‘You Lack Innovation & Vision’-Eric Omondi Goes After Kenyan Comedians

Eric Omondi’s online spats are still ongoing and this time, he’s after his fellow jesters. The comedian started with musical artists in the country by criticizing their performance and pushing for a change; a fete which has seen him beefing with several artists; some of whom think he has crossed the line.

Some like KRG have supported his plan of marching to Parliament tomorrow to push for a change.

@ericomondi has a point let’s just join him and fight for our Music industry irudi ile place ilikua like 20yrs back…. Our Legends deserves that much respect!!! They didn’t start this industry to be a low level one they paved ways for greatness….. plus I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong #Ushasema link pon mi bio #Bughaaa #FullKisunzi

Eric’s Beef With Comedians

Eric’s beef with Kenyan musicians wasn’t enough. He has now written on his Instagram to scold comedians for not making it Internationally;

”I don’t even know where to Start from🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Mpaka naskia nauma na Kichwa already🙄. If there is a GROUP of people in this COUNTRY that lack DIRECTION, INNOVATION and VISION then it has to be our COMEDIANS. ZERO EFFORT!!! The Most BORING BUNCH of Entertainers in this COUNTRY!!! In a COUNTRY of 46 MILLION People HAKUNA Comedian hata Mmoja ame go INTERNATIONAL. EVERYTHING from their JOKES to PRODUCTION is TOO LOCAL!! Doing the SAME SHIT year in, Year Out!!!

AYAM TAYAAAD!!! Kila Kitu ni Eric Omondi!!! Kujaza Stadiums Kenya na TANZANIA Eric Omondi!!! INTERNATIONAL SHOWS Eric Omondi!! ENDORSEMENTS Eric Omondi!! INNOVATION and CREATIVITY Eric Eric Omondi!!! HANDLING SOCIETAL ISSUES Eric Omondi!!! Kila kitu itakua ni Eric Tu??? AYAM TAYAD!!! If you CAN’T MATCH UP!!! If you CAN’T RAISE the FLAG🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪. Then dont call yourself A COMEDIAN na MTOKE HAPA NAIROBI MURUDI USHAGO!!! How can ONE PERSON CARRY A WHOLE INDUSTRY. AYAM TAYAD, PUNDA IMECHOKA!!! We need a NEW CROP/GENERATION of COMEDIANS.”

Is this one of Eric’s subtle kiki stunts or is he trying to vindicate his necessity in the entertainment industry?


Kenyan Artists Gang Up On Eric Omondi As Beef Goes Haywire

Eric Omondi is becoming a household name for musicians; who can’t resist his statement on the performance of Kenyan music. The genesis of the comedian’s sentiments on poor performance was expedited by comparison of neighbors Tanzania’s musical performance.

Hot Beef

According to Eric, Kenyan artists should match their performance and stop ‘sleeping on their job’. Eric Omondi is now locking horns with big artists such as Khaligraph, King Kaka, Femi One, Nyashinski, Bahati, among others; who have made their opinion known.

Khaligraph stated that curtain raising isn’t such a big deal as long as the artists is paid.

”Mi sijui curtain raising inamaanishanga nini. Me as long as you pay me my money and you allocate time for me to perform, it doesn’t matter if you want to put me first or you want to put me last. What matters is, the money is intact, unaona? So mambo ya curtain raising mi huanga sijawai understand. Kama umelipwa doh yako, ata ukiekwa mbele yake, it doesn’t matter… That’s all that matters according to me.”


The heated debate has not only caused resentment among artists, but has also caused commencement for a push to solve it.

Eric Omondi, Khaligraph to fight in boxing match
Khaligraph and Eric Omondi- Google

Some like KRG the Don have agreed with Eric that a course of action should suffice.

Marching To Parliament

In order to resolve the issue, Eric Omondi has pleaded artists to join him to march to Parliament tomorrow, November 16th.


It’s now a matter of hours before we observe how many artists will show up in support of Eric Omondi.


Eric Omondi Promises To Revive Kenyan Music Industry After Days Of Negative Statements

Kenya’s most followed personality Eric Omondi has heeded to the advice of one of his fans; who claimed that he should be in the frontline when it comes to pushing the local industry to higher levels internationally. The comedian has been making several negative comments on how Kenyan artists are ‘sleeping on their jobs’ and curtain raising for artists coming from abroad.

”The sooner you guys (Musicians) realise that your Industry is in a Limbo the better it will be for you. DENIAL will not take you anywhere START by accepting the facts!!! Your Industry needs to URGENTLY wake Up!!! You have become MEDIOCRE, LAZY and COMPLACENT. Leave Your COMFORT ZONES NOW!!! Huyo mwingine mwenye ameniongelesha ni LEGEND so for the sake of RESPECT sitamjibu but wewe Femi One enda Studio kabla nikutafte nikuchune maskio. Guys I mean no harm I just think we Can do better!!! WAKE UP NOW!!! It’s never too late. Twende Kazi!!!!”

Eric Omondi Caught Up In Shopping Voucher Fraud - Business Today Kenya
Eric Omondi-Google

The comedian has now come clear to make his intentions known to Kenyans; stating that he’s ready to improve the industry. He has taken to his Instagram to promise netizens about helping the industry grow;

”One thing I PROMISE you. I will RAISE the MUSIC INDUSTRY from the DEAD!!!”

Eric has since been at loggerheads with several artists over his statement. Some have supported him over his statement; while some have rebuked him strongly, including Khaligraph Jones- who seems unhappy with Eric.


Beef Galore! Eric Omondi At Loggerheads With Artists Following His Statement On Kenyan Music

Kenyan artists are now losing their cool after comedian Eric Omondi’s latest statement that undermined the local  music industry in terms of performance. The latest musicians to go into a frenzy of rage are Bien and Savara of Sauti Sol; who have scolded the comedian; stressing on his subtle clout chasing stunts that he has been employing recently.

Artists Gang Up On Eric

Bien, on his twitter wrote;

”Eric Omondi is the buttcrack of comedy. What he does in the name of entertainment and comedy is shambolic. Its not good marketing either. It is clout chasing deadbeat clowning. That is not art. Our industry is in transition. We just got our groove after a pandemic.”

In support to this, Savara of Sauti Sol reiterated Bien’s statement as he wrote;

”I wonder why we give people like Eric Omondi attention. Someone who does anything to trend in the name of comedy. Sasa ona mmempatia attention tena. Yani mpaka una dance uchi na watoto ndio ujulikane zaidi. The music scene is starting to thrive…”

Eric Omondi, in his defense reacted over the latter by writing on his Instagram;

”It is EXTREMELY SADDENING that no one is listening to my very valid point. Instead these Musicians keep defending themselves and Insulting me. Sasa @bienaimesol na @savarafrica wameona tu wanitusi🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️…The first step to SOLVING any problem is ACCEPTING there is one and SURELY our Music Industry has not been the same. My MESSAGE is we LOST Something and my POINT is together we can FIND IT and BRING it back. @sautisol @khaligraph_jones and @bahatikenya you are our only hope but TRUTH BE TOLD tangu MUOE things have not been the same😥😥😥…”




‘Ntakuchuna Masikio!’ Eric Omondi Claps Back At Femi One As He Challenges Kenyan Musicians To Do Better

The perennial debate on performance of Kenyan music has seen a couple of celebrities be at loggerheads due to their different opinions. The hash tag #playke, which was pioneered by rapper Khaligraph Jones saw several artists follow suit in supporting it- seems like this isn’t enough.

Comedian Eric Omondi weighed in on the performance of Kenyan music, stating that Kenyan artists should push themselves or else the performance would be immutable. He made the sentiments while in an interview with Jalang’o on his YouTube channel.

”We need to call upon musicians to wake up. Hakuna musician ata mmoja nimetii apa Kenya. And it’s not personal…”

Reactions From Femi And Jua Cali

Femi One set to drop 'Greatness'
Rapper Femi One- Google

After his statement, Femi One and legendary musician Jua Cali delivered their tirade to Eric to show how discontented they were over the same.

Femi One wrote;

”Lol!! Tanzania siku mbili ukafundishwa sarakasi ndio inafanya uongee mbaya hivi kuhusu KE artists!… Some comedians and presenters/bloggers belittle and disrespect KE artists day in day out and some of them tried to be musicians and failed terribly at it… Heshima idumu”

Jua Cali Responds to Fan Claiming his “Legacy is Dead” after Working with Gengetone Kids
Jua Cali-Google

Jua Cali supported Femi One and bashed Eric Omondi back for his words. Displeased genge musician warned Eric Omondi against trash-talking Kenyan musicians and their music, reiterating that comedians should stay in their lane.

Eric Omondi Hits Back

In response tp Femi One and Jua Cali’s reactions, adamant Eric took to his Instagram to justify his previous sentiments as he wrote;

”First of all umetoa wapi nguvu ya ku Adress PRESIDENT, Secondly when was the last time ulifanya kitu ya Maana kwa hii Industry? ngoma yako ya last nakumbuka ni Utawezana na hata ilikua ya Mejja na Azziad. The sooner you guys (Musicians) realise that your Industry is in a Limbo the better it will be for you. DENIAL will not take you anywhere START by accepting the facts!!! Your Industry needs to URGENTLY wake Up!!! You have become MEDIOCRE, LAZY and COMPLACENT. Leave Your COMFORT ZONES NOW!!! Huyo mwingine mwenye ameniongelesha ni LEGEND so for the sake of RESPECT sitamjibu but wewe Femi One enda Studio kabla nikutafte nikuchune maskio. Guys I mean no harm I just think we Can do better!!! WAKE UP NOW!!! It’s never too late. Twende Kazi!!!!”


Eric Omondi Speaks On How Recent Drama Almost Cost Him His Career- I Lost Clients!(Video)

Social media never forgets- and the fact that Eric Omondi already spilled the beans on siring of his 7 year old son with Jacque Maribe, there’s no turning back. Even though he publicly apologized and showed remorse, there’s definitely no hiding from the fact that we now know what went down 7 years ago.

Eric Omondi, Jacque Maribe and son

Clout Stunt That Went Completely Wrong

Eric Omondi’s kiki stunt with Miss P got him in all this trouble. This has been what artists have been doing before releasing a song. And after Miss P alongside Eric Omondi, decided to follow suit. This was a gain on Miss P’s side; but not much of a gain on Eric Omondi’s.

After Eric’s statement Jacque Maribe has since remained oblivious after the issue went haywire and Eric demanded for a DNA test.

However, after a recent interview, Eric decided that he would take care of the 7 year old regardless of the DNA test outcome.

”Jacque alimess… For her to wake up and put it in public was very irresponsible. Hakufkiria mbele. What’s going on I’m not happy about it. I regret it. I’ve decided I’ll take care of that child officially, regardless of the outcome.”

Eric Omondi’s Career-Saving Post

Eric Omondi has divulged why he made the comeback post to counter Maribe’s allegations of referring to him as a deadbeat. One of the most important reasons was because he was losing clients. And his protégé Jimmy Wanjigi was among those who were unhappy with him. Eric however, claims that the post he made opened people’s eyes and immensely reduced judgement on him.

Watch Eric Omondi’s interview below;



I Regret My Actions And I Will Take Care Of Maribe’s Son- Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has shown deep remorse for his recent revelation of secret information that no one knew before about Jacque Maribe and himself. From what we’ve learnt so far is that Eric has admitted that his initial post with Miss P was all a kiki stunt- The truth was portrayed in black and white when they released a song dubbed ‘Baby shower’.

Most of us had correctly predicted there was a song coming- even though Eric was prevaricating his statements in his previous interview on Mungai Eve’s channel.

Eric Omondi and Ms P

Baby Mama Drama

It turned out that kiki wasn’t the best idea since Eric Omondi found himself being exposed as a deadbeat by Maribe in his post with Miss P. The issue turned out to be paramount and got celebrities roasting each other in support or ridicule Eric Omondi- which further compelled Eric to demand for a DNA test to be conducted to find out who the real father is.

After spilling the beans on having a one night stand with Maribe, Eric has now stated that he deeply regrets his actions- considering that a 7 year old boy is now in the midst of all the drama.

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

While in an interview on Mseto East Africa, the comedian said that he would now take care of the kid; regardless of the outcome of the DNA test; which he promised to put in public if Maribe agrees to take the test.

”Jacque alimess… For her to wake up and put it in public was very irresponsible. Hakufkiria mbele. What’s going on I’m not happy about it. I regret it. I’ve decided I’ll take care of that child officially, regardless of the outcome.”

Watch Eric’s Interview below;


Eric Omondi reveals why he remains unapologetic for exposing Jacque Maribe and Sam Ogina’s affair

Eric Omondi’s nudes are already making rounds on Twitter all because he chose to expose Sam Ogina and Jacque Maribe’s affair on social media.

Well, we can’t blame him – dude only wanted to make it known that Maribe’s son could either be his or Sam Ogina’s; since they were both cultivating the same farm almost during the same period… If you know, you know.

Eric Omondi and Sam Ogina who both dated Jacque Maribe

Also read:

However looking at the 16,694 comments left under his popular post, there are those who have applauded him for speaking his truth, while others like Boniface Mwangi who have condemned him for shaming the mother of ‘his child.’

As seen in a comment dropped by Boniface Mwangi, the activities told off Eric by saying;

This isn’t cool @ericomondi. You have shamed your baby mama and your son. It’s been public knowledge that you’re the baby daddy and you even admitted as such. So this whole story tore bringing might be true but the public didn’t need to know that much. It’s an honor to be a dad and Jacquemaribe chose  you as her son’s father. Now your son, since as far as he knows you’re the daddy will be ridiculed shamed because you have somewhat denied him publicly. Not cool bro.


Well, we can’t deny that what Boniface Mwangi spoke like a wise man, however Eric Omondi remains unapologetic since Maribe and her sister decided to play dirty by branding him a deadbeat dad.

Responding to Boniface’s comment, an emotional Eric Omondi wrote;

Bro do you even know what’s going on ama unacomment tu🤦🤦🤦. You appear to have no idea what’s happening. Go to Jacquemaribe post first before you comment here.

Omondi vs Boniface

Well, with him not apologizing nor pulling down the IG post, we now have his nudes shared by Sam Ogina…..but come on….was it really necessary? I mean, come on!


KoT having a field day with hilarious memes of Sam Ogina’s drama featuring Eric Omondi

It must have been a tough night for Sam Ogina and his wife, Njeri following Eric Omondi’s exposè about his affair with Jacque Maribe back in 2012.

According to Eric Omondi, for 7 years he has asked Jacque Maribe to conduct a DNA test to prove whether or not he is the father of her son.

But for some reason, the lady always dodges this and now we might just have a reason why she says no. Well, a third party has been introduced to the mix – as Eric claims that Jacque slept with him while dating Sam Ogina.

KoT wilding on Sam Ogina

Well, I just saw someone comment ‘Siri play Nairobi by Bensoul’ cause clearly Nairobi is one big bedroom; and it’s not about to stop anytime soon.

Anyway with the Sam Ogina story trending on social media, below are a few memes shared by KoT; and must admit that November just started on a high note….I hope December is taking notes.


Eric Omondi’s excuse as to why he does not know where 7 year old son lives

Comedian Eric Omondi has become a hot topic thanks to baby mama Jacque Maribe. After 7 years of maintaining her silence on whether or not Eric Omondi supports his son, we now know that he doesn’t!

The revelation however comes hours after Eric Omondi went on to announce that singer Miss P was pregnant for him, but unfortunately the prank ended up exposing him as a deadbeat.

Also read: Eric Omondi a deadbeat dad who won’t pay child support, Jacque Maribe reveals

Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

However it appears that Eric Omondi is not happy with the stories going around about him and to prove that his baby was just acting up – the comedian decided to call her during an interview with one Mungai Eve…and yea – another mistake.

Maribe lectures Eric Omondi on phone

Speaking on phone, Jacque Maribe made it known that Eric has never been active in their sons life nor does he chip in to cover the boys expenses.

Also read: Alaaaa! Jackie Maribe mocks Eric Omondi, reveals he is an irresponsible father

According to Maribe, Eric doesn’t pay his sons school fees nor does he know where his son currently lives. She proved this after asking;

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

Where does your child live Eric? When is the last time you saw him?

To which he responded


And unfortunately, his answer was wrong as Jacque Maribe corrected him by saying Gigiri. Yes, Eric doesn’t even have the physical address to his son’s home.

Explaining why he got the answer wrong, Eric Omondi said Maribe and his son just moved out of their Kileleshwa home recently…that’s why he didn’t know where they were. Alaar.


”Umeanza Kubore!” Kenyans Angry At Eric Omondi For Alleged Clout Chasing Stunts

Eric Omondi once again caused a stir on the internet after his latest Instagram post posing with musician Miss P as she flaunted a huge baby bump. On November 1, the funny man took to his Instagram to announce that he is expecting a baby with the musician; stating that he would take responsibility.

”I met this Beautiful Woman 5 months ago in an event I was hosting. Whatever happened happened and I promised her I would take every Responsibility. Children are a blessing from God. @officialmissp_ @babybumpkenya”

One of the most sensitive comments that caught fan’s eyes was Jacky Maribe’s- who is  Eric Omondi’s baby mama.  She insinuated Eric Omondi is a deadbeat dad and isn’t contributing in the upkeep of their child.

”Responsibility? @catewamaribe come I can’t speak 😂😂😂 7 years of responsibility”

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

Anything For Clout?

Eric Omondi decided to remain oblivious to the comment; but he couldn’t ignore the numerous comments of fans who are tired of the clout chasing stunt that Miss P and Eric were pulling.

Miss P’s song is on the way- This is what most fans believe as there were claims that Miss P was recently spotted shooting a video for her song.

However, Eric Omondi has refuted the claims and stated that the pregnancy is real.

What has even sparked the fake pregnancy further is the fact that Miss P had also claimed Willy Paul sexually harrassed her and almost impregnated her.

Socialite Shakilla has also supported the fake pregnancy allegations by stating Eric uses women in his subtle means to chase clout. Do you think both are clout chasing? Watch Eric Omondi’s interview below;


Eric Omondi a deadbeat dad who won’t pay child support, Jacque Maribe reveals

For a minute we all thought Jacque Maribe decided to join in her baby daddy’s clout chasing club, only to realize that her expose on the comedian, Eric Omondi being a deadbeat wasn’t a joke after all.

Well turns out that despite the comedian flaunting his flashy lifestyle on social media and of course his expensive rides, Eric Omondi doesn’t take care of his son.

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Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

This was revealed by his ex, Jacque Maribe who promised not to air any more dirty linen on the comedian, but couldn’t hide the fact that he neglects his child. In the emotional post shared on her Instagram page Ms Maribe wrote;

I have absolute love for this here son of mine, fruit of my womb that I wanted. And I’m blessed to be custodian over him… Now, a lot of people have asked me to be quiet about what the real story on the ground is, I respect that.

I do everything for my son ~ Jacque Maribe

Although she doesn’t use the words ‘deadbeat’ on her post, Jacque Maribe actually uses other simpler words to paint who the real Eric Omondi is to her.

Also read: Jackie Maribe finally Confirms Eric Omondi is her baby daddy

On the same post, she accuses him of neglecting his fatherly duties as she went on to add;

But I also ask that you respect me enough to be really real. I wouldn’t air any dirty laundry. A lot of my real friends love him, and us, he’s such a charming person. My family adores him. So, all said and done, and you can read in between the lines if you want, I’m hopelessly in love with motherhood.


And as a single mum doing everything on her own, my goal is to raise a brilliant person, as he already is. I love my son, I’ll stand by him, any day, every day.

Triggered by Miss P

Jacque Maribe’s exposè comes after Eric Omondi decided to loop Miss P into his clout chasing stunts, only for things to go south simply because baby mama felt disrespected.

Well, they say every dog has it’s day – and looks like Eric Omondi’s day finally came.


Alaaaa! Jackie Maribe mocks Eric Omondi, reveals he is an irresponsible father

For a minute there we all thought Jackie Maribe and Eric Omondi have a mature relationship when it comes to their son; I mean, they paraded this beautiful blended family vibe – but turns out, it was just for the cameras.

Well, at least Jackie Maribe who has revealed this thanks to a comment she left earlier today on Eric Omondi’s post, where he announced to be expecting another baby with singer Miss P.

Also read: Jackie Maribe finally Confirms Eric Omondi is her baby daddy

To caption the post, Eric Omondi wrote;

Eric Omondi and Ms P

I met this Beautiful Woman 5 months ago in an event I was hosting. Whatever happened happened and I promised her I would take every Responsibility. Children are a blessing from God. @officialmissp_ @babybumpkenya

Jackie Maribe with the shade

Of course being Eric Omondi’s first baby mama, looks like coparenting hasn’t been one smooth journey for these media personalities.

Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

This is judging from what Jackie Maribe wrote,

Also read: “Kumbe mtoto ni wako!” Fans react after Eric Omondi posts Jackie Maribe’s son

A statement that easily shows you that there has been some struggle with the child support for the past 7 years. Not quite sure whether Eric Omondi is 100% deadbeat or is another dad who steps in when forced – but again, what’s the difference?

Anto MC exposed for being a deadbeat

Eric Omondi’s story comes days after Edgar Obare exposed his best friend, Anto MC for neglecting his daughter.

However unlike Jackie Maribe, Anto MC’s baby mama already made peace with the fact that she had a daughter with an irresponsible man; and chooses to maintain her peace and look after their child instead of exposing him.

Well, as for Eric Omondi and Anto MC – they say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.


Eric Omondi Set To Visit Monica’s Parents In South Sudan

The president of comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has finally unveiled his plans of travelling to South Sudan’s capital. As he previously promised, Eric would meet the parents of Monica Ayen to grant him permission for Ayen’s hand in marriage; which is set to be done soon.

Fans Weigh In On Eric Omondi’s Choice

Eric’s choice to go for Ayien as his wife has been termed as peculiar; as fans thought he would go for one of the light-skinned and thick chicks in his Wife Material show. In addition to these sentiments, fans also think Eric concluded the show a little too fast. Compared to his successful season 1 of the show, this one was hurriedly done. But hey, look on the bright side- Eric is finally settling down.

He’s almost 40, and wouldn’t want to surpass this age without a wife. And he has managed to live up to his promise. In addition, Eric’s move for a wife was expedited by the fact that he bought a big house, which he thinks he should share with his woman to ‘get rid of the cold’.

I wouldn't be surprised if I caught Eric Omondi in bed with another woman'- Ayen
Wife Material contestants-Google

Anyway, as we await the wedding, Eric has decided that he’s going to travel to Juba. He has however, not stated the specific date. He wrote on his Instagram;

”Getting Ready to travel to JUBA South Sudan🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤😥😥😥😥😥😥 @ayen_monica1”

Out of 8 contestants on the show, Monica won Eric’s heart and he can’t wait to make babies with her.


I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If I Found Eric Omondi With Another Woman-Wife Material Winner Ayen Speaks

Comedian Eric Omondi has finally settled on South Sudanese model Monica Ayen as his wife after she emerged Wife Material Ssn 3 winner. Eric’s choice wasn’t expected by most during his announcement. But he poured out his heart to Ayen and promised to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her.

” Monica Ayen -Omondi. CONGRATULATIONS on WINNING my heart, Congratulations on winning the Final Season of #WifeMaterial I promise to Love you with all that I have❤, I will respect you, I will honor you with all Dignity, I promise to PROTECT you, can’t wait to Start a family with you. I cannot wait to make beautiful babies with you…

I give you my VOW I WILL MARRY you and Spend the REST of my life with you. I’ll stand by you through thick, through thin. I LOVE YOU.”

I wouldn't be surprised if I caught Eric Omondi in bed with another woman'- Ayen
Wife Material Ssn 3 contestants-Google

Ayen Speaks

On the flipside, Eric’s love has been reciprocated by the model;  who claims that funny men always attract women; and this makes him susceptible to having multiple women.

However, this doesn’t bother her much, as she claims she wouldn’t be surprised if she ever finds him with another woman.

”I don’t like kukazia people. I’m a person who’s also business minded… So, communicate with me. That’s all I wanna do. Let’s be honest with each other… We can do her both… I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s a comedian. He’s too funny, he can take you to the bed… I wouldn’t be so hurt…”

Despite her sentiments, Ayen claimed that Eric is indeed a good guy.


Eric Omondi Announces Wife Material Winner, Vows To Marry Her

After a tumultuous 3 Seasons of Eric Omondi’s popular Wife Material show, the comedian has finally announced the woman who has won his heart. This time, Eric seems to have lived up to his promise; owing to the fact that he invested heavily in this Season’s Wife Material.

The season was a conglomerate of contestants from 5 African countries; Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan and Nigeria. Out of the 8 contestants, Eric has finally settled on South Sudanese Ayen Monice.

Wife Material Ssn 3 contestants-Instagram

Eric Omondi’s New Love


The comedian has now poured out his heart on Instagram to his newly found love; promising to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her.

”Monica Ayen -Omondi. CONGRATULATIONS on WINNING my heart, Congratulations on winning the Final Season of #WifeMaterial I promise to Love you with all that I have❤. I will respect you, I will honor you with all Dignity, I promise to PROTECT you. I can’t wait to Start a family with you, I cannot wait to make beautiful babies with you. You are not only a SUPER Model but you possess a Super HEART❤, yYou Compliment me baby. You Complete me my LOVE❤.”

Ayen Monice- Instagram

Eric proceeded to thank South Sudan for giving him a wife;

”Thank you South Sudan for giving me a Queen🇸🇸, for making me a King. JUBA my heart is full of Jubilation. THANK YOU, I will take care of Your daughter, I Promise. Thank you to all the girls that Participated🙏🙏🙏🇪🇹🇷🇼🇳🇬🇰🇪. You are AWESOME and GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. The Memories we made will forever Linger. A big thank you to the Entire Production team led by @jimmykimaita and @eddiebutita a HUGE THANK YOU to all my fans, followers, Friends and Family🙏. @ayen_monica1 I give you my VOW I WILL MARRY you and Spend the REST of my life with you. I will stand by you through thick, through thin. I LOVE YOU”

Even though Eric has finally found a wife before his 40’s kicking in, most of his fans think that he should have taken more time to make his decision. Meanwhile, this might be the beginning of a ‘happily ever after’ for Eric. Congratulations to both of them.


Raundi Hii Utakonda Sana!- Fans Tell Eric Omondi As Wife Material Season 3 Preparations Begin

Eric Omondi’s quest for a wife continues as he embarks on his popular show ‘Wife Material’. The highly anticipated season 3 of the show is set to premier on 19th of this month.

In his promo video dubbed WIFE MATERIAL 3. AFRICA EDITION!!! The self proclaimed President of Comedy, Africa revealed season 3 will be a conglomerate of contestants from 5 African countries; Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan and Nigeria.

Eric Omondi's Wife Material season 3 starts next week - KBC

The comedian yesternight flew to Nigeria to get some of the contestants and bring them to Kenya.

”Flew to Nigeria Lagos Last night to go meet ALL my BEAUTIFUL Nigerian Contestants who sent Videos. I will be flying back with 3 of them. The ALL the GIRLS will land on MONDAY the 18TH and the SHOW PREMIERS on TUESDAY the 19TH!!! AFRICA WILL SHAKE!!!”

According to the funnyman, purchasing his palatial home in Karen expedited his search for a wife further. His previous season of the show flopped, even after promising Kenyans that he would get a wife from there. After Season 2 the show got dissolved, Eric’s tremendous weight loss was conspicuous.

Netizens are now worried on whether Eric Omondi will make it through the 3rd season of the show in good shape.
Eric also addressed the same and agreed that he will indeed lose weight. It’s only a matter of time before we see Eric going back to his old self.

Meet the hot fella looking to become Eric Omondi’s wife (Photos)

Eric Omondi has a tough job with Wife material season 3 because unlike the two times he has held his show; this time around an LGBT guy decided to send in his application hoping to bag the handsome Eric Omondi. Yes it’s happening!

Well, Socialite cum makeup artist Dennis Karuri handed in his application for wife material season three through his Instagram page.

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As seen on his post, Dennis Karuri not only flaunted his petite body; but went on to pitch why Eric should pick him instead of the ladies competing against him. On the video, Karuri said;

Eric Omondi

 Hi, Eric, my name is Dennis, from Nairobi, Kenya. All this time you haven’t found a wife. Ask yourself one question. Have you ever gotten a taste of this? (Pointing at his own body). Refresh your taste. Refresh your choices.

Shooting his shot

Just incase you thought Karuri was playing around with the opportunity of bagging Eric Omondi as a husband; the make up artist went on to name some of the qualities he believes the comedian is looking for in a wife.

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As seen on the now deleted clip on Instagram, Dennis Karuri went on to say;

Honey, I am that sweet girl that everyone is asking for. Who be that sweet girl? Who be that sweet girl? It’s me. Yes, it’s me. Honey I got nyash. I got breasts. Small breast. I got brains. I got a face, I can cook. Normally that is what you call a wife material. Honey that is what you call a wife material.

Well, judging by the fact that Karuri seems to have better taste in terms of dressing, makes his own money; and is attractive – I bet he might also bring the sauce to wife material season 3. Yes?



Eric Omondi Pays Butita Ksh 3.5 Million To Help Him Direct Wife Material Show (Video)

Comedian Eddie Butita’s demands have finally been met by Eric Omondi. The Big Tyme Entertainment CEO needed Eddie to help him out in running his Wife Material show; which is set to premiere on October 19.

In an online spat yesterday, Eric complained that Butita was ignoring his calls yet he already had the money to pay him for the services he would offer.

‘This is the problem with our Industry @eddiebutita is not only a very good friend of mine but I consider him my bro. But sasa akianza kusema ati I talk to his team na achukui simu zangu. Why would you send me to your manager and yet we can talk and do business😥😥🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️…Sisi hatuna shida ya Pesa we are only calling upon you to offer your Professional services ama juu ya Netflix sasa umeingiwa na Kiburi😥😥Shika simu yangu bro. The Show begins next week Tuesday and we need you. You’ve asked for 35,000 USD which is roughly 3.5 MILLION and we are willing to pay even more. ”

✓ PPP TV - eddie butita announces his return to eric omondi's wife material show as director.

The services of Butita prove to be essential after he successfully scripted and directed the first Swahili comedy on Netflix.

Eric Pays Butita

Butita demanded the amount of cash upfront and Eric did not hesitate to bring him to his home. In a video, Eric Omondi is seen writing a cheque to Eddie that amounted to Ksh 3.5 million. It’s now clear that Eric is taking his wife material show season 3 more seriously than the previous seasons. Let’s wait & see how things unfold.


Who’s Fooling Who?- Jimmy Wanjigi’s Car Gift To Eric Omondi Alleged To Be Owned By Steve Mbogo (Photos)

Popular blogger Edgar Obare is back at exposing celebrities from prevarication. Through his BNN account, the blogger has revealed that the gift that Eric Omondi received from Jimmy Wanjigi a few weeks ago; doesn’t actually belong to him. Jimmy gifted the sleek ride to Eric to help him in campaigning for next year’s presidential seat.

Blogger Obare shared photos of the car on his Instagram to prove his sentiments and wrote;

”Wealth is silent. @ericomondi ‘s gifted car from 2022 presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi actually is/was owned by flamboyant businessman @hon._steve_mbogo

Comparing photos of the Chrysler Crossfire from business man Steve Mbogo and Eric’s, it’s needless to claim that indeed it’s the same one. They bear the same number plate and color.

Steve Mbogo was previously named one of the richest men under 30 in East Africa according to Forbes; and definitely has love for cars.

Steve Mbogo posing on the Chrysler Crossfire- courtesy BNN

Eric Omondi and Jimmy are now on the limelight after being exposed over the same. This happens just a few days after doubts also piled up on whether he really owns his home in Karen. He later on flaunted a title deed to prove that indeed he owns the home.

Eric invited Edgar at his Karen house; stating that he wanted them to talk. The blogger is not one to show up, especially after his exposé.


Eric Omondi’s Multimillion Home Alleged To Be An Airbnb (Screenshots)

Eric Omondi’s house in Karen costing Ksh 141 Million has wowed netizens for the impressive outlook from the inside-out. The comedian claims that his 14 years of hard work and consistency expedited his ownership of the palatial home.

” This is what 14 Years of Consistency, Persistence and Hard work looks like. Welcome to the Official Residence of the PRESIDENT of COMEDY AFRICA. 19TH OCTOBER we change Everything from here.”

There’s no doubt that Eric Omondi is one of the most paid comedians in the country. Especially now that he decided to work with Wanjigi, it means more cash for him.

Omondi previously resided in Kileleshwa before relocating to the new multimillion mansion. The comedian further stated that he had only lived in the mansion for thee days by the time he showed off the house to the public.

Fake Ownership?

A fan alleged that Eric’s new home is an Airbnb and not his. Even though the house has already been labeled Eric Omondi’s name on the entrance; doubts have started piling up on whether he really owns it.

According to Eric, the picturesque home costed him Ksh 141 Million. He invited vloggers to check out the 7 bedroom mansion; where he would reside for the next 19 days to plan his strategy to change the country.

“Kibe amewekwa na mumama” Eric Omondi accuses Andrew Kibe of being a sugar baby

For days now Andrew Kibe and Eric Omondi have been insulting each other on social media for various reasons. Well, Kibe feels that Eric Omondi is a cross dresser; while the comedian, Eric feels that Kibe is an attention seeker.

Being men, one would think the beef ended the same day it was sparked; but looks like these two want to drag this issue into week 2 – so why not!

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Anyway, as seen on the latest post shared by Eric Omondi we see how he insults Kibe; actually not insult – it’s expose Mr Kibe for being a sugar baby to a certain lady in the US.

According to Eric, the former Kiss FM presenter is a jobless man who depends on his woman to pay off all his bills. As seen on the post, Eric wrote;

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Andrew Kibe lives ina woman’s house in America. He eats and sleeps in a woman’s bed. Mtu amewekwa na Mumama has no Moral Authority to address anyone.

Eric Omondi falls out Andrew for being a bam

Honestly from the caption above, it’s only fair to say that Eric Omondi see’s Andrew Kibe as a bam; simply because – well, his bills are taken care of by a woman who invited him to the US.

Stressing on his point about Kibe – the comedian went on to add;

Arudi Kenya afanye kazi kama wanaume wengine.

Surprisingly it’s not just Eric Omondi who has accused Kibe of being jobless; I mean, a few days ago Jalang’o did the same – which means, there is something these people know about Kibe – that we don’t know.


Next Time Include Me In Wash Wash Scandal List, I Have Money- Eric Omondi

The multimillion wash wash scandal business that linked numerous celebrities allegedly  milking huge amounts of cash through unscrupulous means is yet to be forgotten. As a matter of fact, the business has been re-enacted by comedian Terence Creative; who has left netizens nostalgic over the issue that was slowly fading away.

8 Businesses That You Can Start With KSH10,000 - DJ LYTA

The exposé was done by none other than popular blogger Edgar Obare; who would later find himself in big trouble over the exposé. His brother was shortly kidnapped and tortured to reveal Edgar’s whereabouts after the exposé. It was needless to say that the wash wash cartels were involved in the obnoxious act; that left Edgar in intense grief and a conspicuous silence spree.

To spell this in black and white, the cartels involved were evidently unhappy over the same; but comedian Eric Omondi feels like he was supposed to be included in the list of the unscrupulous business; since it involved the rich ‘big fish’.

While speaking on Glow With Makena YouTube channel, the comedian stated that he was unhappy after learning he wasn’t included in the list;

”I was so hurt when the list came out and I was not part of it. Siko aje kwa wash wash? Mnanichukua aje? Mnajaribu kusema mi si baller? Ilinihurt sana. So mi naomba hiyo list ingine mniweke at least. Ntakosaje kwa wash wash of all the people…”

The scandal saw Edgar Obare at loggerheads with a few celebrities like Jalang’o; who strongly refuted the claims that linked him to the latter. Eric’s sentiments of wishing to get involved is peculiar and would land him on the wrong ground.


