I Think Marriage Has Failed- Eric Omondi On Why He Won’t Be Marrying Soon

Comedian Eric Omondi is approaching the ‘4th floor’. And at his age, he should probably be considering a serious marriage. Well, for him, marriage isn’t a priority and his age doesn’t bother him that much. The comedian had started his own show dubbed ‘Wife Material’ which was aimed at getting a wife for himself.

As we all known, the first season of the show was just a mind game that ended up as a prank. He later on continued to promise Kenyans that he will secure a wife in the 2nd season of the show. This too came to pass as he dissolved the show for some trivial reason other than Ezekiel Mutua’s claims of the show being too explicit.

Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Show contestants-Google

Marriage A Scam?

Even though Eric is highly on demand by the other gender, he has recently disclosed that marriage is not his thing; at least not for now. Speaking on Mungai’s YouTube channel, the funnyman said that he is still focusing on his career and wouldn’t want to get caught up in commitment of marriage;

”Marriage and relationship ina require a lot of energy, time and commitment. But ile kitu nafanya sahi, na need a lot of focus. Na sisemi ati wife atakutoa kwa focus… I just feel like marriage requires that you give a lot of energy and time. And saa izi siezi ku multi-task. All my attention needs to be on my career right now.”

Eric continued by saying that he won’t marry before the age of 65.

”Before 65 sioni nikioa…. I think marriage has failed.”

Despite all this, Eric already has a kid with his baby mama Jacque Maribe.


President Lazima Akue Na Ndege- Eric Omondi Brags About Owning Two Choppers Worth Over Ksh 300 Million

‘Ujaluo ni gharama’. This is Eric Omondi’s slang that he often uses to classify himself as the extremely rich comedian that he is. The funny man has now divulged that he is a proud owner of two choppers; one for personal use, the other one for business.

Eric Omondi Lands At Luo Festival in Chopper-Google

Eric landed at the Luo Festival in Moran Lounge Nairobi in one of his choppers. He later on proceeded to an interview with Mungai Eve; where he gave the details about ownership of the choppers;

”Ziko mbili. Kuna ya biashara na hii ni personal… Hiyo chopper umeona hapo ni yangu ya president. Hakuna president in the whole world mwenye hana ndege. So people should not be shocked… It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity…”

Eric Omondi’s personal chopper-IG

According to Eric, he bought the chopper one month ago; and will be using it often to travel around the continent.

Proving A Point?

Eric Omondi was among the few artists named by KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua as ‘poor’ and pretending to be rich, yet they have nothing.

Omondi went ahead to flaunt millions of shillings  on his Instagram afterwards , just to prove him wrong.

This time, he has gone even bigger by disclosing that he owns two choppers. One chopper is estimated to be worth Ksh 350 Million; without including Ksh30,000 worth of fuel per hour.

Being the owner of two choppers means that Eric’s net worth is definitely something we should definitely research about.


Back Like I Never Left-Eric Omondi Back To The Gym After Massive Weight Loss Criticisms

Comedian Eric Omondi’s body transformation last year got everyone admiring his new muscular physique. In less than a year, Eric had already gained 25 Kilograms and built himself a body that made ladies salivate for him more.

Eric Omondi before and after-Google

Eric got netizens asking him to share the secret behind his impressive transformation- He answered saying he ate more and worked out more.

“Naturally, I hate food and I have very poor eating habits so I was ingesting, not eating. I was on a mission and it takes a lot of discipline to move from 47kgs to 72kgs. I had even begun a community, ‘skinny people united’ which I have since left but it takes a lot of discipline and time and that is why from January to February, I kind of disappeared from the public scene…”


This however, did not last as Eric’s fitness discipline hasn’t been consistent.

Back With A Bang!

Eric slowly reversed to his previous skinny body; which got his fans worried about his diminishing health. However, Eric has gone back to hitting the gym. He has posted a short clip on Instagram of himself in the gym and captioned;

”Back like we never left…”

We might witness yet another huge body transformation. But will this one last?





Eric Omondi Reveals How Much Money He Made From Performing in Tanzania’s Biggest Stadium

Comedian Eric Omondi is indeed among the few local artists who are making it internationally. Eric has made a name for himself over the years through his comedy. Tanzanians happen to be one of Eric’s biggest fans. The flamboyant comedian performed at one of Tanzania’s National Stadium located in the Temeke in July 17th, 2021.

Going International

The stadium was filled to the brim, with over 46,000 people attending to watch Eric’s performance. Having such a huge audience in a foreign country shows the huge fan base that Eric has.

Anyway, Eric Omondi was recently mad at KFCB (Kenya Film Classification Board) boss Ezekiel Mutua, for terming him as broke. The KFCB boss also stated that Kenyan artists are broke and all they do is show off; yet they have nothing. The comedian responded by flaunting notes worth Ksh 3 Million, spreading them around his bedroom and captioning;

”Tag Ezekiel na umwambie SHINDWE!!!!”

This time, Eric has divulged the millions he has made through his performance in Tanzania. He also added that the event costed Ksh 17 Million. Speaking on Mungai Eve’s channel, he stated;

”Hiyo event ime cost Ksh 17, 500, 000. Magufuli alinyosha ile ivi. Kila kitu unafanya iko on records. Kufanya ile event. Ile pesa Eric Omondi ame make after all that, kulipa sound, kulipa stadium, kulipa security… Alafu pesa ile imebaki ni Ksh 3.6 Million.”

Additionally, Eric challenged his fellow artists to fill a stadium like him and entertain over 46, 000 people. He claims that he’s the only African to ever achieve such a fete.


‘Mutua must go’ Celebrities react to KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua ‘broke and maskini’ comment

Ezekiel Mutua who is the KFCB Boss seems to have beef with Eric Omondi; and while we keep assuming these two are pulling stunts on social media; reality is – things are getting worse

So far we have seen Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua exchange bitter words to a point where the comedian’s studios ‘Big Tyme Entertainment Studios and offices;’ were almost shut down after Ezekiel said the studio was a brothel.

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua

Since then, we have seen the two get personal and the latest beef sparked Ezekiel Mutua has not only rubbed Eric Omondi; but all those in the entertainment industry.

This is after Mutua referred to the local artists as broke people; faking lifestyles that leave them drowning in depression.

Speaking during a phone interview on Milele FM, Mutua is heard saying;

Hakuna pesa alitoa. Omondi ni maskini Bwana. Hizo ni sarakasi tu za kujionyesha. Hao watu wote ni maskini wa kusaidiwa. Hakuna pesa wanaeza toa… Omondi hana ata mia. Hana ata elfu kumi ya kupatia mtu. Wasanii wanaumia Bwana. Yeye ni mwombaji…. The entire industry is not making money…”

Eric Omondi and fellow comedians react

To which Eric Omondi responded saying;

ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! We have to stop this NONSENSE!!! All the money I make is through blood and Sweat; most of the money you make is through Misappropriation of Public funds. Kama mimi ni Maskini basi wewe ni MWIZI, wa PESA za Serikali. You promised @mulamwah only to withdraw at the last minute, then you did the same with @bahatikenya only to let him down on the day of his event I had to come through for him like a true brother, but you are a pathological liar Daktari.



I am currently in Dar Es Salaam about to make HISTORY by filling up the NATIONAL STADIUM and making money while at it. I promise you by the time I land back in kenya I will ensure you are not occupying that office by September, juu you can not call an entire industry MASKINI ambao hawajiwezi. Hawa ni Vijana ambao wanajituma ili wapate chakula. ENOUGH!!!

The likes of Mulamwah, YY and others conquered with Eric’s post as they wrote;


Eric Omondi’s hot ex fiancé Chanty spotted hanging out with popular hunk politician (Photo)

Chanty has been missing in the entertainment scene since calling off her engagement with one, Eric Omondi.

Ever since then, fans on Sidika media have distanced themselves from her; but I bet, she prefers it this way unlike before when fans and bloggers were all over her.

Eric Omondi with ex, Chanty

A few months ago we however met the handsome mixed race fella – she moved on with after Eric Omondi; and for some reason -fans who had followed to keep up with the local comedian’s ‘wife’ ended up unfollowing. But ni life!

Chantal with bae

Chanty and Hon Alinur spotted together

Anyway, Chanty has once again tongues wagging after she was spotted hanging out with yet another popular face in Kenya, Hon Alinur.

Alinur with Chantal

From the photo I believe that Hon Alinur visited Chanty’s bakery store Rimini by Mondo Pane at Gigiri to show some support; but fans in the comment section seem to believe that Alinur might be pulling a low key ‘Jimal’ move.

Others congratulated Chanty for making good use of her beauty; (bagging wealthy man) but we can’t really link the two together since it’s obvious Alinur was supporting a small sisters business; but again, these two definitely know each other!


‘Wife Material Itaisha Nikiwa Na Bibi Na Watoto’ Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi’s popular show ‘Wife Material’ is yet to bear fruits for him in terms of getting him a life partner. Even though Season 2 of the show was dissolved due to reasons understood by Eric, he still remains optimistic about the third season of the show.

The witty celebrity had previously vowed to get himself a partner in season 2, but this came to pass after the dissolution.

Too Hot To Handle

According to Eric, one of the contestants became rogue and he couldn’t handle her.

”…Sadly, It seems #WifeMaterial2 was never meant to happen. But we can still say it happened in a way; actually twice. The show was to begin tomorrow as has been heavily advertised. But unfortunately that won’t be so… Unfortunately one of the Contestants went Completely and utterly “Rogue”. And despite numerous attempts to Control the situation; the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue. We say farewell to Season two. Season 3 will Start almost immediately.”

One of the contestants, Gigy Money, didn’t take the issue lightly as she responded to Eric telling him he wasted their time.

It’s Never Too Late

Eric Omondi has now promised yet again to get a wife and kids from Season three of the show. Speaking on Mungai’s YouTube channel, he discloses;

”…Lakini ila nimesema hii mara mob sana. Nimesema na haijafanyika. Lakini Wife Material itaisha na mimi nikiwa na bibi na watoto. And you can take that to the bank… Ile siku itafanyika hivi ntawakumbusha.”

Finally, Eric claims the show is set to begin soon and will have ladies from Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Nigeria and Kenya.


Eric Omondi skinny again months after body transformation (Video)

Funny man Eric Omondi is back to his old skinny body and he is making this so obvious with his new outfits and of course a new video shared on his page.

Judging from what we have seen, allow me to now confirm that the abs and well built guns that kept giving ladies wild thoughts; have disappeared – and the fella is back to looking like the 1gb Eric Omondi from back in the day.

Yes ladies, all that sugar was short lived.

Comedian Omondi

This only means that’s Eric Omondi has lost discipline when it comes to his fitness journey; and just like before – he is also not eating properly – as it should be for a grown man.

He once opened up about his bad eating habits saying;

Naturally, I hate food and I have very poor eating habits so I was ingesting, not eating. I was on a mission and it takes a lot of discipline to move from 47kgs to 72kgs. I had even begun a community, ‘skinny people united’ which I have since left but it takes a lot of discipline and time and that is why from January to February, I kind of disappeared from the public scene

Eric Omondi back to 1GB after lack of discipline and determination


Eric Omondi looking like chocolate bars candy after parading ripped abs

The sudden change comes barely 8 months after Eric Omondi unveiled one of the sexiest bodies; we have ever seen on him.

However due to his inconstancy with his work out sessions, the funny man is back to square one.

Clearly the skinny body makes him less attractive; (just being honest) especially after fans saw how fine he looks while ripped.

Eric Omondi flaunts his muscles

For a minute fans were obsessed with the filled out solid muscle chest and arms; but that remains a memory until Eric decides whether he will fix his body; or will continue treating it like his old jokes!


Eric Omondi Finally Discloses Plans Of Settling Down- ‘Hata Mimi Nataka Bibi Na Watoto’

Eric Omondi is one of the luckiest men, having mingled with different types of women from all over East Africa. He has had a variety of women to choose from his recently dissolved Wife Material show; but has not yet found ‘the one’.

Family Guy

The fact that he will be turning 40 years in the next few months has made him consider settling down. The comedian has expressed his desire to have a family and kids; and has promised to be serious about his Wife Material season 3. It’s hard for Eric’s fans to believe since he had promised the same in season 2; which of course, didn’t happen since he cancelled it. This time, he’s including women from ETHIOPIA, RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN and NIGERIA in his show.

On a long Instagram post, Eric wrote;

”Every journey has its ups and downs. Season one of #WifeMaterial was almost PERFECT!!! Season two was a TOTAL DISASTER😂😂… Sometimes I sit back and ask myself what was the intention of this show, what was the original idea???🤔🤔…And then I remember the MAIN REASON. I was actually really looking for a wife to marry, settle with and start a family, then things happened and that’s life…

I will PREMIER Season three in less than a month… And you can take my Word, whoever wins this Season…I WILL MARRY and SETTLE WITH, THIS YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!! Hata mimi nimechoka nataka Bibi na Watoto, Nataka familia…I mean am turning 40 in 9 Months🤦‍♂️…”

Will Eric Omondi live up to his words this time? Or will this be one of his plotted hoax?


‘Handling 23 Women Is Not A Joke’ Eric Omondi Blames Wife Material Contestants For His Extreme Weight Loss

Eric Omondi’s conspicuous weight loss was something that we’ve all been concerned about for some time. The comedian had many prospecting that he would go back to his previous slender physique. It took him almost a year to get into shape; and made a comeback with a well-built body any man could admire. His new shape even gave him confidence to challenge the OG- Khaligraph Jones in a fist fight. Of course, he was beaten up by the rapper.

How Eric Omondi gained 25kgs in eight months

The comedian has now taken to social media to blame his popular ‘Wife Material’ show for his tremendous weight loss. Eric claims that it has been hard for him to handle all the contestants ever since the premiering of the show. He had previously weighed 78 Kilos; which is currently at 57.

Promising to get back to his previous shape, he wrote on his Instagram;

”At the beginning of #WifeMaterialOne I weighed 78 KGs and was extremely muscled up💪💪 by the end of #WifeMaterial2 I am 57Kgs with diminished muscles(Handling 23 Women is not a joke). Now I have to get back and go all the way to 80 Kgs of PURE,LEAN MUSCLES before #WifeMaterial3 and maintain it forever…LETS GOOOO!!!😎💪”

Even though he cancelled Wife Material 2 for some trivial reasons; Eric is now poised to maintain his shape before embarking on the third season of his show. Just a matter of months before he unleashes his new body form. Handling women is indeed tough!


Rogue Contestants! Drama As Eric Omondi Cancels Wife Material Show Season Two

Seems like Eric Omondi’s highly anticipated show Wife Material season two was never meant to happen. Many things came up that led to Eric postponing the show a couple of times. Well, this time, the show is off for good. The premiering of season two saw some of the contestants exchange blows during a meet and greet; and some of them, including Eric, got arrested.

Utterly Rogue Contestants

From the look of things, the contestants might have not changed just yet. As Eric Omondi discloses, one of the reasons he has cancelled the show for good is because the contestants are ‘utterly rogue’. This is what fans actually wanted, just to make the show interesting; but Eric thinks it’s way too much to handle.

In a long Instagram post, Eric wrote;

”…Sadly, It seems #WifeMaterial2 was never meant to happen, but we can still say it happened in away, actually twice. The show was to begin tomorrow as has been heavily advertised but unfortunately that won’t be so… Unfortunately one of the Contestants went Completely and utterly “Rogue” and despite numerous attempts to Control the situation the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue. We say farewell to Season two. Season 3 will Start almost immediately.”

Contestants Unhappy

One of the contestants; Tanzanian musician Gigy Money was angry with Eric and wrote back;

”So Erick you call me here nitukanwe cos unapata deals na uwarekodi watu bila kujijua unatufanya sisi vituko, you know what? You will regret this and you will never forget your wives…”


Eric Omondi Set To Make Comeback With Wife Material Show

Comedian Eric Omondi has announced he’s now ready to proceed with his wife material show, Season 2. Omondi had previously been banned from proceeding with his show due to explicit and un-authorized content. The allegations saw him and some of the participants arrested. The contestants had to go back to their respective countries and the show withheld.

Wife Material Comeback

Eric has been talking about premiering the show a couple of times; always giving a reason for procrastinating the show. However, this time he seems to be serious about the comeback.


”THIS SATURDAY AT WASAFI LOUNGE KIAMBU ROAD!!! THE OFFICIAL WELCOMING PARTY of #WifeMaterial2 Contestants. Come meet and Greet your favourite Contestant!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!”

DAR ES SALAAM INCOMING!!! Coming to get my baby’s❤, Wife Materials PERSONALLY. 🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿
@gigy_money_og @saymayah_ @suzan_official01 @biancakikii57 @kyler_jeycman


WifeMaterial2 Will take Place in NAIROBI🌆 MOMBASA 🌴 KISUMU🌊 and BUSIA🐓. @wifematerials2

It’s also important to note that Eric promised to make it clean this time; just to avoid being at loggerheads with KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua. Fans are waiting eagerly to see how all this will unfold.

Eric has been spending the last couple of weeks advertising for various companies. His next focus is definitely Wife Material season 2.



Alitupima! Eric Omondi Proves Wife Material Season 2 Was Also Scripted After All (Video)

The King of comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has once again proved to Kenyans that they know nothing about his show. The comedian had previously promised Kenyans that he would not script the show like he did on Season one. Seems like Eric did not live up to his promise.

Wife Material season 2 was filled with drama barely days after it premiered. The ladies participating in the show got arrested after fighting in a club where Eric had planned his birthday party and a meet- and-greet with Wife Material fans. He also got arrested shortly afterwards for running an explicit program without the proper license.

To show us that Wife Material Season Two drama was also part of the  script, Eric has written on his Instagram,

”And all of you guys actually believed these girls fought🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 When you hear me say #PresidentOfEntertainmentAfrica. Best Believe!!!! We are about to take over this CONTINENT!!! #WifeMaterial2 Resumes in two weeks. BIGGER!!! BETTER!!! @saymayah_

From the above information it’s evident that all the drama that happened in season two was just a hoax. Most people have reacted on the comedian’s post.

”Wah enyewe hii Kenya kila mtu anatubeba ufala kama gunia ya waru.”

Now that we know he’s also scripting this, we won’t have much interest in this.


Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Season Two Set To Return With Age Restriction

Eric Omondi’s Wife material show season two is finally set to return. After his arrest, he promised his fans that he would bring back the show; this time, he would make it ‘clean’ and acquire the necessary documents to run the show. Even though not most people were supporting the show, the comedian decided that this would be the best platform for him to get a wife. This time, Eric has promised he will not script anything.

The comedian had planned to proceed with the show last week but had to postpone it because of the sudden demise of Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli.

Those who were against the show said that it had explicit content and couldn’t be viewed by everyone. However, Eric made it clear that it’s not his job to restrict children from watching.

The show will now be back but with parental guidance (PG).

On his Instagram, Eric wrote,

”By now I assume that everybody understands that #WifeMaterial is clearly not a family show. We have all understood the show by now. As we prepare to bring back #WifeMaterial2 it is important to clearly state that this show is RATED PG 21+. Please prepare and take note accordingly😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊.”

Let’s hope this time the show will be interesting like it was.


Wife Material Shall Continue- Eric Omondi Speaks About His Show After Sending Contestants Home

After being arrested for sharing unauthorized content, comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that he won’t stop airing his popular Wife Material show. The show, which had over 15 contestants, had been stopped by Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua. The CEO claimed that the show had explicit content, which was inappropriate for viewership and hadn’t been licensed. He added that Wife Material didn’t have to be dirty to sell; and Eric agreed with him.

Wife Material Contestants Sent Home

The comedian dismissed the show for a while and sent home the contestants.

He has however said that the show will continue, but will now have clean content. In an interview, he said,

”And as I spoke with daktari and agreed that it’s quite basic and we’re all in agreement that I don’t have to be dirty to sell. So we’ll be avoiding obscenity. And as we’ve agreed with the board, the regional idea is quite an interesting idea and it shall continue. Bigger, better, and of course, cleaner.

And mine is just to say asanti sana for the support and for the understanding. Mbarikiwe sana”

The show was highly anticipated by netizens, some terming it as pioneering East Africa to the world. Others like Kenyan gospel artist Ringtone say that Eric doesn’t have respect for women and want the show to be banned.

The return of the show will definitely be interesting.


End Of The Show? Eric Omondi Apologizes Over ‘Dirty Wife Material’ Content After His Release

Eric Omondi’s  controversial Wife Material Show season two has been filled with drama since it premiered days ago. Matters got worse when the contestants started fighting in a meet and greet party set up by Eric. The ordeal captured too much attention, which saw Eric Omondi arrested.

It’s clear that Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua is always on the neck of the comedian. This time, he accused Eric of producing un-authorized content without the license of KFCB. Less than 24 hours later, Eric has been released on 50K police bond. The President of Comedy Africa has now apologized over the content in his show.

On his page, he wrote,

”I have had a very long phone call with my very good friend Daktari Ezekiel Mutua and he is of the very strong opinion that #WifeMaterial does not have to be dirty to sell. I completely agree with him and I have sent him a personal apology. The intention has always been to entertain and not to offend and I’d like to apologise to anyone who was offended🙏🙏🙏The whole idea behind #WifeMaterial is to bring East Africa and Africa together through Entertainment…The Vision is to take over Africa and the Dream is to lift the East African and Kenyan flags to the World and that requires a rigorous and vigorous creative process. In order to compete Internationally we need to put our best feet forward. The creative process can be long and tedious and whenever a new idea is born it comes with a lot of teething problems. WE PROMISE TO BE BETTER AND DO BETTER🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇹🇿🇰🇪🇺🇬



It’s still not clear whether he will proceed with the show or not.


Wife Material Contestants Spend The Night In Jail (Video)

Eric Omondi’s Wife Material season two has began on an eccentric note. Three of Eric’s 15 Wife Material contestants spent the night in jail. During Eric Omondi’s party celebrations to introduce the contestants at Blend in Nairobi, a fight occurred among the contestants.

They exchanged blows and even went ahead and caused damage in the place. The act culminated the arrival of police at the scene. They were probably fighting over the comedian.

All those involved were however arrested and taken to the cell. In a video posted by the Big Tyme Entertainment CEO, three of her ladies are seen sitting down in the cell. All of them look sleepy and tired from the previous night’s ordeal, but are freed in a couple of seconds.

Most netizens on KOT reacted on the matter, terming it as a planned activity to draw attention. Eric Omondi had however cleared the air about the same and promised that he won’t script anything this time. What’s your take on this?

His Wife Material show season two has been anticipated by most. After unveiling it a few days ago, some thought of it as illegal and called for it to be banned. Some still encourage him and say it will be the biggest show in East Africa.

There’s definitely going to be more drama in the show. And I’m pretty sure most people are enjoying the thrill of it. Below is the video;


Eric Omondi Fires Back At Haters Who Think His Wife Material Show Will Put Him In A Scandal

Eric Omondi’s Wife Material season two is without a doubt going to be a banger! The comedian has set up the hottest ladies from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, with the aim of getting one wife for himself.  The first season of the show had only 9 contestants, but this time, he’s having 15 contestants; 5 ladies from each of the three named countries.

The curvy ladies already landed in the country and were ready to start the show, which was set to begin yesterday.

Most netizens are eager to see how the show will unfold. However, some have predicted that the show will get Eric Omondi in a $ex scandal.

” I just have a weird feeling a sex scandal will hit Eric Omondi one of these days.”

The Comedian didn’t seem to be bothered by the issue and his response;

”Bruh my whole life is a sex scandal”

However, most of his fans seem excited with the show and support him fully,

” Wife Material SN 2 imeanza already.  Y’all don’t like Eric Omondi Because he is literally that one Kenyan artiste that pushes our boundaries to the limit. He doesn’t even try to be safe.”

”Wife Material SN2 should be 24 hrs viewing please I want to see something oyaa!”

For me, I fully support Eric and really hope he won’t stage the show this round. It’s time for him to get a wife! What’s your take on Eric’s Wife Material Season 2?


“Churchill never paid me” Eric Omondi opens up

Eric Omondi is among the first pioneers of the famous Kenyan comedy show ‘Churchill show’ created by one Daniel Ndambuki. Being the first comedy show in Kenya, we believe that Churchill opened doors of opportunity to young talents like; Eric Omondi who continue to shine in the entertainment industry.

Having made a name for himself and a well paying career – comedian Eric Omondi recently held a candid interview with one Massawe Jappani where he opened up about his journey in the entertainment industry.

Churchill and Eric Omondi

For those who did not know, Eric says he chose to build himself through Churchill show; as he had already seen the kind of vision Daniel Ndambuki had in his mind.

Churchill was the number-one show watched in Kenya, and so I used that platform to create my name.

About payments

Unlike other comedians who continue to complain about payments from Churchill; Eric says that he never received a cent from the owner of the show, Churchill show.

Eric Omondi

However, this does not mean that he was struggling, no. In fact Eric says that he chose to use this opportunity to his advantage; and in no time he was driving in millions through adverts given to him thanks to his well built brand.

Churchill has never paid me any coin. For three seasons and I did not want the money, but by the time I was finishing the first season, I was already making millions. I got adverts and earned from that.

To comedians complaining about payments, Eric Omondi advised them saying;

I could not be known if he did not give me the platform to sell my name. He sold my name and it is very unfair when I see comedians saying they are being used by Churchill. You are not being used, they are using Churchill


Anatafuta Bibi? Eric Omondi Reveals Why Wife Material Season Two Will Not Be Scripted

Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Show season one was a total success. Through the show, we were all yearning to see the comedian finally get a soul mate and settle. However, the comedian would later reveal that the show was scripted and everything was planned, even after taking the winner, Carol, for a honey moon.

Image result for eric omondi

The comedian is now aiming at starting Wife Material season two. He says that this time, nothing will be scripted. He adds that he is really looking to settle with someone through the competition.

”I learnt alot as a person during the Wife Material show. One of the things that dawned on me was the fact that am not getting any younger. I will be turning 40 in two years time. Even though the show was scripted and very well choreographed I realized somewhere along the way that this could actually be a perfect way to seriously meet someone to actually spend the rest of my life with.

And so I said to myself, I want Kenyans and East Africans and all my fans to witness me meeting someone, marrying them, having children and actually, really, seriously settling down with them. Wouldn’t that be awesome!…

Image result for eric omondi wife material

I want to promise you one thing, there will be no more scripts, no more choreography! Wife material 2 will premiere on the 2nd of March 2021.”

The comedian also gave the qualifications that the contestants needed to meet ahead of the competition. The contestants will be from different countries.

I totally agree. It’s now time for him to find someone to settle with.


‘Nafaa Nimlipe Juu Singekuwa Apa Bila Yeye’ Comedian Eric Omondi Reveals How Churchill Helped Him Make Millions

Africa’s King of comedy Eric Omondi is among the few comedians to come out publicly to reveal how he made lots of cash from being featured in Churchill Show years back. The comedian has opened up and says that Churchill Show gave him a platform that enabled him to make millions. He reveals that he didn’t make much money from performing on the stage, but rather from getting advertisement gigs.

” Churchill anakupatia platform. Watu wameisema, lakini mimi naisema from experience. I’m the only one who has the moral authority more than Churchill to talk of this topic…”

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”They were around 27 comedians. Nikawauliza mbele ya Churchill if he has ever paid me. Hajawai nilipa for three seasons. And I didn’t want the money. But by the time I was half the first season, I was making millions. Nilikuwa nafanya advertisements… Mimi ata inafaa nimlipe, hafai kunilipa. It should be the other way round. Nafaa nimlipe juu singekuwa apa bila yeye. Alinipa platform, alinipa stage, akaniuza.”

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The comedian’s epic success journey began during his stage performances at Churchill Show. His rib-cracking comedy entertained netizens all over. He’s now the CEO of Big Tyme Entertainment and has had his own shows. One of his popular show is ‘Wife Material’.

The comedian now has several endorsements from different companies, owing to the fact that he has a good following on his social media platforms. All the credit however, goes to Churchill, for making Eric a brand. A hand that gives, receives!


Comedian Eric Omondi Buys Coffin He Will Use To Bury Khaligraph Jones (Video)

23rd February is the day everyone is eagerly waiting for. After Eric Omondi’s weight gain in less than a year, he has decided to set up a fighting match between him and rapper Khaligraph Jones.

The comedian has taken a step further and bought a coffin that he will use to bury the rapper. He seems to be confident that he will win the match. His opponent, Khaligraph, still remains silent on the isse.

On Instagram, Eric Omondi posted a video as he purchased the coffin.

ERIC OMONDI🌐🇰🇪 (@ericomondi_) | Twitter

”Preparations for 23RD FEBRUARY!!! Hii kazi tutamaliza asubui mapema juu tuko busy…”

Even though most people are still in doubt doubt about the fight, Omondi says that his beef with Khaligraph shall be settled in the ring. After revealing that his wife material show was scripted, it won’t be a surprise to most people if the fight is just a hoax.

His post got mixed reactions from his fans, with some saying that he’s just joking around.

kuna vitu sio za kuchezea”

”Its funny how OG ashughuliki na hii mambo yako.”

Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi take to battle as their beef escalates - Ghafla! Kenya

However, Eric seems to be vengeful and optimistic that the match will happen. He intends to use the coffin to bury Khaligraph after the match.

On a radio interview, the comedian said that his beef with the rapper began when he lifted him up in front of his fans when he was about 56 Kgs. He’s now after revenge and doesn’t seem to stop hyping the match scheduled late this month.

Below is the video of Eric purchasing the coffin. What do you think about the match? Will it happen?


‘Shakilla Ana Tabia Mbaya’ Eric Omondi Reveals

King of comedy Eric Omondi has been making headlines for the past few weeks in the entertainment industry. After his wife material show, the comedian has had controversial responses from netizens about the show.

On an interview, Eric revealed that one of the contestants in his ‘Wife Material’ show, Shakilla, is ill-mannered. This he said jokingly to mean how straight forward Shakilla was.

Man-Eater, Shakilla Publicly Discloses She Wants To Swallow Comedian, Eric Omondi - Routine Blast

He says that when he first met Shakilla, she did not greet him but rather told him ‘nionyeshe’.

”Shakilla is very straight forward. Mara ya kwanza tulikutana na yeye ivi akasema nionyeshe…

The first thing bila salamu…”

In a video, Shakilla also revealed that she had seen the inner parts of Eric Omondi as she had slept with him. Eric claimed that he had not yet seen the video of Shakilla exposing him about his size.

The comedian revealed that after his Wife Material show, he lost a couple of endorsements. However, the comedian admits that he got other endorsements from different companies, owing to the fact that he is the most followed personality in the country.

During the interview, Eric also reveals that his beef with Khaligraph Jones is legit. Most people are still in doubt whether the fight is truly happening, but Eric is still planning to have a match with the rapper. He explains that his beef with the OG started on a performance stage when Khaligraph lifted him up in front of his own fans. The fight will happen on 23rd of this month.

What do you think about this? Is this another one of Eric’s scripted activities?


Eric Omondi Reveals Why Sponsors Ditched Him After Staged ‘Wife Material’ Show

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that he has lost a couple of  sponsors after his ‘Wife Material’ show. The self proclaimed comedy King said that the show really costed him as the sponsors termed it ”unethical content”.

In an interview, the comedian reveals that one of the good deals he lost was with a betting company. He seemed to have been making a good amount from the firm.

”I lost a lot. They said our product is family-oriented. We do not know what you are doing with your brand kissing girls.”

Was Eric Omondi's wedding to Carol a publicity stunt?

This happens weeks after the comedian revealed to netizens that the whole show was just staged and everything was planned. The winner of the show, Carol from Band Becca, also revealed that she only came to the show to promote her brand.

Nevertheless, Eric also adds that the show helped to gain more following as more companies also eyed on him.

”Luckily, I am the most followed personality in Kenya. I feel very blessed and thank my fans. It is because of them that I get endorsements. Sponsors see these followers, who are fans, actual people, who love and follow me.”

Eric Omondi Biography – Age, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Eric also added that he got some negative responses from women after the show. Some were complaining that Eric used the girls. But he adds that most men stood with him on the trolls he was receiving.

Eric’s comedy talent over the years have greatly contributed to who he currently is. But I think it’s time he reduced the drama and engaged more into actual comedy.



‘The Whole Nation Will Witness As A Grown Man Begs For Mercy’ Eric Omondi Threatens Khaligraph Jones

The King Of Comedy Eric Omondi has once again threatened the OG Khaligraph Jones ahead of their planned boxing match. The match was scheduled for 23rd February and Eric has decided to send an early warning to Khaligraph on pre-match.

Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi take to battle as their beef escalates - Ghafla! Kenya

Omondi posted a video on Instagram doing a pre-match pull-up exercise. However, the Self proclaimed comedy King raised doubts to his fans on whether the match will actually happen, owing to the fact that Khaligraph Jones has kept quiet about it.

On the Instagram post, Eric marks the day of the match and sends a threatening message to the OG.

” 23rd February 2021!!! Will be the biggest day in Kenyan Entertainment scene. Brian Omollo AKA Khaligraph Jones who was born just the will be publicly shamed, humiliated and suffocated by an elder in the industry for having a Big mouth. The whole nation will witness as a grown man begs for mercy.”

Abel Mutua commented, ” Tumetoka kwa vita tukaingia uchawi?”

Mulamwah also commented, ”Sasa finger game tumejua uko tops baba.”

Eric Omondi responds after Khaligraph mocks his body

This happens weeks after the comedian revealed his show ‘Wife Material’ was all staged, even after conducting a wedding ceremony with the winner, who was Carol.

With this in mind, most netizens are still in doubt as to whether this match will really occur or it’s just another staged act.

One thing is for sure, if this match is going to happen, it will definitely be a big one. I place my bet on the OG. Let’s patiently wait.


Why Eric Omondi Wants To Replace Naomi Campbell As Magical Kenya Ambassador

Self proclaimed King of Comedy Eric Omondi appealed to be appointed as the magical Kenya Ambassador. This happens days after the position was crowned to Naomi Campbell, who is a British Model.

Eric Omondi had his passionate appeal to Najib Balala and says that he would be a perfect fit for the job.

In addition, Eric claimed that he had booked a meeting with Tourism CS Najib Balala to discuss the same.

He also adds that he marketed Kenya in various countries without asking for pay.

Eric Omondi and Lupita - Mpasho News

In 2019 alone just before the Corona Pandemic I managed to travel to 11 Countries in which I mostly performed in full Kenyan flag attire. Including the Biggest Comedy show in America, ‘The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“Lupita Nyong’o is the most followed Kenyan followed by myself. We have the numbers, We have the Goodwill and we are KENYAN TO THE CORE… it only makes logical sense that a Kenyan sells Kenya.I have booked a meeting with my Friend the Honorable Najib Balala and I will only be asking him for one thing TUPE HII KAZI MHESHIMIWA.”

Eric has also proposed to have Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o appointed as his co-ambassador.

Eric has definitely put Kenya in the Global map as one of the most recognized countries through his comedy. He is without a doubt one of the most influential Kenyans. This would be a task that will suit him well.