Eric Omondi missed a golden chance to push his political agenda

Eric Omondi seems to believe that he will make it in politics on his own. That is the message he has passed -whether intentionally or unintentionally- by not taking a stand with the rest of Kenyans during the cost of living demonstrations.

Eric Omondi Blasts Odi Wa Murang’a After He Was Busted In Ladies Washroom At A Local Club

We have all seen him try and initiate his own mass action when he led protesters to parliament to decry the price of maize meal, something that helps Kenyans make their staple meal, Ugali.

Eric Omondi

At the time, he was commended by more than just his followers on social media as even Raila Odinga lent his voice to agitate for his release when he was arrested.

Would you vote for Eric Omondi If He Vied?

The conventional thinking is that if he really wants to have his message heard, then he needs to do so by attaching himself to a vehicle that can amplify that voice.

Eric Omondi

Given he is protesting against the government, he cannot side by them. That puts him in the opposition bracket. So why is he recalcitrant? That remains an unanswered question.

Eric Omondi brands political class “idiots and thieves”

Perhaps he is aware that were he to tuck himself under Raila’s wing, he would be subsumed. Maybe Eric Omondi doesn’t want his voice to be drowned out.


And that isn’t anything to scoff at. It’s a real concern because he wants to stand and be counted. He wants to be seen as a young person fighting for change. Time will tell whether Eric Omondi has used the right approach or not.

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Eric Omondi should officially join the opposition on Monday

Eric Omondi has been flirting with the idea of joining politics for the past week and while he has the support of a lot of Kenyans because of the platform he’s been rallying on I think it’s time for him to make his stance known.

Would you vote for Eric Omondi If He Vied?

And he will have a golden opportunity to do this as the Right Honourable Raila Odinga will be leading a protest against the rising cost of living supported by his political base.

Raila has called for mass action starting on Monday and even declared it a national holiday regardless of the fact that he does not have the power to have it gazetted. Eric Omondi could use this as a launching pad for his political career especially given that he is struggling to gain some semblance of relevance.

Eric Omondi brands political class “idiots and thieves”

Recently he helped free Petty offenders from Langata Women’s Prison but he was frustrated by the fact that his political detractors were quick to claim he is simply bringing his publicity stunts to politics.

Eric Omondi

It is clear to all that he is going to struggle to shed this tag as we all know that Eric Omondi’s career is littered with some abortive publicity stunts and he will need the help of political veterans for him to shed that skin. There is no one better for that role than Raila. If indeed he is serious about taking the plunge into politics then this is the time to do it because he will be flanked by all the heavyweight however the truth about Kenyan politics is that he can only really make it if he already has a godfathers blessing and that remains to be seen.

Eric Omondi pays for 8 more women bail

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Eric Omondi pays for 8 more women bail

Eric Omondi has just paid bail for 8 more women which has seen them go free from langata women’s prison. And this is a fantastic move that he has done after he previously paid for a woman who was imprisoned because she couldn’t afford her 10,000/- bail.

Eric Omondi can actually be a successful politician

Share the news of his social media page the comedian said,

Today we managed to Bail out 8 Young Girls from Langata Women Prison, their Stories are Heartbreaking and Simply Heartrenching. We will process more tomorrow and then we move to Nairobi West Men’s Prison, then Industrial Area then we go Nationwide. Something needs to change and Change Fast. Thank you once again @bernicesaroni ???????????? God bless.

It is good to see that his political ambition is pushing him to have the lives of a few Kenyans even as he continues to push for the lowering of taxation so that the cost of living in Kenya can reduce. It’s also endearing to note that Kenyans have rallied around Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

He clearly has his eyes Set on a political seat and though he has began his process of campaigning very very early, he is right to do so as Kenyans have been sharing their frustration with the government of the day.

Eric Omondi

This is because they have seen the cost of living Rise beyond what most Kenyans can afford, and yet we hear that more and more taxation is about to be introduced and levied on Kenyans.

Eric Omondi’s arrest a strategy to keep kenyans quiet on high cost of living?

Eric Omondi has already received support from the leader of the opposition the Right Honourable Raila Odinga who spoke up against his arrest and what he considered police harassment sponsored by the government of the day.

Eric Omondi launches his studios

The comedian has vowed to continue with his fight and I said his next stop will be at the men’s prisons and jails to pay bail for Petty offenders who are incarcerated due to their lack of capacity to pay their bails or bonds.

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Eric Omondi can actually be a successful politician

Eric Omondi seems to be making a play to become a politician and we can already recognise the work he’s putting in towards rebranding himself as “the p[eople’s champion”. And amazingly, it’s working. I say amazingly because just a month ago he was considered one of the most irritating Kenyan celebrities.

Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

Looking at how he has managed to rebrand himself is actually a masterclass in the subject as he didn’t begin yesterday but neither did he start small, he made some rather bombastic displays to announce his presence to those in the political arena.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

Eric Omondi started by first immersing himself into the conversation being had by his peers in the entertainment field. He started by championing Kenyan music and though that didn’t endear him to his musical peers but it did win him goodwill among the fans.

Eric Omondi’s plan to settle down is the best decision he ever made

And now he has started making some din and hue around the political and economic realities of Kenyans. And Kenyans who are increasingly a frustrated lot are very appreciative of the fact that someone with clout is saying what they have cowardly been grumbling about under their breath.

Make no mistake about it, it is going to take a toll on his health as he has exposed himself to more than just arrests, he has exposed himself to become a scape goat for the powers that be as they will doubtless begin to crackdown on dissent as more and more Kenyans air their disapproval. But Eric Omondi seems to have his eyes fixed on a long term goal.

Eric Omondi’s arrest a strategy to keep kenyans quiet on high cost of living?

And if ther is anything we can learn from the global stage is that like Ukraine’s misguided president Zelensky, Eric Omondi can aspire to and attain the highest political office in the land.

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Eric Omondi and Sarah Kabu need to keep some things private

Eric Omondi and Sarah Kabu came out to announce to their fanbase that they have both been touched by death’s cold hand as it visited their lives and claimed their unborn bundles of joy. In the comedian’s case, his girlfriend, Lynne suffered a miscarriage and he shared a video of her supposedly undergoing that harrowing ordeal on his social media accounts.

Eric Omondi Denies Lying About Girlfriend’s Miscarriage (Video)

Atleast in the female entrepreneur’s case, she broke the news on her own as that truly was her story to tell. She shared a photo of herself on a hospital bed and thanked her husband for being by her side during that gutting experience and revealed they had lost the twins she was carrying.

Eric Omondi

What I do not understand is why the pair of them, yes, Eric Omondi and Sarah Kabu would share such intimate details about their lives. It makes no sense because even if we say they are chasing clout, this could only serve to alienate their audience and especially in Eric Omondi’s case as he was called out for using the ordeal for precisely that.

Andrew Kibe Claims Eric Omondi Lied About Miscarriage

What was the point of the post? to celebrate his woman? He should have done that in private, among their family and friends, not internet strangers sifting through content for something to gossip about. That is why his attempt to explain it away as him wanting to celebrate his partner’s femininity was met with contempt.

Eric Omondi

Sarah Kabu on the other hand had other reasons; she wants sympathy. And I do not understand why she too would need to look beyond her husband and immediate family for not only that but validation aswell.

Sarah Kabu Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage For Twins (Video)

We all know that Eric Omondi has been trying to court attention at all costs. So this is in keeping with his recent behaviour. It is disgusting but we have grown accustomed to him doing this. I just thought he was capable of thinking beyond himself for once. His partner has suffered a traumatic experience, he should have known better than to publicise it because of how his haters would react.

Hot and young 25 year old linked to Eric Omondi

Sarah Kabu is trying to rebuild her image as the G.O.A.T wife so this was supposed to be a step in reclaiming that brand but it just came off as shallow. We all suffer but good sense is what lets us know what experiences are for public consumption and which ones aren’t.

And then these two celebrities will come out to complain that “bloggers” and their haters are all in their business. They will complain that we are all just a bunch of judgmental, nosy naysayers asthough we would have known about their personal tragedies if they had remained silent to begin with. Then again Kenyan celebrities aren’t exactly a cerebral lot.

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Eric Omondi is 100% right

Let’s face it, Eric Omondi is 100% right about Kenyan media houses and even DJs being mandated to play 75% Kenyan music but where his push falls short is in the fact that he, a very divisive personality is making the push and he has also not worked out the mechanics of how to make such a mandate work.

Is Eric Omondi washed up?

The comedian who seems to love getting into bikinis and women’s undergarments has been trying to leave a legacy behind by making a push that will forever leave his mark stamped on Kenyan entertainment and rather than insisting on a steelman argument where his detractors have to focus on either the merits or demerits of his initiative, he has made this about him as a comedian and entertainer so everyone who has an axe to grind with him can do so on his proposed bill.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

And the only reason Eric Omondi would do such a thing is because he knows he doesn’t have his own sponsored bill figured out. So if we focus on what it is he is saying, there is really little substance.

Eric Omondi has a point BUT…

Something most people do not know about radio stations is that they only ever accept high-quality audio. The same goes for TV stations with Kenyan video and movie content. Is there enough of such content to fill in the gap? After that, the next question to answer is whether or not Kenyans support their own.

Eric Omondi hasn’t explained to the stakeholders what will happen if they play 75% Kenyan content and their audience who have a plethora of options decide to switch off and look for their preferred content online. At the end of the day, business is business and demand and supply are the only deity at whose alter businesses worship.

Eric Omondi steps out in bikini

All he has at the moment is good intentions but the road to hell is paved by good intentions.

Eric Omondi and Ms P posing for one of their publicity stunts

The same thing goes for concert organisers and event planners aswell. How many local artists can pull a crowd? That was a great question he asked. One that was soon drowned out by the manner in which he asked it: insulting people only makes them switch off.

‘I Am The Centre Of Entertainment’- Eric Omondi Boasts As He Announces 2 Months Break

When it comes to business, merely pointing out a problem is useless. Eric Omondi needs to learn that he should only point out a problem if he has figured out a solution.

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Is Eric Omondi washed up?

Eric Omondi has earned the ire of the entire entertainment fraternity with Bien, Khaligraph and Kamene Goro being the most vocal about their displeasure and outright contempt for his opinions on what ails the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Eric Omondi Reveals His Girlfriend Once Dumped Him For Another Woman (Video)

And some of the words being thrown about seem to indicate that the trio think the comedian washed up and washed out. That’s right, a lot of celebrities are claiming the former Churchill Ndambuki protege a faded star clinging to the spotlight.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

But do they have a point? Is Eric Omondi truly washed out? I would argue that he’s not. Whether or not you like him and his brand of comedy and whether or not you like his opinions on what ails the Kenyan entertainment scene -and most celebs don’t- Eric Omondi is anything but washed up.

Eric Omondi has a point BUT…

You see, in order to determine whether or not a comedian is washed up, we need to look at their last pieces of work and performances. This isn’t about whether or not you find his body of work hilarious because humour is subjective.

Eric Omondi has been working! He has been touring the globe performing with his most recent performance being in Uganda and before that, he was invited to Egypt and before that, the Gulf region. So he clearly has his fans and they are giving him work.

Why Eric Omondi is experiencing extreme weight gain and loss

What about the content he put out? The last one that comes to mind was his dating show which was the talk of the entire country back in 2021. Let that sink in, whether or not you remember it’s name (it was called Wife Material by the way), you cannot pretend not to remember that he had a very interesting and controversial dating show.

So, as you can see, you cannot deny Eric Omondi’s success. You cannot deny that he still has clout and relevance. Sure, he does get up to doing some rather immature publicity stunts but regardless of all that, he is truly a popular comedian.

Crazy Kennar weighs in on Eric Omondi’s Cross dressing, leaves fans in stitches

It is also worth noting that most of his detractors cannot attack the points he is making hence their decision to make their arguments about his relevance.

Eric Omondi

Fo once we are going to emerge from an article with an answer, is he washed up? No. Definitely not. If anything Eric Omondi might shock many by having his career outlast those of some of his detractors. Or at least his legacy… How? Well, should the bill he is pushing to have Kenyan media houses mandated to play 75% Kenyan content, he will have gone down not only in the Hansards of Parliament but also in Kenyan history.

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Eric Omondi has a point BUT…

Eric Omondi has been on a warpath with several celebrities after he called them out for not being exciting -basically not participating or creating publicity stunts.

Why Eric Omondi is experiencing extreme weight gain and loss

Besides this, he’s been crying and complaining about the fact that many foreign artists (read Nigerian) have been given opportunities to perform in Kenya when our own artists aren’t afforded the same opportunities.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

Eric Omondi has gone as far as to claim he has sponsored a bill to be tabled in parliament that seeks to address this issue which would be very interesting to see debated.

Why Eric Omondi needs to stop responding to Kamene Goro

Well, what is wrong with all this jazz? It would appear his intentions are positive and he is trying to do the right thing that will eventually benefit Kenyan artists in Kenya. So why is everyone clamouring for his head?

Well, it all boils down to the question of “HOW?” he has gone about it. Because you see, rather than build consensus with other celebrities and artists, he has taken to antagonising them.

Eric Omondi and Dennis Karuri expose the homosexuality of Kenyan men

Sadly, this is the wrong approach. I say that because he is simply making a mockery of his attempts and as a result, rather than us discussing the merit of what Eric Omondi is trying to push, we are discussing his idiotic feud with Bien, his idiotic feud with Khaligraph Jones aswell as his idiotic feud with Kamene Goro.

Eric Omondi and Ms P

And don’t get me wrong, all parties involved are idiots. They are incapable of putting their trivial issues to the side and discussing the merits or demerits of what the comedian is saying without things devolving into personal attacks and side issues.

Every woman needs a pocket simp like Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has a point, Kenyans aren’t fully invested in supporting their own artists. That is why Ruger can attract 10,000 revellers while Nyashinski could only manage about 2,500. But Nyashinski, Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones and a few other acts who not only have a grassroots following but also corporate support AND IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH.

And that is before we even consider the question of whether or not our artists would get corporate support to host a concert in Nigeria. Think Lagos, let alone Enugu.

Eric Omondi Narrates How Moses Kuria Significantly Contributed To The Success Of His Career

Eric Omondi has a point but he is not a leader. He is not the type of personality people would follow. Why? Because he is too invested in making this push, this movement he is struggling to gain momentum for because he wants to make this a cult of personality. He wants people to worship him or give him some sort of blind loyalty and adoration.

Eric Omondi

He has started a conversation, he should be willing to take a step back and allow other parties to be the face of the push while he steers the conversation from the back room. That would allow even those celebs who have an axe to grind with him to be part of this push.

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Why Eric Omondi is experiencing extreme weight gain and loss

Eric Omondi wowed his fans and the internet a few weeks ago when he revealed his massive weight gain. You see, a lot of fans knew how much he wanted to put on some weight on his frail and lanky frame and were happy to see him finally achieve that.

Eric Omondi skinny again months after body transformation (Video)

But in recent days, we have seen the comedian lose all that mass and a lot of Kenyans are wondering why that is the case and I am here to say that the main issues are lack of discipline and no clear goal.

Eric Omondi
“I’ve been on a gym workout routine for 8 months,” Eric Omondi explains his ‘sudden’ weight gain

What do these things have to do with mass gains? Well, that is all down to how the fitness journey is supposed to unfold. And Eric Omondi didn’t really research his goal or how to achieve and maintain it.

Hon Alinur, Eric Omondi Splash Money To Support Bahati After Ezekiel Mutua’s Cancellation

He strikes me as a hard-gainer: an ectomorph if you will. What that means is that his genetics predispose him to being skinny and maybe that is down to an overactive metabolic rate.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

By to define what or who Eric Omondi is, an ectomorph is one of the three most common body types (somatotypes), characterized by a “thin frame” and difficulty to gain muscle mass as well as fat. People that belong to this somatotype are usually skinny, lean and have a high metabolic rate.

Eric Omondi Finally Discloses Plans Of Settling Down- ‘Hata Mimi Nataka Bibi Na Watoto’

He did not realize that the irony about going to the gym is that it is a journey that knows no end even after you achieve your ideal body. Basically, if you want muscle mass, you have to start going to the gym and to keep said muscles, you have to keep going.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi flexing his muscles

Bwana Omondi lacked the discipline to stick to his regimen and we are seeing the outcome of that indiscipline -lost gains. And we can chalk this down to not fully researching and understanding his goal which means it was never truly clear.

‘Handling 23 Women Is Not A Joke’ Eric Omondi Blames Wife Material Contestants For His Extreme Weight Loss

What I would advise the comedian is for him to hire a personal trainer. Someone who can walk that fitness journey with him. The alternative is for him to actually focus entirely on doing the work on his own and that will result in wild differences in results as we are witnessing.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi even photoshopped muscles on his frame

Eric would hire a mechanic for his car, why not hire a professional personal trainer to help him achieve his goals? Why not get someone who himself has done the work and understands biomechanics and basic biology on a practical level to help him achieve his goal? Plus I am sure he would take it much more seriously if he were paying someone to help him get buff.

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Why Eric Omondi needs to stop responding to Kamene Goro

Eric Omondi seems to have offended the entire entertainment industry. His recent statements complaining about the fact that Diamond Platnumz was invited to perform and endorse Azimio political candidate, Raila Odinga irked the same people he was trying to defend and motivate.

Oga Obinna, Eric Omondi Beef Over Followers And Money (Video)

And two people he managed to offend were Kamene Goro and her co-host, Oga Obinna. To be fair, the comedian is about of a ditzy moron so it should come as no surprise that he won himself no friends when he blundered through the entire debate.

And as a result, Kamene Goro decided to go after him. To be fair, so did Oga Obinna but seeing as he isn’t as big a star as she is, I don’t see the point of making the headline fit his name. This is about Eric Omondi and the one radio personality.

Eric Omondi In Bitter Beef With Kenyan Musicians After Sturdy Comparison With Tanzanians

But at this point, he needs to stop arguing with the radio personalities. For two main reasons, the first being that he gains nothing -unless he loves bad press. Afterall, they have an entire media team behind them but also because ultimately, he is arguing with a salaried person.

Eric Omondi

While being employed is a great thing, most employees do not understand what it means to run a business and Eric Omondi is a business. Every aspect of him is a business. And him arguing with people who do not have the same stress to make ends meet as he does is poor use of his time.

Kamene Goror-IG

Eric Omondi will not be able to change how Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna think and they will not be able to change his mind either. So why waste your time?

Eric Omondi and Dennis Karuri expose the homosexuality of Kenyan men

And all he is serving to do is alienate his own audience. And that is a problem because those are the people who truly get him paid, not pompous celebrities or his dimwitted and flatfooted approach to debating. And ultimately, a person whose only argument is “I have more money than you” is not the type of person you should waste your time on.

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Eric Omondi and Dennis Karuri expose the homosexuality of Kenyan men

Kenyan men have been exposed for being closeted homosexuals by Eric Omondi and Dennis Karuri. And I know what you’re thinking, I must be tripping off some bad weed but the truth is, on Twitter, we saw what men had to say about the pair while they were cross-dressed and oh my!


It now makes sense why some Kenyan men are truly homophobic; it’s because deep down inside, they know that are attracted to transvestites and crossed-dressers and they have been taught to hate that desire that lives within them.

Dennis Karuri is a master with the makeup brush and as a result, whenever he decides to turn the brush on himself, he ends up looking immaculate. And this is something that tricks some men into viewing him as an attractive woman but for another group of men, he is precisely what they are attracted to.

Why Kenyans are confused by Kinuthia

Eric Omondi on the other hand borrowed a leaf from Dennis Karuri inorder to play his role as a shock jock so he has decided to get some topnotch makeup done and he has launched a new character called Divalicious but I think he is beginning to enjoy the dresses and makeup.

And the comments coming in from some men who would outwardly declare themselves good Christian men is rather telling. Men are actually fawning over him and saying he would make a hot babe were he female and that is something that raises a lot of questions.

‘I’m Oftenly Stopped From Using Male Washrooms’- Popular Cross-Dresser Kelvin Kinuthia

Kenyan men are clearly closeted. But this is nothing that would surprise anyone who truly understands our history as a people. I made the following argument when I was explaining why Kinuthia too (another crossdresser) is making Kenyans uncomfortable:

“You see, contrary to what you might think, Kenya indeed does have certain allowances traditionally for homosexuality. No really, if you’re a Meru, ask your grandmother about the mugawe. There was a gay Bugandan king called Mwanga 2 aswell and it seems sentiment about him only changed when Uganda was colonized. And those are just the examples I can remember.”

Meet the hot fella looking to become Eric Omondi’s wife (Photos)

So this is nothing new to us. However, there was a change in attitude towards homosexuals and lesbians which came through Islam and Christianity which were either brought by Arab traders and missionaries respectively.

