Vera on darkening her skin: I did it just to promote my song 

Socialite Vera Sidika has confessed that she went dark for a few days just to promote her song and not because she was missing the skin tone.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafu FM, Vera professed her move to temporarily get her skin from the usual yellow back to black was just a publicity stunt.

”You know, that was just a publicity stunt. I know you understand how stunts work. I did it just to promote my song,” Vera revealed.


Vera Sidika released the video title MIMI which was talking about her skin bleaching incident.

“Logic can get you from point A to B, Imagination can get you everywhere. Mimi is my new single depicting the essence of audacity in life,” wrote Sidika when announcing the song.

Vera Sidika’s bae sends her lovely message as she turns 30 years old 

Vera Sidika’s new catch, Jimmy Chansa, recently took to social media to shower her with a sweet love message during her birthday.

The two love birds have been parading each other on social media leaving a number of women jealous and some wishing they break up soon so that they can have the handsome doctor.

Third floor

Jimy took to social media to post a message after surprising her with a bouquet of red roses and a cake.

“My love, I truly wish that you are blessed with all the happiness, Health,Joy & prosperity in life. After all u will share all that with me!!???? won’t you? Happy birthday to the twinkle of my eye and the person whom i love from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️ @queenveebosset” he posted. 

Vera melted to this and rushed online to reply:

“Awww ????baby daddy so sweet ???? thanks for the birthday surprise ????I love you so much and pray God Keeps us forever ????☺️❤️ Nakupenda ????”

Boy child Manenos! Meet the man begging Vera Sidika to be his wife VS the man Vera is in love with(Photos)

Socialite Vera Sidika was recently on the Trend where she officially launched her new song “Mimi”.

During the interview with Amina Abdi, Jegede showed up and gave the bootylicious socialite a bouquet of flowers. We all know how the singer is head over heels in love with Vera.


Unfortunately, Jegede got a shocker of his life after Vera dropped a bomb on him telling him that she already has a boyfriend.

Jegede, whose real name is Jackson Rakama, even presenter a poem for her.

“Vera, I have always loved you from way back. And words can’t explain my undying love for you. You’re everything I ever needed and more. A lot has been said about me, my love towards you. People think I’m after something. I’m not after money. I just want to share my love with you. I just want you to accept me the way I am.” he read. 

He then went ahead to ask for her love:

“I have a large sugarcane farm in Busia. We can do a lot together. You’re very beautiful. How can someone leave such a woman?” he said. 

“I appreciate you a lot but I have a boyfriend and here’s here [kenya] you know.” said Vera. 

“I’ll wait for you. I won’t give up,” said the singer.

Well, after the interview Vera posted her man and damn, he’s one hot hunk. Take a look.


Eric Omondi’s fiancee’s reply after his emotional goodbye post that some think is a stunt

Comedian Eric Omondi has been communicating different messages regarding his love life confusing fans in the process.

First, the comedian claimed that he’s desperately looking for Ksh 80 million to wed his fiance Chantal Gerzioli. He then changed tune and posted an emotional post on social media showing that the two have parted ways.


Gerzioli has responded to the post, hinting that the two might not be together anymore. She however, confused fans by sharing how she loves the comedian.

“I love eric and I will always love him and we are okay; we created the best of moments together, we shared our dreams and visions but most importantly we shared our lives. And I will always cherish every single moment,” she posted. 

“As I write this post I want to ask god to always protect you and your dreams until our paths meet again. I hate goodbyes so it’s not a goodbye its more like a see you later. I will always be here for you anytime, any day @ericomondi ????”

Kusuguliwa ile mbaya! Eric Omondi gets steamy dance from girlfriend as birthday gift(video)

Comedian Eric Omondi on Saturday celebrated his birthday surrounded by family and friends at a popular club in Nairobi.

Omondi, who Wikipedia claims he has just turned 41 but we highly disagree, posted a video enjoying an erotic dance from his woman Chantal at the popular club.

“A little Birthday Gift for the President from the first lady,” he wrote. 


The two enjoyed the night together as they celebrated the big day. In the video, Omondi also warns Joe Muchiri who they had a rather shocking bet that in case Manchester United beat Arsenal, Muchiri will take Omondi’s wife.

Well Arsenal won but we don’t think it will happen at all. Watch the video below:

‘Eric Omondi I want my money’ Woman claims a ‘broke’ Omondi hired her car and is now unable to pay 

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself in yet another scandal following money he owes a car hire agent.

According to a post shared on Group Kenya, Eric Omondi is being accused of ditching a car he had hired from a lady by the name of Wambui.

Apparently Omondi ditched the car at Moi international airport 3 days after his show and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car.

The police who towed the car claim it was  parked on a yellow line and the car keys had been thrown under the car.

Since the car had been left at the airport parking lot for a few days, the police kept an eye on it hoping the owner would should up.

However, no one did and this is why the car was towed. With this there is now a bill to be settled inorder for the car to be released.

Eric Omondi dodging the bill

The comedian is however said to be dodging the bill and judging from the screenshots shared by the lady; you one can see that Eric Omondi giving her blue ticks.

Now the story is out, we are waiting to hear what Eric Omondi has to say.

Like Willy Paul, Eric Omondi also cheated death at Dusit: I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped

Comedian Eric Omondi is among many Kenyans who narrowly escaped death following the terror attack at DusitD2 in 14 Riverside.

The comedian said that he cheated death by a whisker after bullets aimed at him missed. He has God to thank for that. According to Omondi who spoke to the Star, he had just picked a parcel at Red House office at Hanover building when the shootout started.

Two students shots

He says he witnessed to students being shot, one on the shoulder while the other was shot on the leg, before bullets aimed at him missed.

“I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped the bullet. It is just God. I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives.” said Eric. 

The attack, which started at 3 PM, saw four Somali terrorist attack the luxurious hotel and shoot indiscriminately. At around 4.30 pm, Recce squad security officers advanced into the hotel to try and neutralised the attackers.


“Only NBA player can get you the access I had” Vera Sidika shares how she met Kardashian Kendall Jenner while in the U.S.

Socialite Vera Sidika was recently a trending topic after she shared a photo with Kendall Jenner at the Staples Arena in Los Angeles.

The two were at the LA Clippers vs Philadelphia 76ers postgame invites-only party which had the who and whos of the game.

According to Sidika, she met Kendall at the NBA game which is a very exclusive affair. Kendall’s boyfriends, Ben Simmons was playing in the game as he plays for Philadelphia 76ers.

“The VIP tickets for post-game all access pass were never sold. You have to be given by an NBA player, which was the case with me. This is because unless that happens, all rich people will flock the NBA players and celebrities and make a mess out of it. Whether he is your boyfriend, relative or friend, only NBA player can get you the access I had,” Vera shared in an interview with Pulse Magazine. 

VIP passes

Vera, who left for the United States tour back then in November, shared that she had a few conversation with the Kendall during the game. She also got a chance to meet some of the players.

“That is how Kylie and I had passes. Her boyfriend was playing so after Game, they hang out there for a while before heading out. And there was a good moment for me to chit-chat with them…You know, it is like a chat with Kardashians’ finest,” the Kenyan socialite, arguably Africa’s most talked-about girl reveals. I had a chance to meet many NBA stars whom we had a good hook-up time with. I in particular recall the moment with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. I am not into sports really but it was interesting to watch the game and now I am in love with it,” she said. 


“I had appearances in London, then flew to USA for my tour. I started with Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona…and more cities are booking me for appearances throughout January. It sure is a busy 2019 kick off.”

Comedian Eric Omondi re-launches flopped show that aired on KTN just for days before he returned to Churchill 

Comedian Eric Omondi has a new show dubbed “Hawayuni” set to be steamed via Google app Afri pods.

Omondi, who several years ago left Churchill Show on NTV and moved to KTN to start his own show which flopped badly, took to social media to announce the new partnership that will see him have a weekly show.

“Hey guys…Welcome to AfriPod…The Newest way to Communicate, Educate and of course ENTERTAIN…I will be Podcasting weekly…STAY TUNED,” he said.

First job

The comedian has been using social media as a platform for his jokes but now will use Afri pods to further that. On instagram Afripods applauded his work and were happy to have him on board.

