Edgar Obare is a misandrist

Edgar Obare is one man who can boast of having caused an entire industry disruption that no one saw coming nor did they know how to respond to. To say he saw the opportunity before others and capitalized on it brilliantly is an understatement!

Acha Kunianika, Tafuta Kazi- Weezdom Sends Warning To Blogger Edgar Obare (Screenshot)

He has built an entire empire within an already congested domain: gossip blogging and he did so in a way that put everyone already in that space to shame. However, as brilliant a mind as he has, it has one glaring flaw to it: he is a raging misandrist.

Edgar Obare resurfaces in flawless skin

For those of you too lazy to Google for yourselves what that means, a misandrist is a person who hates men. And Edgar Obare fits the bill. Allow me 2 minutes to show you why I’m making so bold a claim.

Edgar Obare Back With New Account, Complains Of Instagram Being Hostile & Limiting

The manner in which he handles scandals involving women vs those involving men is rather stark. On the one hand, he gives women a lot of leeway (unless of course, you happen to be in his bad graces in which case he’s as petty with you as he is with men). Whenever reporting about female celebrities involved in scandals, he is almost apologetic and handles them with kid gloves.

Edgar Obare

When Edgar Obare is dealing with men, he does scant research on the matter before posting what he has even if the details would be half wrong. Case in point? How he did Boutross dirty. We have not seen instances where he has shared the nudes of any female. So why did he do Boutross so dirty?

Edgar Obare: Kenyans Are Mature Enough To Have GBV Discussions

You could try and make the argument that he is pandering to his audience and that would be fine and dandy but for you to argue that is for you to forgot the countless of times he could have kept the same energy and he himself opted not to.  So there is no consistency backing that argument.

Edgar Obare at his lowest moment after he’d been kidnapped and humiliated

What he has done is essentially just arbitrarily deciding to humiliate Boutross simply because he’s a man and the feminist harpies who make up a large percent of his audience will not be offended. Hell, they’ll celebrate him for it.


Have you ever seen how he reports on GBV cases involving female aggressors? The language used is almost always apologetic. That is why he hasn’t gone as hard on Maxine Wahome as he did when Prezzo was being accused of being violent. Something’s got to give because his standard seems subjective.


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Why GK Nyambura is obsessed with Omoke

GK Nyambura is back on our radar once again and as with the last time, it has to do with her ex, Omoke. Why is that? Well, you can rest assured that it has nothing to do with him discussing her but rather her trying to inject herself into his life and consciousness.

‘His Watchman Made Me Scream Louder’- GK Nyambura Throws Shade At Ex-Boyfriend Omoke

You see, Omoke doesn’t really ever mention her unless her demons tell her to go to his house at 4 Am in the morning to do the sort of rubbish that saw her trend for days a few weeks back. She went to his house and broke his property and then started engaging his neighbours and watchmen in fights.

And while tongues were wagging, Twitter fingers a snapping and feminists were left scampering for any excuse to use to defend her, the main question that was left unanswered was why. Why is she always trying to inject herself into his life and consciousness? It’s because GK Nyambura is what you get when a woman who is a 5 on her best day sleeps with a man ascending his craft and getting recognition for it. And let’s make it clear, she is a 5 with youthful looks. Once she no longer has youth on her side, this will become apparent to lot of you thirsty men.

GK Nyambura is proof we do not hold women accountable

You see, for women, when they sleep with a guy who is a 7, they assume that that is the level they deserve. If they sleep with a man who is a 10, that becomes their new reality. This happens because they do not understand that once in a while a man will be in need of a slump-buster. A woman who can help him through his dry spell. And it gets even more complicated when that man doesn’t treat her like a piece of meat.


And I would posit that this was the nature of her interaction with Omoke. He is a video director of repute who is currently making money as he continues to master his craft. He is living the life and he is “the man”. GK Nyambura is also pursuing her own interests but she’s nowhere near the level of success her love interest has. And he was the best possible option she has ever had, In her mind, that is her new level and they were dating.

Wueh! YouTuber GK Nyambura says she visited ex boyfriend at 3Am to collect her clothes

I have a very interesting mentor who explained this to me by saying that because women have an abundance of choices, they do not understand “slump busters”. From the minute they wake up, they are drowned in options for coitus. But a lot of these are from the hoi polio. A woman wants the best possible option she has. Unfortunately, these guys are usually not interested in a long-term commitment. And when everything is said and done (read: post-nut clarity sets in), they are left feeling ashamed and they often dismount poorly. And indeed, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

That is why GK Nyambura came after Omoke and accused him of anything that came to mind. She was hurting and she wanted to weaponize social media and Edgar Obare against him. But she didn’t do this to completely destroy him. Chances are, she believes this was the only way for her to actually get his attention. She wants his attention even if it’s his annoyance and anger rather than watch him move on.

Why else do you think she recently went over to his house? And why else do you think she is still running her mouth long after she humiliated herself? It’s because she is desperate for his attention and she is going to try to get it by any means necessary.

I guess the value of this story is that I am telling you (if you’re a man) to become so high value that women fight to stay in your life. Nezt time we’ll take a look at the mistakes Omoke made and how you as a man can avoid finding yourself in a situation as toxic and dealing with a woman as batshit crazy as GK Nyambura.

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Edgar Obare: Kenyans Are Mature Enough To Have GBV Discussions

Edgar Obare has been hosting conversations on his new (or is it simply a back up) social media account, BNNKe revolving around gender-based violence (henceforth referred to as GBV) and I have been truly underwhelmed.

Andrew Kibe Shuns Judgement On Ndichu Brothers After Emergence Of New Video

This is a conversation that is nuanced. Not everything is clear cut and not everything regarding this conversation is black and white. Yet when Kenyans have it, it tells a damning story of why Africa is said to have the lowest iQ of all the continents.

I say this because what I have seen on Edgar Obare’s content is merely opinions and invecture made based on gender and cultural leanings. Simply put, the conversation descends into man bad, woman good diatribe.

Men, Learn From The Eddie And Paul Ndichu Downfall

If the commenter is conservative, then she deserves to be met with GBV. If the commenter is some neo-liberal schmuck, then “believe all women” is the argument of the day.

Tea master, Edgar Obare

To start off, there is no understanding of the terms being used. Terms like femicide and toxic masculinity are tossed around so frivolously by people who can neither string their statement in a manner that makes grammatical sense nor can they defend their positions.

Bitter Beef! Xtian Dela Confronts Edgar Obare After Latest Exposé (Screenshots)

And that is part of the reason as to why my reading the comments on Edgar Obare’s stories and posts specifically dedicated to GBV have me believing that we are not mature enough to have a proper conversation about the topic not prefaced by nonsensical one-liners and emotions.

The truth is, all human beings are capable of vile acts. All human beings are capable of victimizing the weak. All human beings are also capable of redemption. And not everything is as cut and dry as we like to make it seem for the sake of our simplistic understanding.

Men and women initiate intimate partner violence at a nearly equal rate. It’s called Gender symmetry in intimate partner violence. Simply put, a U.S. National Family Violence Survey carried out by Murray A. Straus and Richard J. Gelles found that 11.6% of women and 12% of men had experienced some kind of domestic violence in the last twelve months, also 4.6% of men and 3.8% of women had experienced “severe” domestic violence.

“It shall never be well with you” Bridget Achieng celebrates after Edgar Obare’s brother is k*******d and t******d

So only the uninformed approach this topic from the simplistic notion of men are evil and the only perpetrators of GBV. And only stupid people conflate self-defence with GBV. And Edgar Obare and his audience need to be informed of the same. And the topic is a kaleidoscope of everything inbetween.

This topic needs an “embrace all voices” approach. From the vile feminists to knuckle-dragging troglodytes who think it is their right to beat the women in their lives to everyone in between. It needs to stop being fashioned as an all-out ad hominem buffet.

But where will you find Kenyans mentally mature enough to have this conversation?

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Marya Is Rebranding And Its Hilarious

Marya has decided to rebrand and we have to give Edgar Obare his props because clearly when he does an expose, the city, nay, the nation actually sits up and pays attention to what he has shared.

Weuh! Former singer Marya claps back at fan who body shamed her over this photo

A couple of weeks back, he had a rather scintillating expose of the former singer in which he revealed her alleged involvement in sex work as a practitioner… Basically, go and ask someone to explain that one if you haven’t understood what I was saying.

Exes Kevo and Marya

So Marya is back on the centre stage but working in an industry no one wants to be associated with. Oh, the irony! And she was allegedly very proactive in sex work, constantly communicating and enticing clients; potential and realized.

Karma? Lady accused of snatching singer Marya’s husband already facing relationships issues

Edgar Obare’s expose was damaging! Whoo! It had videos and photos that he selfishly decided to censor. However, we, the public got to find out which brothel Marya was working at as well as even get treated to an audio of her advertising her services with a child being heard in the not so distant background… And boy did this expose split public opinion.

Some feminists were offended (seems like they are offended at anything and nothing simultaneously) while others were simply shocked. After all, sex work is an affront to most people’s moral sensibilities.

Marya needs to do some serious soul searching and stop blaming her exes

But when everything was said and done, Marya was left on her lonesome to pick up the pieces of her life. And the way she is going about it is something I find hilarious. She deleted all the photos on her social media account (IG) on which she has 29,000 followers and has started posting photos of food.


Yup, she has gone from umalaya to food pron. Nice.

‘Ukipata Chai Yangu Weka’ Xtian Dela Gives Edgar Obare Go-Ahead To Write About Him

One has to wonder whether there is an endgame in mind or whether she is simply trying to cast the illusion that she is a family-oriented woman because at the end of the day, nothing says home like good food. What is going on in Marya’s mind?

She has also announced that she to will be monetizing her audience by turning her IG stories into an advertising board for entrepreneurs. If this is the case, I would advise her to go all out and only feature instruments of her work and self-pleasure. Take advantage of what is already swirling around in a lot of Kenyans’ heads about who she is.

Edgar Obare flaunts girlfriend’s hot body in steamy bikini video

Make that money, share that honey. No? Okay. I am done anyway.

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Wash-wash: Edgar Obare has gained more than he has lost

Edgar Obare did a fantastic job of rehashing an already worn-out tale about how Kenyans who are costing up to the most powerful people in the land are engaged in fraudulent dealings. And this expose has cemented his credibility.

Edgar Obare Speaks After Deactivation Of His Instagram Account

Sure, it has come at a huge cost but my argument is that this simple expose has won him friends who will prove useful in the future as they will no doubt come into focus at his moment of need. After all, a friend in need and all that.

Edgar Obare
Worry after Edgar Obare gets arrested, his location unknown

Edgar Obare has made some very powerful enemies. And he has lost his immediate source of income, his Instagram account. And that is a huge blow to him -want to hurt a man, hit his pocket. And he is missing out on so much of that sweet revenue.

Eyebrows Raised After Edgar Obare’s Instagram Account Goes Missing

And my God the enemies are there. And they are plotting -if the whispers emanating from these internet sleuths are to be believed. They plan to make an example out of Edgar Obare or whatever that means. And as a result, he has gone into hiding and is moving different.

Edgar Obare

But conversely, they will have a hard time getting to him because they will have to first get through his horde of followers and admirers and then the government would be pressured into actually investigating any claims about him. Yes, I get it, the Kenyan Government is a cesspool of mediocrity and corruption but the one thing they would not want, especially in the run-up to general elections, is for people to demand action.

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

And if Edgar Obare is ever in need of any assistance, all he has to do is take to his reserve IG accounts and say so and I guarantee you that people will throng the direct messages offering their assistance. Sure, his “enemies” would try to Trojan Horse their way into it but he has a fighting chance.

Edgar Obare’s

And as for the credibility he has earned, I guarantee you that any time that you or your aunty hears he is about to post something about you, you will shake and shiver down to your bones and soul. His word has earned that much more trust in it from the audience. That is power.

Jalang’o Speaks On His Relationship With Blogger Edgar Obare After Boys Club Exposé

If Edgar Obare announced that he wanted to vie for political office, he has a supporter base that would be willing to donate to his campaign. Hell, they would be willing to give him their skills, services and time to ensure he wins. You think not? Think back to Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali.

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What influencers should learn from Yummy Mummy’s beef with Edgar Obare

Yummy Mummy and Edgar Obare are currently involved in a running beef that is rather interesting to watch unfold. I am not entirely clear on how it all started but what I do know is that it was further escalated when the Instagram microblogger suffered an intense allergic reaction to seafood when he visited a popular eatery and coffee house.

Yummy Mummy involved in road accident (Videos)

Yummy Mummy (or as I gather, Joan) was unnecessarily mean and sardonic in her response to the information. She in effect celebrated the fact that Edgar Obare (a man who seems to have as many enemies as hair follicles in his beard) nearly died, saying he is old enough to know his food allergies so it is all his own fault. The sentiment she championed was shared by a lot of people who toasted her for roasting a man who was admitted to hos[ital simply because they dislike him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare’s allergic reaction

Edgar Obare and Yummy Mummy then seemed to agree to let sleeping dogs lie. Only they weren’t done with their beef. Edgar Obare simply had bigger fish to fry what with his legal cases and his kidnapping episode. He had some seriously messed up existential crises he had to overcome. And wouldn’t you know it, Yummy Mummy too decided to focus on her own business as an influencer. But thing is, she kept taking shots at him though largely subliminal though.

Ouch! Edgar Obare’s savage clap-back after Bridget Achieng calls him out for refusing to promote her bleaching creams

But as life would have it, Yummy Mummy got caught up in a small business spat. She is being accused by one of her clients of doing her dirty and whether or not there is some sort of business malfeasance, we aren’t going to be debating that. What we will be discussing is just how stupid it is for Joan to opt to go to war with a man whose brand isn’t merely himself but as one of a media company in essence. You see, when it comes to beef, when an individual brand goes up against an individual brand like rappers do when they clash with their peers, the damage wrought can be mitigated. They largely have the same resources (themselves) and their small entourage but when you are a solitary individual going against a bigger entity, you are in trouble.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare

Long after Yummy Mummy’s relevancy is gone, Edgar Obare will still be giving people tea. And he now has a team in back of him. He has a team that he can dedicate to posting nonsense about Yummy Mummy -who we should point out has done enough to make herself look terrible especially with her recent tiff with a small business owner over some merchandise she was gifted.

The Edgar Obare conundrum and lack of trust Kenyans have in the police force

How long do you think a media entity can run such a story? And all it would have taken to contain the situation would be for Joan to let it go. Just let go of the beef because when you do indeed have some major beef, trust that Edgar Obare will be all over it like melanin is all over you and you will be crying about how he is biased/ unfair. Anyway, what do I know?

Sadfishing? Media personality Joe Muchiri takes a swipe at blogger Edgar Obare, calls him out for clout chasing

Edgar Obare

And make no mistake about it, all this adverse attention Edgar Obare is shining on Yummy Mummy is adversely affecting her business. You see, while both have commercialized their content, Edgar Obare is chiefly in control of his while Joan is dependent on bog corporations. And one thing about these brands is that they do not take too kindly to being associated with the type of heat she is attracting to herself by talking smack to small entrepreneurs. The threat of being cancelled is a real one that she is ignoring and it will come back to bite her in the derriere. But not everyone can see that far into the future.

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The Edgar Obare conundrum and lack of trust Kenyans have in the police force

Edgar Obare came out with a sensational claim. Apparently, yesterday when he presented himself to the Kiambu law courts for the hearing of a case instituted against him by Natalie Tewa, he was kidnapped.