Eric Omondi Gives Nasty Warning To Andrew Kibe For Trolling Him

Radio presenter Andrew Kibe and comedian Eric Omondi are on a beefing spree after a recent video of Kibe criticizing the comedian’s campaigning strategy; wearing women’s outfits and make-up in order to address them.

Kibe aired his sentiments on one of his Instagram videos; claiming that Eric Omondi is behaving like a woman and should stop.

Eric Omondi dressed as a woman-Google

”Eric I’m talking to you man. Nilimwona amefanya video juzi, amejivaa kaa dem, amepaka mpaka make-up, selling a political candidate. Nikajiuliza why? I don’t have to dress like women to talk to women… Women respond to men… ID yako imeandikwaje? Ama ni Erica… You need to change your ways. Ukona tabia za kidem sasa wewe. Na since ukona tabia za kidem lazima tukuambie sasa. Sit your f*kin a$$ bro.”

 Beef At It’s Peak

On the flipside, Eric Omondi, upon seeing this post, he retaliated with a stun warning to the Rogue Radio founder. Eric Omondi re-posted the video of the diss and wrote a caption;

”Wewe Kife this is your FIRST and LAST WARNING!!! Ukiendelea nitatafuta ma Siater zako na Cousins wako niwa D*NYE alafu nikuje hapo America nikulambe shingo na hizo nip*les zako IDIOT!!!!”

Andrew Kibe has recently been attacking celebrities and scolding them for their actions. He recently went after comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o; who also retaliated strongly. Kibe might find himself at loggerheads with a great number of celebrities for this.


He Pays Me Ksh 100k To Make Him Look More Muscular On Photos- Eric Omondi’s Photographer

You’ve probably seen Eric Omondi’s stunning photos after his body transformation months ago after he went on a serious work-out spree. The comedian has embarked on his epic gym work-outs after he realized that he was going back to his previous skinny physique.

How Eric Omondi gained 25kgs in eight months - The Standard Entertainment
Eric Omondi before and after workout-Google

It turns out that not all of Eric Omondi’s photos portray his true physique. His photographer confirms that he has done a couple of high-end photos for Eric Omondi. He adds that Eric pays him quite well for such enhanced photos (Ksh 100k) without minding the number of photos on the shoot.

Speaking on Mungai Eve’s channel, Eric’s official photographer, by the name Kapedo, disclosed these information. adding that Eric pays him handsomely;

”Tunaeka abs, na kakifua. Ata kuna time ule chibudi chibude alikuwa anaekwa. It’s photography, it’s all about making someone looks good… Apo ni 100k safi…”

Kapedo met Eric Omondi while he was broke and looking for a job to do. He was previously a poet in Churchill Raw, but he struggled after COVID-19 hit. He texted several celebrities; but his efforts ended in a cul de sac. It was only Eric Omondi who responded to him; and has been working with him for a while.

”Nilitextingi wasee wengi. But the person who responded ilikuwa ni Eric. Eric akaniambia alikuwa na project, ilikuwa about mental health… Nikamfanyia the first pictures. After kumtumia the same day jioni, akaniambia, bro umefanya ile kitu… From that day nilianza kuwa nampiga mapicha till now.”

Watch their interview below;


Uyo Ni Mzee Pia- Frasha Attacks Eric Omondi For Endorsing Jimmy Wanjigi To Support The Youth

With the general elections knocking, every aspirant is using all possible means to reach a wider audience and get known. Comedian Eric Omondi is currently the most followed personality in Kenya; with the highest following on Instagram.

For this reason, he is believed to be the deal when it comes to reaching a wide audience. He was recently involved in pushing the youth agenda; with the hash tag ‘fagia wote’.

Reactions as Eric Omondi endorses Jimmy Wanjigi for Presidency come 2022 | Pulselive Kenya

This was meant to wipe out all the ‘old politicians’ who have been in the game for decades.

Eric Endorses Jimmy Wanjigi

Eric Omondi urges the youth to endorse Jimmy Wanjigi
Eric Omondi and Jimmy Wanjigi-Google

After pushing the big hash tag for days, Eric Omondi did not meet the expectations the youth had; not even his fellow celebrities. Instead, it was a stunt meant to support Kenyan business mogul Jimmy Wanjigi; who is also believed to be ‘old’ in the game. Most expected him to be endorsing somebody young; or rather himself. At one time, we almost thought he could vie for the presidential seat.

Rapper Frasha Goes After Eric Omondi

For the latter reason, Kenyan rapper Frasha has expressed his disappointment at Eric Omondi. He took to his Instagram to throw shade at Eric over the same as he wrote;

”For once I thought @ericomondi was serious with the youth agenda only to find out that he’s the president of comedy for real. The youth should stop being used and fight for there own space .We need to stand with those who have serious youth interests at heart . @jimi.wanjigi as nothing new to offer the youth he’s in the same category with the rest of the presidential aspirants so kama yeye ndio solution ya #fagiawote2022 Sisi tutaanza na yeye .This is a new youth revolution. Will only support the youth agenda”

In addition to this, Eric’s celebrity friends also expressed their negative sentiments on their comment section. Seems like a good number of people are not happy with Eric over this.