Edgar Obare updates on his Instagram account suspension

Controversial blogger Edgar Obare has successfully regained access to his Instagram account, BNN Africa, following its suspension, marking the fourth consecutive loss of a major social media platform for the prominent online personality.

Obare revealed through his Telegram page that his account was reported by an individual who allegedly created a fake account using his name. This fake account purportedly posted content related to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) concerning Obare’s previous arrest. Additionally, the fraudulent account generated a deepfake video featuring Obare’s likeness, wherein he appeared to apologize for his actions and admit to profiting from falsehoods.

Addressing the situation, Obare asserted that the false reports filed by his detractors ultimately led to the suspension of his account due to violations of community guidelines.

In a statement regarding the suspension, Edgar expressed his belief that detractors are deliberately reporting his accounts, stating:

“Instagram has suspended our fourth account for violating community guidelines. #bnnbasic. I know it’s my enemies falsely reporting my accounts, we will regroup and be back”.

He confirmed the creation of a backup account as he works to restore his main platform.

This is not the first time Edgar Obare has suffered such setbacks. In 2022, the blogger gained attention for his ‘Wash Wash’ expose, which linked several businessmen and women to alleged money laundering. Following the revelation, his main Instagram account was deactivated.

“My main account has been deactivated and I am working on getting it back. In the meantime, we have already prepared for these results and I can also post here,” Edgar shared on social media after the initial suspension. He then moved his operations to Telegram after a second suspension by Instagram.

This latest move by Instagram to suspend Obare’s account underlines the platform’s growing emphasis on enforcing community guidelines.

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has come under scrutiny before, most notably in September 2021 when US senators questioned the impact of its apps, including Instagram, on young users. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal criticised Meta during a hearing, saying:

“We now know that Facebook routinely puts profits ahead of children’s online safety. We know that it puts the growth of its products ahead of the well-being of our children… And we now know that it is inexcusably negligent in protecting them.”

Instagram bans Edgar Obare’s account again

Blogger Edgar Obare faced another setback when his Instagram account, “BNN Basic,” was suspended for violating community guidelines on content publishing. The exact reason for the suspension remains unknown, but it marks the fourth time one of Obare’s Instagram accounts has been deactivated.

While suspended accounts have an appeal period, sources suggest that individuals considered as his “enemies” might have reported the account, possibly due to his perceived ‘bullying’ of personalities and causing distress in their lives. Some individuals he has clashed with expressed satisfaction that Instagram took action to regulate his activities.

One local celebrity commented, “I hope the government also shuts down his online business.” Business mogul Christina Lewis, currently in a legal dispute with Obare, referred to the suspension as a “soft warning” and urged him to stop harming people.

Later, Obare announced that he successfully recovered the account after making an appeal. Despite facing multiple account suspensions, he expressed determination to regroup and return. In October 2022, Instagram had previously suspended his blogging account, BNN Africa, citing a violation of community guidelines related to ‘human exploitation.’

Edgar Obare is the target of legal action taken by Yvonne Mugure and her business partner

Businesswoman Yvonne Mugure and her business partner, Christine Nyambura Muturi, have taken legal action against blogger Edgar Obare for allegedly publishing defamatory articles about them online.

In court orders, Obare has been instructed to refrain from publishing further defamatory posts against the two until the case is heard and determined by Hon. Becky Cheloti. The case, filed at Milimani Law Courts on January 29, 2024, was certified as urgent.

“THAT in the interim pending the hearing and determination of this application, a temporary injunction is issued against the Defendant from further publication and extraction of defamatory online posts to:

“a) On X under his username @edgarobare declaring that Christina Lewis is a Convicted investor fraudster,” reads part of the court papers.

On January 26, 2024, Edgar Obare’s verified Twitter account shared information about Yvonne Mugure’s “Billionaire” mentor, Christina Lewis, which has now been termed defamatory.

The case is scheduled for another hearing on February 19, 2024. Until then, the city blogger has been ordered to refrain from making further allegations about Mugure, Christine, and their Westwick College. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Cyber Crime Unit have been tasked to enforce the order.

“THAT the Director of Criminal Investigation and or Head of Cyber Crime to enforce this Order.

THAT the application be served upon the respondent for an interparty hearing on 19.2.2024.

GIVEN under my hand and seal of the Honourable court this 29.1.2024,” states the court papers.

In a tweet, Obare mentioned that his legal team responded to the demand letter served to him and he will refrain from commenting on the case until it is determined.

“My legal team responded to their demands, and we will defend our position accordingly. As there is a temporary injunction by the court, I will refrain from commenting further until the case is determined,” said Obare.

Edgar Obare causes Andrew Kibe to lose his YouTube account with 500K subscribers

Social commentator Andrew Kibe’s YouTube account has been deactivated and Edgar Obare has come out to gloat about being the reason for this. The American-born Kenyan has not yet expressed regret after losing his account.

Since a while ago, Andrew Kibe has been informing his devoted followers that he will upload his content to another platform once his time on YouTube is over.

It will be interesting to hear what he has to say regarding his YouTube account, even though this may be a different situation now.

Here is what Google Help has to say about closing an account.

– You may submit a counter-notification if your channel was shut down due to allegations of copyright infringement and you believe the accusations are unfounded. For authors with terminated channels, this method is still available, but the counter-notification online form won’t be available.

– Is the termination of YouTube permanent? YouTube’s social networking service may suspend accounts either temporarily or permanently.

– YouTube has the right to delete any account at any time, without having to provide a reason.

– You might be able to appeal by making a video appeal and submitting it or by contacting Creator Support from inside YouTube Studio. Our experts will react with a conclusion to your appeal within 14 days of receiving it.

Edgar Obare forced to apologize to Vera Shikwekwe Sidika

Edgar Obare, a well-known blogger, was compelled to apologize to Vera Sidika, a socialite.

He claimed she was in Dubai with the help of a married man prior to this.

The blogger claimed over the weekend that Vera’s trip had been paid for by a Russian entrepreneur she was meant to see in Jumeirah.

“The source claims that the mother of two, Vera Shikwekwe, flew to Dubai to join her Russian tycoon married in Jumeirah and demanded not to be served by the East African staff as she is a celebrity. Brown Mauzo should not feel shy.”

Edgar expressed his regret to the mother of two and acknowledged the inaccuracy of the initial article in a statement on Sunday.

“We apologize for the incorrect report of socialite Vera Sidika’s trip to Dubai sponsored by a Russian tycoon, she replied and gave us the receipts.”

Vera acknowledged the blogger’s apologies on her page and gave him the wise advice to not writing inaccurate things about her in the future.

“Apology accepted. Let’s correct the writing of the story based on facts and proof and receipts. Not rumours from fake accounts of people who don’t like me.”

All bloggers are still receiving warnings from Brown Mauzo’s wife asking them not to write false things about her.

She noted that going ahead, bloggers who fabricate stories about her run the possibility of facing legal action.

Starting today, any blog that writes false and fake news about me, you better have proof of claims or we go to court. That’s the end. It’s Vera Sidika 2.0. I’m not playing this time,”

Blogger Edgar Obare Apologizes To Vera Sidika Over False Claims

Popular blogger Edgar Obare has apologized to socialite Vera Sidika for falsely claiming that her recent trip to Dubai was funded by a wealthy tycoon. Obare retracted his statement after Sidika provided him with evidence that she had paid for her own trip.

Obare’s initial post on August 12 had sparked a lot of controversy on social media. He claimed that Sidika was flown to Dubai to meet with a Russian businessman in the Jumeirah district. He also alleged that she demanded exclusive service during her stay and refused to be served by East African staff.

Sidika denied Obare’s claims and provided him with evidence that she had paid for her own trip. She also posted videos of herself enjoying her vacation in Dubai.

Obare has since apologized for his false claims and said that he was “misled by his sources.” He said that he “deeply regrets” the damage that his post caused to Sidika’s reputation.

Sidika has accepted Obare’s apology and said that she “appreciates his candor.” She said that she is “moving on” from the incident and “focusing on her vacation.”

This incident is a reminder of the importance of fact-checking before publishing rumors. It is also a reminder that social media can be a powerful tool for spreading misinformation.

Saumu Mbuvi attacks Edgar Obare

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi is a woman on a mission and has is to tear down Edgar Obare for a post shared accusing her of using some orphans for clout; promising to take care of them then abandoning them and ceremoniously.

Saumu Mbuvi finally settled into her role as a mother

Taking to her Instagram account she stood atop her soapbox and said she had some things to clear up with Edgar before he continue to tarnish and name for no good reason.

Saumu Mbuvi give a bulletin point sermon about her charitable activities since she left her Alma Mater Buru Buru girls. She clarified she has had a feeding program for the last 6 years and her charitable spirit was imparted to her by both her parents.

Saumu Mbuvi has every right to celebrate Anwar Loitiptip’s fall

She further clarify that her Focus has since shifted from feeding the needy to mental health awareness. Saumu father accused a girl being used as a pawn in a battle in his unaware of as the lady who accused her of abandoning her project was a beneficiary and was even reunited with her mother, a lecturer, but she has since proven an injury who is simply out to kick as much as she can.

One has to wonder whether Edgar had in fact reached out to Saumu Mbuvi to give her right of reply on the matter and if he had whether she had neglected to exercise it because this back and forth seems to me to be a simple matter to clarify.

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Bridget Achieng addresses Edgar Obare’s ‘army’ after receiving serious insults in her DM

Bridget Achieng clearly wants to remain relevant for some reason; and I bet the best way is attacking Edgar Obare – and look we’re actually talking about her! Not bad.

Anyway just a few days ago Brijo issued a lengthy statement explaining why Edgar Obare; is getting what he deserves (brother getting kidnapped and tortured); and truth is – mmmh the beef is getting a bit too personal for no good reason.

Ms Achieng doing what she does best

Okay yes, Edgar may have exposed her fake life style, like the flat tummy and slimming pills she sells; but wasn’t the information coming from Bridget’s old former friends?

Bridget Achieng

Hits back at Obare’s following

Well with the harsh statement shared on her page, Bridget Achieng remains unapologetic; and from her latest post – looks like she is willing to engage Obare’s fans.

Thisnis after dedicating a new post where she wrote;

I got a question for the haters after you send hateful messages do you genuinely feel better?


If you genuinely do then carry on. I’m here to make people feel better.


See what she did there….Bridget does love the attention.


Shorn Arwa Sympathizes With Edgar Obare & His Family After Brother’s Torturing

Blogger Edgar Obare has been trending for days now; especially after his brother’s kidnapping; which has got many talking. Netizens remain undivided on Edgar’s issue. Some believe that Edgar knew he was skating on thin ice; but still went ahead to deal with the ‘big fish’ of the country. In short, this means that Edgar’s most recent exposé on ‘wash wash’ was most likely the reason for his brother’s suffering.

While the latter is evident, Edgar Obare’s life is still on the line. Even though he has been arrested numerous times, this time things have gone haywire really fast. It’s hard for anyone to know about Edgar’s whereabouts. This is why the culprits took away his brother to seek information from him forcefully; seems like he was an easy catch. According to furious Edgar, his brother was gruesomely tortured to divulge his hide-out.

Shorn Arwa Sorry For Edgar’s Family

Shorn Arwa Lyrics, Biography and Albums | AfrikaLyrics
Shorn Arwa-Google

While some are celebrating Edgar Obare’s downfall, some are still backing him up to seek justice. Socialite and slayqueen Shorn Arwa is among those filled with melancholy towards Edgar’s family, who are still living in fear after the kidnapping. Shorn maintained that even though they’re not good friends, she still feels sorry for his family.

”P.S.A I MIGHT get a lot of hate for this but am saying it anyway.
My heart goes out to Edgar obare, l know we might not be the best of friends (because there are days when he serves my own tea mercilessly but we move regardless )but what he and his family are being put through is not right at all, because today is him tomorrow is you or a friend anyways may God protect him and his family ????”

On the other hand, socialite Bridget Achieng and Andrew Kibe have shown no mercy on Edgar Obare’s incident. They’ve maintained they’re not sorry at all for him.


Edgar Obare Furious After His Brother Is Kidnapped And Tortured (Video)

Popular blogger Edgar Obare; who has been at loggerheads with several public figures for revealing controversial stories is now in rage after his brother got kidnapped yesterday, September 4. Edgar Obare has recently been on the limelight for his recent exposé on the ‘wash wash’ cartel; which involved several public figures.

If you have been following the Edgar Obare, you know that he’s got the balls to expose any celebrity without agitation. His ‘students’ are always willing to back the exposés with receipts.  This might be the reason behind his brother’s kidnapping; which he’s greatly condemning.

He posted a short video clip to share the sad news;

”Hi guys, today this is one of the hardest videos I’ve ever had to do. I actually wanted for it to be an Instagram live but IG is blocking my BNN account from going live… I’d like to ask you to pray for my family. Saturday night I was informed that they kidnapped my brother… They tortured him… I’m so sad he had to go through that… I f*kin hate this country.

I was kidnapped last year in November and nothing was done…”

Amidst all this, Edgar Obare’s Instagram account is still missing.

Edgar Obare Speaks After Deactivation Of His Instagram Account

Popular blogger Edgar Obare has finally confirmed that his Instagram has been shut down. The infamous blogger is known for his fearless prowess in exposing celebrities and their mischiefs. His latest exposé  involved several immigration officials, media personalities and police officers and flamboyant businessmen and bank officials; who were believed to be using unscrupulous means to milk great amounts of cash for their selfish needs.

It was after this exposé that his Instagram account got deactivated, It’s believed that his exposé against the culprits involved went haywire and beyond Instagram’s  terms and conditions.

Taking to his BNN Instagram account, the blogger confirmed that his Instagram was closed; but he would still continue to post on his BNN account.

He confirmed the closure of his account with over 400K followers and stated;

”My main account has been deactivated, working to get it restored. Meanwhile we already prepared for such outcomes and I can also be posting here.”

These are among the likely the terms that Edgar Obare might have gone against;

His latest exposé involved celebrated radio presenter Feli Odiwuor, Jalang’o; who strongly hit back and refuted the claims.

Edgar Obare’s account remains missing; but he still has his BNN account active.

Eyebrows Raised After Edgar Obare’s Instagram Account Goes Missing

Popular blogger Edgar Obare; who is widely known for his unexpected exposés and information leaking, is allegedly facing the tough terms and conditions set by Instagram. The blogger is also infamous for sharing people’s personal information on his Instagram without panic.

His numerous exposés have also caught up with him on a number of occasions; where he gets arrested and released.

His most recent one on the ‘wash wash’ fraud might have just gone overboard; we have reason to believe so since it’s after this that his account is missing.

The ‘wash wash’ scandal involved several celebrities, including politicians, media personalities, police officers, among others.

With their ‘tea master’ gone, his so called ‘students’ are definitely not happy with what’s happening. They tend to feed him with explicit stories backed up by receipts. This has been Edgar’s day to day activity; which has gained him even more popularity.

Edgar Obare had over 400K followers on Instagram; who were always ready to get served hot tea. However, the real cause of the verified account missing is yet to be known. For now, only the pseudos remain.

Tea Master Edgar Obare Arrested (Photo)

Popular vlogger, videographer and ‘Tea Master’ Edgar Obare has once again been arrested. The vlogger has for a long time been at loggerheads with many celebrities because of exposing them. In addition, he has numerous followers who flock his page to follow up on latest exposés, which at times end up being rumours.

He has now been arrested by the DCI for publishing of false and malicious information.

The DCI claim,

”The suspect who has had previous run-ins with the law for publishing false and malicious information regarding individuals and their families is once again a guest of the state. Detectives from the Cybercrime unit have uncovered an underworld network of criminals involving…”

In addition, the DCI claim Obare has ladies who help him by stocking prominent personalities.

”Young ladies recruited by Obare, to stalk prominent personalities in political, business and religious circles for monetary exploitation. The ladies are then coached by Obare, on how to ensnare the victims into their traps then extort unimaginable sums of money from them.”

This is not the first time Edgar is being arrested. Last year, he was arrested and released on Ksh 100,000 cash bail. Will the ‘tea master’ make it out this time?

Ouch! Edgar Obare’s savage clap-back after Bridget Achieng calls him out for refusing to promote her bleaching creams

Blogger Edgar Obare and Bridget Achieng seem to have an ongoing beef as revealed in an interview done by the former socialite. Apparently sometime back, Bridget Achieng approached Edgar Obare’s marketing tea hoping they would help advertise her bleaching creams.

However, things did not work out as Bridget Achieng expected since of all people Edgar Obare chose not to market the creams. Well, not because he is jealous or is picky in terms of who he wants to work with; but because Edgar Obare does not support the girl child altering her looks by getting rid of the melanin!

The blogger revealed this in a post shared on his page where he stated that it’s better off to sell sex toys for self pleasure; than sell creams that will ruin a customers skin or worse expose them to skin diseases that may result to cancer. He wrote;

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At BNN we believe in self love and care, we’d rather promote bleaching creams and we have never promote such products!!

Bridget Achieng bad mouthing Edgar

This comes shortly after a video showing an interview between Bridget Achieng; and a certain media personality where she not only called Edgar a clout chaser; but shamed him for refusing to market her stuff. Bridget Achieng is heard saying;

Also read: “My p*ssy has a price tag!” Bridget Achieng

I have a problem with Edgar Obare because he refused to market my product.

About the kidnap story, I think he’s just clout chasing. Angefinywa izo balls vizuri hangekaa hapo akisema sijui alifanywa nini, so for me I’m not buying that story

Not quite sure who is chasing clout here but when you look closely; you’ll be able to spot the celebrity who has not been making news for the longest time.

“They beat me and took pictures of my penis” Edgar Obare cries after hours of suffering in the hands of the Kenya Police

Blogger Edgar Obare was yesterday arrested by unknown persons as he made his way to court. However upon reaching the gate; Edgar says he was approached by 3 men dressed in plain clothes who asked him to identify himself. And right after giving out his name they quickly held him by his pants forcing him into a waiting car.

Of course by seeing this, Edgar says he knew something was up as the ‘policemen’ who kidnapped him were not ready to answer his questions. According to Edgar, these same people tried getting access into his phone; but knowing his rights, the refused and this where it got real.

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Apart from putting a hooded mask on his head, they also put handcuffs on him. However thanks to the mask he had on, the tea master says he managed to peep through and this is when he realized they were on Thika road. All this time Edgar says these police men seemed interested in his job (blogging) which seemed to have landed hi in grave danger.

The humiliation

Having posted stories about Jalang’o, Size 8 and DJ Mo, Joho among other top popular faces; Edgar couldn’t really tell who was out to torment him yet he already had a case in court.

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Reading through the detailed posts shared by Mr Obare, we also understand that he was kicked, punched and even denied some water at some point.

However what seems to have hit him harder is the fact that they stripped him naked by cutting all his clothes upto hid boxers. What’s more weird is that one of the guys seated at the front had been taking photos of his penis; and this is where Edgar Obare broke into pieces.

On his post, the blogger talked about feeling mortified and humiliated by how fellow men could be so comfortable to take such action on him. But hey, have you met the Kenyan police? From the stories shared around…one can easily tell they are as heartless as they come.


Worry after Edgar Obare gets arrested, his location unknown

Controversial Kenyan blogger, Edgar Obare was arrested this morning under unclear circumstances.

Edgar was apparently attending a mention of his case against Natalie Tewa at the Kiambu Law Courts this morning, before his sudden arrest.

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This is according to a series of posts shared by fellow blogger and media personality, Xtian Dela who raised the alarm.

His phone was since confiscated and he was then transported to an undisclosed location that has left his close friends and family worried of his whereabouts.

“His lawyer and family don’t know where Edgar has been taken. The police have refused to say why they have arrested him and where he has been taken,” Xtian Dela added.

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Urging all who come across his posts to “Help them find Edgar Obare”.

Xtian strongly believed that if at all Edgar is guilty of the charges pressed against him, then the Law should take its course, but he will not sit and watch as Edgar disappears just the way other bloggers like Bogonko Bosire did.

On his IG account, Edgar had earlier indicated that today, he will be out of office because he is in Court over the hearing of case against Influential vlogger Natalie Tewa.

Unfortunately, his whereabouts now remain unknown.

Xtian Dela claps back after Shakilla’s interview with Kamene Goro

Xtian Dela has found himself in the middle of Shakilla and Kamene Goro’s interview; where he was painted as the bad guy.

However responding to this, Xtian Dela has strongly refuted the claims suggesting that he may have been using Shakilla’s to build his own brand. According to Xtian, it was very wrong for Kamene Goro to twist her questions as if there was a negative motive behind the interview.

Through his Instagram page, the popular blogger shared his side of the story; and as expected, he seems to have been ready to battle this out with both Kamene and Jalang’o. The young man wrote;

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It’s WRONG to force Shakilla to say that I used her! It’s WRONG to force Shakilla to say something she doesn’t want to. I didn’t force Shakilla to say she slept with all those celebs! There’s video evidence of EVERYTHING, even a blind person can rewatch it and see how it went down. You tried to force her to say that i told her to mention celebs but it backfired, she didn’t!

I didn’t force Shakilla to come Santorini. I didn’t invite her, she came by herself to enjoy herself at the biggest club in kenya!! You can’t i “USED’ her her to promote Santorini when in the first place i didn’t her nor didn’t invite her nor did the management contract her  to promote the place. She said it but it had to be  twisted to look like I called, took her round the club; took advantage of her and didn’t pay her.

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Challenges Kamene

In the next paragraph, Xtian Dela went on to challenge both Kamene Goro and Jalang’o; that is if they may have any issue with him. However judging from the fact that Xtian and Edgar Obare are friends – then it means there could be some beef judging from the fact that Jalang’o and the tea master are not friends!

Anyway below is a screenshot of the post shared by Xtian Dela defending himself shortly after Shakilla’s live recording on Jalang’o TV.


Edgar Obare humbly thanks Artcaffe day after restaurant saga that nearly claimed his life

Edgar Obare’s lunch day out during the weekend turned into shambles after having a seafood delicacy that saw him fight for his life soon after.

The popular Internet sensation was having a catch-up with one of his good friends and opted for Artcaffe restaurant, Capital Centre where he ordered the prawns tagliatelle.

The Artcaffe restaurant

An hour later, the lad was running all over from the bathroom to the restaurant’s counter to the balcony, trying to contain his scratchy throat that felt like it was tearing up, a blocked nose and closed up throat with his neck persistently itchy.

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The service was pretty bad to the extent that no one paid attention to him or even attended to his needs. This saw his face and eyes all swell up that forced him an admission into hospital late in the night.

Edgar Obare’s terrible allergic reaction

Message of gratitude

Roughly a day later, the kid is doing superbly excellent with a recent photo of him after the swelling went down completely but still on medication. However, he went ahead to pen down words of gratitude to Artcaffe’s management after a chat with its General Manager yesterday morning.

Talked with the @artcaffekenya General manager Yarden this morning. And she was concerned and sincere in taking this as a learning experience for them on how to handle such emergencies. She apologized for that experience which I accepted and I am grateful they are willing to work on steps to be better prepared for such emergencies.

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Edgar Obare resurfaces in flawless look

Further revealing that the restaurant was open to list all ingredients that were part of the dish as he works with Nairobi Hospital to get to the bottom of his allergic reaction. Wrapping up;

This was a unique situation, telling this story was not about blaming anyone. It’s about all of us being better prepared in emergencies. I appreciate that Artcaffe is taking some responsibility and showed willingness to change for the better. Thank you ????

His statements raised a myriad questions about what actually transpired, with cryptic responses sent his way. Have a look:

Tea master Fixing the nation ????


Hehehehe…the draggation of the restaurant though.

Umerudi the same place….??? Okay

Edgar Obare’s close brush with death leaves him scared for his dear life!

Edgar Obare popular known as the tea master or rather his teaness this past weekend almost lost his life to what appears to be an allergy reaction.

As seen on his posts shared on Instagram, the blogger says he went to meet a friend at one of his favorite restaurants, Art Cafe; only to end up at the Nairobi hospital.

Well, it all started after Mr Obare ordered prawns tagliatelle which he by the way enjoyed; before everything started going south. Through his page, the journalist narrated his story saying;

Edgar Obare’s allergic reaction

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So yesterday on my day off I was catching up and having lunch with an old friend at @artcaffekenya Capital Centre, service was very slow there was like only one waiter servicing the upstairs tables. I ordered the prawns tagliatelle. The food came and first bite it was quite delicious, so we are laughing and exchanging stories over the next hour.

The death experience

However Edgar did not get a chance to enjoy his meal go down; and this is because as soon as he finished his meal, the the allergy reaction kicked in immediately! The blogger says at some point, he was unable to breathe and this being a bad sign, all he could think of is getting  some water to drink.

Obare’s order at Artcafe

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I finish my meal and suddenly I feel like I have a scratchy throat, then I am tearing up. Now I am struggling to breathe as my nose is blocked and throat is closing up, I have hives all over my neck and it’s itchy. I stand up to go downstairs to the counter to get some water,

Edgar went on to add that;

like I said service was horrible, no waiters in sight. The bar guy asked if I am okay, I said NO and I asked for a bottle of water then went outside on the balcony for some fresh air for like 2 min. It didn’t help, I go to the bathroom and see my face in the mirror is all swollen and my eyes are bloodshot red.

In need of medical attention

Obare hospitalized

After realizing the water he had taken from the ‘bar guy’ was not working; the journalist decided to look at himself on the mirror – but the image he saw left him rushing for some medical attention.

I immediately knew I need a hospital, I call my friend we go to the counter and I ask for my bill and pay. All this time the staff is just staring at me, we rush out the door trying to figure out the nearest hospital, we went to Aga khan at Capital Centre and found it was already closed at 4pm, why do hospitals honestly close. It was 4.30pm so we rushed into Naivas to a chemist. From our googling it seems I was having an extreme allergy reaction, they gave me two antihistamine tablets I put under my tongue and advised I should go to a hospital immediately.

If not for the Nairobi Hospital, bloggers from most tabloids would not be reporting a different story on Edgar; and trust me his following wouldn’t have had it easy.

They googled for us and found Nairobi hospital was close by in the same mall actually and still open. I got injections of chlorpheniramine, hydrocortisone and cotipred and spent the next two hours in a hospital bed. Doctor said I was having an anaphylactic shock and I came very close. Thank you to that Naivas chemist and Nairobi Hospital for saving me. Contd in comments….

Kamene Goro sends strong warning to Edgar Obare’s sources following his arrest (Video)

Edgar Obares arrest last week stirred controversy and unrest in the local space, with a section glad that he was eventually going to learn his lesson.

While others were holding onto the hope that the investigation goes no further because they might be victims of the information that might be unearthed.

He was finally set free on KSh 100,000 cash bail yesterday during his arraignment at the Kiambu Law Courts where he pleaded not guilty to the charges before him.

Natalie Tewa´s exposé lands Edgar Obare in trouble

However, unknown to many is the fact that Edgars technical hardware was all confiscated with high chances of further investigations into the same, probably to find the hide my identity individuals who seek solace in Edgar Obares exposés.

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Kamene Goro

Shedding light on the same, Kiss FM breakfast show host, Kamene Goro warned Kenyans not to celebrate just yet because what is cooking in the oven is just about to be served hot.


First, that Edgar might bag himself at least 10 years behind bars and second, that hide my identity individuals might finally have their identities disclosed.

Its just a lesson. The case goes ahead but two things: what he has been charged with could get him 10 years locked up. Secondly, hawa watu wakuanikana, his laptop, his gadgets, all of the staff that he uses to mulika people, have been confiscated by the court and the police.


The senders of all these controversial info that has been doing its rounds on Edgars Insta stories might find themselves in hot soup.

And theyre going to investigate, what it is that this guy receives, where it is it is received from and who sent it. So nyi wasee mnaanikana mnasema, please hide my identity, I want you to know, we shall know your identity! All of that will come out!

Jalango who as definitely in the building could only raise his hands up high and gasp with shock, lest you forget, he has been a victim of these Edgar Obares exposés.

Edgar Obare makes first public appearance after detention (Photos)

Controversial blogger and YouTuber Edgar Obare made his first public appearance on Monday, August 3 after spending four days behind bars.

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Obare, who is also known as the tea master, was arrested on Thursday, July 30 after being summoned by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

Edgar Obare appearing at Kiambu Law Courts

He was later taken to Gigiri Police Station where attempts by his laywers to have him released on bail bore no fruit. According to sources, a senior political figure kept blocking his release.

Obare is being accused by Natalie Wanjiru Githinji, alias Natalie Tewa, of disclosing her personal information. However, he denied the charges.

Edgar Obare poses for a photo with Xtian Dela outside Kiambu Law Courts

The blogger had earlier hinted that Natalie had accompanied Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho to Dubai and that the two were seeing each other but had decided to keep their relationship tightly under wraps.

A few days ago, Obare shared a photo of an Audi A3 that was allegedly gifted to Natalie by Joho. However, she denied the claims and many believe it is what pushed her to report the former.

Edgar Obare arrested!

Blogger and tea master Edgar Obare was arrested earlier today as revealed on his social media pages. This comes just a few days after he was asked to make an appearance at the DCI Kiambu headquarters; following his exposee where he linked Natalie born Wanjiku Githinji to Hassan Joho.

With such a story and of course some hard evidence, Edgar Obare did not hold back from doing what he does best. He served tea! However those involved did not seem impressed now that their business had become everybody else’s business and trust me, Kenyans love such juicy gossip!

Anyway after being summoned, Edgar through his Insta stories shared the news with fans saying;

Edgar Obare

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I was kindly requested by an officer to appear at the DCI HQ without fail in the next few days.

Arrested but not detained!

Well, earlier this morning Edgar Obare who is currently in the country was arrested by many police officers. According to the blogger, the many officers made their way into his home where they arrested him with no force or violence. Through his IG page, Edgar wrote;

As i said I was summoned by the DCI. Today morning i was arrested by very many officers at my home. Now am headed to Nairobi. Thank you for your undying support.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

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We are not quite sure what he is being charged with; but chances are he may have messed with people who think own Kenya and may need him to keep quiet next time! But being a certified journalist, will he really manage to keep off such scandals?

Anyway, lets see how things out in the end!

Drama! Edgar Obare exposes Akothee’s sister Cebbie for being a husband snatcher just days after getting engaged (Screenshots)

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks said “Yes” in a swanky affair last week and several women have now come out to expose the lass for breaking their families on the promise of blessing their husbands with children.

In a series of posts shared by Edgar Obare, a fan was quick to admit that Cebbie and her fiancé, Juspus Gentry have only been an item for roughly 2 months now, but he has already popped the question.

akothee's sister
Cebbie Koks Nyasego gets engaged

This opened doors for multiple other fans to weigh in on the same, majority feeling sorry for this man who had seemingly been duped into a love bubble that was probably nonexistent.

Individuals revealed that Cebbie had apparently promised multiple men to bear them children after their wives could not, but they believe Karma is watching.

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Kokeyo

A section felt that this engagement was a scam, a life full of deception but one that was soon going to explode on their faces.


So one woman claimed her sister’s husband had been dating Cebbie secretly for the last 4 years until the wife got to know and confronted the husband who bluntly denied.

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For this reason, the woman felt Cebbie, had been minting money from her hubby’s pockets to fund her flashy lifestyle and flaunt her numerous car models online.

Further making allegations that the lass has also been involved with prominent individuals the likes of Governor Obado, Musa Jakadala, Dr Obewa just to mention a few.

Koks apparently bragged to the woman how her husband generously splashes money on her.

These women had every reason to believe that Cebbie is not in an entanglement with just one man but several others, going round wrecking homes and this needs to stop.

Before alleging that poor, innocent men on the streets of Kenya have been seduced through her black magic.

She has broken my sister’s home and she’s still breaking others. She’s not afraid of saying the way she uses charms on men…its so scary imagine…It’s high time she got exposed.


Journalist Edgar Obare fears for his life, goes into hiding

Video blogger Edgar Obare has revealed that a reliable source has warned him against meeting Jalang’o; who is allegedly working with Babu Owino, Obia and a few officials from the DCI to put him behind bars.

The popular journalist who has been doing quite well with his exposés on Instagram and YouTube is now hiding as he fears for his dear life. Edgar revealed this in a series of screenshots shared on his page. He went on to post saying;

Edgar’s post

He went on to add saying that after refusing to show up for the meeting; Jalang’o allegedly got  angry saying;

Edgar exposes Jalang’o

Since this was not an official summon or rather interview with Milele FM where Jalang’o works; Edgar went on to post saying,

Reliable source?

Anyway Edgar says that he was forced to leave his house in the middle of the night after a close source warned him that they (Jalang’o, Obia and Babu Owino) were after him. He shared yet another post which read to say;

Source warns Edgar
Reliable source warns Edgar

Another post read;

However the vblogger has come out to inform his followers about the ongoing plot against him saying:

Vblogger fears for his life