they were very young. My dad was 23. They were living in Mathare, Kwa Chief. My dad took me to my grandmother’s place in Mbotela. We moved to Huruma, Dandora – all these ghettos.”

The comedian went on to say that after this ugly split, she decided to look for his mother while in high school. After talking to a few relatives, they finally told him that his mum works at Industrial Area.

“I am not very emotional, but when she saw me, she hugged me while crying for 30 minutes,” he says.


His biggest regret is failing to forgive her when she asked him to on her death bed at Kenyatta National Hospital, after losing her battle with HIV-related illnesses.

“I still have that image of her in my mind, lying on that bed, struggling to get that statement out to ask for forgiveness. I was still mad. I did not know that she was literally in the last stages of her life. I just told her I would see her tomorrow. I did not know ‘tomorrow’ would be in heaven.’ She died about four hours after I left,” he added. .

Nicah the Queen: Facebook memories reminds me of my ex Ofweneke

Gospel singer Nica the Queen was recently on social media to laugh off some Facebook memories of her ex-hubby Dr. Ofweneke which reappeared and reminded her of their relationship which went to the dogs.

On social media, the singer, who recently had to address a lot of issues regarding her ex-lover after a question and answer session with fans, said that a Facebook notification from four years ago made her realize that a lot had changed.

Sijui nini husumbua facebook na hizi memories zao.Just on my fb and they pop like “We think you’d love to share a memory of you from 4yrs ago.”wacha sasa niwashow watu wangu.Hapa mapenzi ilikuwa imeshika kushika!tukidanganyana hatuwezi ishi bila mwingine Ama ata kulala,saa hii kila mtu analala na kumwaga mate kwa pillow, hakuna mwenye anatambua mwingine.salamu tumebaki nazo nizile za NIAJE BRATHE???lakini Bora Uhai.” shared Nicah.

Never again

Nica had also confessed that she has never thought about reuniting with Owfeneke since their ugly break up in which she accused him of domestic violence and cheating.

Ofweneke’s ex-wife promises fans she will never go back to the comedian 

Gospel Singer Nicah the Queen recently opened the flood gates on her love life and fans wanted to know a lot.

The singer, who was married to comedian Dr.Ofweneke, shared that she has moved on and isn’t thinking of making up with her baby daddy at all.

A fan asked her on Instagram whether the two might kiss and make up but she stated she’s not interested. She went on also to clarify that she didn’t cheat unlike what some claimed.

“Given another chance to get back with Dr.Ofweneke what would you change and what advice can you give to newlyweds” asked a fan.


She said: “No I will never go back to Egypt.” 

Nicah also stated that she’s currently not dating.


Dr.Ofweneke finally addresses rumours that he beat up ex-wife Niccah The Queen

It has been a rumor that has been doing rounds now for almost two years: Did comedian Dr. Ofweneke beat up his wife Niccah The Queen to almost a pulp?

The comedian, during the Trend Show, finally addressed the issue saying that he didn’t do it despite the allegations.

“NO,” said the comedian after Amina Abdi asked him if he attacked his wife.

“So many things can be labeled on you. And they might not be true. Later on she wrote me a very long text and she apologized and i apologized back. I wasn’t a very perfect husband or father, I had my faults.”

nicah the queen

Time to be a better man

He went on:

“After my divorce I said i’m gonna take some time off to better myself as a man. Not because i wasn’t a better man but because I was left so curious on where did i go wrong as a man.

“I went into doing a lot of research. I was so keen in knowing what to do being you. One of the things i came to find out is that people get into marriage expecting someone else to make you happy.”


“The next woman coming to my life better know she’s not coming to make me happy. She’s coming as a cream to the cake because the cake is already prepared. I’m whole.make yourself happy before somebody else.”

Hardwork pays: Checkout the sleek and pricey ‘baby’ Dr Ofweneke has been rolling around in

There is no doubt that comedian Dr Ofweneke is a hardworking man. If you follow him on his social media pages you will notice how he is ever up and down handling events especially Weddings to put food on his table.

Just like the few comedians rolling with big cars the fella has unveiled the car he rolls in and boy must he be happy. Dr Ofweneke drives a mark x that costs almost ksh 1.5 million and from how he carries himself these days, the fella must be swimming in some good money.

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He however chooses such things on the low but thanks to his expensive suits and sometimes designer shoes we believe that he is really doing well in terms of taking care of himself and of course his daughter though rumor has it that she is currently living with his ex fiance.

Ofweneke shared the photo on his social media pages and captioned it:

The bigger the test the sweeter the victory!! ???THE EAGLE?

Checkout the photo below: