Abel Mutua’s playful jab at Eddie Butita with his ‘White House’ comment has left Kenyans laughing uproariously

Abel Mutua, known for his skillful ribbing of fellow celebrities, reminded Kenyans of his playful nature yesterday, much to the amusement of his latest ‘victim,’ Eddie Butita.


Bahati in the hot seat after Butita exposes his ‘secrets’ in front of Riggy G

Mutua shared a screenshot about a theft at the White House and used it to humorously accuse Butita of having quick hands during his trip to America last month. His caption read, “Na @eddiebutita nilikuambia hizo vyombo si worth it. Ona sasa unataka kupelekwa Guantanamo Bay juu ya uma mbili na saucer.”

Butita quickly took the bait, responding with, “Acheni ku ovethink Ni mimi wameletea charger nilisahau😂😂😂”


‘Who doesn’t make mistakes?’ Butita reflects on Miss Mandi’s past ridicule

Kenyans joined in on the joke, adding their own humorous comments:

  • @davie._.dave: “🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@eddiebutita 🤣🤣🤣butita hio bad…….rudisha tu suit y Tyler perry mzee”
  • @wiwa_royal: “@eddiebutita usidanganye imagine tutakuficha😂😂tushw tu”
  • @skyladix: “@eddiebutita usijali uko untouchable lakini unaweza kutuambia kabla wafike😂😂”
  • @ririharrison_: “@eddiebutita butita haikua simu na nilikuambia sasa ona ulibeba missile activator ya biden…😂😂”
  • @claus_the_mixologist: “@eddiebutita kama ulichukua kitu sema before wafike”
  • @_jeffstar.__: “@eddiebutita 😂😂😂kwani io charger ilikuwa nn ndani yake?”
  • @mungaijoenm: “Buda msee alikuwa amekupeleka huko Friday anaenda italy,wewe jua kama kuna kitu mlibeba haifai wewe unaenda kukula mboso,alafu hao mamorio wakugeuze edith nduta.run for your virginity gathee.@abelmutua chanua boy wako”
  • @commentator_254: “He just couldn’t resist😂😂😂😂😂😂 dude met Tyler Perry but akaamua kua PETTY😂”
  • @bigtedbanda_ke: “Mr president rudisha kitabu ya madeni please 😂😂😂”
  • @katypolly_: “Aliiba sense of humor ya Steve Harvey, na hizo jokes hatutaelewa huku Kenya 😂”
  • @joyskimani: “Hehehe 😂😂😂😂 Ama wamekujia yule international tourist .ni kama Mungu anajibu maombi small small😂”
  • @rodahnims: “Akikaa kwa giza hatapatikana na asicheke ama kuongea😂😂😂😂😂😂”
  • @msomi_jakano: “Mkuruuuu ebu fuatilia iyo ndege impotea na depa wa Malawi Jo,naingoja pale minisodes”

Butita’s trip to America included a meeting with Steve Harvey and a visit to the White House, where he attended a fancy dinner as part of the Kenyan delegation accompanying President William Ruto on his state visit

Bahati in the hot seat after Butita exposes his ‘secrets’ in front of Riggy G

“Huyu kitu anajua kufanya kwa hii maisha ni clout” – Eddie Butita tells Rigathi Gachagua about Bahati’s clout-chasing tendencies.

On June 3, Kenyan singer Bahati puzzled fans, friends, and fellow celebrities by posting an old photo of his wife, Diana Marua, with football player Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a heartbreak emoji.

With no further explanation from Bahati, speculation about the state of his marriage began to swirl.

The situation intensified as reports surfaced that Bahati and Diana had unfollowed each other and removed their photos on Instagram.


‘Who doesn’t make mistakes?’ Butita reflects on Miss Mandi’s past ridicule

This fueled further speculation about a potential breakup.

However, it turns out the Bahatis were just being their usual selves, engaging in a clout-chasing stunt to draw attention to their new reality show, ‘The Bahatis Empire’.

This isn’t the first time the couple has fooled fans into believing they had broken up. They’ve used similar tactics before to create buzz and attract attention.

Comedian Eddie Butita, who attended ‘The Bahatis Empire’ launch event on June 6, humorously roasted the couple for their clout-chasing antics.


Butita addresses Wakimani’s assertions. Churchill gave them cars and $300,000

He congratulated them before inviting the Deputy President to hear some secrets about Bahati and his music journey.

“I am so happy to be here at ‘The Bahatis Empire’ launch,” Butita began. “But allow me to roast Bahati and Diana. Deputy President, let me share with you some secrets about our good artist Bahati. He used to cry in 2012. He used to write letters because he was struggling financially.”

According to Butita, Bahati shifted to secular music as soon as he started earning more money.

“Wacha ashike pesa kidogo, Adhiambo. So now huyu kitu anajua kufanya kwa hii maisha ni kitu inaitwa clout. Okay, clout ni kiki. Clout means waking up today and saying you’ve broken up with your wife, and then on Friday, you release a new song,” he said.

Butita further explained, “Clout is waking up today and saying something to trend, then tomorrow you release something new. Clout is saying on Friday at 10 AM, Bahati featuring Satan for new Gospel… Clout is refusing to take your wife to the National Park because there are animals.”

Eddie Butita entertained the audience, who laughed at his jokes about Bahati’s life and journey.

His humorous take on Bahati’s clout-chasing tactics added a light-hearted touch to the launch event of ‘The Bahatis Empire’.

‘Who doesn’t make mistakes?’ Butita reflects on Miss Mandi’s past ridicule

Comedian Eddie Butita has revisited his fallout with former radio presenter and content creator Miss Mandi, who previously ridiculed his comedy.

Butita’s recent trip to the US, where he accompanied President William Ruto on a tour of filmmaker Tyler Perry’s studios, sparked social media discussions. Users unearthed a past tweet from Miss Mandi mocking his comedy, stating she didn’t find him funny and doubting his chances of landing a radio job, a position he greatly desired at the time.


Sadia Confirms She’s In A Relationship With Eddie Butita, Says They’re In Love With Each Other

“It was up to her to turn me down, and the public should let this one go, even though it keeps coming up. I think Miss Mandi had a right to say what she said, we are all human beings, we have choices and that was hers. The only question was how she went about it, she probably could have been a bit nicer without necessarily being ridiculous. It was wrong, but then again, who doesn’t make mistakes?” Butita told Nairobi News.

An email exchange from 11 years ago revealed that Miss Mandi not only declined Butita’s request to be her radio co-host but also mocked his creativity. At that time, Butita was just starting his comedy career.


Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi situation exposes hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

Fast forward to 2024, and Butita has risen to become one of President Ruto’s favored creatives. His connection with the president, which began last year, has seen him involved in several government creative projects.

The highlight of his career was spending time with the head of state during the US trip. While many have praised Butita, the founder of Stage Presence Media Buzz (SPM BUZZ), for his transformation from a stand-up comedian to a presidential favorite, others are left wondering what became of Miss Mandi.

Butita considering selling his Jaguar XE due to allegations from his sugar mommy

Comedian Eddie Butita has once again addressed doubts surrounding his ownership of his Sh5 million Jaguar XE, which he acquired last year as an upgrade from his Nissan Tilda, purchased for Sh850,000.

When Butita initially showcased his new car on social media, rumors circulated suggesting it was not his own, with some speculating it belonged to an older woman, colloquially referred to as a “cougar.”

Expressing frustration over the persistent skepticism, Butita remarked, “At some point, I think I will just have to sell this car. Why don’t people believe in this craft that we’re doing? I have done so many things, so many great creative projects. Even the president once said that I make more money than his basic salary. Does that mean that with all that I do, I can’t just work hard and make enough money to get a good car? Why should I have to depend on a sugar mummy to get me a car? I just don’t understand the argument.”

Following his breakup with comedian Mamitto, Butita has been linked romantically to several women, including the alleged anonymous sugar mummy. However, he has consistently refuted these claims, dismissing them as products of social media speculation.

Since gaining prominence through the Churchill Comedy Show, Butita has embarked on a journey of self-reinvention, seizing various creative opportunities, such as screenwriting, which have proven lucrative for him. Nonetheless, he has encountered challenges along the way, including navigating gatekeepers within the Churchill Show platform, which he described as “a living hell” due to their resistance to his success.

Sadia Confirms She’s In A Relationship With Eddie Butita, Says They’re In Love With Each Other

Reports alleging that SPM boss Eddie Butita and Sadia have been dating have now been confirmed by the content creator. Rumours about the pair dating surfaced in 2023 and were catalyzed by a birthday message in which Said celebrated Butita who she hailed as “the most amazing human”, accompanying the same with heart emojis.
“Happy Birthday to the most amazing human. You have taught me a lot and I’m really grateful to be a part of you. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. Cheers to many more laughs and beautiful moments,” read Said’s message.
This was among the reasons for speculating a relationship was cooking between them; not forgetting they went on a luxurious chopper ride together. To reciprocate, Eddie Butita also celebrated Sadia on Women’s day. Anyway, Sadia has now divulged that the two are actually in love and are now seeing each other. She revealed the same in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, saying ‘ni mapenzi moto moto’.
‘Haijalishi tulianza lini kupendana. Bora tunapendana na tunaendelea,” she said
However, Sadia maintained that they have not yet moved in, but their love for each other is still on.

Butita addresses Wakimani’s assertions. Churchill gave them cars and $300,000

Eddie Butita clarified the narrative presented by Wakimani regarding Daniel Ndambuki, the founder of Churchill, allegedly gifting cars to comedians. In an interview with Oga Obinna, Butita explained that while they weren’t given cars, they were provided with loans to organize shows.

During a Creatives Meeting called by Churchill, Butita’s group, consisting of three individuals, was given 200K to create a show and return the funds once the show succeeded. However, their Mombasa show did not go as planned, leaving them with around Ksh 70,000, and they were unable to repay Churchill immediately. This led to tensions within the group, and one member mishandled the funds.

Later, Butita’s team had the opportunity to organize a show in Dubai, enabling them to repay the money owed to Churchill. This experience solidified a positive business relationship between Butita and Churchill, with an understanding that financial transactions could take place between them.

Butita noted that while Churchill is a good person, the environment at Churchill Show was somewhat toxic, with certain individuals creating an unfavorable atmosphere. According to Butita, there is no animosity between them, and Churchill remains a positive influence.

In a separate interview, Wa Kimani shared that Churchill provided financial assistance to comedians during a meeting. Churchill allegedly gave groups of three comedians sh300,000 each to organize and perform shows outside Nairobi. Some comedians who desired cars were directed to showrooms to select their vehicles, and according to Wa Kimani, some still use the cars provided by Churchill.

Eddie Butita Opens Up On Challenges Comedians Face On Churchill Show

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, comedian and filmmaker Eddie Butita offered a candid perspective on his time on the popular platform “Churchill Show.” While acknowledging the show’s positive impact on launching careers, Butita also discussed challenges faced by comedians, including:

  • Limited opportunities: Butita described being confined to the “Churchill Raw” segment despite consistent strong performances. He attributed this to decisions by unnamed individuals, suggesting potential gatekeeping within the show’s structure.
  • Lack of support: Butita also mentioned experiencing negativity and a lack of support from certain members of the team, implying a less than ideal backstage environment for some.

Butita shared his insights on Churchill show;

“I will forgive them for everything but i will forgive them for everything but one ntadisagree na watu ni vile watu fulani wanagate keep iyo space mpaka mtu unaogopa kuwa mnoma. Infact mimi ni victim wa kuteseka juu najua kufanya kitu,” he said.

Butita’s experiences paint a complex picture of the show’s influence. While undeniably serving as a stepping stone for many, his story highlights the potential need for greater transparency, fairness, and support within the industry.

Despite these challenges, Butita continues to thrive, recently launching season two of his self-produced show “A Nurse Toto.”

‘Butita Has Children & A Wife Hidden In His Rural Home’- Actress Jacky Vike

Comedian Eddie Butita has been exposed by his fellow jester and actress Jacky Vike, also known  as Awinja. The actress, during a recent interview with SPM Buzz, made a shocking revelation about Eddie Butita; which is quite intriguing since the jester has kept his relationship(s) private for a long time.

As we all know, Butita is an epitome of true hardwork; and he has shown it over the years. Despite having built an empire for himself, Butita has never disclosed anything about having a family or divulged about the love of his life.

But Jacky claims that Butita already has a wife & children; whom he has been hiding at his rural home for a while.

‘Butita akona bibi na watoto ushago. Hio ni kitu alinishow.”

When asked why she thinks Butita is keeping the information under wraps, Jacky responded;

”I don’t know. Unajua mambo ya wanaume ni ngumu.”

This comes after Eddie Butita was rumoured to be dating Sadia; whom they boarded a helicopter together while attending an event.

But the latter came to pass after Sadia was rumoured to be dating another man.

Eddie Butita Warns Daddy Owen On Dating The President’s Daughter Charlene Ruto

Comedian Eddie Butita has shared his cons of dating the President’s daughter Charlene Ruto to Daddy Owen. This comes after the two sparked rumours that they had something going on between them. They roped in netizens’ reaction on whether Daddy Owen is considering marriage once again despite undergoing a hefty heartbreak in his previous marriage.

Anyway, Eddie Butita has now shared why it’s risky for Daddy Owen to date the first daughter. He shared through a video on his Instagram;

”Daddy Owen you’re my friend. Wacha nikuambie. If you’re dating the first daughter, hio si dating, ni kazi. Ni kama kulipa ushuru. Unajua huyu hahitaji password kuona texts zako. Hawa kwao wakona DCI, NYS. ”

He continued to warn him that they’ll not have time to solve family issues. Instead, he will be controlled whenever things go south.

Daddy Owen, Charlene Relationship

Earlier this year, Daddy Owen set tongues wagging with unveiling of photos showcasing President William Ruto’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, visiting his mother in Kakamega. The nature of their relationship was shrouded in mystery, leaving Kenyans curious and eager for answers.

Despite widespread reports a few days ago about Charlene’s visit, Daddy Owen remained tight-lipped on the subject. However, on January 2, 2024, he finally shared several photos from Charlene’s visit to Eshieywe while reflecting on his 2023 highlights.

The two are supposedly good friends. But only time will tell if there’s more than just friendship between them.

Eddie Butita reveals he knew Starlet Wahu’s alleged murderer

Popular comedian Eddie Butita has acknowledged knowing John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of Pastor Victor Kanyari’s sister, Starlet Wahu. Butita revealed this on his X page in response to a post by a user identifying Matara.

He commented on the post mentioning that he attended the same high school as Matara, acknowledging their past connection. This confirmation adds another layer to the ongoing investigation into the shocking murder.

“Haiyaaa @iamjoseh_ unakumbuka huyu jamaa Pale Butere Boys High School?” 

He even cheekily told one Kenyan he had a case to answer in his follow-up comments to the others who had engaged him.

“Hii kwa law tunasema you are an accessory to a crime, you reluctantly watched a criminal grow even going as far as kumchunia mandazi when njaa ilikuwa karibu kumaliza yeye, without raising your hands in class.. Am afraid you have a case to answer..”

Eddie refuted this by saying, “Ata mimi nimeona kwa whatsapp group.”

Following the shocking and horrific death of 24-year-old socialite and Instagram baddie Starlet Wahu, the Kenyan entertainment industry was plunged into mourning.

The aspiring socialite, who also happens to be the younger sister of famous preacher Pastor Kanyari, was allegedly killed by a man named John Matara following a tumultuous date in the South B neighborhood of Nairobi.

The curvy Starlet was spotted with Matara, who was dressed in brown khaki pants, a sleeved blue denim shirt, and brown shoes, according to CCTV evidence that the police provided.

Wahu, 24, completed the ensemble with a short denim coat and a crimson dress that she wore with black heels.

Eddie Butita Reflects On The Impact of President Ruto’s Endorsement

Kenyan comedian Eddie Butita found himself in the spotlight in June when he received a surprising accolade from President William Ruto during the Kenya Drama Festivals Winners Gala at State House, Nairobi. The president singled out Butita and his comedy partner Njugush, praising their creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit, even suggesting that they might be earning more than his own salary of nearly KSh2 million.

In a recent interview with Dr. King’ori, Butita opened up about the profound impact that the president’s unexpected recognition has had on his life. He shared how this endorsement has not only boosted his career but has also influenced how he interacts with others.

“There is something psychological or subconscious about power,” Butita remarked. “When the president said I was successful, it changed a lot of dynamics in terms of business, how we relate with other people. Sometimes you get business because someone hopes one day you will mention their name to the president. There is something about power I am trying to understand, especially its effect because the president can be a very good influencer.”

Butita, known for his witty and lighthearted approach, jokingly suggested that the president should consider charging a fee for publicly endorsing businesses. While a lighthearted remark, it also reflects the significant influence that the president’s words can have on public perception and business opportunities.

Butita’s experience highlights the power of recognition and endorsement from influential figures. The president’s commendation has undoubtedly boosted Butita’s reputation and opened doors to new opportunities. It also serves as a testament to the success of Butita and Njugush as comedians and entrepreneurs, demonstrating their ability to not only entertain but also build a thriving business around their talent.

Georgina Njenga’s ‘handsome’ remark is met with a cheeky Butita response.

Due to his darkly attractive visage, Eddie Butita is pretty ecstatic that a prominent celebrity finds him attractive.

The key celebrity in question is the content producer Georgina Njenga, who revealed during a quick-fire interview with Flossytrukid that she finds Butita to be attractive.

When asked to list the top five most attractive males, Georgina became quite bashful.

“Does it have to be a TikToker or can I say Instagrammers??”

“Trukid and Butita”

Butita expressed his joy at finally being recognized for his nice looks in the comment area of her Instagram post.

“Hapana!! Madem msikue mnasema tu mnanipenda na inaishia hapo, nikuleni please.”

Eddie Butita Steps Out Rocking Dreadlocks (Photo)

Like many other jesters including Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, among others, Butita is also a fan of rocking new hairstyles- not very often, but he does enjoy having a new look after a while.

Celebrities have tapped into the new world of fashion and style and we wouldn’t be surprised if we have a person makes fashion out of something we never expected. Ragged jeans wasn’t seen as fashion when it pioneered, but people started embracing it and still lives on up to date.

Same thing applies to hairstyles. There are many styles that different people fancy. Some stick to the same hairstyle while others don’t mind changing over & over.

Eddie Butita has now opted to go for dreads. The jester took to his Instagram to floss the new look to his followers.

”New Look… it’s your boy Eddie Butita,” he captioned the photos.

The funnyman once rocked hair dyed in red and blue- leaving netizens flabbergasted about it-but eventually got used to it. It’s all about making your own fashion.

Comedian YY has responded to Kibe saying he was cuckolded

Kibe is not the nicest of men when it comes to passing a message and he decided to warn the comedian, YY that his wife might have cuckolded him with his friend and fellow comedian, Eddie Butita.

Mammito takes shots at Butita saying she dated the wrong person

And though he was speaking on the rather uncanny similarity between Butita and YY’s newborn child, the way he went around it was rather jarring cos honestly, who openly blasts someone with such information on social media?

Andrew Kibe calls out feminists for missing Maandamano Monday

YY has finally responded to Kibe and he simply said no one should expect him to be triggered by what the latter said because he understands that it’s simply his way of generating content.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ghafla! (@ghaflakenya)

His approach is rather enlightened. he clearly has a great sense of humour and we wish all our celebrities would be like this. Afterall,, It was YY who put out his information first when he posted this piece of content:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Comedian YY (@yycomedian)

Kibe however isn’t wrong when he tells YY to go for a paternity test because that is something we all need to do as men. In Kenya, 30 per cent of the men who do go for one find out that their children aren’t theirs biologically and they’ve been cuckolded into raising another man’s bastards.


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5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Getting Mugged In The City

Cases of assault in the city have become rampant recently. And it’s quite a scare for netizens as they cruise the petrifying city streets; some of which have been red-zoned. With netizens on high alert, there’s definitely a few ways you can employ to avoid being a statistic.

To begin with, avoid walking along lonely blind alleys. Most of them are a den that await anyone who seems to be lost. You’ll end up having nowhere to run/hide since most of them are just a cul de sac. Consider using open streets while going to your destination.

The most under-rated method number 2 is walking fast. Most of these hooligans will target someone who seems confused and he/she is walking slowly. Keep up the pace, walk it like you talk it!

Avoid Being Mugged - Live Safely

Thirdly, situational awareness. Most people are easily robbed in the city for not being aware of their own surrounding(s). While you walk, take a sneak peak of whose around you. Try to beware of anyone who is following you around surreptitiously.

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The other obvious method to avoid getting mugged is to walk with friends/company. Tag a friend along after work; or while going to visit new places in the city. This will help you with manpower whenever thug(s) corner you.

Stay in touch with 5 friends, Kenyans urged, in unique #StayINreachOUT  campaign - Hope Media

Lastly, employ contextual dress-codes when necessary. If you look too fancy & lavish, you’ll be the centre of attraction for thieves. Of course they’re after money and goodies. And your outfit will determine whether they’ll come after you or not. Keep it simple!


Eddie Butita reacts to Sosuun and Viviane’s fight, compares it to a high school play

Comedian cum content creator Eddie Butita is just not feeling Vivian and Sosuun’s fight. To him, it looks more of a high school play – predictable, same old same old script, Unentertaining, no originality or better yet – no suspense.

Also read: Zalia bwanako mtoto tuone” Sosuun hits Singer Viviane below the belt in ongoing beef


Singer Vivian parades swollen face

Probably because of how it all started – with Vivian attacking Sosuun on social media assuming fans wouldn’t it figure this was all planned out. Maybe we can give them too credit for choosing to get personal with Zalia bwanako kwanza and umekaliwa na ma in laws you can’t even speak for yourself. Man…that was deep.

But again – Butita doesn’t agree with how they scripted the whole drama…not forgetting the staged video of the two fighting. Actually thanks to that video, comedian Butita was able to share his thoughts clip which saying;

Tbt: Vivian opens up about her serious allergies

Also read: ‘Unanitukana?’ Sosuun Confronts Vivian In Physical ‘Fight’

Wangenitafuta nichore hii kitu fiti. Sasa ona inakaa play ya high school.


Ouch…but that’s how he feels, right?

Cooking New project

Well – it’s no secret the two artistes are working on a new project set to be released soon; and after learning where the fight took place (Jaguar’s Mainswitch production studio)….I mean, how more obvious can this get?

Anyway, maybe…just maybe with the cat out of the bag; does this mean the song will soon be out – cause honestly fans want to see if it was worth it especially after the ugly things they said to each other.

Comedian Eddie Butita Pens Note To Self As He Celebrates 29th Birthday

One of Kenya’s greatest comedians and CEO of SPM Buzz Eddie Butita is celebrating his 29th birthday today, November 16 2021; a year which has seen him achieve more than he expected.

Butita left Kenyan’s in admiration after landing a sumptuous deal with Netflix  in September; owing to his creativity. The new milestone in his career saw a show that he scripted and directed airing on Netflix.

