Emmy Kosgei: My husband wants me in tight cloths

Singer Emmy Kosgei is a gospel singer who has usually maintained her image of long colorful dresses.Her husband, Anselm Madubuko however, prefers her wearing body hugging attires.

Speaking to Parent’s Magazine about her stage dress code, Emmy said “It’s not like I’m hiding anything, it’s just when I am singing in front of people I am very cautious of how I dress and I don’t want anything to take away the attention from my performance. Sometimes, the stage is high and if you wear short clothes you can disorganize the audience.”

Hubby’s request

She went to add that in Lagos with her husband, she’s goes totally the opposite way.

“In Lagos, I wear very fitting clothes because that is what my husband likes. But when I’m doing concerts I like flowing clothes because I am comfortable, I am free. I can lift my legs, I can jump and it’s still decent to everybody.”

Emmy Kosgei’s step son shows off his wealth on social media, indeed he is among the super rich Nigerian kids living their lives to the fullest (Photos)

Having been born in a rich family, Emmy Kosgei’s step son has had it easy all his life. For this reason Anselm Madubuko Junior has been able to grace the best places in the world, drive the most expensive cars, use the most expensive gadgets and wear expensive designer wears.

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Unlike most people his age this young man owns ‘toys’ we only get to see on movies if not on most hihop videos. The cars he drives cannot be cost more than you can imagine and for some reason I believe that he also rolls around Nigeria in his private helicopter, something very few rich kids can pull.

Anyway, he also happens to have millions of followers and fans on Instagram who love to get a glimpse into his expensive lifestyles. Most of the snaps on his gram capture their lifestyle at home and outside the country. It also shows fans and followers what the rich kids love to do, eat or wear.

Checkout what he shares on his page: