Eric Omondi Arrested For Demonstrating Against Financial Bill

Kenyan comedian and activist Eric Omondi was arrested during a demonstration outside parliament buildings. Omondi, along with a group of protestors, mainly women, accused legislators of betraying the people by planning to approve the Finance Bill.

The protestors, under the banner of the “Mama Mboga Revolution” (Swahili for “Market Woman Revolution”), held signs and scattered vegetables, likely sukuma wiki (collard greens), at the parliament entrance. Police apprehended Omondi and took him to the Parliament police station.

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Omondi took to Instagram to express his opposition to the bill, arguing that it would burden Kenyans already struggling financially. He posted:

We WILL NOT ALLOW this Government to KILL and SUFFOCATE Kenyans with the FINANCE ACT 2024!!! Kenyans are Suffering and Dying in Hospitals without medicine while they TAX us to Buy Cars, Houses and EXPENSIVE Travels abroad.#SayNoToFinanceAct2024.

This is not Omondi’s first arrest for activism. In February 2023, he was arrested for leading protests against the high cost of living.

Eric Omondi Demands Apology From KFCB After They Targeted YouTubers

Kenyan comedian and activist Eric Omondi is leading a call for a public apology from the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) following its recent regulations targeting YouTubers.

The controversy arose when the KFCB issued notices requiring content creators to obtain licenses for their YouTube channels and pre-approve their content before uploading. Omondi, along with other creators, saw this as disrespectful and dismissive of a thriving industry.

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In a public interview, Omondi emphasized that simply withdrawing the notices wasn’t enough. He demanded a formal apology from the acting CEO within 14 days, threatening removal from office if it wasn’t issued.

“We won’t tolerate disrespect from the KFCB anymore,” Omondi declared. “Content creation is a legitimate source of income, especially for young people struggling to find jobs. The board should be supporting us, not hindering our work.”

This pressure seems to be working. Following Omondi’s statements, the KFCB chairperson, Njogu Wa Njoroge, backtracked on the regulations. He acknowledged the importance of supporting content creators and announced plans to engage with stakeholders in the digital content creation industry.

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Njoroge also emphasized the need to focus on training creators on monetization and job creation within the digital media sector.

While the KFCB has seemingly retreated, the situation highlights the ongoing tension between content creators and regulatory bodies. It remains to be seen if a true collaborative effort will emerge from these talks.

Eric Omondi recently spoke out about dowry and his plans to marry Lynne

Eric Omondi stepped up as a supportive partner to his baby mama, Lynne Njihia, during her recent recognition as the Outstanding Content Creator/Commercial Model of the Year.


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Lynne expressed her excitement and gratitude for the award, highlighting Eric’s role as her greatest support. She credited him for standing by her side throughout her journey in content creation.

In response, Eric congratulated her, acknowledging the award as a well-deserved accomplishment. He expressed pride and happiness for her achievements.


Eric Omondi Hints On Siring More Kids With His Girlfriend Lynn

Regarding their wedding plans, Lynne humorously deferred to Eric, mentioning that she already had the ring, implying her readiness for marriage. Eric, known for his penchant for surprises, teased about his plans, suggesting that Kenyans should wait patiently for an announcement.

When asked about dowry, Eric hinted at a traditional approach, emphasizing his commitment to making the occasion memorable. Their relationship began with a thoughtful gesture from Eric, which Lynne fondly recalled. She appreciated his kindness when he offered her his shoes during a shoot, showcasing his considerate nature.

What’s inside Eric Omondi’s arch? Find out here

Kenyan activist and comedian Eric Omondi has revealed the unique features of his new ark. Speaking to reporters, he shared details about his innovative creation, describing it as a “Gen Z ark” with distinct attributes.

“This ark is not like Noah’s. It has a television, Wi-Fi, a kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and restaurants. It’s a Gen Z ark,” Eric explained.


Eric Omondi Hints On Siring More Kids With His Girlfriend Lynn

He further mentioned that the ark is complete and set to be launched soon. Initially intended to save people from floods, its purpose has now changed due to the absence of flooding.

Eric highlighted the ark’s capacity to accommodate 250 people and shared his ambitious plans for its use.

“Considering the current situation in Kenya and the government’s plans, we will utilize this ark extensively. I want it to visit all 47 counties. It will be for the people, carrying food, maize, flour, and clothes,” Eric said.


In 3 hours, Eric Omondi raised Ksh 237k to help victims of eviction

He also mentioned that adding wheels to the ark would help fulfill its new purpose.

“The ark is finished, and we will launch it soon. We have repurposed it since the floods have subsided. We plan to put wheels on it like a vehicle,” Eric added.

Initially, Eric announced the ark as a means to assist Kenyans affected by floods. Although the flooding issue has been resolved, the ark will now serve different, yet still humanitarian, purposes.

The ark boasts a range of unique features that make it stand out.

  1. Spacious Interior: The ark is surprisingly spacious inside, offering enough room to accommodate a comfortable living area.
  2. Modern Amenities: It is equipped with modern amenities, including a well-furnished kitchen and a luxurious bathroom, ensuring that all basic needs are met.
  3. Entertainment Systems: For leisure, the ark includes state-of-the-art entertainment systems, such as a flat-screen TV and a sound system, providing a home-theater experience.
  4. Stylish Decor: The interior decor is stylish and contemporary, with carefully chosen furnishings and decorations that add to the ark’s aesthetic appeal.
  5. Custom Features: Omondi’s ark also has custom features like a mini gym for fitness enthusiasts and a small studio for his creative projects.
  6. Eco-Friendly Design: The ark is designed to be eco-friendly, with solar panels installed on the roof to power the electrical systems, making it a sustainable living option.

Eric Omondi Hints On Siring More Kids With His Girlfriend Lynn

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, known for his activism and self-proclaimed title of “President of Comedy,” revealed his desire for a larger family in a recent interview with Rick Media.

Omondi, already a father to daughter Kayla, expressed a lifelong dream of having three daughters.

“It feels amazing that God answered my prayers,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind adding two more” to his family.

The comedian also enjoys a supportive relationship with his girlfriend Lynne, whom he reportedly met in 2020 during a filming event.


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Lynne has spoken publicly about Omondi’s dedication to their daughter, despite his busy schedule advocating for social causes.

“He’s always there for me,” she shared.

Eric Omondi has been criticized recently for not having time for his family. He has been on the forefront when it comes to helping needy Kenyans, some of whom have been affected immensely by the floods.

The comedian has been dragged into the colliquy of running for a political seat in 2027 because of his generosity. Further, the philanthropist has created a ‘sisi kwa sisi’ initiative that is aimed at helping needy Kenyans.


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Despite having numerous women in his life, Eric decided to settle with Lynn and they have already sired a daughter together. Their age difference has also been questioned; but he continues to show perennial love to his girlfriend.

In 3 hours, Eric Omondi raised Ksh 237k to help victims of eviction

Once again, comedian and philanthropist Erick Omondi has stepped forward to aid those displaced from their homes.


Politician Jaguar: There is no way Eric Omondi can transform Kenya!

In response to the government’s demolition of houses, Erick Omondi urged fellow Kenyans to utilize the hashtag “sisi kwa sisi” to assist the affected individuals.

The demolitions targeted homes situated near the riverbanks in Mukuru kwa Rueben, susceptible to flooding during heavy rainfall due to the nearby Ngong River.

Expressing gratitude to #Teamsisikwasisi, Omondi revealed that they raised 237,000 Ksh in under three hours. They selected ten of the most affected families in Mukuru kwa Ruben, providing them with three months’ rent, two months’ worth of household supplies, and seed money for a small business. He thanked internet users via a message on X (formerly Twitter).


Eric Omondi Once Again Calls Out Sakaja Following The Ongoing Floods (Video)

Omondi has consistently shown compassion, recognizing that often, Kenyans are left to fend for themselves. His recent initiative involved constructing a large vessel, likened to Noah’s Ark by some online users, which sparked varied reactions.

Eric Omondi Steps Up To Aid Flood-Displaced Families In Mukuru

Kenyan comedian and philanthropist Eric Omondi is once again lending a helping hand to those impacted by flooding. This time, his efforts are focused on assisting families displaced from their homes in Mukuru Kwa Reuben.

The homes in question were unfortunately located near waterways, making them vulnerable to flooding from the Ngong River during heavy rains.

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Omondi rallied his fellow Kenyans through the hashtag #sisiwasesisi (Swahili for “we for each other”) to raise funds for those affected. The initiative proved successful, generating Ksh 237,000 within just three hours.

Utilizing the funds raised, Omondi identified ten of the most affected families who lost their homes due to the demolitions. Each family received three months’ rent for their new accommodations, along with a two-month supply of household essentials and seed capital to kickstart small businesses.

Expressing his gratitude on a social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), Omondi commended the online community for their generosity.

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This act of compassion aligns with Omondi’s history of supporting Kenyans in need. He emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and community support, particularly when faced with challenges.

Omondi has also garnered attention recently for constructing a large vessel, dubbed “Noah’s Ark” by some, which has reportedly provided transportation and shelter to at least 34 flood-affected people.

Politician Jaguar: There is no way Eric Omondi can transform Kenya!

Musician and former MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua has commented on comedian Eric Omondi’s relief efforts amidst the ongoing heavy rains in Kenya.

Through his ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ initiative, Eric Omondi has been actively visiting and assisting many affected people in various regions of the country. However, despite his commendable efforts, the government criticizes the authorities for what he perceives as inadequate support to the hundreds of Kenyans affected.


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In response to Eric’s actions, Jaguar has urged him to collaborate with the government to provide assistance to Kenyans. He emphasized that the disaster surpasses individual efforts and requires cooperation with the government to make a substantial impact.

“The magnitude of the disaster transcends Eric Omondi’s efforts. While I appreciate what he’s doing, it’s crucial for him to work alongside the government to truly make a difference. Despite any disagreements with the government, it’s essential to unite for the greater good,” Jaguar conveyed to reporters.


Eric Omondi Once Again Calls Out Sakaja Following The Ongoing Floods (Video)

Eric Omondi, on his part, announced plans to construct an ‘ark’ to address the current situation. Dubbed the ‘Noah’s Ark,’ the initiative aims to gather skilled carpenters to expedite the project’s completion within a week, given the lack of trust in government response.

In an Instagram update, Omondi detailed the purpose of the motorized ‘sisi kwa sisi’ ark, which will reach victims in the most remote parts of Kenya, providing lifesaving aid such as food, clothing, and medicine.

Last week, Omondi ventured to the Athi River area by boat, documenting his rescue efforts through videos as he aided individuals trapped in flooded homes.

“We’ve rescued 34 people today from 8:30 am to 11 am, and there are still hundreds in need, including children. Time is of the essence,” he shared on Instagram.

Expressing his commitment to humanitarian efforts, Omondi stated that he had temporarily stepped away from entertainment to prioritize aiding vulnerable Kenyans in need.

Why Eric Omondi is building Noah’s Ark

Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi is actively involved in assisting Kenyans affected by floods through his ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ initiative.


Eric Omondi Once Again Calls Out Sakaja Following The Ongoing Floods (Video)

Omondi has revealed plans to construct a ‘Noah’s Ark’ as part of his efforts to address the situation. In an interview with Silva Kido, he emphasized the need for proactive measures, expressing skepticism about government intervention.

“We are initiating a project called Noah’s Ark. We are reaching out to all skilled carpenters to collaborate on this initiative within a week. Our aim is to be prepared for any disaster because we cannot rely on the government; we must take matters into our own hands,” he stated.


Eric Omondi exhorts citizens of Nairobi to defy Sakaja’s directives and record Kanjos

Taking to Instagram, Omondi further elaborated on the initiative, announcing that his motorized ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ ark would traverse even the most remote areas of Kenya to provide aid, including food, clothing, and medicine.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Recently, Omondi ventured to the Athi River area by boat, where he documented his efforts to rescue individuals stranded in flooded homes.


Eric Omondi To The Rescue Yet Again As He Vows To Help Un-Employed Kenyans Get Jobs

“Families are trapped on rooftops, and time is of the essence… Today alone, from 8:30 am to 11 am, we managed to rescue 34 people, but there are still hundreds in need, including children, with the looming threat of disaster at any moment! Last night, we rescued a woman and her three children in Ruiru’s OJ region. Our priorities are in disarray,” he shared on Instagram.

Eric Omondi Once Again Calls Out Sakaja Following The Ongoing Floods (Video)

Eric Omondi has delivered his harangue at Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja following the ongoing floods in the city; which has claimed lives and destroyed property worh millions.

This is not the first time Eric Omondi is showing his discontentment with the city Governor.

According to Eric Omondi, Sakaja is not doing enough for his county after being elected as Governor.

Few weeks ago, Eric called him out after he spotted city Kanjos harassing business women. Eric rebuked the actions of the Kanjos while telling Sakaja to ban them against such obnoxious acts.

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Eric Vs Sakaja

Well, this time, Eric is still disappointed with Sakaja after failing to take action on time
Eric shared a video on his Instagram that showed how he literally helped netizens camping on their roofs to evade the underlying massive water flooding their indoors. This was in Athi River. In some other parts, it was way worse.

In a recent interview with SPM Buzz, an emotional Eric claimed he has authority to call the leaders out, including Sakaja.
He maintained his stance on Kenyan leaders not doing their part and watching as citizens suffer in their respective counties.

Even though Eric has stood with citizens on the issue, leaders seem to eschew response to him.


Eric Omondi’s Girlfriend Lynn Gushes Over Daughter’s Bond With The Comedian

Eric Omondi’s partner Lynn Njihia has embraced the role of a full-time mom for their daughter Kayla. Balancing motherhood with her career, Lynn prioritizes Kayla’s well-being.

“I want to be present for her,” she says, “but I’ll also continue creating content.”

Lynn gushes about Kayla’s strong bond with her father.

“She’s got Eric’s energy,” she beams. “Their connection is amazing to see. He’s become a softie, a whole new side of him!”

Kayla’s arrival has been a blessing. “She’s our little miracle,” Lynn says. Born prematurely, Kayla’s milestones hold extra significance for her parents. “Every day brings something new, it’s like watching a flower bloom,” Lynn adds.

As the “President of Comedy’s” daughter, Kayla enjoys the perks of having a famous dad. But more importantly, she’s surrounded by love from both parents. Eric and Lynn are clearly smitten with their eight-month-old daughter.

Eric Omondi exhorts citizens of Nairobi to defy Sakaja’s directives and record Kanjos

Renowned comedian turned activist, Eric Omondi, has taken a firm stance against Governor Johnson Sakaja’s recent directive to county inspectorate officers, commonly known as Kanjo, a move that has stirred controversy.

On April 1, the county leader instructed Kanjo officers to arrest any individual caught recording or taking pictures of them while on duty.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Eric Omondi criticized Sakaja, branding him as the foremost content creator who is stifling others.

“Have you not seen Sakaja on TikTok? He is the top content creator. He lacks the authority to prohibit anyone from recording in the city,” suggested the comedian.

Omondi, popularly known, urged every Nairobi resident to start recording Kanjo officers who engage in the brutal harassment of Kenyans.

“We will take legal action against them for brutality, corruption, and unlawful arrests. We demand that Kanjo officers must identify themselves before making any arrests. They should display their identification cards and inform you of your alleged offense,” he emphasized.

According to the comedian, the governor has mismanaged the county, allowing Kanjo officers to violently extort from Nairobians under the guise of carrying out their duties.

“Kanjo officers are plundering Nairobi through violence. They abuse their uniforms to hide their corruption, soliciting bribes everywhere,” Eric lamented.

Asked about his support for Governor Sakaja, Eric expressed disappointment, stating:

“I voted for him, and it’s disheartening how he has let us down. I believed in him as a young person because I thought he understood the struggles of the youth. He once identified with us, having been involved in gospel music. However, he is now intoxicated by power and has forgotten those who propelled him to his current position. He is persecuting us and shying away from accountability.”

The comedian further called for mandatory cameras on Kanjo officers to monitor their actions, highlighting his own experiences of being targeted despite his efforts to assist them.

“Nairobi is not your house, Sakaja Johnson. We will impeach you. The drainage systems are not working; nothing is working. Your priorities are upside down; your officers kicked a woman in the stomach as I watched. Brutality must stop. We will record them daily,” Eric added.

He vowed to continue recording Kanjo officers until they cease their abusive conduct towards Kenyans while carrying out their duties.

Eric Omondi Condemns Sakaja’s Decision Allowing Kanjos To Arrest Anyone Recording Them

Comedian Eric Omondi has once again called out Nairobi Governor Sakaja over the recent ‘Kanjo’ harassment to hawkers and business people around the CBD.

Eric happened to be one of the witnesses on an operation by the Kanjos, where he claims they beat up women and mis-handled their goods.

Eric took to his social media to condemn the act, terming it as uncouth. He recalled an incident where one of the women was kicked on the stomach during the operation.

Sakaja Supports Kanjo

Upon seeing the videos recorded of Kanjos, Sakaja has now urged them to arrest those who record them while they work.

”Kwani mtu akifanya kitu mbaya anafaa aimbiwe wimbo? Order must be maintained. We want a city with order. Na hawa watu wa kuwa record, shika hao pia. That is obstruction of enforcement of justice. Do your work, do the right thing. What you’re doing is needed,” Sakaja said.

Eric’s Response

In response to Sakaja’s sentiments, Eric Omondi has now reiterated his statement, warning Sakaja on impeachment.

”Nairobi is not your House. WE WILL IMPEACH YOU. Nai Hai work. The Drainage Systems are not working, Doctors are Striking. Nothing is working. Your Priorities are Upside Down. Your Regime is the Worst in the History of Nairobi. Your Officers kicked a woman in the Stomach as I watched in broad Daylight what if she was Expectant. The BRUTALITY MUST STOP!!! We will RECORD THEM DAILY. CONTROL YOUR MEN or we will do it for you!!!,” Eric wrote on his Instagram.

Fans reacted to the post with most of them foreseeing Kanjos mistreating business people following Sakaja’s statement.

Eric Omondi Records Kanjo Brutality As He Calls Them Out

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi took to social media (Instagram) to expose an incident involving Nairobi City County officers, known as “Kanjo.”

Omondi shared a video on Instagram depicting Kanjo officers forcefully apprehending individuals on the roadside. He witnessed the officers’ actions firsthand and expressed concern about their aggressive behavior.

Disturbing Encounter

The video shows a Kanjo vehicle parked by the roadside, with officers seemingly forcing people into it. Omondi confronted the officers but they drove away before responding.

Omondi described two distressed women who reportedly suffered mistreatment at the hands of the Kanjo officers. He emphasized their emotional state, mentioning one woman’s tearful attempt to recount the ordeal.

Demanding Action

Omondi directed his outrage towards Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, urging him to take action. He demanded the release of the apprehended individuals and medical attention for the affected women.

“johnson sakaja!!! Release Ken now and take this woman to the hospital!!! Today I caught them in the act!!! Sooo brutal!!! I saw a man lift a woman and drop them!!! These are our brothers and sisters struggling to make ends meet to put food on the table. Our time is coming!!! Please watch to the end,” he wrote.

Omondi condemned the alleged brutality witnessed, highlighting the plight of ordinary citizens struggling financially. He called for accountability from the authorities and emphasized the importance of resisting such acts of injustice.

Eric Omondi To The Rescue Yet Again As He Vows To Help Un-Employed Kenyans Get Jobs

Popular Kenyan entertainer Eric Omondi, has shifted his focus to activism, aiming to bridge the gap between unemployed youth and potential employers.

Through his Instagram platform, Omondi called upon unemployed graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs to attend a meeting on March 26th at the Blue Springs Hotel. He promised to connect attendees with job opportunities and support their business ideas.

“The response from graduates seeking work was overwhelming,” Omondi stated, “but there’s a solution! We’ve secured numerous job openings thanks to generous Kenyans.”

“If you are a graduate without a job come to Blue Springs Hotel Thika Road opposite Gardens City tomorrow. We are meeting at 8:30 am usichelewe!!! Iko kazi!!! Kazi iko!!!! We are going to provide employment and job opportunities to all our brothers and sisters. We have already acquired numerous jobs from Kenyans of goodwill,” he captioned the video.

This initiative comes after a series of events in March 2023 where Omondi actively campaigned for job creation. He was previously arrested for attempting to deliver resumes to the State House and for distributing food aid in Nairobi.
Eric Omondi has also been the founder of ‘sisi kwa sisi’ foundation, which has helped a good number of needy citizens.

“Sahizi, I’m not a comedian,” admits Eric Omondi.

Comedian-turned-digital content creator, activist, and philanthropist Eric Omondi has opened up about his absence from the comedy scene, attributing it to the lack of receptiveness among Kenyans towards humor.

In an interview with Plug TV media, Eric addressed the question of whether he still identifies himself as a comedian.

“Can Eric still be considered a comedian, or should we remove that title altogether?” the interviewer asked.

In response, Eric revealed his decision to distance himself from the comedian label, stating his disinterest in continuing with comedy. “At this point, Eric Omondi is no longer a comedian because there’s nothing amusing in Kenya,” he firmly declared.

Expanding on his stance, Eric pointed out the prevailing somber atmosphere in the country, which, in his view, made comedy irrelevant.

He stressed that given the nation’s circumstances, there was little to find humorous or laughable. “Nobody is in the mood for laughter; people are grappling with depression. In fact, I believe we should ban all comedy shows in the country. There’s no room for smiles or laughter. You can’t crack jokes at a funeral, it’s just not appropriate,” he asserted.

Reiterating his viewpoint, Eric underscored the seriousness of the situation, acknowledging the widespread grief and financial hardships faced by many.

“The prevailing mood in Kenya is one of sorrow, not conducive to jokes and comedy. Until things improve, until there’s a change, comedy is off the table. Who will find humor in these circumstances? Why? At what time?” he candidly expressed.

He challenged the interviewer to interact with random individuals on the streets, confident they would share his perspective on the absence of humor amidst the current challenges.

Comedian Eric Omondi Celebrated As He Turns 42!

Eric Omondi tells the story of how he almost became an Illuminati initiate

Comedian Eric Omondi has refuted claims of being associated with the Illuminati.

In an interview with blogger Trudy Kitui, Omondi clarified that he is not a member of the Illuminati, contrary to widespread beliefs.

Omondi recounted how the rumors started during his time as a comedian on the Churchill Show. He shared a story about receiving a call from an unknown person seeking his help to join the Illuminati.

Despite trying to dissuade the individual, they persisted and even asked him to send money to facilitate their entry into the Illuminati. Omondi decided to play along, requested 50K, and instructed the person to bring a white goat and an additional 25K for further guidance. After receiving the money, he blocked the individual.

“That rumor has been there since I was on the Churchill Show. Someone called me during the day and asked me to help them join the Illuminati. I told them I didn’t know what the Illuminati was. I told them I’m not a member. They called me again at night, insisting I help them join the Illuminati,” explained Omondi.

“I told them I would help them join the Illuminati, but not to tell anyone. To join, you pay 100K, but for now, I want you to send me 50K, come with a white goat, and 25K, then I’ll tell you what to do.

And they sent the money. The money came to this phone of mine. If there’s money I’ve ever eaten, it’s that one. They called me twice; I told them they are very foolish. Later, I blocked them,” he added.

As Omondi considers entering politics, he urged young people to focus on hard work rather than entertaining the notion that joining the Illuminati would guarantee effortless success in life.

Eric Omondi Claims He Will Re-Unite Mungai Eve & Director Trevor

Comedian Eric Omondi has expressed his intent to intervene in the recent professional split between YouTube personalities Director Trevor and Mungai Eve.

“I wouldn’t call myself dad but I intentionally worked with Eve to grow online media. I believe my opinion in this case matters,” Omondi stated.

Omondi claims to have played a role in developing their online presence, suggesting a personal connection to their situation. He believes his perspective can be valuable in facilitating reconciliation.

“I had spoken and met both Eve and Trevor before the messy split and the issue is their friends. Ni watu kuingililia maisha yao,” Omondi said.

Proposed Intervention

Omondi plans to invite the duo for a meeting upon Eve’s return from Zanzibar, with the aim of resolving their differences and potentially reviving their brand collaboration.

He emphasizes his intent to contribute positively to the situation, regardless of the outcome.

Relationship between Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi following the Monica Kimani trial

Following the Not Guilty verdict in the highly publicized murder trials, former news anchor Jacque Maribe has shed light on her relationship with comedian Eric Omondi, highlighting the support he provided during challenging times.

In an open interview with Faydee Media, Maribe disclosed that despite the end of their romantic involvement, they have remained good friends. Exploring the reasons for their breakup, she attributed personal growth and maturity as pivotal factors influencing their decision to part ways.

“Eric is my friend to date. He was in a space where we were having a serious relationship. I think I had matured beyond his expectations,” Maribe shared during the interview.

While expressing gratitude for Omondi’s kindness towards her and their son, Maribe acknowledged his genuine nature. However, she underscored the significance of understanding each other before committing to a relationship.

“He was very nice to me. He genuinely was, I will never come out and say anything to the contrary. I think this is why it’s important to first learn somebody before you rush into something like this because I believe it was rushed,” reflected Maribe.

In a separate interview with TV47, Eric Omondi conveyed his joy at Maribe’s acquittal and extended his support, recognizing the challenges she faced over the past five years. Omondi expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, emphasizing the security now afforded to Maribe’s family, livelihood, and child.

“The court’s decision regarding Jacque was appropriate, and many Kenyans would agree that sometimes in life, circumstances lead you to unexpected places. However, I am pleased because her family, livelihood, and child are now secure,” Omondi stated, demonstrating his solidarity with Maribe.

Eric Omondi Acknowledges Maribe’s Son Despite Lynn Claiming To Be His Only Baby Mama

Comedian and activist Eric Omondi has set the record straight on his family circumstances, clarifying a previous statement by his fiancée that she is his only “baby mama.” Omondi openly acknowledges being the father of two children, including media personality Jacque Maribe’s son.

In a recent Radio Jambo interview, Omondi expressed his commitment to fatherhood, affirming the possibility of living with his son from Maribe. He emphasized his responsibility and desire to be fully involved in the child’s upbringing.

This stands in contrast to a previous Q&A session on Lynne Njihia’s Instagram, where she claimed to be Omondi’s sole “baby mama.” This misinformation sparked confusion and prompted Omondi’s clarification.

The couple’s openness about their relationship, including their 19-year age gap, reflects their commitment to each other. While they currently have no plans to expand their family, Lynne’s previous “mother of one, daddy of one” statement now gains new context within Omondi’s wider family picture.

The public dispute between Omondi and Maribe regarding their son’s paternity has been ongoing, with past online exchanges adding to the complexity of the situation. Through his recent admission, Omondi takes ownership of his fatherhood role, potentially paving the way for a more constructive path forward, both for his son and his relationships with both women.

Eric Omondi’s Lynn K goes after Jackie Maribe with subtle digs over paternity of her child

Eric Omondi’s fiancée Lynn Njihia has no immediate plans to become a mother. She is totally fine bringing up their five-month-old baby.

“For now, mother of one, daddy of one PERIOD”

On her YouTube channel, Lynn stated that she and her partner do not currently have any plans to have a second child.

“For now no. We have no plans. Tutalea Kayla kwanza saa hii, plus I have trauma. Weuh I have trauma from hat pregnancy. So until I heal and plan the way we planned for Kayla, is when we are going to plan for another one,”

She also has no doubts that she is the comedian’s lone child mother. During a Q&A session answering questions from fans, Lynn was intrigued by one of the questions.

Do you think you are the only baby mama, or do you know that Eric has another baby mama?”

“No, I don’t,” was her prompt response. He’s not even aware that he doesn’t. There is just me. “Mimi ndio niko,” she laughed hysterically.

They are also very different in age: “We are 19 years apart.” She laughed and continued, saying that she doesn’t think this is an issue and that love is the only thing that counts.

He is 44 and she is 22.

“I believe that love is love, haina limit, haina gender, age, love is love, if you love someone date you, it doesn’t mean it won’t work out if there is an age gap. I can say Eric and I are more of friends, more of besties, hiyo ndio imefanya tufike tuu saa hii. We are equal, supporting each other.”

It’s important to remember that Eric Omondi dated former media star Jacque Maribe. The father of the boy she gave birth to has never been confirmed.

Although Eric acknowledged that he has been paying child support, he has never truly identified as the father in public. She declined to comment on the subject as well.

In 2023, the two got into a social media spat over her son, with her claiming he might or might not be the biological father.

Kenyan Kindness: Shining Stars of 2023

2023 witnessed inspiring acts of generosity and humanitarianism from Kenyans across various walks of life. These individuals stepped up to help those in need, showcasing the strength and compassion that define their communities. Here are a few stories that illuminate the power of giving:

Eric Omondi: The Comic Champion of Kindness

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi has earned the title of “President of Comedy” not just for his humor, but also for his tireless efforts in aiding Kenyans battling challenges. From fundraising for a young hawker whose livelihood was threatened to assisting those struggling with the rising cost of living, Omondi has continuously demonstrated his unwavering commitment to helping others.

Nyako: A Voice for the Voiceless

Content creator Pilot Nyako utilized his platform to amplify the struggles of vulnerable individuals. His fundraising efforts for Kimani Mbugua, a former TV presenter battling mental health issues, and Brian Chira, a TikToker facing legal troubles, showcase Nyako’s dedication to empowering those silenced by circumstance.

Akothee: Building Better Futures

Singer and businesswoman Akothee’s philanthropic spirit extends far beyond entertainment. Through her organization and personal initiatives, she supports women in underprivileged regions like Turkana and Migori. Her commitment to education and empowerment shines through scholarships like the one she awarded a struggling medical student.

Simon Kabu: Celebrating Selfless Acts

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu demonstrates a unique brand of generosity, recognizing and rewarding those who make selfless contributions to their communities. From surprising a Bomet groom who faced heartbreak shortly before his wedding to sponsoring trips for a deserving student and a cancer-stricken father, Kabu champions the kindness of others.

Mike Sonko: Reaching Out in Every Way

Politician Mike Sonko has earned a reputation for extending a helping hand in numerous ways. From heartwarming gestures like buying cookies for a struggling child vendor to clearing hospital bills for a woman in need, Sonko actively seeks opportunities to help those facing hardship. His responsiveness to online calls from Kenyans seeking assistance further underlines his dedication to community needs.

These are just a few examples of the remarkable individuals who have left their mark on Kenya in 2023 through their acts of philanthropy. Their stories remind us of the profound impact of compassion and generosity, and inspire us all to contribute to a brighter future for others.

Eric Omondi Declines To Assist Struggling Music Producer Magix Enga Due To Alleged Illuminati Affiliation

Despite his philanthropic endeavors to aid Kenyans facing financial hardship, comedian Eric Omondi has drawn a line when it comes to extending assistance to troubled music producer Magix Enga. During a recent interview, Omondi acknowledged Magix Enga’s plight but expressed hesitation in offering support due to the producer’s past claims of involvement with the Illuminati.

Omondi raised concerns about the credibility of Magix Enga’s request for financial assistance, citing the producer’s previous statement in which he openly declared his membership in the Illuminati. “I checked, for example, in the case of Magix Enga, there was a time he said he was Illuminati and that he said there was money there. How do I come again and tell Kenyans that this person needs help? Kenyans will not take me seriously when I come with a serious health issue,” Omondi explained.

In a January 2022 interview, Magix Enga made a startling confession, revealing his affiliation with the Illuminati. The music producer claimed that he joined the controversial group at the age of 23 in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Omondi’s decision to withhold aid from Magix Enga stems from his belief that supporting someone with alleged Illuminati ties could jeopardize his credibility as a philanthropist. He fears that Kenyans might dismiss his future appeals for assistance if he associates himself with individuals linked to such controversial organizations.

Eric Omondi Unveils Adorable Daughter’s Face, Princess Kyla For The First Time (Photo)

After months of anticipation, comedian Eric Omondi and his girlfriend, Lynn Njihia, have finally shared an intimate glimpse of their four-month-old daughter, Princess Kyla Omondi, on Lynn’s YouTube channel. This heartwarming reveal marks a significant milestone for the couple, who welcomed their little bundle of joy three months ago.

In the heartwarming video, the proud parents couldn’t contain their joy and admiration for their precious daughter. Lynn, radiating with motherly love, described Kyla as the most incredible blessing that has ever graced their lives.

Their deep emotional connection with Princess Kyla was evident as they introduced her to the world, their faces beaming with love and pride. Lynn, basking in her role as a mother, invited viewers to share their thoughts on who Princess Kyla resembles.

“You’re soooo perfect and adorable mama. Literally the best thing that has ever happened in mummy and daddy’s lives. We love you soooo much❤️. LEMME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS WHO YOU THINK KYLA LOOKS LIKE,” Lynne wrote on her Instagram, overflowing with maternal affection.

This joyous announcement comes after the couple faced the heartbreaking experience of a miscarriage in late 2022. Demonstrating their resilience and unwavering love, Eric Omondi surprised Lynn Njihia with an epic gender reveal party in July 2023, as captured on his YouTube channel.

The couple’s journey from sorrow to celebration is beautifully reflected in the public unveiling of Princess Kyla. Interestingly, Eric Omondi had playfully set a condition for revealing his daughter’s face – a joking demand of Sh50 million.

The reveal has been met with an abundance of love and support, as fans and well-wishers pour their hearts out on social media, showering Princess Kyla with admiration.

Eric Omondi Boards Private Jet With 3 Month Old Daughter Amid Face Reveal

Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has announced that he will finally reveal the face of his daughter, Kyla Omondi, to the public on Thursday, November 23, 2023. The decision to unveil Kyla’s face comes after an anonymous individual agreed to pay a significant sum of money, which Omondi had previously stated as his asking price for the reveal.

In a statement released on Monday, November 20, 2023, Omondi expressed his gratitude to the unnamed individual for their generosity and willingness to support his family. He also acknowledged the public’s curiosity about Kyla and stated that he was excited to finally share her face with the world.

“I’m so grateful to the person who made this offer possible,” Omondi said. “I know many people have been waiting to see Kyla’s face, and I’m happy to finally be able to share her with the world.”

Omondi has previously spoken about his desire to protect his daughter’s privacy, but he ultimately decided to reveal her face in exchange for a substantial financial contribution. He has not disclosed the exact amount of money involved, but he has hinted that it is a significant sum.

“This is a life-changing amount of money for me and my family,” Omondi said. “It will allow us to provide Kyla with the best possible opportunities in life.”

The comedian’s decision to monetize the reveal of his daughter’s face has drawn mixed reactions from the public. Some people have expressed their understanding of Omondi’s financial needs, while others have questioned the ethics of profiting from a child’s image.

Regardless of the public’s opinion, Omondi is determined to proceed with the reveal. He has promised to share Kyla’s face with the world on Thursday, November 23, 2023, and the anticipation is building among his fans and followers.