Sadfishing? Media personality Joe Muchiri takes a swipe at blogger Edgar Obare, calls him out for clout chasing

According to the micro-blogger who has amassed a cult-following, the perpetrators of his kidnapping were members of the DCI whom he claimed identified themselves as such and then proceeded to arrest him in front of his lawyer before driving off with him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare showing how he was kidnapped

You can read more about Edgar Obare’s harrowing experience on Ghafla but what remains a mystery besides who the culrpits of his kidnapping were is just who was pulling the strings and what their motive could be.

“They beat me and took pictures of my penis” Edgar Obare cries after hours of suffering in the hands of the Kenya Police

The thing about a guy as popular as Edgar Obare however, is that he attracts haters in equal measures. He has gotten a rather vociferous counter-voice in the shape of Joe Muchiri who is adamant that the narrative being peddled by Bwana Obare is false. According to the former Capital FM man, he is convinced that everything was stage-managed as it doesn’t have the hallmarks of police involvement and he doesn’t indeed raise some very interesting questions such as why Edgar has no bruising on his face.

Edgar Obare
Joe Muchiri to Edgar Obare

On the other hand, people like me who think this is a credible story believe it to be so because Kenya’s police aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the socket. They are specifically selected to be dim and violent with a low threshold for questions. So when they get paid, they are more than willing to do all sorts of nonsense that only criminal elements would deign worthy of their efforts. We have seen Kenyan police officers shoot and kill children, we have seen them get themselves involved in political assassinations and have been on the brutal end of their antics on civilians. Hell, they killed nearly as many people as Covid19 had at one point simply trying to “enforce” the government-mandated curfew.

Worry after Edgar Obare gets arrested, his location unknown

And we saw the manner in which Edgar Obare was originally handled by the DCI and the police when he was originally arrested. This would be keeping in line with the same narrative. Afterall, he has made powerful enemies by running his tabloid micro-blog on IG and as a result certain people who would rather not have their personal lives scrutinized would be invested in either “teaching him a lesson” or getting him out of the way and setting an example with him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare´s charge sheet

Whatever your take on the matter, whether you agree with Joe Muchiri that these are shenanigans or you agree with edgar Obare that something fishy is happening, stay safe.


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Not yet uhuru: Akothee cares too much about Edgar Obare’s opinion

Akothee strikes all her fans, followers and haters as the very epitome of independence. She is the mother of five children, two of whose fathers support their children and mother’s lifestyle, and she has taken great care of her body so inspite of her brood, she looks better than a lot of women half her age without kids of their own.

Was Akothee’s advice to her newly engaged sister good or bad?

But there is one thing that really sticks out to me and that is the fact that Akothee isn’t entirely free of an obsession over what the next man is saying about her. Ad this time it is down to Edgar Obare and his tabloid offerings of her life.

edgar obare
Tea master, Edgar Obare

One would be forgiven for thinking that a woman who has her life together, her wealth in check would have way too much to concern herself with rather than the stories run by a blog but not her.

Akothee’s sister: Why grandiose engagements are a terrible idea

Akothee is obsessed with proving Edgar Obare wrong and the problem with that is the fact that she does little more than giving him validation because why else would a woman so fabulously loaded be intrigued enough to respond to a blogger whom she says is beneath her? Let that sink in.

Businesswoman, Akothee

In his most recent beef with Akothee, Edgar Obare shared some screenshots allegedly showing a conversation between Akothee’s sister and someone else that claimed the singer isn’t as financially secure as she claims to be.
Akothee decided to address the rumour after keeping quiet for a couple of days. Now she has offered to show people her recent financial transactions… She is a literal slave to Edgar Obare’s opinions and IG account.

Drama! Edgar Obare exposes Akothee’s sister Cebbie for being a husband snatcher just days after getting engaged (Screenshots)

Why else would Akothee feel the need to address Edgar Obare whom she claims is poorer than she? Afterall, she was having a one-woman party as she enjoyed her night but the main reason for that display of nonsense, the main reason for her party and the main focus of her week (clearly) has been Edgar Obare because she feels driven to prove him wrong -and he really couldn’t care less.

Kenyan singer and philanthropist, Akothee

You see, Akothee hired a DJ, she went on to go live on her IG and she channelled all her energy into proving to Edgar Obare that she has money, all the while, Edgar didn’t do anything more than share screenshots that he didn’t even go out of his way to look for. He simply got sent the damn things.

Think about how both have basically used their energy the last couple of days and you will realize Akothee is a slave to public opinion and in her mind, Edgar Obare (and other broke bloggers) is powerful enough to shape it.


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Did Edgar Obare cross the line with his Natalie Tewa expose?

Edgar Obare is back at it again like he never left. This time around, he has come with “tea” about Natalie Tewa being onboard a private jet flight with Joho. He went on to further share “witness accounts” about the two being spotted together in Mombasa.

Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare are the new digital evolution

Whether there is any truth to that rumour, what we do know is that it has gone viral and Natalie Tewa too has addressed the claims made by Edgar Obare. And it has her so deep in her feelings that she edited her caption twice.

edgar obare

Anyway, the micro-blogger who usually uses his social media accounts to break the latest and most scintillating gossip took to his usual modus operandi and broke the story on his IG stories. And while there, he engaged his fans and even shared some of their replies to his stories.

Edgar Obare brutally exposes controversial vlogger caught in another fraud scandal (Video)

The logical question is whether or not Kenyans are in agreement with Edgar Obare’s take on things or whether or not he should have broken this story. Personally, my take on things is that he has done no wrong in breaking the story.

edgar obare

Has he shared what he considers proof of the passing? He shared a visa approval that showed that Natalie Tewa was indeed in Dubai on the corresponding dates. But he hasn’t spoken to her. She has however dismissed what he said.

Stop blaming Edgar Obare for the fault in your stars

And at the end of the day, Edgar is not forcing people to do anything nor is he prying into their secrets. A photo was publicly posted. Edgar Obare looked into the details in the photograph and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

edgar obare

He simply answered some questions that Kenyans were already answering anyway. He just had a more probably answer that has taken root. And Natalie Tewa is simply receiving the same level of scrutiny that he gave Jalang’o and that shows that he is truly a man who believes in equality.

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Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare are the new digital evolution

Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare seem to have discovered a new way for young Kenyans to utilize Kenya’s fledgeling digital space in a way that generates income for them and allow them to potentially generate employment opportunities for themselves.

Club Covid’s Xtian Dela killed on social media

Xtian Dela, for instance, is a peculiar one because he lost his job at Kiss 100 FM and he has found a way to work through Covid-19’s quarantine too not only make money for himself but to set his Instagram account at the forefront of young Kenyan’s cultural awareness.

xtian dela's new car

When everyone was busy sitting at home using their WiFi connection to stream off Netflix and those other piracy sites, Xtian deal decided to use his to give him fast connection so he could keep randy Kenyans entertained with Club Covid.

Xtian Dela reveals the shocking amount raised by men during his Club COVID show! (Video)

Edgar Obare’s is more of a long time sort of deal. He has been working at building his platform to the point where he is Kenya’s answer to America’s Dj Akademiks. He is a micro-blogger who has all the biggest scoops before the major tabloids have them. As a result, he has seen his following grow in leaps and bounds (as have his enemies and haters sadly) and he currently sits on a following of one hundred and seventy-one thousand followers.
he recently announced that he was launching a website that he would run and make money from the platform.

xtian dela

And indeed these two are the evolution of the digital landscape. Gone are the days when young Kenyans had to wait to get with the big platforms and tabloids. Now, the red tape and business modalities are no longer an obstruction as Kenyan youth are creating digital brands for themselves, learning to microblog then turning a profit off it.

“Hiyo ni pesa yetu ya nyonga fest?” Fans question Club Covid’s owner Xtian Dela after gifting himself a brand new sleek ride! (Photo)

Xtian Dela wasn’t the only one who decide too provide adult entertainment, he was competing with the likes of Vera Sidika but because he had thought through the entire process, he was able to do so successfully while Vera’s stuff often had issues, both technical and otherwise.

edgar obare
Tea master, Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare has been minting money from the ads he posts on his Instagram stories and reportedly charging five thousand per post and he on average has five slots taken up so you do the math… And he does this everyday…

Edgar Obare brutally exposes controversial vlogger caught in another fraud scandal (Video)

The future is upon us.


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Stop blaming Edgar Obare for the fault in your stars

Edgar Obare has come under attack so much these past few days after he leaked information about two married radio personalities’ infidelity. Edgar Obare has seemed to be a man possessed when it comes to “dishing tea” about Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu.
Actually it has seemed like a concerted campaign to be honest. he seems to have a hard-on for destroying these two men.

Alex Mwakideu’s infidelity exposed as Edgar Obare introduces ‘Porini boys’!

And that is the issue many people are bringing up with regard to Edgar Obare but first, the backstory. He dropped a gem on Jalang’o, exposing the fact that he is part of a WhatsApp group that was all about smashing women and living a good life.
Alex Mwakideu was next when Edgar Obare revealed his affair with a fat female who honestly I feel wasn’t worth him risking his marriage over but you know, some men can get anyone, others take whoever takes them.

Jalang'o and Edgar Obare
Milele FM co-hosts, Jalang´o (left) and Alex Mwakideu (right)

Edgar Obare was the subject of much-heated debate after he revealed Alex Mwakideu’s affair and philandering ways as Kenyans demanded he cease exposing these men.
Suddenly, it was his fault for destroying these two friends and co-workers marriages. Suddenly, the micro blogger needed to hand in his man-card with Andrew Kibe even speaking on the matter. Twitter was set ablaze with all the know-nothing intelligentsia (who feel the sun rises from their posteriors), giving their hot take on masculinity and how Edgar Obare has betrayed men.

“Don’t blame me for your poor judgement and problems!” Edgar Obare tells Jalang’o to man up!

And now that the dust has settled, it is time for us to actually have an intelligent conversation about what’s what and hopefully cut through the bullshit. And that at the end of the day boils down to projection.
Edgar Obare did nothing wrong. He is a tabloid micro-blogger using his own IG platform for some serious content creation and he is earning money from it. He meets his financial obligations and is smart about making sure he spaces his content to keep all of Kenya hooked.

Alex Mwakideu and his wife

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu did nothing out of the ordinary. I have to state that fact. The two men simply attempted to actualize their sexual strategy: Sleep with as many women as possible. We aren’t here to debate the ethics and morality of the matter and I do not care what your bishop says. Go and give him your three hundred and ten shillings tithe and shut the hell up.
The only sin here worth discussing is the fact that they were sloppy enough to get caught.

¨You are not man enough!¨ Kenyans ruthlessly take on Edgar Obare following Jalango´s expose

Edgar Obare isn’t some sort of moral standard nor is he claiming to be policing Kenya’s moral fabric. He is simply a micro-blogger doing business. Take your opinions of that to the toilet. Jalang’o got caught. He will answer to his marriage. I think he is high value enough for him to survive this scandal. The same goes for Alex Mwakideu. I mean, sure, there will be hell to pay because they have made their wives shame public but beyond that, they will be alright.
But Kenyans are deep in their feelings about this. And it is because they are projecting their fear of getting caught onto Edgar. How dare he snitch? How dare he expose the fault in our stars?!

Jalas, Alex Mwakideu and Alex' alleged mistress

Nah, ask instead why your stars got caught. Why are you so scared of getting caught? Don’t be sloppy. Keep your wits about your indiscretion. Keep your house in order. No one is coming to save you. You get yourself into your mess, you get yourself out. It wasn’t Edgar Obare who put these two men’s families in jeopardy. All he did was business. And the last time I checked, Kenya is a capitalist economy. Feelings peleka kwa choo.
And sure, Edgar Obare is going after Jalas and Mwakideu like a dog with a bone but they never should have given him ammunition. And at the end of the day, if he has the evidence to back up his allegations, he has them in pocket.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

Be upset at the two men for letting you down if indeed you looked up to them.

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