Elani’s Maureen Kunga serving body goals after tremendous weight loss (Photos)

Elani’s Maureen Kunga has been using this quarantine time to take care of herself and boy has she changed! Judging from the new photos shared on her Instagram; we believe that Maureen cut about 10 or more kgs as she appears to look smaller than what we were used to.

The lady who is not just a singer but a law degree holder has been keeping a low profile for months now. However the weight loss proves that she has been using her quarantine time wisely; and although Elani has not dropped a new project in a while; Maureen has definitely challenged many with her banging figure.

Elani’s maureen weight loss journey

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It’s impressive to see Ms Kunga juggle her law career, music, wife duties and at the same time still manages to achieve her current figure! Truth is, while Maureen is busy working on her appearance; most ladies in Nairobi have been using this quarantine time to sleep and watch series!

Maureen Kunga before weight loss

Elani planning to come back?

It is no secret that Elani have been missing in action for a while now; but their fans continue holding on as they await for the group to drop either a new song or just announce their come back soon.

However as for now, the three seem quite busy with their private lives. Brian who is the only man in the group is busy raising his 2 year old son; while Maureen got married last year and Wambui continues to slay for her IG fans with her contagious smile.

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Anyway below are just a few photos showing the transformed Maureen Kunga turning heads on social media.

Maureen Kunga getting hotter after getting married
Maureen showing off her curves in leather outfit
The gorgeous Ms Kunga

Eric Musyoka, the iconic producer who took Kenyan music to greater heights

It’s hard to talk about Kenyan music without mentioning the name of Decimal Records CEO Eric Musyoka, popularly known as Musyox. He has been very instrumental in shaping the Kenyan sound.

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In the early to mid 2000s when Calif Records and Ogopa Deejays were beefing, the award-winning producer, who is now 38, was working at Homeboyz Entertianment.


While at the stable which is owned by the Rabar family, Musyoka produced songs for the musicians like; Prezzo, TID, Mr Lenny, Nameless, AY, Wyre, Peter Miles, Nikki, Nonini, just to name a few.

He then took a break and went for further studies at the SAE Institute in the US in 2006. Upon his return, he formed Decimal Records and signed P-Unit.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the group that was made up Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu is one of Musyoka’s greatest achievements to this day. He literally propelled them to greater heights.

Musyoka and Bon Eye

What most people do not know is that the three started off as Nonini’s dancers and back-up singers and by 2010 they had won several awards including a MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA). Take a moment and let that sink in.

At Decimal, Musyoka has also worked with Just A Band, Juliani, Daddy Owen, Sauti Sol, Elani, Octopizzo and many more. Put simply, there is a high chance that he has produced a jam for your favourite Kenyan artist.

When all is said and done, he will be remembered for nurturing talents and taking Kenyan music to the continental stage because he started  producing music at a time when most artists were just focusing on their local audiences.

Musyoka is one of the producers who changed the game by ensuring our music could transcend our borders and this led to artists getting so many shows outside the country.

He’s a legend in his own right and it saddens me that most people will realize this after he hangs up his boots because as they say, you never miss something until it’s gone.

Watch one of his most popular jams dubbed Furahi Day by Nonini and Nameless below.


Elani is back with a new jam dubbed ‘Only You’ and it’s totally worth your time (Video)

For sure, we had missed Elani, the trio that treated us to powerful jams like; KookooJana Usiku, Milele. After a long hiatus, they are finally back.

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The group that is made up of Bryan Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi has released a new song titled Only You and we can’t get enough of it.

This jam talks about a time when people are willing to come together and commit to being with one another. The big step as some people would say.


There are several reasons why I love this jam. The first is because Kenya’s favourite YouTube couple of Ben Cyco and Wanjiru Njiru are starring in it and what better way to celebrate two people who genuinely love each other.

The second reason is that the vocals of the artists in this jam are so sweet. Every time you listen to Wambui, Bryan or Wambui, you can feel what they are singing about deep in your heart and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The third reason is the video is really great. I really loved the depictions it paints a better picture of what the trio are talking about. If I had to rate this song, I would give it an 11/10. Yup!

Watch Only You below and tell us what you think.

We need Elani back on the music scene!

If there’s something I’ve learnt about the Kenyan music industry it’s that you should never take a long break, unless of course you are Nyashinski.

Kenyans tend to forget very fast and new musicians are emerging each and every day so if you go on a hiatus you will pay for it dearly just like Elani.

The group that is made up of Bryan Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi, took a long break in 2016 and things have never been the same for them.

The Hapo Zamani hitmakers tried to make a comeback in 2018 but it soon dawned on them that their fans had moved on to things like Lamba Lolo.


At the time, their songs were not getting traction and they soon disappeared from the music scene yet again.

Truth is Elani has left a big void in the local music industry. We really miss them. I get nostalgia every time I listen to songs like Kookoo, Jana Usiku and Milele.

If it were up to me, I would work tirelessly to ensure that Elani gets back to where they were in 2014 but then again there’s nothing that I can do apart from wishing.

Listen to their latest release dubbed Jinsi below.

Photos of Elani’s Maureen Kunga’s ruracio at her parents home in Meru county

Maureen Kunga of Elani music group is all set to get marry the love of her life after clearing the final hurdle in the race to wedding.

Kunga’s ruracio (dowry payment at the bride-to-be’s home) was held on Saturday December 8th at her parents home in Meru county.

The sultry Elani singer donned traditional attire during her ruracio. Her her soon to be husband wore a white shirt and khaki pants.


Maureen Kunga and other Elani members – Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngungi made a major comeback in August 2018 after two years of silence.

The trio dropped a new album to dubbed ‘Colours of Love’. They had gone silent to focus on their individual careers; Wambui Ngungi is holds a BSc in Actuarial Science from University of Nairobi while Maureen Kunga and Brian Chweya are advocates.



Elani sing about Mahandi in their second song after their much awaited come back(video) 

Elani has released their second song after making a huge comeback recently and dropped their album ‘Color Of Love’.

Just weeks after the group released Heart Beat, they have now release a new song dubbed “Mahindi”


The song is from their debut album Barua ya Dunia and aims to bring to the fore the conversation on food security.

“We cannot let our people starve to death and not raise our voices against it. Life and death. We cannot be quiet about it. And it’s time we discuss it. We are taking a stand against the politics of food, because it is immoral that the benchmark for life rests on the threshold of survival. Let this song spark a conversation and open up the minds and hearts of all Kenyans to speak out against this chronic food security problem that is crippling our nation,” they said. 

The song is a partnership with Route To Food Alliance that is helping them push the agenda.

Watch! Elani release new song and album after long hiatus

Popular group Elani has finally released their new album ‘Color Of Love’ and their first track is called Heart beat. Dressed in nothing but yellow, the trio launched the song on Kiss FM in the morning with Shaffie Weru and Adele Onyango.

Speaking on why they had taken a hiatus, they said:

“I think the story as it goes some of us were finding ourselves, rumors pursuing solo career, another one got married, we also heard we pursued further studies, but in reality we were working learning and growing and making sure when we come back we are good,” they said.


“I think its constantly like that for any artiste, and the thing is as an artiste you need to take time to create your craft. before you give it out. i would have wanted to remove the whole in January but it was impossible because of different circumstances. but as an artiste you must take time out to reflect,…….but we are here now,” they said.

Watch the song below:




No love lost! Elani’s return sparks excitement galore

Elani took a long break from music to focus on individual careers – Brian Chweya and Maureen Kunga are trained lawyers while Wambui Ngugi is an actuarial scientist.

The trio left their fans hanging when they went on a sabbatical, they shot to fame with mega hits like Kookoo, Milele, Barua Ya Dunia, and Jana Usiku.

Elani however announced that they would be back this year, on 20th July they made a video to reassure their fans of the much awaited comeback.

Colours of love

Elani will be releasing their first single off their second album titled “Colours of Love”. Fans were excited to know that the song will be dropping as early as 8th August.


“Counting down days to the 08.8.18 for the release of our first single… Get here already!!!!????.. #COLOURSOFLOVE #newelanimusic,” wrote Elani.



Meet the lady who shares remarkable resemblance with Elani’s beauty, Wambui

Seems that Wambui from Elani has finally met someone who exactly looks like her judging from the photo making rounds on social media.

Apparently the two ladies are not related in anyway but looking at their photos one would assume that they are from the same mother if not the same father.

Well, this isn’t the first time two unrelated people are said to have the same exact looks but in Wambui’s case it seems a bit shocking that her look-alike also happens to wear glasses and the same hair making her look like the lost twin.

Anyway below is a photo of the two ladies.