“We are honoured to welcome a man who has been voted ‘One of the 10 funniest men in Africa’! As the leading comedian in Kenya and pioneer in social media, it is no surprise that Eric Omondi @ericomondi with his very first Afripods podcast ‘Hawayuni’ want to be an early adopter and test a new digital channel like podcasting or ‘radio on demand’ as some like call it. On Afripods and through his first test into podcasting Eric plan to explore, develop, be topical, funny and entertaining at the same time so subscribe to this channel not to miss any episodes.” they said. 

Mapenzi bado iko! Eric Omondi welcomes ‘lost’ girlfriend Chantal back home like a true queen(photos) 

It has been almost eight months since comedian Eric Omondi saw his fiance Chantal Grazioli.

The two have been away from each other for so long that many started speculating that they are no longer together.

Eric came out to deny the allegations and even hinted there might be a wedding coming in e few months.

“Chantal and I are quite fine. She has been in Italy with her family for the last five months and we talk every day. I don’t see why people make such assumptions and conclusions without asking us when we are just a call away. That is really very lazy journalism,” Eric told Pulse.

Come back

The comedian brought Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to a standstill yesterday as he welcomed his fiancee Chantal Grazioli back home. Eric was at the arrivals terminus with a band that played music as she made her way to a car that was waiting.

Remember, last time he put up a billboard near JKIA to announce her arrival which ended up trending for days.

Here are the photos:


‘I wrote the song. He had no clue I was doing a song in the first place’ – Vera denies Otile wrote Nalia 

Vera Sidika has come out to vehemently deny that her ex-lover Otile Brown wrote her debut song “Nalia” as reports have claimed.

Otile’s close pal revealed that their relationship was all fake and even Otile is the man behind her successful song and video.

“Their’s was a love that was brewed and put together for social media influencing.Vera used the drama to released her single Nalia. Otile is the one who wrote the song for Vera. Also, Calisa is Otile’s close pal, he hooked Vera with him to be the video fox in the music video. ” the source said.

No idea

Vera, speaking to Kiss, said that Otile had no idea in the first place that she was recording the song and that her management reach out to Calisa for the video.

“Otile never even knew I was gonna do a song. If anything why would he write for me a song that is dissing him? I wrote the song. He had no clue I was doing a song in the first place.” she said. 


“My management booked Calisah as a model for my music video since he’s a professional model. I had to fly him in from Tanzania. He doesn’t even know Calisah at all. Never met. Never talked. Knows nothing about him. Why would he claim he’s friends with him. He can’t just come out of nowhere and take credit for my work.”

Regarding her relationship, Vera denied it was stunt meant for their careers.

“The break up is NOT a stunt. We are no longer together and I will never get back with him. I have already moved on as a mater of fact, I’m seeing someone else.” she said. 

I wasn’t around when Jacque Maribe held her baby shower at Dennis Itumbi’s house – Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has said that he’s still in good terms with Jackie Maribe despite what many Kenyans have been claiming online.

The comedian has been getting a lot of heat since Maribe’s case as Kenyans claim he was the reason behind her woes after he dumped her.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Omondi opened up of how the two met.

“I met Jacque Maribe when we were both employees at Radio Africa Group, and our friendship grew from there. We even went for a date at Sarit Centre and had some tea. Since then our friendship has been so tight,” he said.

Omondi said that they have always been friends ever since and even shared that he supported her while she was in jail.

“Till now we are still friends and every time we tell ourselves that whatever happens, we will still remain friends. I chat her on messages but I will not say if I visited her when she was incarcerated,”he said. 

Baby Shower

Omondi also added that he never attended Maribe’s baby show’s after party that was hosted by none other than Itumbi, at his house, because he was not in the country then.

Asked why he posted Maribe’s son on social media recently, Omondi said:

“When I posted the picture, I was in Dubai and when I came back, everyone wanted to know about it, but hilo ni swala nyeti sana,” he said. “Hio swali ni ngumu (That question is tough).”


Eric Omondi fools Americans that he’s a popular witch doctor from Africa(video) 

Comedian Eric Omondi is in the US for his annual comedy tour. The comedian, who landed in New York a few days ago, had a prank for Americans that they couldn’t diffuse.

Omondi pretended to be a traditional medicine man at Times Square and guys actually believed it. We have seen the comedian before pretend or imitate a lot of people in the past but deep down, many knew that Eric was just imitating someone.

“So I went to New York City disguised as an African Traditional Medicine man (Witch Doctor)Even ran a 20 minutes Ad on the Digital Billboards… A few minutes after set up… BUSINESS WAS BOOMING????????” he said. 


