Gwaash has teamed up with Puffy and El Chapo Gang on ‘Bum Digida’ and it’s a banger (Video)

Fat Boy Gwaash, who’s also known as Mr Sponyo, dropped a new jam with El Chapo Gang and Puffy and we really¬† love it. Like, really!

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The song titled Bum Digida, is a party anthem that that hails the shaking of booty or twerking if you like.

If you were looking for a jam with a message then you are in the wrong place since it is just for entertainment. I would strongly advise you to look elsewhere.

Anyway, in my opinion, this jam is out of this world. It’s totally dope. In as much as it was my first time listening to a song by El Chapo or Puffy, I was not disappointed.


I, however, have to admit that I have a bias towards El Chapo. His wordplay on this jam was so amazing. I just wanted to keep listening to him.

As expected,n Fat Boy Gwaash also came through with some witty rhymes. He really aced it ladies and gentlemen. No kidding.

Of course, the video for this jam is also awesome thanks to the well-endowed lasses who were twerking like the world was about to end. Props to them! Or else it would not be a song about twerking if they didn’t get vixens who can really shake it.

Watch Bum Digida below and tell us what you think.