Nicah the Queen shares tips to successfully coparent with an ex

Having to raise a child with an ex needs a lot of patience and…prayers. And although y’all don’t have to be best friends after the breakup – truth is as parents you’ll need to work as a collaborative team for the sake of the child.

Well, Gospel singer Nicah the Queen who is Dr Ofweneke’s ex has opened up about coparenting with comedian – and from what she says – looks like this was the best decision she ever made.

Nicah talked about this through her gram where she shared photos from her daughter’s graduation and among the people on the photo is ex Dr Ofweneke who remains a good friend despite breakup. Captioning the new photos, the mother of two wrote;

Co parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind. To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. drofweneke we have done well!

Supportive spouses

Another secret of coparenting is having supportive spouses who are sometimes caught in between coparenting parents; but through their patience, understanding and advice – coparenting becomes a success.

For this reason Nicah thanked her boyfriend Slahver Deejay and Dr Ofweneke’s current wife Christine saying;

Congratulations Debbie on your graduation we are super proud of you. Thank you to our amazing and loving spouses @slahverdeejay and @christinetenderess for making it easier and always supporting us. Cheers to us! #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast

Copy and paste? Dr Ofweneke’s wife shares photo showing striking resemblance between 6 month old daughter and hubby!

Baby Eisley Flavor Sande is an adorable baby girl but most of all, her father’s twin!

After 6 months of raising her in private, Ofweneke’s wife recently shared a new photo showing how grown their daughter has since become.

Judging from the new photo, it appears that most people couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Ofweneke; and his baby girl who not only shares similar facial features but also the hairline!

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Dr Ofweneke with his newborn daughter

Moving on with Christine

After his ugly break up with gospel singer Niccah the Queen, Comedian Dr Ofweneke moved on with one Christine who is the current wife!

Unlike Niccah, the new lass in Ofweneke’s wife has been maintaining a low profile and continues to insist on the importance of privacy especially when it comes to her relationship with Ofweneke.

However 3 months ago, Ofweneke couldn’t contain himself from introducing his light skinned daughter through his social media pages.

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In a series of photos Ofweneke went on to caption the post saying;

Ofweneke’s newborn daughter, Eisley

Today,Mummy,I wanna find the right words to say about your arrival but well I can’t ???????????????? How can I thank God for you, After full 9 months you arrived in style winking your eye not knowing am your father, Everybody is excited of your arrival including your elder sisters Faith & Debbie but more is your mum and I…..As your father I promise to drop the sky for you, clean the streets for you, lead you, protect you, defend you, feed you, spoil you and more so to bring you up in the ways of God. Welcome to the world Baby Eisley Favor Sande.

Anyway check out the new post below!

Dr Ofweneke’s wife and daughter

Ofweneke’s ex-wife promises fans she will never go back to the comedian 

Gospel Singer Nicah the Queen recently opened the flood gates on her love life and fans wanted to know a lot.

The singer, who was married to comedian Dr.Ofweneke, shared that she has moved on and isn’t thinking of making up with her baby daddy at all.

A fan asked her on Instagram whether the two might kiss and make up but she stated she’s not interested. She went on also to clarify that she didn’t cheat unlike what some claimed.

“Given another chance to get back with Dr.Ofweneke what would you change and what advice can you give to newlyweds” asked a fan.


She said: “No I will never go back to Egypt.” 

Nicah also stated that she’s currently not dating.


Nicah The Queen copies Vera Sidika, vows to take fan for lunch date 

After Vera Sidika took a fan who went berserk after spotting her at a popular joint for lunch, it seem yet another celeb will be headed on that path.

Nicah The Queen, Dr. Owfeneke’s ex-wife, has also promised to take an Eldoret man named Ricc Berry to a fancy lunch after he penned a romantic letter pouring his heart out of how he loves her.

“I am ready to take Ricc for lunch and I appreciate him for coming out and proclaiming his love for me. It takes a bold man to do that,” she told SDE. 

Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama

Just a lunch date

She went on to add that the date will be strictly a date and nothing more. She doesn’t need a man in her life.

“I’m not ready to be in a relationship or settle down,” she said.

Here’s the letter Ricc sent to her:

“Dear Nica: The Queen. I am penning this right here because I have good intentions for you and I know you are saved yes and I respect that. I too know you’re beautiful and yes I am proud of that.  You’re a mother and an artiste, great. Najua hunijui, but I have been trailing you from time immemorial and truth be told, I am dying for your love.

I am just a barista with full hopes of making you my wife someday. I respect you and your salvation, above all, your beauty in totality gives me sleepless night on how I can get you.

Sina kitu naja na roho yangu tu hivi hoping to find you Nicah. And this I will one day confess on national TV. With regards, Ricc Berry.”

Daddy’s little girl; Adorable photo of Dr Ofweneke spending some quality time with his daughter

Comedian Dr Ofweneke is said to have split with his fiancé Niccah the Queen last year September and the two have been raising their daughter separately but rumor had it that the comedian had apparently stopped supporting his daughter, something that we are yet to confirm.

Anyway from the few photos he has been sharing on his Gram, the fella has just been doing what he does best and that’s being a funny man. However I bumped into a new photo posted 5 days ago of the comedian hanging out with the same daughter he is said to have neglected.

From the caption and how the photo looks, it is easy to see that this was not staged but another daddy and daughter moment we rarely get to see since everyone now what’s to keep their personal lives private.

Below is the adorable photo that has left most of his fans congratulating the comedian for spending time with his baby girl despite having split with his fiancé.