This time however, Americans fell for it. Some even approached him for his rare service and within a short time, the fake doctor was making money.

Watch him in the video below:

Eric Omondi finally releases full ‘money’ video after leaving Kenyans in pure envy 

Comedian Eric Omondi recently topped headlines after posting a clip shoveling money into a sack, leaving many with envy especially after thinking of their dry bank accounts.

Kenyans have been eager to see what the comedian had in stores this time round considering how his videos can be controversial — remember that naked one?


The new video is yet another hit from the comedian in which he addresses corrupt politicians. Sampled from the popular Sauti Sol’s hit “Short and Sweet” Eric’s song has already impressed her fans.

Watch it below:


Girlfriend miaka ngapi? Eric Omondi slammed by fans for not marrying Italian lover Chantal 

Fans think comedian Eric Omondi is confused regarding his relationship status. According to many, the comedian doesn’t know what he’s currently in and should announce his stand.

This comes after he shared a video of his lover Chantal who he has dated for years now, said the two were married but went on to call her girlfriend. Social media wanted him to refer to her as his wife.

Make it official

Instagram fans attacked him insisting that it’s time he marries the beautiful lady and make everything official.

“But marriage is hard. My girlfriend adopted this chick and now that she is away I am supposed to take care of it,” the comedian wrote. 

  • sherri_the_ladyCha muhimu maji na unga.. Girlfriend n marriage aint same in one sentence its a paradoxy…
  • lucasoqirenoOmondi omondi omondi omondi omondi omondi… nimekuja mara ngapi almost nisahau nikuite detergents juu ya #omo
  • allano_goonBut but why call her your girlfriend if you are married ?? Call her wife wacha hizo erico
  • credible_platnumzBut marriage is hard….so my girlfriend adopted??? something is wrong with that statement @ericomondi ?? or am i tripping

Trust issues? Why Vera and Otile Brown keep going for HIV tests almost monthly 

In just five months Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been together, they have gone for HIV test three times. That’s almost every one and a half months.

Encourage others

Otile Brown, however, opened up on why they have been having these visits saying they just want to be sure of their statuses and encourage others to have such tests.

Otile spoke to Wasafi TV where he shared it all.




Lamba LOLO! Eric Omondi teams up with Kidum for new song ‘LOLO’

Comedian Eric Omondi and popular singer Kidum have united to shoot a new video called LOLO. We all know Omondi’s music videos are just funny clips on beats.

The two have worked on their new song which has Kidum on the guitar while Omondi reminding us his Congolese roots that we have always doubted since he left Kisumu for Nairobi.

Anyway, it’s a funny song that you will totally enjoy especially from how Omondi narrates how women left him hanging after spoiling them in clubs with his hard earned cash.

Watch the video below:


Is Eric Omondi taking things too far? Watch him twerk and grind in his new video

Comedy is not just about coming up with funny jokes but knowing how to keep fans entertained and Eric Omondi seems to have specialized in this.

His latest project dubbed ‘how to be Vera Sidika’ has left many talking and not because he stepped out wearing a wig and heels which he paired with an amazing outfit but because he has gone ahead to drop a new video where he is seen twerking and shaking his body like most socialites or rather video vixens do.

The song heard in the background is a modified version of PUnits ‘you guy’ and Harmonizes ‘Anita’ the first song Vera Sidika played the role of the main video vixen thanks to what her mama and surgeons have her. Watch the video below and be the judge.



Eric Omondi continues to dress like a woman for success, checkout his fine body

Comedian Eric Omondi is capable of doing anything just to keep the money coming in…okay I mean everyone is but this particular comedian has been stunting on his fans with fresh vibe just to keep them entertained.

His latest project required him to dress up like a woman and in this case he choose to step up in Addidas leggings which he paired with a crop top and low heeled shoes. Judging from his modified skin tone and wig there is no doubt that he was trying to look like Vera Sidika hence the name “how to be like Vera Sidika.”

He is Howe the only comedian in East Africa who has proven to be perfect at cross dressing simply because he understands how to deliver unique comedy for his fans. His tricks are the main reason he gets to roll around with International artists like Diamond Platnumz among others. I am guessing he understands ways of keeping his money coming, right?

Checkout the photos below: