Edday Nderitu proves she is still in love with Samidoh despite his many affairs

Aki mapenzi wewe…..this is literally one of the most over used lines by kenyans complaining about love but this time around, I am using it to show you that once youre in love – you fall so hard that you overlook your partners imperfections.

Don’t believe it? Well lets use Edday and Samidoh’s situation. As you already know – these two were said to have some marital issues after Samidoh was linked to Karen Nyamu….and although we all knew what was going on, Samidoh for some reason decided to impress his first wife Edday Nderitu – by publicly denying Karen Nyamu as he claimed he only has one wife.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

This was however just after their (Samidoh and Karen) first child…and barely 6 months after denying her in public; Karen Nyamu came out to reveal that they were expecying baby number two. Yes, baby number 2 with a man that had just publicly denied her….and as for Edday – well i bet she just felt used or played by Samidoh…..but funny thing is – she stuck around.

Edday commitment to Samidoh

At this point i am left wondering is that Edday Nderitu cant get someone new or is that she is willing to put up with everything in the name of love….and that might just be it.

You know why, well despite her co wife Karen Nyamu jetting all the way to visit Samidoh in the Yuwes….and making sure Edday Nderitu was aware of the story through blogs – mmmmh Eddatmy Nderitu remains unmoved and her feelings for Samidoh unchanged.

The first wife made this known through a new comment she made while respoding to a post shared by their family friend, Bernice Saroni where she wrote;

It was an amazing 6 weeks tour full of fun and Adventures, thank you Waweru Uyu, for keeping us in check. Samidoh, it was great working with you, your such a vibe. All the best in UK and Dubai shows, Edday Nderitu your husband has been in safe hands, See you in Dubai on the 17th yacht party tufunge hii kitu

And to prove her love for hubby, Edday responded with;

Which I am pretty sure Karen Nyamu already saw….but having seen how she (Karenzo) responds to shade…..cant help but wonder which house Samidoh will be spending his first night after returning to Kenya.

I think y’all already know too.

Why Karen Nyamu is desperate for a husband

Karen Nyamu recently revealed that she has taken to dressing alot more modestly because she is trying to attract a husband and that is one of the most hilarious things I have heard the lawyer cum politician say since she came to the limelight.

Karen Nyamu reveals she has been dressing decently to attract potential husband

“Today I have wrapped up myself top to bottom to try find someone to pay my dowry, si nikujipanga (plan yourself)”

Karen Nyamu with new bae?

And while this might have been a joke, one thing that is universally known about humour is that there is always more than just a kernel of truth in it. And this is the case today.

Samidoh snubs his newborn love child with Karen Nyamu – Instead unveils adorable photo of his months old daughter with wife, Edday Nderitu (Photo)

We know this because while she was with Samidoh, she was eager for the country to know her as his second wife and she even introduced him to her parents. However, Karen Nyamu and his relationship was short-lived and ultimately devolved into violence when he accused her of cheating on him and she shared photos and videos of the aftermath of his attack on her.

It was all a mess. First, we saw her struggle for legitimacy from Samidoh’s audience and her fans despite the fact that he was already married to Edday Nderitu. When that wasn’t forthcoming, she started attacking his wife on social media and they traded insults and finally, the situation I described above.

Samidoh confesses he is lonely, wants Karen Nyamu back (Video)

One thing that is clear for all to see is that this is not the type of woman you want to make a wife of. Karen Nyamu is not wife material. Not by a longshot. But there is a coincidence of wants here. With weak-minded men like the Mugithi singer slash police officer, who would want to be with an attractive woman like her. But she needs a marriage for two reasons, the first is that she is a woman of a certain reputation and renown which is not positive. And secondly, she is a politician and this is something that will be used against her.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

Karen Nyamu isn’t stupid, far from it. She is aware that her reputation is one of a homewrecker. She is known by all women countrywide as being the source of agony for a wife, a mother and ultimately, one of them. And she desperately needs to shake that reputation. The only way she can do this is to find a simp who would be willing to wife her up and baptise her from the reputation of being what her actions against Edday Nderitu paint her as.

Alaaar! Pregnant Karen Nyamu distances herself from alleged bae she was spotted kissing

Then there is the political aspect of things. It’s bad enough that we already know her from the social lens of being a homewrecker. It’s so much worse to realise she is a woman who is supposed to appeal to a rather Christian conservative electorate who would want to understand why she cannot get herself a husband. What’s wrong with her?

Karen Nyamu

We even saw her political boss recently ask Azimio’s presidential running mate about her single life so this is something even her own allies aren’t above attacking that fact. So it really isn’t that she would be a good wife and be able to build with a man but rather that circumstances and ambitions are forcing her down the path of looking for a husband.

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Samidoh is proof men never leave the wife of their youth for the clande

Samidoh is living proof of the Bible verse that says, “So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with the wife of your youth. “I hate divorce,” says the LORD God of Israel” and while it might seem like a misnomer for me to quote the Bible about a philanderer bare with me as I make my reasons bare.

Wilding! Samidoh and wife caught on camera in compromising position (Photo)

You see, the Kikuyu Benga crooner was involved in one of the most public scandals of the year as his illicit affair with Karen Nyamu was exposed for all to see and then they subsequently had a love-child together.

Samidoh son, Karen Nyamu
Nyamu with Samidoh’s son

He was not too smart in the way he allowed the affair to play out in public because he let his clandestine lover or clande to insult his wife. This fed Karen Nyamu’s hubris as she believed he would eventually drop Edday Nderitu and shack up with her. And boy did she unload some choice salvos at her love rival.

Karen Nyamu on why bonding with Samidoh son‘s became difficult at 3 Months

But when push came to shove, Samidoh was forced to put his foot down and choose one. I was of the opinion he should have been proactive all along which would have allowed him to become a polygamous man through a seamless transition but he fumbled the ball and had to drop Karen Nyamu.


This is proof that when a man’s back is pressed to the wall and he has to choose a woman to keep, he will always go for his young love, the wife of his youth who was with him even before he had anything of note.

Samidoh sparks interesting debate about entertainers being maintained by sugar mummies

This was his first love, while he was still a bumbling young man. This was the woman who had accepted to be with him before the fame and notoriety. She was the woman who had chosen to be with him in spite of all her other suitors.

Samidoh steps out with wife days after scandal

Whenever Samidoh looks at her, he sees all the hopes and dreams of his young life that have come to pass and he looks at her with wife goggles on in wonderment and amazement. That is not something any clande can hope to imitate.

Samidoh with his first wife, Edday

And he is exactly an example of what men look at when it comes to deciding whether or not to leave their partners. But you know, keep deluding yourselves that men treat the wife of their youth with the same consideration they the women who came into their lives after they were established.

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