Adorable: Eric Omondi’s fiance as a toddler, is this how their children will look like?

Comedian Eric Omondi counts himself lucky to have found such a beautiful lady like Chantal Grazioli. She is a Kenyan-Italian who gives many sleepless nights thanks to her beauty.

The lady is however engaged to be married and together with her fiance, Eric they seem not to be in a hurry. From her social media posts seems like the lady has been in Italy for some months now. Not quite sure whether if it is for business or pleasure but Eric Omondi must be missing her.

Earlier today the lady however celebrated her mother’s birthday with a few loving photos. What caught my attention is one of photos where she is seen as a small baby.

There is no doubt that Chantal was a lovely child and if anything her fiance is hoping that their kids will take after her.

Eric Omondi relationship

So far we understand that the fella adores his lady and this is why he wants to marry her. The two already moved in together and the only thing remaining is a wedding or child – whichever comes first to complete their small family.

Below is Chantal’s photo.


Eric Omondi bags ‘Comedian of the Year’ award

Comedian Eric Omondi is the comedian of the year as named in the Starqt Awards in Johannesburg.

He shared a photo flaunting his award on his Instagram page earlier today. Eric Omondi joins the list of popular comedians in Africa.

This comes a few months after the comedian took a break in performing live for his Kenyan audience. His jokes however seem to stay alive hence the new award.

Just recently he was arrested for overlapping. According to him, the traffic police caught him red handed while driving to the Airport where he was heading to catch his flight to New York.

New projects

The comedian has lately been working on projects that have seen him fly to the United States to promote his career.

Through his Instagram page he revealed that Bonfire Adventures are the ones who sponsored his trip to New York.



Eric Omondi flaunts wads of cash on his social media pages

Comedian Eric Omondi has now joined the list of celebrities flaunting their cash on Instagram for just fun and giggles!

He shared the video through his Instagram page describing himself as a slay king…a common title given to men who enjoy parading their money or rather wealth on social media.

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This is however not surprising since we all know that he works hard for his money and could have also done this due to the boredom he is experiencing especially now that his fiance has been away for months.

Anyway, Eric Omondi continues to entertain his loyal fans through short video he makes to show his fans what he is up to.

Check out the screenshots taken from his video parading money on Instagram.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi



“You carried me on your shoulders and showed me the future” Eric Omondi special birthday message to Churchill as he turns a year older

Comedian Eric Omondi is grateful to have met a man like Churchill who literally held his hand and helped him build his career in the comedy industry.

To show his appreciation Eric Omondi shared a touching birthday message dedicated to Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill who celebrated his birthday on 30th October.

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Through his Instagram page Eric Omondi poured out his heart in the message below saying;

Churchill and Eric Omondi

This is literally what you did? You carried me on your shoulders and showed me the future… You discovered me…Taught me everything I know today… You are a True Brother… May God continue to shine His face upon you??? May you never lack anything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA

Fellow comedians also joined in to celebrate Churchill through their social media pages where they showed their gratitude to the fella who has helped them get where they are now.


“I have prayed for Wisdom that Surpasses human understanding” Eric Omondi joins fellow artists to pray for Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga

Kenyan artists have come out to condemn the brutality happening in the country between the policemen and Nasa protesters following an issue that has divided both the Nasa and Jubilee supporters.

Police engaging with protesters
Police engaging with protesters

After Akothee shared a lengthy post talking about how she hopes Kenyans will go back to being united, comedian Eric Omondi has also come out to urge Kenyans to pray for the country since at this point no man or judge can bring peace.

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The comedian shared a photo of presidential candidates Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta having a chilled out conversation and judging from how Raila Odinga is smiling the two were probably discussing a friendly issue –  something that Kenyans should emulate to ensure peace is maintained in the country as we are all brothers and sisters.

He wrote saying,

Raila Odinga with Uhuru Kenyatta
Raila Odinga with Uhuru Kenyatta

I have prayed to GOD for these two Gentlemen. I have prayed for Wisdom that Surpasses human understanding. They are in a dispute and because of that we are all in a dispute. I dont know what the conversation in the picture above was about but i know they had a conversation. I know they have had tens of conversations and NOTHING should stop them NOW! I brought my petition to God because HE is the SUPREME JUDGE. But even if they do not talk I have tabled my request to the MOST HIGH… While lying Prostrate (facedown in humility, Submission and Adoration) I made my supplications to Him. I prayed that He may hover His Spirit over this land, . THERE WILL BE NO BLOODSHED!!!

And indeed I agree!


Mum and daughter goals! Eric Omondi’s fiancé steps out with her mum for a swim, check out the tiny swimming suits they wore

Miss Chantal, Eric Omondi’s fiancé is not one who likes social media attention but once in a while she shares new posts that leave team mafisi wishing they got her before Eric Omondi met her.

This is because she is beautiful and sassy…some of the qualities men look for when picking out girlfriends. Well, this round she has given us a reason to talk after sharing a photo dressed in a swimming costume while taking a swim with her mum in Italy where they are currently having a good time.

Eric Omondi's fiance
Eric Omondi’s fiance

Also read:

The lady is seen in a black cut out swimming suit while her mum is seen with also a black costume. Chantal however tried to hide her mum’s outfit as she kept the camera on herself – for reasons best known to herself.

Eric Omondi's fiance with her mum
Eric Omondi’s fiance with her mum

Anyway watch the two beautiful ladies swimming:

Where do i find another 50 year old woman more energized than this one? @nancy.iko67 mamitaaa ❤

A post shared by Chantal Juliet Grazioli ? (@miss.chanty) on Oct 3, 2017 at 11:09am PDT


Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones got paid to fool Kenyans with a fake beef

Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones were taking Kenyans for a ride with their beef. Apparently the two celebs were getting paid to promote a brand through the fake beef.

Notice that beef between Khaligraph and Eric started when someone leaked screenshots of a conversation on Olla ( a new social networking application) in which the comedian claimed that Khaligraph’s Range Rover belonged to a sugar mummy.

If you have been keen you will notice that whenever Khaligraph and Eric threw words at each other on social media they kept using ‘#OllaAtMe’ or simply ‘Olla at me’.

Apparently the two celebrities were just promoting the new social networking application – Olla. Their beef was just another social experiment. And they were paid to take Kenyans for a ride.

And even more surprising, Eric Omondi is dropping a new video on how to be Khaligraph Jones. Wakenya mulicheswa!


Khaligraph Jones: Eric Omondi is just jealous because sugar mummies don’t love him

Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones’ beef is not about to end any time soon, none of them seem to get the better of the other so insults are the order of the for the two celebrities.

Khaligraph has since dropped a diss track in which he claimed the comedian was jealous because sugar mummies don’t like him. (The genesis of their beef was Eric’s confession on leaked WhatsApp chat that Khaligraph’s Range Rover was given to him by a cougar in Hurlingham).

The Kayole rapper savagely attacked Eric in the diss track, he told him to put on some weight so that sugar mummies could love him. Khaligraph also claimed Eric’s jokes were dry that’s why he doesn’t attend his shows.

Below is Khaligraph’s diss track:


Message to Mheshimiwa ,Me Ndio Sponsor Wa Sponsor anaku Sponsor,, OLLA AT ME.. #ripprodigy #RespectTheOgs

A post shared by Khaligraph jones (@khaligraph_jones) on


Shots fired: “Ambieni huyo jamaa aende gas station aongezwe hewa” Khaligraph continues to diss comedian Eric Omondi

Khaligraph Jones and comedian Eric Omondi are the recent Kenyan celebrities to start beefing this month after it was reported that the funny man was going around claiming that the Range Rover rapper Khaligraph Jones drives belongs to a certain woman who lives in Hurlingham.

What are brothers for…Tusaidianeni. #OllaAtMeBro

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on Sep 25, 2017 at 10:53pm PDT

Being the second time Khaligraph Jones is firing the shots at Eric Omondi, he decided to do it differently this time around. Khaligraph Jones shared a new video on his gram where he is seen dancing next to his Range Rover but what caught my attention is the caption.

Well, Khaligraph Jones wrote saying that he is willing to work with Jimmy Gait on a new project dubbed ‘Kwa yesu hakuna sponsor’ and went on to say:

Kwa yesu Hakuna Sponsor New Song Dropping ft Jimmy Gait ???
Ambieni Uyo jamaa ende gas station aongezwe hewa ama aulize ule socialite mwenzake kitu ilimfanyikia last time alijaribu kucheza na OG, Mazishi ni ile ile, last Warning..

We are not sure how this beef will end but the two don’t seem scared of each other judging from their social media posts.


Beef brewing? Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi exchange bitter words on social media

A few days ago we did a story highlighting a conversation between Eric Omondi and an unknown friend who were talking about Khaligraph Jones Range Rover and lifestyle which Eric Omondi was seen describing as fake in a leaked conversation making rounds on tabloids.

Well, seems that Khaligraph Jones also happened to come across the story and boy did he get mad. From the screenshots the comedian was seen saying that Khaligraph Jones Range Rover apparently belonged to some old lady who lives in Hurlingham – leaving the audience questioning whether Khaligraph Jone’s lifestyle was legit.

Anyway, to respond to these allegations Khaligraph shared a bitter message on his instagram page where he called Eric Omondi out for hating on him and for spreading fake rumors.

Khaligraph Jones replies

Eric Omondi also went ahead to reply by saying:


Eric Omondi’s rendition of Diamond’s ‘Zilipendwa’ is the most hilarious video on the internet

Popular comedian Eric Omondi has dropped his own version of ‘Zilipendwa’, the way he synchronised humor and the singing is just superb.

‘Zilitemwa’ confirmed Eric Omondi is the king of rendition, apart from just dressing up like Diamond in the song ‘Zilipendwa’, Eric also sang just like Wafasi artists who were featured in the hit song.

The most hilarious part of Eric’s ‘Zilitemwa’ is the verse sung by Queen Darleen, Eric imitated everything the songstress did in the original song and it come out perfect in an extremely funny way.

Meanwhile Eric Omondi also dropped his version of Ali Kiba’s ‘Seduce Me’. Watch the video below:




Heavy weekend as Eric Omondi is photographed drunk with bloodshot eyes (Photos)

This past weekend had a lot of events which saw many Kenyans step out to have fun including celebrities who could not be left behind.

Well, Eric Omondi happens to be among those who graced the Tekno concert that went down at the Ngong racecourse on 9th September. He was accompanied by Joe Muchiri among others who were ready to turn up a good one!

Eric Omondi getting drunk

However seems that Eric Omondi had a bit too much to drink judging from a video shared by Joe Muchiri on his Instagram story a few hours ago. Eric Omondi is seen drinking straight from the bottle and just when he was about to swallow the dry liquor, he ended up throwing up!

Not quite sure what the plan was, but this is the first time we are seeing the fella too drunk – but didn’t Chantal (his fiancé) reveal that the first time they met he was tipsy? So, I bet it’s something that happens a lot?

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi: When I started doing comedy we were being paid in food

Eric Omondi has opened up about his journey in comedy, from the days when he used to earn peanuts, worst moment ever and why he’s doing parody music video.

Talks of comedians being paid poorly are not new, Eric Omondi stated that humorists used to be paid in food when he was starting, but affirmed that currently the pay was way better.

Speaking to Word Is, Eric said that parents needed to encourage their kids to get into comedy since the future for aspiring comedians was very bright.

“The comedy industry is going good places. When I started doing comedy, we were being paid with food. Now, it’s paying. Parents need to encourage their kids. Comedy is paying and the future is very bright,” said Eric.

The comedian also opened up about worst experience in comedy, he revealed that his dry jokes failed to impress an audience in Malindi despite trying for two hours to make them laugh.

“My worst show was in Malindi, they had never heard of me and a local TV was launching its mast. It was the first time people there were seeing me. I went there and I was late. I took the mic and I was like ‘Hawayunii’. For two hours nobody laughed. I will never forget that day,” Eric recounted.

About his parody music video, Eric confessed that ‘How To Be Akothee’ and ‘Saratina’ were the best parody music videos he has ever done.

“Mtu akifanya parody yako inamaanisha hiyo ngoma yako ni noma,” he said, “Na bado itapeleka attraction kwa ngoma yako. My best parody was ‘How To Be Akothee and Saratina’.”



Eric Omondi’s Italian fiancé reveals how they met for the first time

Eric Omondi and his Kenyan-Italian fiancé are set to wed soon but their wedding is taking a bit longer than we expected.

The first time he introduced her through his Instagram page many thought it was just a stunt to keep his online community talking only to realize that he was actually serious with her.

However, we all never got to know how they met. But finally Miss Chantal – the soon to be Mrs Omondi has revealed how she met the young man and why she was too nervous to ask for a selfie despite knowing he was tipsy.

Through her Instagram page she wrote to say;

Eric Omondi with his girlfriend

I don’t know if you remember this but was the first picture we took together at Kasarani stadium you were the only Kenyan celebrity I knew, I was a big fan and I wanted a picture but I was too nervous to ask you (my hands says it all)!so my mom did it for me. I remember you were a little tipsy? I was rained on my hair and make up was ruined to get there.?? the rest is history.

Judging from a comment from Eric Omondi we now know they met on 11th December.



Eric Omondi suffers the wrath of Tanzanians on social media for being Diamond Platnumz ‘puppet’

Comedian Eric Omondi has managed to penetrate into the Tanzania entertainment industry through his comedy but also thanks to Diamond Platnumz who seems like a close friend of the Kenyan funny man.

However, some Tanzanians seem to be fed up with how Eric Omondi tries to be too nice to the Bongo singer – when they themselves are tired of his (Chibu) stunts.

This was after he shared a couple of clips from Wasafi records new song dubbed “Zilizopendwa” on his Instagram attracting negative comments.

Below are a few comments from the fans.



7 photos of Eric Omondi walking out in the open in his underwear (Photos)

Is there a limit to Eric Omondi’s shenanigans? The comedian is now walking around in his underwear carrying a spear like ancient Greek warriors.

Eric Omondi has sent social media in a buzz with his crazy photos, the comedian is doing promo for his show ‘Eric Omondi Untamed 10’ which will be held on 30th July.

The mischievous comedian is walking out in the open dressed like a Spartan warrior – he has fake beard on his cheeks, and a boxer is the only cloth covering his private area.

See the photos below:




Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Chantal Grazioli causes a frenzy while twerking to Diamond’s ‘Sema Nawe’ (Video)

Who knew Chantal Grazioli could wiggle it like Vera Sidika? Eric’s girlfriend may not be sufficiently endowed like Vera but sure she knows how to shake what her mama gave her.

Diamond’s ‘Sema Nawe’ is all about twerking, whenever the song is played at entertainment hotspots or wherever girls just bend down and shake their behinds.

A video of Chantal Grazioli twerking to ‘Sema Nawe’ sent social media into a frenzy. The video was shared by Eric who also recorded it.

Apparently Chantal decided to entertain Eric by twerking for him at their house, the comedian could be heard giggling in the background as his sweetheart shook her behind for him.

“@ericomondi i can’t belive you posted it…?????” Chantal whined after her boyfriend shared the private video online.


Who said Wazungus can't dance? #MamaSmoothy ???? @miss.chanty

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on


Eric Omondi’s ‘cartoonism’ lands him a show on Boomerang – world’s leading cartoon TV

Eric Omondi is the ‘living version’ of a cartoon, he’s full of mischief. The mischievous comedian has now landed a job that perfectly suits him.

Boomerang TV, which is popular for cartoons and animated programming, has recruited Eric Omondi for a new show dubbed ‘The Safari Comedy Show’.

Eric and South African comedian – Tumi Morake are doing voice-over for the show, they perform animals with human voice to depict emotions, communicate etc.

The Safari Comedy Show on Boomerang will go on air starting Monday 17 July on DStv channel 302. Watch the video below to see how Eric does his work on the new show:


Eric Omondi manages to kiss Elizabeth Lulu Michael, beating the likes of Bahati who have been drooling over the lady (Photos)

Comedian Eric Omondi was recently in Tanzania where he hosted the “Eid Komedi Gala” at the King Solomon hall in Dar Es Salaam.

The show attracted some of Tanzania’s loved celebrities who came to support the Kenyan comedian and among those who were present is actress Elizabeth Micheal popularly known as Lulu and word has it that Eric Omondi could not help but acknowledge her presence.

As reported, Eric Omondi called her to the stage where he publicly praised her and managed to get a kiss from the beautiful lady. Though it was a polite peck and a quick hug the fella was pretty much excited for having been the ‘first’ Kenyan man to get that far with the lady.

As she walked back to her seat the fella was heard saying

“Mtoto safi sana nyie acheni tu, ni miongoni mwa wasanii kutoka hapa TZ wananivutiaga sana, tazama mwenyewe anavyojiseti aiseeee,”

Well I guess the likes of Bahati now have a reason to envy Eric Omondi, right?

Checkout the photos below courtesy of globalpulisherz.


Eric Omondi’s daredevil stunt sends social media into a frenzy

Is Eric Omondi nuts? The comedian stunned a crowd after he hung on a chopper that was carrying a mheshimiwa who had just addressed a public gathering.

Sometimes back, a man in Bunguma and another one in Meru changed the face of aviation after they hung on choppers the way James Bond does in his movies.

Bungoma and Meru James Bonds made pilots to be cautious about landing choppers in rural areas where residents rarely see any flying machine.

Eric Omondi has also become a James Bond, the comedian sent social media into a frenzy when he was seen clinging on a chopper.

Eric was imitating daredevils who hitch lift on choppers ferrying politicians. The act was part of ‘Eric Omondi Untamed 10’.

ERIC OMONDI UNTAMED 10…THIS IS KENYA!!!???????????? THIS JULY. @antoniothemc

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on


“You are so silly Eric” Vera Sidika unable to contain herself while goofing around with Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi swept Vera Sidika off her feet with his irresistible jokes, the comedian hanged out with the bootyful socialite after he ‘impersonated’ her.

Eric Omondi recently caused tongues to wag after he dropped ‘How to be Vera Sidika’ video – a routine webisode where the comedian imitates anyone.

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Well, Eric and Vera Sidika hanged out after he dropped the video a few days ago. The two celebrity spent time goofing around; Eric told Vera to strut down the catwalk while shaking her enormous booty and he also imitated her shaking his flat bottom.

Watch the video below:


Is Eric Omondi taking things too far? Watch him twerk and grind in his new video

Comedy is not just about coming up with funny jokes but knowing how to keep fans entertained and Eric Omondi seems to have specialized in this.

His latest project dubbed ‘how to be Vera Sidika’ has left many talking and not because he stepped out wearing a wig and heels which he paired with an amazing outfit but because he has gone ahead to drop a new video where he is seen twerking and shaking his body like most socialites or rather video vixens do.

The song heard in the background is a modified version of PUnits ‘you guy’ and Harmonizes ‘Anita’ the first song Vera Sidika played the role of the main video vixen thanks to what her mama and surgeons have her. Watch the video below and be the judge.




Zero Chills! Comedian Chipukeezy savagely trolls Bahati and Willy Paul at the Groove Awards 2017 ceremony

The Groove Awards ceremony went down last evening attracting both the gospel and secular artists to come celebrate and appreciate good music.

Well, the event is usually held annually and this year the likes of Willy Paul and Bahati were not among those nominated in any category meaning their would be new faces bagging the awards.

Anyway…Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi were among the celebrities who turned up with their girlfriends to come celebrate with the gospel industry and being among the funniest comedians we have in the country, Chipukeezy left many laughing after he decided to troll Bahati and Willy Paul.

Though this was an inside joke, I bet we will all agree with what he says. Checkout the video below;


Eric Omondi continues to dress like a woman for success, checkout his fine body

Comedian Eric Omondi is capable of doing anything just to keep the money coming in…okay I mean everyone is but this particular comedian has been stunting on his fans with fresh vibe just to keep them entertained.

His latest project required him to dress up like a woman and in this case he choose to step up in Addidas leggings which he paired with a crop top and low heeled shoes. Judging from his modified skin tone and wig there is no doubt that he was trying to look like Vera Sidika hence the name “how to be like Vera Sidika.”

He is Howe the only comedian in East Africa who has proven to be perfect at cross dressing simply because he understands how to deliver unique comedy for his fans. His tricks are the main reason he gets to roll around with International artists like Diamond Platnumz among others. I am guessing he understands ways of keeping his money coming, right?

Checkout the photos below:


Eric Omondi pours out his heart to his fiancé as she turns a year older

It has been 4 years since Chantal Grazioli walked into Eric Omondi’s life, bringing him joy and nothing less. This has been seen through the various photos and videos shared by the couple on social media.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi and his fiancé

Anyway, the Italian-Kenyan lady turns a year older today and Eric Omondi couldn’t wait to celebrate his lovely lady with the most beautiful message that has left fans wondering how hard he fell for Chantal.

Through his Instagram page he wrote saying,

it’s been 4 years since God personally sent down an angel for me… I know he cut off your wings so that I could believe you are human. Your smile, kindness and heart are not of this world. I am forever grateful to the heavens for honoring me with one of their own…Happy birthday my love.

Since Eric Omondi always throws her a big bash every year to celebrate her birthday, we can’t help but wonder what he will do for her this year.




Khaligraph Jones set to headline Nairobi’s red carpet affair this weekend, brace yourselves to take the #maskoff

With his latest song #Toa Tint driving hiphop fans crazy seems that Khaligraph Jones is now landing many gigs and for this reason he will performing at the Natives club tomorrow, 19th May, along side Fred Omondi at the Red Carpet affair event.

This is dubbed as the biggest bash to end the week in style as the event will also feature special performances from DJ Errique, DJ Steno who are expected to shut down the club with both local and international hits for the fans who will turn up for the event.

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There will be special performances from Pizo Dizo and Antidote – the fun part is that their is no entrance fee meaning the crowd expected is large and with Khaligraph headlining the show, expect nothing but a lit night.

Come ready to get down to amazing music and funny jokes throughout the night! Checkout the poster below.