The jester stated that he always wanted to work with Netflix and when the opportunity presented itself he grabbed it with both hands.

He added that he was contacted by Netflix to be their first Swahili Comedy Writer and Director.

It’s also important to note that Eric Omondi had also pleaded to have him as his director in the last season of Wife Material Show. He’s definitely good at it!

Comedian Eddie Butita Writes And Directs Swahili Version Of Hit Netflix  Show - The Sauce
Comedian Eddie Butita-Google

Butita’s Note

Anyway, on his birthday today, Butita has thanked supporters and everyone who has been part of his journey;

It was a great year, I had my plans But God had Greater plans than mine and am very very thankful.

I made a Very Big difference. I can now see the promised land this is just the begining. This is the EXODUS

Thank you Everyone that has been part of my journey, Friends, Fans and Family. YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL.


Eric Omondi joined in wishing him a happy birthday as he reacted;
”This Man EDDIE????!!! Kuja hapa PARLIAMENT tukukatie Keki na tukuimbie bro”

Eddie Butita speaks after photos of his ‘twin sister’ in steamy lingerie surface online(Photos)

Eddie Butita has a look alike ‘sista’ on social media that has left most of his followers asking whether they were separated after birth. This is mainly because the two share striking resemblance and if not for the male and female anatomy – one would think they are one in the same person.

Anyway, as the world celebrated ‘Women’s Day’ this past weekend – so did comedian Butita; but his post was aimed at clearing rumors linking him to the sexy lady believed to be his sister.

Butita on that drip!

Although the post Billy The Goat was aimed at making fun; the Twitter funny man went on to caption this post saying;

Happy international women’s day to our six Edith Butita

Butita responds

Being one who also makes fun of other people – comedian Butita reposted the post through his Instagram where he wrote;

I demand respect. I am not requesting, am demanding

Judging from the photos you can see above; it’s only fair to assume that this could be Butita’s sister from another mother and father.

Butita’s female version is undeniably hot and at least we now know how his daughters with future wife will end up looking like. Hawt!

Here’s Butita’s New Hairstyle That Will Leave You In Stitches (Video)

Comedian Edwin Butita, popularly known by his stage name Eddie Butita, has left netizens in stitches with his new look. The funnyman posted a video on his Instagram to show off his new hairstyle, which was half-done. Butita had his new look in one of Vera Sidika owned Spa.

”Passed by @vsspa001 new look loading @queenveebosset amesema nitawamaliza, hii mombasa inataka kukua ndogo sasa.”

Socialite Vera Sidika wrote on the same post and said,

Lmaooooooo, ati Black Mauzo Hubby @brownmauzo254 asikuskie.”

”I love this new look, moto”

Eddie Butita Biography, Age, Career, Fiance, Comedy, Facts - RALINGO

His fellow comedian Dj Shiti opted to react with laughter emojis. His new hairstyle is definitely something to eagerly wait for. The uniqueness comes with the blue dye spread on his hair.

Butita mastered his comedy and entertaining skills while still in high school. He then began his stage career, appearing in several TV shows in Kenya, with his comedic style of parodying the ghetto life in Africa. His professional stand-up started in 2010, during the Churchill live season. Many were surprised that a new act could keep critical crowds amused. Butita has performed at Kenya’s most popular shows.

Butita’s unique touch of comedy is rib-cracking. Here’s the video. What do  you think about the new look?

Comedian Mammito’s new chic look turning heads online (Photo)

Kenyan stand up comedienne, Mammito more often steps out in casual, loose outfits and simple cornrows. But it is not until she unleashed her new hot look, that nearly brought the internet to a standstill.

The Kibera-bred comic who has since become a household name, uniquely stands out in the entertainment industry with her authentic rib-cracking performances that have earned her well over 1M followers since.

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The petite actress who would rather ditch that chic, feminine look for the old granny’s loose dresses, wigs and glasses decided to go extra this time round.

Mammito’s new bold look

This is after stepping out in a transformational look, the face-beat perfectly done. Some tight-fitting leather pants paired with a stylish, off-shoulder black top that gives room for the henna art on her skin to take the lead.

Completing her look with a couple of flashy rings on her fingers, a pair of slip-on heels and her hair held to the back.

The comedienne always known for her smiley face served fans with a serious look that can easily scare you away.

“Swali ni Leo unafungiwa kwa club gani?” she questions.

Comedienne Mammito unleashes new hot look

Also read: Sorry ladies! Comedienne Mammito publicly declares her undying love for Eddie Butita

But forget what she has to say. Her look is what has seen many oogle over a beauty ever hidden in that granny or tomboyish look until she decided to go extra.

“Weeeeeeh sawa????????????… Looking absolutely beautiful????,” fellow Churchill comedienne Nasra Yusuff remarks.

Tunajua huyu si wewe????????, a star-struck fan cries out.

Eunice Mammito

Popular actress Yasmeen, commenting;

“Aish looking amazing ❤️❤️????.”

While an impressed Kenyan publicly urged the dazzling beauty to try her luck with Eric Omondis wife applications, believing her chances to scoop the prize are high enough.

eidrease.tonja Plz send video to Eric unaeza bahatika????.

Mammito born Eunice Wanjiru Njoki has been rumored to be dating fellow comedian Eddie Butita, speculations that have almost been confirmed.

Eddie Butita caught on camera fooling around with Vera Sidika’s big behind (Video)

It gets hard trying to draw a fine line between being funny and indirectly insulting someone, especially among comedians.

Kenyan-born comedian Edwin Butita popularly addressed as Eddie Butita recently decided to find out whether Vera’s big bum is actually a natural or all-faked up.

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How it went down

In one of his many dramatic comic stunts online, the funny kid believed Vera’s behinds have been filled with too much ‘pressure’ and it is time to let out some air.

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

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So what he did, the stand-up comedian was holding a pair of scissors on one end while on the other, Vera was stylishly yet slowly flaunting her big behinds at her office.

A cheeky Butita took several glances at the socialites goodies as she turned around before poking them with the pair of scissors and watching what would happen. Well, because according to him, there must be pressure inside them.

Stand-up comedian Eddie Butita

Hilariously, just like a balloon, for example, would react when you poke it with a pair of scissors, Vera’s bum came collapsing and the scene was just too funny. The Vera Beauty Parlor CEO became completely disfigured, you could hardly tell the thighs from the waist.

Butita, who was impressed by his actions, left the scene, mocking the lass as her heavy behind came crumbling.

A clip that has sent fans sprawling to the floor, questioning his audacity to even do that to the Internet sensation.

Have a look:


Worried fans urged a love-struck Brown Mauzo to watch out if this is the league he is currently playing in.

Eddie Butita hints of his next move after ditching NTV’s ‘The Trend’ show after 5-year mark

Kenya’s popular comedy kid, Eddie Butita left fans in shock after announcing his untimely exit from NTV’s The Trend show where he made his first talk-show debut on TV.

According to the 27-year old, all he did was to make a first appearance on the show and it became a permanent job. A hustle he would probably never have earned were it not for the shows former host, Larry Madowo who dared to believe in him and gave him the first chance to be a part of a show that grew into something none of them had foreseen.

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For Eddie, he learnt and laughed alot, changed what he was able to but it is time he gave an opportunity to the youngsters to sprout their dreams and showcase their potentials to the world.


Eddie Butita quits NTV’s The Trend show

“It is time to give chance to other talents to get an opportunity to grow and shine with greatness,” he penned.

Butita’s next move?

However, that did not mean that that was going to be the last fans would hear of or even see the kid on their screens. Butita hinted he was still on this journey with the Nation Media Group-owned TV station but failed to delve into details.

Eddie Butita resigns from The Trend show

Assuring his fans that much more, bigger and better was in store for them because being at The Trend was just but the beginning of another chapter in his comedy career.

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Thanking fellow panelists on the show, his Mentor Larry Madowo and fans for the golden memories they made together.

“I would like to thank @aminaabdirabar and the panelist team for being more than colleagues our time together was worth it. Special thanks to NTV Kenya for the opportunity we are still together in this journey. Thank you @larrymadowo for believing in me and giving me the first chance to be on the show the rest was history. Big thanks to my fans, I have got more in store for you this is just the beginning of another Chapter in my Comedy Career. Adios el tendencia,” wrapped up Eddie Butita.

Eddie Butita’s special love message to Mammito on her big day gets fans talking

Eddie Butita showered his dearly beloved, Mammito with love and sweet cuddles as she marked another year in her life.

September 18, as the renowned female comedian clocked 27 years of age, her sweetheart Butita shared a cute photo of the two cuddling while smiling ear to ear in an undisclosed location.

Comedy kid, Eddie Butita

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The dark skinned funny man gushed over a dear Eunice Mammito promising:

Na kapicha kako nitakapostiiii????????????

Eddie Butita and Eunice Mammito

Beautifully wishing her a happy birthday as she marked another milestone in her life.

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This comes barely weeks after the pair was rumored to be welcoming their first child, only to drain hopes of their online in-laws after nothing seemed to be popping sooner rather than later.

Comedienne Mammito Eunice

The pair kept their relationship under wraps for a while before the cameras caught up with them and eventually admitted that they are an item though not expectant as yet.

Their natural bond and beautiful love sparked mixed reactions from their fans online, as they watched the duo write their love story.

mumbi.14 Twambie tu ???? happy birthday to mamito anyway


millychebby Happy Birthday to Mammito #Lovewins


_njerih ???????????????????? happy birthday


kelvinchibole Happy birthday mulamwa lakini anasema due to corona pandemic bado ako 26 yrs.


base_cleff Black love matters???????????? happy birthday to two


betty_nthembwa Awwww… ❤️❤️Happy birthday to your better half..


absalomwah That’s a perfect match


mitchelmajibu Hii picha imetucost…..


unruly_q.u.e.e.n ❤️❤️❤️happy birthday mammito

Happy Birthday to the beautiful!

‘Adui wa mwanamke ni mwanamke’ Mammito asked to shave her privates after bikini fail (Photo)

Mammito recently blessed fans with a bikini photo leaving the male species looking for ways to slide in her DM.

Well, judging from how fine the lady looks on the photo; it’s only fair to say we now understand why Butita has never been caught in cheating scandals – I mean who would even dare?

Not that we were not aware that Mammito has fine curves; but truth is no one ever thought she would one day release a thirst trap – especially with how private she is.


With the new photo making rounds on social media team mafisi did what they best – taking screenshots; while the ladies praised her and others mocked her in the comment section.

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Mammito making many jealous

One lady identified as Esther Kanyoro however seems to have taken the trolling too far by asking Mammito to shave her privates.

The comment left under the photo sparked mixed reactions from fans who stepped in to defend Mammito while others were quick to throw shade!

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Not quite sure where the pubic hair was visible; but hey, social media always has its ups and down – but hey truth is, She definitely slayed in her bikini wear.



King of comedy? Amid Coronavirus, Eddie Butita manages to attract huge audience during recent live comedy show (Video)

Comedians in the country have been working tirelessly as they try to entertain their fans using their social media pages. Trust me, with such pressure no one wants to sit idle and watch others make money when all along Corona is here to help sharpen our minds!

Among those who have been taking advantage of this opportunity is comedian Eddie Butita. Well, despite the growing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus; rumor has it that Butita recently held a successful comedy show that attracted a huge crowd that came in to support his new project.

Eddie Butita hosts successful show, leaves fans begging for more

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This has however raised eyebrows as some of his fans now demand an explanation as to how he managed to pull the show; yet the government had already banned large gatherings of people to help manage the virus.

As seen on the video shared on his YouTube page one can’t help but notice the huge crowd who we believe availed themselves willingly!

Fans risking it all for Corona comedy?

Well after going through the video (like severally) it’s evident that the laughter and applause heard from the crowd is real!

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The Butita’s leave tongues wagging after sharing never seen before intimate photos

There is no way the comedian could have used an app to come up with such effects; or does it mean that his fans risked their own lives just for laughs and giggles?

Comedian Eddie Butita speaks the truth, and KOT calls him out for hypocrisy citing his love alliance with Mammito

The popular comedian and talk show host Eddie Butita stirred the hornet’s nest by slamming netizens falling over themselves to wish American rapper Nicki Minaj good tidings for her alleged pregnancy. While the outspoken media personality is known for witty comebacks on The Trend show, his post on Twitter elicited mixed reactions.

Immediately after the sassy American rapper broke news of her pregnancy online, her Kenyan fans were quick to congratulate her. This is what prompted Eddie Butita’s blunt bashing on Twitter, calling out netizens for double standards.

In a nutshell, Butita had branded this as mere hypocrisy. How do you rush to shower a star living in a faraway continent with love and good wishes, while closer home, you continue to ignore friends, family and relatives?


This post prompted a barrage of savage trolls, with KOT brashly referring to the actor’s clear alliance with popular comedienne Mammito. The Kenyan comedy power couple has since confirmed their relationship. They had taken the good wishes aftermath in stride, though none of their fans really knew them.

Ain’t that a similar scenario to the Nicki Minaj pregnancy breaking news?

In a wider view, though, Eddie Butita is right.

Kenyans have peculiar habits. A typical Kenyan lady will ignore the neighbor with a Mama Mboga stall full of fresh vegetables and fruits. She’s bound to shop for the same – stale and refrigerated – at the high end mall for double the price. Kenyans do not support each other.

This is why youth may opt to rock the latest NBA gear, at exorbitant prices. Yet, they live with a gifted stylist dealing with Ankara fabrics, but doesn’t once consider to rock this authentic wear. Where’s the sense of belonging?

Comedienne Mammito (file image)
Comedienne Mammito (file image)

On the art scene, a Kenyan is up to date with the latest box office release and affords the narcissistic Hollywood personalities a significant portion of their devotion. How many Kenyan film productions and actors do you know?

Nil. Nada. Zero.

Why do we not build our own?