“Loving you is easy” Emmy Kosgei celebrates 9th wedding anniversary with husband

Emmy Kosgei is happy to have clocked 9 years of nothing but happiness with husband, Anselm Madubuko. To mark the milestone, an excited Emmy Kosgei wrote down a beautiful message dedicated to husband on their special day.

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei

As seen on the post, clearly Emmy Kosgei described her husband as an amazing man, supportive and above all easy to love. For the nine years their life has been blissful which is why she is not shy to celebrate him. She wrote;

Wow! How years just move fast ????on this very day i said YES to this amazing hubby of mine and started a journey together ❤️ since then we have been diding ???????? God has been good to us???????????? every day, every year has been so meaningful and memorable.. you are an amazing husband to your nubian queen,


you’ve treated me to nothing less than your queen and God’s best on and off the pulpit ❤️ So blessed to be your wifey my darling… so loving,caring, supportive, understanding, accommodative,humble, above all a God chaser,lover and prayerful man❤️ you have mentored me in my walk in christ & you have allowed me to express myself freely in my area of calling ..

Marriage works

Although there are those who have questions about the two – especially since they have no children together; Emmy Kosgei still insists having chosen to spend life with pastor Anselm Madubuko is the best decision she ever made.

I am so much better and grown since our paths merged????????❤️ so blessed to have you as my hubby,spiritual cover & my spiritual father,my pastor, my prophet,mentor, coach, the king over our kingdom ????❤️loving you is easy my love .. #happyanniversary to us! @amadubuko To many more #blessedyears ahead … #soblessed #madubukos #herself #himself #apostlegeneral #marriagesworks

Emmy Kosgei’s husband sends her sweet message as she turns 39

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei was recently on social media to celebrate her birthday after she clocked 39 years.

Kosgei, who has been married to Apostle Anselm Madubuko for six years now, was more than happy to celebrate another birthday with him.

“Happy birthday my darling!! God has used u to make my life more beautiful!! I love u forever till Jesus comes. Have fun though with u every day is fun!! Blessings always @emmykosgei’ madubuko penned. 


In return, Kosgei said this when marking the day:

“Yaaaayyyyyyyy #happybirthday to me !!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️????️‍♀️????️‍♀️????️‍♀️ thank you lord for another new age! You have made my life so beautiful! You have been so good my god! I look at my self,my life,.. I see you… I see you… I see you … I see you ! I am grateful.” she said.

She thanked her hubby for her sweet message and support.

“I count my self so blessed,thank you for the blessings of a wonderful husband,great parents,great family and amazing people around me. A very happy birthday to this chebo lembus ! Chebo kibetu! Tungo! Nebo birrrr ???? @amadubuko … chebo pastor ???????????????? …. Happy birthday july babies….We are now open officially for gifts????????????????????????????,” she said. 

The two have been together but are yet to be blessed with any kid.


Emmy Kosgei: I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei has revealed why she has no kids despite being in a marriage for almost 5 years now.

According to the singer who is married to Anselm Madubuko, she didn’t do it because she wanted a partner who will give her kids but rather for connection. The gospel artiste and the Nigerian tycoon apostle exchanged vows in a traditional Nigerian wedding.

“I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently. I’m also very busy but yes, I do hope to have my own children one day,” She told Parents Magazine.


Madubuko has two children, Sandra and Velma, from a previous marriage, who Emmy embraced as her own, when the two tied the knot.

“My step-children respect me and call me mum. I don’t take it for granted,” She disclosed.

The first Madubuko daughter Velma was married in 2012, the year her mother and first wife of the pastor Connie Madubuko passed on. She welcomed a baby in May 2015, making Apostle Madubuko a grandfather and Emmy a grandmother to the pretty baby girl.

Emmy Kosgei surprises husband with party as he celebrated turning 62 

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei surprised her hubby, Nigerian apostle Anselm Madubuko, with a party after he turned 62 years.

The simple but yet classic party had a few guests over in the mega mansion and  Madubuko,  is seen walking down stairs to the party as two violin artists welcome him with soft music.

Emmy can be heard in the background belting out the birthday tune alongside a group of violinists. Kosgei, 38, and Madubuko have been married since since 2013.

Watch the video below:


Emmy Kosgei: My husband wants me in tight cloths

Singer Emmy Kosgei is a gospel singer who has usually maintained her image of long colorful dresses.Her husband, Anselm Madubuko however, prefers her wearing body hugging attires.

Speaking to Parent’s Magazine about her stage dress code, Emmy said “It’s not like I’m hiding anything, it’s just when I am singing in front of people I am very cautious of how I dress and I don’t want anything to take away the attention from my performance. Sometimes, the stage is high and if you wear short clothes you can disorganize the audience.”

Hubby’s request

She went to add that in Lagos with her husband, she’s goes totally the opposite way.

“In Lagos, I wear very fitting clothes because that is what my husband likes. But when I’m doing concerts I like flowing clothes because I am comfortable, I am free. I can lift my legs, I can jump and it’s still decent to everybody.”

Emmy Kosgei leaves social media on fire after mushy-mushy post with Nigerian hubby(Photo)

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei and Nigerian hubby Anselm Madubuko seem to be going strong despite social media numerous predictions that the’ll part ways. The two have been controversial magnets immediately they announced their relationship.

Kosgei was recently on Facebook to share a photo to prove social media wrong by sharing a sweet photo on Facebook. The two are wearing matching cloths and social media fell in love.

Here is what fans had to say:

Tyrah Kerrie I just love the couples, there so many reason’s that led to that Emmy loving the gentleman is not a big deal mmmmmmmh you claim of age and all bla bla bla where were you that time she was getting married you could oppose as well or rather marry her…. Not even in the Bible have seen ati mume afaa kuoa mume ana miaka Fulani na mke awe na miaka yake so my dear Emmy keep the candle burning so long as the shoe fits you I wonder why is it pressing some world booster mmmmmmmh I love the couples ???????????

Chebet Kibet Lovely is understatement!!!!
Chelly Chemngorem My Tetee you guys look amazing…much love n GOD BLESS
Carol Jerotich Gabriel Amazing, chebo muren an papa, God bless
Kilimo Kore The magnificent Emmy.I would have recommended It is love by Don Williams but mmm just remembered something, anyway keep going.



Emmy Kosgei’s latest prayer will make ‘husband snatchers’ fast and pray as they repent!

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei looks happy in her marriage. She may have not been blessed with a child for now but all seems just fine. The singer also enjoys sharing photos hanging out with her husband through her social media pages.

Her latest post shared on Instagram has left fans supporting her and at the same time also raising a few eyebrows. Could there be trouble in paradise? Emmy Kosgei wrote saying:

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“What God has put together let no #man #woman #child #uncle #friend #etc put asunder! till death do them part! Let them be jarre! Anyone coming in between two that God has put together catch fire! Die ooooooo…naombea ndoa zote… Ni hayo tu!”

However, I understand that this is not the first time she is giving marriage advice on social media. Having been raised in a Christian family the singer knows one or two things about having a ‘perfect’ marriage.

But since she is now wishing death on those committing sin, could this mean that the statement was aimed at someone she knows?

Emmy Kosgei’s marriage

She has been married for about 5 years now and has been supporting her husband’s ministry all through. We are however not sure whether the two decided not to have children or it happened naturally.

“You don’t just walk in and out” Emmy Kosgei shares a few tips about marriage life

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei who is married to popular Nigerian pastor Anselm Madubuko recently celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary in August together with friends and family through her social media pages where she poured out her heart to her main man.

Emmy Kosgei

After this she went on to share another post where she talked about marriage. Now that she has enough experience the lady went on to tell her followers that it is more than just a name and just a normal union. She wrote saying:

Emmy Kosgei

When you get the revelation on marriage you understand it’s more than the name, it’s more than a union…it’s a covenant that God honors! You don’t just walk in and walk out…!

The singer who seems to have joined her husband’s ministry also went on to reveal how much she loves her husband by writing;

I love you more #nkem

Though the couple has not been blessed with a child, they continue to love each other even more judging from the posts shared on their social media pages.