Why LGBTQ were absent from Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich’s funeral

The big question on everyone’s lips is why I want the LGBTQ present in a big way at Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich’s funeral? And that is such a huge question that they are pretending they can ignore.

How Edwin Chiloba Met His ‘White’ Adoptive Parents

I want you to think back to a couple of weeks ago when everyone thought that his mother was a case of homophobia and even the American government had offered to help investigate the matter. There was a lot of manufactured outrage and fabricated indignation.

The late Chiloba with Jackton Odhiambo’s girlfriend and newborn

Your usual LGBTQ grifters such as Makena Njeri were up in arms demanding government intervention in the matter claiming it to be a human rights issue. And even after they learnt of how long they were regarding Edwin Chiloba’s murder they still refused to come out and apologize for the egregious error.

Edwin Chiloba dilemma: Should you come out to your family?

Why is that? Why wouldn’t they if indeed their mission is a noble one, come out and admit when they are wrong? Why did they refuse to acknowledge the findings of the investigation and why did they Silently abet the spread of the rumour, nay, the lie that Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich was killed because he was a homosexual?

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend and victim, Edwin Chiloba

The reason for their Silence is because it would ruin their scam. For their Silence is because they didn’t want to get in the way of the money flow. And the reason they were absent from his funeral is that they don’t give a damn about the man. They are only concerned with championing their victimhood.

LGBTQ Members Should Stop Using Chiloba’s Death To Push Their Agenda

Were they to come out and clear the air they would lose out on the international attention they had garnered. I would lose out on any public sympathy this tragedy has bought them. The reason they were not present at Edwin Chiloba’s funeral is because they couldn’t be arsed to cancel their plans they couldn’t be arsed to be inconvenienced weather slightly or buy a great deal.

The lgbtq didn’t really care about him as a human being they only cared about him in as far as they could use him to propagate the narrative of victimhood and scam people out of sympathy. And it is a sad and lonely thing to realise for the people whom they claim to be championing.

2023 is the year Kenya takes a stance on LGBTQ

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Edwin Chiloba dilemma: Should you come out to your family?

Edwin Chiloba has highlighted a very interesting Conundrum that a lot of homosexuals living in Kenya face: Whether or not to come out to their families.

Mpenzi wa kweli ni Mungu: Lessons we have learnt from Jackton Odhiambo and late Edwin Chiloba’s toxic relationship

While it was apparent to everyone who knew him and especially those who followed him on social media that he was gay, she kept the fact hidden from his family and closest friends. This has come to the fore since his brutal murder.

I guess it is true what they say about what we do in the dark coming out the light effect surely. Edwin Chiloba was apparently a respected member of his church who would lead the youth in prayer and sometimes even sounds.

2023 is the year Kenya takes a stance on LGBTQ

His death and the resultant explosion of his homosexual lifestyle has not only brought about confusion to his family who are at a loss as to how to explain the current situation to their own kith and kin in the village.

In order to avoid any cognitive dissonance, we have decided to hold firm to their belief that all the reports about his homosexual proclivities being propaganda. They now claim that his funeral is being hijacked by LGBTQ to push their own agendas and narratives.

LGBTQ Members Should Stop Using Chiloba’s Death To Push Their Agenda

And one can’t help but sympathize with them. However, the question of whether or not Edwin Chiloba should have come out to his family. But even as we ponder these questions we have to appreciate just how complicated the situation it is.

Even in the west where homosexuals have an abundance of rights it is still a dicey topic as to whether or not one should come out of the closet to their immediate family. Forever Living a double life is clearly a problem especially once one is gone as we can observe from how his family is grappling to come to terms with the truth of his lifestyle and nature.


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Makena Njeri needs to apologise for her ridiculous rant

After it was reported that Edwin Chiloba had been killed, Kenya’s LGBTQ community led by Makena Njeri decided to attack Kenyans for what they termed as homophobia. And this hue and Cry generated a lot of media attention shining a spotlight on Kenya’s fledgling homosexual community.

LGBTQ Or Not, No Kind Of Relationship Is Safe

It has since come to light that everyone’s assumption was wrong mine included. And as such each of us who had made a false assumption needs to step up and own the mistake and apologize.

It especially falls on the shoulders of those who made the loudest allegations to make the loudest apologies. Makena Njeri made some rather unsavoury allegations against Kenyans and she did so on a rather huge platform only to have been proven wrong and rather than admit that she was wrong she has decided to deactivate Instagram account.

Its sad, but we are right; LGBTQ is not accepted outside Nairobi and Mombasa

The problem with this is that it allows the narrative that Edward was killed due to homophobia to continue to run amok. This paints Kenyans in a rather barbaric light. As I have said earlier we too had made this assumption and we too are coming out to say we were wrong as investigations have shown that he was killed due to wrangles with his homosexual partner.

Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri wasn’t the only loud voice by far as there were others who had also come out to push the narrative and who are equally as silent as she is when silence is by far the least preferred reaction to the developing story.

Why Makena Njeri and Kaz Lucas will never succeed in making homosexuality acceptable

The question that remains unanswered is whether she will eventually come out to apologize to Kenyans. I, however, i’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. I suspect she will continue to bury her head in the sand and then continue on as if nothing had happened.

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Its sad, but we are right; LGBTQ is not accepted outside Nairobi and Mombasa

The recent brutal torture and murder of Edwin Chiloba has served once again to remind a marginalized and brutalized community; members of the LGBTQ in Kenya of the fact that the conservative Christian country is not yet ready to accept them as they are and perhaps never will.

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The late fashion designer, model and LGBTQ rights advocate was found stuffed in a metal box and dumped in a forest in Eldoret. And a lot of celebrities especially those who are members of the LGBTQ (whether still in the closet or not) have come out to mourn their friend.

Edwin Chiloba was Lassie in on New Year’s Eve of 2022 when he was out with friends ushering in the new year. He was found in the same clothes he wore while he was out which a police report described as female attire.

Why the Makena Njeri LGBTQ push is dead in the water

His friends and admirers had described him as a man who was full of vigour and love for life. He was an openly gay man who lived in his truth ignoring whether or not it was accepted or supported by the local community he was a member of.


Therein lies the problem because even though we would like to talk about human rights we need to understand that we all are members of a community. Edwin Chiloba’s death remind me of a Japanese saying, “the nail that sticks out gets hammered“.

LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

We had an opinion piece in which we spoke about yet another gay Rights activist Makena Njeri and her push to have homosexuality accepted not just within the enclaves in Nairobi and Mombasa but Nationwide. In it we had pointed out the fact that this was a fool’s errand as most Kenyans have an almost Fundamentalist aversion to the topic.

The brutal murder of Edwin Chiloba is sadly a reminder that we were right. These are those rare instances where we regret being right. But the truth is even in Nairobi Kenya’s capital city and the most cosmopolitan city in Eastern and Central Africa, homosexuality is not only a taboo topic but one that can lead to personal harm or even death.

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The only way for a member of the LGBTQ to survive outside of Nairobi and Mombasa is for them to code-switch. The demand to be able to leave the truth and be authentic to themselves is a naive one that chooses to be ignorant of the sheer hatred so many Kenyans have towards them.

My advice would be for them to move smart and adapt, after all, survival isn’t for the fittest but the most adaptable. When they are in their own clips in Nairobi or Mombasa they are free to be as they are.s at the same time they can be pushing for changes in Kenyan legislation that decriminalises same-sex relations and marriages. However, it doesn’t make sense to me for them to martyr themselves for this cause because they will be met with a grizzly end. We need to be pragmatic in our outlook on life, this isn’t a battle let alone a war that will be one in less than a decade or three, therefore it makes no sense to make this a battle of attrition.

That said and done, wewish to pass our condolences onto the late Edwin Chiloba’s family and friends and we truly do pray that his soul will find eternal peace in the bosom of God Almighty.


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