Dear Kenyan artists, It’s time to copy Nigerian artists

I know Eric Omondi has been pushing for Kenyan music to get efficient air play but problem is….is he sure that is what Kenyans want to listen to?

First of all, majority have been complaining about the content in most local songs… something Eric Omondi should have first addressed before launching his campaign where he wants 75% of local music to be played on radio and TV.

But everyone is in business which explains why most kenyan music don’t get as much airplay as we would hope. Playing them is basically chasing the listeners away simply because some of the lyrics carry no relevant meaning and the fact that there is no growth….(I mean the younger generation ‘gengetone’ tried coming up but were shut down) means its time to up their game.

Why Nigerians are making it big

Well, not that the kenyan music is so bad – i mean we have Sauti Sol, Otile Brown, Nyashinski among others, problem is lately their is no connection with their fans since Covid happened and unlike their fans – these artists are finding it hard to adjust to the new wave.

Look at Nigerians, the likes of Wizkid and Davido who were running the industry before the pandemic have stepped aside allowing new age artists i.e Ruger, Asake and others to take over – but in Kenya bado wasanii wanangangania titles yet….times have changed.

Okay if you don’t believe me then name one song from Otile Browns latest songs or even KRG the Don….wait better…one from Obinna’s songs since joining kiss FM. You see…ata wewe huna habari that Obinna is an artist.

Anyway if anything we dont blame the artists that are currently in the industry but dont you think adjusting to the current times is important? Nigerians are and that is why they continue to run the game because they understand change is enivertable….

However down here in Kenya, we have retired gospel artists trying to venture into secular music after realizing there no money left in the gospel industry. So yea….in the end you realize the artists themselves are not even passionate about the career, but want to make money- hence the crappy songs Eric Omondi is fighting to get 75% air play. Not worth it at all.