So perhaps the men who were salivating after Dennis Karuri and Eric Omondi aren’t too far from their true, albeit marginal aspects of their culture.

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Every woman needs a pocket simp like Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has been a simp for Chantal Grazioli while they were dating but what is even more egregious is the fact that he continues to simp for her even after she dumped him and jumped into the bed and arms of her current lover (or is he an ex now?) Nicola Traldi.

Eric Omondi’s Ex-Girlfriend Chantal Narrates Horrific Ordeal With Her Boyfriend (Photos)

You see, whenever she has an issue she knows to call him because he will drop everything and fly to her aid. Hell, even when it is due to a culmination of her poor decision-making skills, she knows he will still attempt to absolve her of any responsibility in the matter and cape for her like some garbage, Riverwood superhero.

Chantal with bae

Make no mistake about it, her most recent escapade in which she revealed she was the victim of gender-based violence was wrong as no one should be victimized by their partner but she made the conscious decision to stay with him after the first -not once, not twice but several- instances of violence.

Miss Chantal’s Boyfriend Denies Physically Assaulting Her (Screenshots)

We can say whatever the hell we want but we cannot absolve her of the poor decision-making skills she has shown to possess (if any because at this point it is debatable. I cannot fathom my sister staying with a man after he hits her the first time let alone the subsequent times. Let that sink in. No really, I have to repeat myself for the intellectually dishonest feminists who simply want any excuse to complain about; what Nicola did was wrong but she chose to stay until Eric Omondi swooped in and rescued her.

Chantal unveils new boyfriend’s face

The only reason he would ever think to involve himself in the affairs of his ex is that he is not over her. You cannot convince me otherwise. And what’s worse is that she knows that even though he is not her first choice partner, he is still going to avail himself to help her fix her problems.

Eric Omondi’s Ex Chantal Beaten Black & Blue By Boyfriend

Chantal knows that Eric Omondi is forever in her clutches. That is why when it hit the fans, she didn’t try to get help from the watchman, she didn’t call her relatives, she instead reached out to her pocket simp. And he, like an eager dog wanted to prove he’s a good boy.

Comedian Eric Omondi with girlfriend, Chantal

No one who has ended things with their ex and is in a new relationship -that is if they respect themselves, their partner and the relationship, no one would cape for their ex like he does. It is ludicrous. But that is the heart of the matter. He has never believed he could do better than his ex so he will go help her clean up her mess.

“Kibe amewekwa na mumama” Eric Omondi accuses Andrew Kibe of being a sugar baby

We do not know what happened other than the fact that she is bearing the scars of a physical altercation. However, what we do know is that Eric Omondi has gone above and beyond for Chantal than he would go for his current partner, Lynne. Can you imagine what she is feeling knowing that is the case? Knowing her man was second best to his ex yet he is still whimpering and pining for her? Was I her brother I would advise her to anticipate the breakup.

This is just a messy situation emanating from Eric Omondi’s low self-esteem when it comes to Chantal. She is an adult who could have at any point before his intervention decided to leave her abusive partner but she didn’t. She is an adult with agency who chose to remain with her ex on the previous occasions he allegedly thumped her. Let that sink in. Erico Omondi thinks he will friendzone his way back into her heart and pants. It’s pretty pathetic. If he were indeed the one she called first, he should have sent police officers to her house, not rush in where even angels fear to tread.

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Why Bien is the most likely to have a Will Smith moment

Bien is one celebrity whom I believe is on that Will Smith type of time. For those of you who somehow still do not know what happened, he (Will Simp) slapped Chris Rock purportedly over a flacid joke he made about G.I Jane and Jada Pinkett being right for that role.

Bien needs to stop preaching to his followers

If you have the two brain-cells required to rub together to spark a thought, you know that Will Simp’s reaction was not about the joke that was made. What we saw was a broken man, one whose mind has been done harm by his own wife trying to show the world that he is still a man. And he did so in the way weak men do, he lashed out at the one man he felt was smaller and weaker than he and he slapped him.

Bien’s self righteous feminist drivel

However, for woke SJWs such as Bien and his inner circle, this was a brilliant display of chivalry. This is what a man must do to show his woman that she is protected by him. What Bwana Simp did was something worth emulating and while we saw clowns like KRG da Don claim he would do that to whomever disrespected his new woman, I think we all know this type of energy is actually more a Bien thing.

The fact Bien thought of divorcing Chiki Kuruka says alot

And indeed, watching him evolve into the neo-male archetype (read: simp) over the past few months as he has also increasingly championed useless social topics rather than hard hitting issues that affect the less “cool” members of society. And we already got a taste of this when we saw the “beef” between himself and Eric Omondi.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Incase you’ve forgotten what I am referring to, think back to the incident at Carnivore when the Sauti Sol member was robbed. Also, I should probably add at this point that it will probably not be a comedian on the receiving end of Bien’s simp-rage, it will be some scrawny blogger who might, say, report on an impending divorce or cheating allegation (God forbid ofcourse).

Bien Accuses Eric Omondi Of Stealing His Valuables At Carnivore Concert

That is because men like him do not know how to channel their rage and disappointment at their wives. And men who marry feminists (Chiki Kuruka is the screeching feminist type) are often henpecked and emasculated. And yeah, I know you’re probably thinking, “Well, we haven’t heard a peep about any instability in their marriage” but I would counter and say, we didn’t know Bien had contemplated divorce just 8 months after marrying Chiki until he opened up and revealed it.

“To say I love you is not enough,” Chiki Kuruka’s open letter to renowned photographer who hooked her up with Bien

So at this point, it isn’t so much about suspending disbelief over the matter as it is engaging abstract thought and picturing an alternative reality where a split has occurred. Also, most relationships between feminists and men take one or another extreme end of the spectrum with the man either becoming hen-pecked or the couple divorcing. And we saw, that just like Will Simp, he too would be forgiving of his wife should she decide to sleep with her celebrity crush later in life.

Chiki Kuruka addresses rumors linking her to Makena Njeri

Can you see the parallels? And should that day come when some blogger has to break the news that the relationship is in turmoil, Bien’s rage will be visited upon him (here’s looking at you Edgar Obare) and you will be the target of his emasculation. Then we will be treated to some woke regurtitation about how it is a man’s responsibility to defend his woman and marriage.

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I shed a tear for Jacque Maribe’s son

Jacque Maribe has a son who is for all intents and purposes a boy looking at a hard future as his mother and father continue with their very public and very loud antics on social media. I am of course referring to more than the public paternity fraud tiff they had on social media but also the fact that his mother is constantly parading her men on social media and his father is a literal buffoon for likes.

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe need to start caring about the child

You see, the low hanging fruit here (which I will get right to because I am a lazy prick) is the fact that no child should ever get to find out his mother’s dating (and indeed sexual) history. None among you want to know that your mother dated 5 men. None among you want to know that your father might not have been the first to take your virtuous mother nor that she wasn’t exactly as virtuous as you’d like to estimate.

Why do I say this? Well because I am a simple young man who leads a simple life ruled by a simple law; Occam’s razor. If Jacque Maribe has shown off 6 men means that there are more tucked away in her personal annals of shame. The one night stands and shortlived failed flings.

‘It Was A One Night Stand’- Eric Omondi Demands DNA Test After Jacque Maribe Referred To Him As A Deadbeat Dad

Let’s keep score. Not only were mummy and daddy arguing about whether or not their son was a wanted baby but now he has to also read about mummy’s many flings. I wouldn’t want to be this kid when he is being bullied in school. Mummy and daddy dearest give your most vile bully ammunition. They will actually have reference material regarding both his mother and father… And they will be unforgiving about his mother because that’s what will hurt.

Then there is the fact that the psychological effect seeing all these men wander in and out of your mother’s life creates a level of instability that compounds until it explodes on your life as an adult. What do you think goes through this young boy’s head when he sees his cousins with stable families or his friends with stable family lives?

On To The Next: Jacque Maribe Bags Herself A New Man After Dumping Jowie Irungu (Photo)

Jacque Maribe is literally the antithesis of stability as she has a new man every so often… And while this is not wrong for a young woman to do (pursue relationships), there is something that must be said about the fact that he is being socialised to think of this sought of disfunction as normal. He will grow up to either need therapy to help him unlearn the behaviours he is being exposed to or he will become the type of man who is constantly flighty in relationships, always looking for his next lay -or he will over-correct and become co-dependent to the point of being toxic.

Jacque Maribe

ANd that is not with us even taking into account that he might actually truly hate being in this familial setup and grow up to resent the fact he was exposed to it and because it is more difficult to hold our mother’s accountable for the way they raised us (societal indoctrination that worships the myth of the goddess), he might direct that animus at other women and become a true, living misogynist. You think not? Well, what if I told you that 80% of men incarcerated in America for doing harm to women due to misplaced anger were the product of single mother households?

Eric Omondi reveals why he remains unapologetic for exposing Jacque Maribe and Sam Ogina’s affair

What I am trying to get at is that the nonsense she is doing as a free, adult, consenting woman is still going to have consequences that may not be felt by her directly but will definitely be felt by the world her son grows up to touch. She is a mother for goodness sake. Perhaps, a little discretion would be advised. Keep your relationships and romps off social media and the internet. A day will come when Jacque Maribe’s son will be old enough to be curious about himself, his father and mother and when he goes to the internet for that information, what he will find will scar him.


But I guess I should just shut up about it and simply chronicle the shenanigans because at the end of the day it makes for great gossip fodder. And maybe when I am old enough to have my own mentees, they will cover the dumpster fire of a life the poor boy will have grown into and we will all still refuse to look at the root cause of all his plights and woes. I just pray he finds a way to surmount the bullshit. And yes, I know Amberay, Bridget Achieng and Vera Sidika’s children too will have the same problems, today my focus was on a woman many perceive as a strong, independent career woman.

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Why Eric Omondi is what most Kenyan men wish they were

We have to give Eric Omondi his credit. Why? Because I am a believer in giving people their bouquets while they are still alive and with us. As such, we all have to acknowledge that Eric Omondi has found a way to hack into the Kenyan female psyche and as a result, he is always with very attractive babes -and when they are getting on in years, they are at least very noteworthy for their fame.

“Don’t make me air your dirty linen” Sauti Sol’s Savara threatens to expose Eric Omondi over unpaid debt

The most recent case in which he finds his name being mentioned is alongside Sophia Wanuna’s name. The two reportedly spent New Year’s Eve onto the new year together and were caught on camera by some busy body Edgar Obare “student”. Actually, that sentence made me realise a very worrying thing… Nowhere is safe.

Anyway, Eric Omondi was more than merely canoodling with Sophia Wanuna. They were locking lips and swapping spit and he was also kissing her neck. Something I am reliably told women find very sensual. This of course has caused the usual furore from Kenyans online who cannot fathom what Sophia Wanuna would ever see in the comedian.

Bien Accuses Eric Omondi Of Stealing His Valuables At Carnivore Concert

I mean, Kenyans will be Kenyans and they will Kenyan online all the time so I guess that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me but here we are. So what exactly is it that makes Eric Omondi the most desirable bachelor in Nairobi for most of these ladies?

Let’s dive right into that and I will unveil why it is that he is what and who many Kenyan men wish to be but can’t. And to start us off we are going to kick things off right at the most obvious of places:

Eric Omondi Leaves Netizens Talking With New Hairstyle (Photo)

He is a famous comedian

To the uninitiated, this is no big deal. But for you and I who understands female hypergamy, we know that this is a very potent aphrodisiac for women. It isn’t enough that he is a success at his chosen career but the added advantage of being famous (truly by the very definition of the word) across not just Kenya but East Africa aswell is a huge advantage that he clearly wields to his favour. Think about it, which lady wouldn’t want to be associated with the top dog? And where do you go from dating him? Ask Chantelle Grazioli who is now dating a very pretty unknown man. She definitely misses the perks that came with dating Bwana Omondi. Although, I will admit that he siped hard for her after she dumped him.

Eric Omondi Bandbeca

He has money

In Disney movies and in your mother’s bedtime stories, a Princess will love you for you. In the real world not even the wench loves you for who you are unless who you are is a famous and rich comedian. Gone are the days when men would blindly accept the bullshit about being love not costing a thing. No woman wort her salt would ever brazenly show that she is purely interested in the money but they are. It is like a subtle dance. Men chase women for their beauty and youth, women pursue men for their resources.

Willy Paul Apologizes To Eric Omondi After His Diss Track- ‘Tuache Beef Za Ujinga’

He is fun

Let’s face it, you can be the most moneyed of men but the minute you are a bore, even the gold digger by your side will put in the bare minimum effort to maintain her position; she will be bored the entire time and you will know it. That is something Eric Omondi knows how to leverage. He is fun and unpredictable. You see a comic protesting on the streets getting arrested, your girlfriend sees a brazen free spirit and she moistens.

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

He is relatively in shape

Eric Omondi is in a shape other than round or some mishappen polythene paperbag filled with water. Most men within his tax bracket are fat so the fact that he is skinny fat is a huge advantage. Hold up, remember that he’s now in the gym and you get what I am getting at. He looks better naked than the old (sometimes grandfather age old) men that Sophia Wanuna has been linked to by rumour mills. Why wouldn’t she want to climb ontop of him?

Eric Omondi In Bitter Rant After Prezzo Mocked Him For Being Indecisive (Screenshot)

He is not judgemental

Eric Omondi doesn’t care about a lady’s past. He just wants to focus on them having the time of their lives. That is why the people associated with ladies don’t faze him. He is laser focused on having fun and moving on. If Kenyan men could learn one thing, it would be this trait. Live and let live along as you aren’t trying to make an honest woman out of “her”. Don’t bring up her ex, don’t bring up her current men, just focus on the activity the two of you are engaged in and keep it light and fun. That way, when she finally leaves your space, she associates “good vibes” with you.

The only down side about him is that he is a simp. We have seen him do some incredibly dumb things for his first official girlfriend. Things that made me sad to witness. Things that I would genuinely slap him for doing were I in his inner circle but what do I know?

Did I forget to mention that Eric Omondi is actually a snazz dresser? No, not when he is wearing costumes for his performances, I mean when he is just moving around. If you don’t think that is something that women appreciate, then you do not know women.

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Eric Omondi is not wrong but…

Eric Omondi has kicked up a storm and everyone artist is unhappy. No really, they are all in their feelings and are attacking him rather than attacking his message.

Eric Omondi Promises To Revive Kenyan Music Industry After Days Of Negative Statements

He had spoken about the fact that foreign artists especially the biggest artists from across Africa view Kenya as a cash cow and performing in Kenya is akin to hitting the jackpot.

Eric Omondi shared his frustration about the fact that foreign artists attract huge performance contracts worth up to 10 million shillings while Kenyan artists are lucky to get even Ksh 100,000.

Akothee Supports Eric Omondi In Claims Of Kenyan Artists Curtain-Raising For Other Artists Coming From Abroad

Granted his way of introducing the conversation was not the most diplomatic but seeing the manner in which Sauti Sol’s Bien and Savara responded was disappointing. It was pure ad hominem rather than countering what was said with facts.

Thing is, Eric Omondi is currently the popular punching bag of the day. He has not won himself any friends and allies because of his ridiculous stunts and braindead s(c)andals. He has found himself getting bashed for not providing for Jacque Maribe’s son -a child whom he has raised concern over paternity BUT also the same boy he claimed as his own flesh and later abandoned.

Beef Galore! Eric Omondi At Loggerheads With Artists Following His Statement On Kenyan Music

Also, all the stunts he has pulled in the past for the sake of “kiki” have put off not just a large segment of his fans but his fellow celebrities too. That is why other artists think that rather than addressing his statement on artists’ payment, they can simply attack him for being a clown.

But Eric Omondi is not wrong. He is right that Kenyan artists are underappreciated and underpaid. He is also right that Kenyan artists need to think outside the box and even create their own festivals the same way Joe W. Muchiri has created Amapiano Fest which is a celebration of South African music.


At the same time, we have to call out Eric Omondi for two reasons. The first is how he broached the topic. The second being the fact that he is simply preaching from the soapbox rather than leading by example.

Kenya Is East Africa’s Music Powerhouse BUT…

It genuinely feels like he only brought up this topic to distract from the fact that he has been amassing Ls like a failed politician who has been forced to file for bankruptcy. He has been on a roll, soaking up Ls like a sponge floating along in sewage. He should have waited and even then, he should have invited artists to engage on his platform BEFORE he began speaking on the matter. That way, his concern would come off as genuine.

We are more than brothers in the music industry – Sauti Sol´s Savara attests

As I said earlier, the second issue he had with his argument is the fact that he is simply using words and preaching from his soapbox. Why not actually invite artists to create a Kenyan music and culture festival? That way, he is leading by example. That would have given him the moral authority to speak.

When everything is said and done, he had a great point but he neglected to account for market forces. You get paid what you’re worth. And whether or not that is a price you feel is fair is immaterial. But Eric Omondi did raise some rather interesting points and he did point the finger of blame at the right corners; fans and promoters. We have spoken at length about the fact that Kenya is a huge market for Tanzanian, Nigerian and South Africa music and culture. And maybe we are too far gone to be saved and Kenyan artists should consider packaging themselves as foreigners for them to attract the same amount of concert performance fees.

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Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe need to start caring about the child

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe are clearly competing to be the winners of the uncovered prize of being the world’s worst parents. Why? Because of the way they are going back and forth about their son.

To be fair, Eric has shared the fact that he has doubts on whether or not the child is truly his. Fine. But why would Jacque Maribe put out any personal information about her relationship with the father of her child? I get that the man in question is a complete idiot but she chose to lay with him and sire a child.

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

Why did she not simply hang up when the idiot that is Eric Omondi decided to call her and ask about whether or not he is a deadbeat dad? Why did she respond to his post about taking responsibility for a child he is claiming as his? WHY?!

‘Wachana Na DNA, Women Choose The Father Of Their Children’-Akothee Advices Eric Omondi

Jacque Maribe and her ex are both idiots and we have to wonder whether they have passed on their limited iQ to their child. She should have known that anything she said with regards to Eric Omondi would always splashback at her son. She should have known that anything she does with regard to his subsequent relationships is a reflection on her child.

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

I will never understand why a woman would choose to lay down with a clown like Eric Omondi and then make their domestic drama an issue for the nation to mock. No one cares. All people are doing is either mocking him or her depending on whom we relate to closer.

‘It Was A One Night Stand’- Eric Omondi Demands DNA Test After Jacque Maribe Referred To Him As A Deadbeat Dad

Now we are at the point where no one is really mentioning much in public discourse; that boy needs protection and therapy. He is being publicly denied by the clown that had claimed him publicly three short years ago. His mother’s modesty is also being questioned as it is being claimed he is a bastard -someone whose father is genuinely unknown.

Media personality, Jacque Maribe

And then that boy’s mother is busy putting his so-called father’s private shortcomings out in public for that same man to be mocked. For the boy to be reminded that Eric Omondi genuinely wants nothing to do with him outside of photo-ops and feel good father’s day posts.

Eric Omondi a deadbeat dad who won’t pay child support, Jacque Maribe reveals

Jacque Maribe has failed her son and done so because she became emotional and wanted to lash out at Eric Omondi. Now she needs to think about therapy for the boy because he is old enough to have his peers mock him while he is at school.

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Why we care that Eric Omondi’s ex is hobnobbing with politicians

Her name is Chantal Juliet Grazioli but we only really know her as Eric Omondi’s ex and in recent times, we saw her hanging out with a youthful aspiring politician whom many have colloquially dubber “Somali Bae”.

Eric Omondi’s hot ex fiancé Chanty spotted hanging out with popular hunk politician (Photo)

And the not-so-subtle but immensely interesting thing about this pairing is that it excited us because of its potential for salacious gossip.

Ms Chanty
Chantal with bae

Why you ask? Well because Eric Omondi’s ex is seemingly following a well-beaten path into the life of being the socialite “acquaintance of a powerful “mheshimiwa”.

Eric Omondi Explains His Strategy To Impeach Ezekiel Mutua If He Doesn’t Apologize

We saw how it worked for the girl dating the president’s personal assistant and have also seen how well it is going for the one linked to Kilifi’s governor so why would one not expect it to work for Ms Chanty as she calls herself?

Ms Chanty
Chantal Grazioli

And to make it an even more likely pairing, she, like the previous two mentioned lasses, is light-skinned -her being of half-caste extraction- and she too has a modelesque build. So why wouldn’t things work out for Eric Omondi’s ex?

Enough Is Enough! Eric Omondi Blasts Ezekiel Mutua For Claiming He’s Poor-Basi Wewe Ni Mwizi.

I mean, sure there is the fact that she is currently dating a mzungu but do not forget women’s hypergamous nature. She could afterall, decide that there is more to be gained from dating the aspiring politician who is said to have deep pockets and whose religion permits him to have up to 4 wives.

Ms Chanty
Ms Chanty with extreme simp, Eric Omondi

And sure, we are indeed trying to live vicariously through her and there is probably nothing deep about the fact that they hang out together but then again, that would make for a boring story. And we know how Kenyan girls are wired so…

Whatever the deal is between Chantal Grazioli and Somali Bae, one thing is for certain, that absolutely no one would be surprised if she eventually came out and declared themselves a couple. If anything, we would simply roll our eyes at the fact they had the audacity to try and hide it from us.

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Why Eric Omondi is responsible for Ezekiel Mutua’s arrogance

Eric Omondi is only now beginning to realize that we were right all along: his kowtowing and bucking and jiving to impress Ezekiel Mutua has created a monster.

Eric Omondi Explains His Strategy To Impeach Ezekiel Mutua If He Doesn’t Apologize

First for some background. Eric Omondi has been the one entertainer who has borne the brunt of Ezekiel Mutua’s fury. The pocket tyrant seemed to solely focus all his angst towards the comedian’s show “Wife Material”.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

And rather than find a new way to distribute the content or perhaps even move to one of the neighbouring East African countries to shoot it, your favourite comedian decided to bend over backwards to make amends with the resident pocket tyrant.

Eric Omondi Reveals How Much Money He Made From Performing in Tanzania’s Biggest Stadium

While no one can fault Eric Omondi for the decision he made, what has become abundantly clear is that I was right in warning that this would only embolden Bwana Mutua, the morality police clown.

Eric Omondi
We are now at a point where Ezekiel Mutua openly mocks artists and entertainers and tells them that their talent doesn’t pay. That really does show you the thought of lonely thoughts that crawl around in the man’s coconut. He is not predisposed to building but to tearing down.

Enough Is Enough! Eric Omondi Blasts Ezekiel Mutua For Claiming He’s Poor-Basi Wewe Ni Mwizi.

Bwana Omondi should have tried to unify some of his celebrity friends and they would have then taken their grievances to either their MP friend Jaguar or the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Eric Omondi
How it went down at Eric Omondi’s studio and office launch event (Video)

Ezekiel Mutua afterall, is merely a roadblock. A threat to our talented youth so that is something that I am sure Jaguar would have championed especially with us gearing up for the next election cycle.

‘Wife Material Itaisha Nikiwa Na Bibi Na Watoto’ Eric Omondi

And now Eric is left to fight this war seemingly alone as all the other celebrities hide behind him. And his idea of fighting our dear pocket tyrant has been for him to spread Ksh3 million on the floor and bed of a hotel room to show that he is infact making money

Great argument strategy. Now he will surely have to contend with KRA.

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Eric Omondi Opens Up On Intentions Of Going Global With Wife Material Show

Eric’s Wife Material Show season two has been highly anticipated by most following the immense drama that occurred during its premiership. The show has been compared to Big Brother Africa. It had already started to capture a good number of people, both in East and Central Africa. Comedian Eric Omondi  has now opened up on his intention of planning to grow the show globally. After revealing that season one was scripted, Eric had most netizens doubting the show.

Even though he hinted at scripting season two, most people are eagerly waiting to see how it unfolds. Due to Ramadhan celebrations, he postponed the return of the show, saying 5 of the contestants are Muslims.

Omondi’s Message

On his Instagram, he wrote;

”As we anticipate and prepare for the return of #WifeMaterial2. (Which was to begin this week and has once again been postponed because of Ramadhan that begins tomorrow. 5 of our contestants are Muslims. The show will officially return and start airing on the 17th of MAY 2021). The Kenyan Entertainment Industry scene has come along way from our founding fathers the likes of Mzee Ojwang (Comedy) and Daudi Kabaka (Music). They say if you dont grow, you die!! When I began my career at Churchill Live in 2008 the scene was totally different.

I could easily get by by simply doing a Luhya joke here and a Kisii joke and describe how Meru’s dance and that was hella funny… Eric Omondi is still here today after 13 years and still top of his game because he has kept GROWING, RE BRANDING and RE INVENTING over the years…

 We must not only captivate Tanzania and Uganda but we must capture Nigeria and South Africa. We must get to California and raise the East African flag in Hollywood…” 

Eddie Butita is proof showbiz has no friendship or loyalty

I have never witnessed the stark disloyalty and betrayal exhibited by comedian Eddie Butita that I saw when Eric Omondi was caught up in Ezekiel Mutua’s ego trap that saw him cancel the current season of Wife Material.

Eddie Butita Announces His Return To Eric’s Wife Material Show As Director, Days After Ditching Him

You see, Eric Omondi had conceptualized and created the show, Wife material and he was running it as per his vision. That meant that the show kept getting more and more ratchet as it ran.

Eddie Butita
Eddie Butita used to feature on The Trend show

Ezekiel Mutua, however, went after him by playing on the technicality that any show that is filmed and distributed in Kenya has to be licensed by the Kenya Film Classification Board. And Bwana Omondi had neglected to get a filming permit -though the show is “distributed” on YouTube. And when we didn’t think things could get worse for the man, Eddie Butita spoke to distance himself from the show.

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe prove there are no real friendships in entertainment

One has to wonder what drove Eddie Butita to speak up when no one was even aware that he was a member of the production team. So him informing us that he had told Eric Omondi to create a script for the ladies participating in the show came off as rather sly and unnecessary.

Eddie Butita
Eddie Butita was eager to kick his friend while he was down

Then he went on to seemingly feed the flames Ezekiel Mutua was creating and I found myself wondering why. He said he didn’t want to be part of the show but the money is the only thing that keeps him there. So basically, his loyalty is only dependent on the money and even then, it is shaky. that then raises the question of why Eric Omondi doesn’t just simply get a professional scriptwriter who isn’t only better at the gig but knows when to keep his mouth shut.

Eric Omondi vs Ezekiel Mutua: it’s Kenyan creatives who have lost

The reason I say this is because at the end of the day, the only reason he got the gig is that Eric Omondi considers him a friend. The position wasn’t competitively sourced and filled. It went to some guy Eric thought was his friend. So why not honour that friendship? Why air out your dirty linen and do so right as the man is being dragged over coal by Ezekiel Mutua?

Eddie Butita

I get it, these celebrities are random people plying their trade and craft within the same eco-system but why bother acting like a friend when it benefits you only to turn around and necessarily attack a person? That is quite the asshole move. It really only betrays that he is silently awaiting Eric Omondi’s downfall and while he had warned Eric Omondi, he is indeed truly only a friend in as far as there are benefits.

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With all these single mother socialites, Kenya will see a sharp decline in marital rates in years to come

Kenya has seen a sharp spike in the number of single mothers and interestingly, a spike in the number of girls and women who identify as divas and socialites. Why this is interesting lays in the definition of these terms in our country.

Gigi Money
Single mother Gigi Money was on the cancelled season of Wife Material

You see, to begin with, Kenya is already one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that reported the highest percentages of single motherhood and the trend seems to only be on the rise. And the number of socialites who are not only getting fame but societal acceptance is only going to serve to increase this figure.

And that is what shows like Eric Omondi’s Wife Material is promoting. That is what little girls see when they see society get excited at more prospective vera Sidikas and Huddah Monroes. When I was doing some reading for this piece, it hit me that alot of the women on Bwana Omondi’s show are actually single mothers. Infact, you would be hard-pressed to see women from our generation or the Millenials who aren’t single mothers.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

That is a big problem because we do not have female role models who preach the honest truth that you should marry before you carry. Women who tell others the truth that being a single mother is so hard, it is rarely ever worth the decision to date a deadbeat man or attempt to baby trap any man.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

And then there are those who attempt to counter this argument by saying that alot of the socialites and divas who have babies are the good ones who didn’t abort and you have to wonder about the decision-making skills of such people. And in the next decade or two, we will reap the rewards of giving these -as Miguna Miguna refers to the- social bimbos.

Tanasha Donna
Even though she knew the type of man Diamond is, she still chose to sire a child for him.

And it is not only men who will suffer as I hear some feminist whisper. It is the society that will suffer. No country can lift itself to greatness unless the smallest fundamental unit, the family, is intact. We need to start empowering actual role models by giving them our attention. I know you’ve heard that before and laughed at the statement but here is the alternative: societal degeneracy.

Kate Actress, this is the reason why men dating single mothers show them fire

You will get a generation in which most of the men see no point in staying with the family because they were raised by “strong independent women who didn’t need no man”™, therefore, were taught men have no role to play in the upbringing of children. Women will have grown up from being girls who were taught they don’t need no man. And yet they are both equally broken and mentally damaged.

And then the cycle will perpetuate itself even stronger. And yet we can right the ship. You do not want society to fall to the level of degeneracy in American ghetto families or Kenyan slum families. If a socialite is a single mother, that is on her but stop portraying her as strong or independent. Question her decision-making skills.

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Eric Omondi vs Ezekiel Mutua: it’s Kenyan creatives who have lost

Last week, we were treated to the running battle between Ezekiel Mutua and Eric Omondi being escalated to the point of Eric’s arrest as the former’s government perch at KFCB (Kenya Film Classification Board) finally came good for the purpose of his nursed grudge.

‘Mapastor wa Mpesa;’ Joe Muchiri tells off popular preacher while defending Eric Omondi

You see, Eric Omondi has been going back and forth with Kenya’s self-imposed moral police and busy body, Ezekiel Mutua and while things seemed to have died down, it is now clear that the moralist was seeking ways to legally frustrate the comedian.

Ezekiel Mutua
Ezekiel Mutua finally took his pound of flesh from Eric Omondi while pretending to be championing morals

You see, Eric Omondi has been riding a wave he created with his show, Wife Material. The show was in its second season when KFCB seemed to have come upon the random realization that he was shooting and distributing the show illegally as he had not gotten any permits.

End Of The Show? Eric Omondi Apologizes Over ‘Dirty Wife Material’ Content After His Release

The move read like some sort of low IQ soap opera plotline. Ezekiel Mutua had clearly nursed his grudge against Eric Omondi for an entire year and is only now acting after sharpening his blade. And the crazy thing is that the likes of Eddie Butita are clapping and cheering him on. I think this goes beyond simple schadenfreude and it has allowed Eddie Butita to harbour ideas that Eric Omondi’s hardships open a way for him to establish himself.

Eric Omondi, Shakilla
Eric Omondi with socialite Shakilla

Ezekiel Mutua is not doing all this nonsense because he found Wife Material vulgar. He isn’t doing this because of permits. He is doing this out of spite and to massage his ego. That is why He demanded an apology from Eric Omondi. What personal insult had Eric Omondi’s show sent at the man? Or, alternatively, explain to me why he and only he needed an apology when he argued that the show was bad for Kenyan society.

Eric Omondi should make Ringtone the next bachelor on Wife Material

Thing is, whether or not you care for Omondi’s show, we are allowing a pocket tyrant to nurse delusions of grandeur, the chains of which are often too light to be felt until they are firmly in place. Do you think Ezekiel Mutua will stop at Eric Omondi’s doorstep? Do you think Eric Omondi’s head os the only one this petty moral police will collect?

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi with a winning previous show contestant

No! Such fragile egos as his demand that he keeps pushing the limits of his power and soon, he will even be trying to police thought. When I look at the man, I am reminded of the book 1984 by George Orwell. He is looking to make Kenya the complete dystopia. We have an economy in the doldrums. Kenyans are complaining about it online through the use of creative and humorous memes. What is to say Ezekiel Mutua will not go after such content generators?

Eric Omondi arrested over ‘Wife Material season 2’

Eric’s show was bullshit but it wasn’t on terrestrial media. It was online and had an age limit restriction. It could easily have been ignored. Just because I did not like the show doesn’t mean we forget he has freedom of expression and speech. By going after this inalienable right, Ezekiel Mutua has shown that he doesn’t care for Kenyan freedoms. We should be very worried that Uhuru Kenyatta in all his wisdom saw fit to give a man like him the reigns of power over an entire generation that was raised on the belief they had freedoms. Because should things go south, they will do so brutally.

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Eric Omondi should make Ringtone the next bachelor on Wife Material

Eric Omondi has been arrested for filming and distributing his show, Wife Material without permits nor a license and Ezekiel Mutua is swinging his shlong in the matter to remind Kenyans he exists.

Eric Omondi arrested over ‘Wife Material season 2’

On the other hand, Ringtone is busy throwing missives his way, complaining about his show. He is angry about the quality of women on the show trying to that they deserve to be called Eric Omondi’s wife.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi showing off his gym gains.

I would, however, argue that perhaps the best way forward for Eric Omondi, if he is permitted to continue filming his show that is, then perhaps Ringtone should be the next bachelor on it and I would think it would do well for two reasons.

Wife Material Contestants Spend The Night In Jail (Video)

The first is that Ringtone has been crying about needing a wife. The entire show is run on the premise and plot of Eric Omondi looking for a wife. Ringtone has gone to the extent of taking to the street holding up a placard and asking for a wife. So he would be the right fit for the show.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi with the winner of the first season of Wife Material

Add to this the fact that Eric Omondi would be getting a gospel artist to seek for a wife in a secular ground. This would make for some tasty scandal. Can you imagine the same ratchet women trying to win the attention of Ringtone? How would he react when they began a twerk battle for him? What about their group dates? Where would they go? I would imagine they wouldn’t b going to church.

“Funga Hii Duka Ya Ujinga, Tumechoka!” Ringtone Takes Shots At Eric Omondi About Wife Material Show

Another way that this would benefit him is the fact that he cannot actually have a third season of Wife Material with himself being the bachelor yet again. He can only push his audience to suspend belief in the premise of the show. Add to this the fact that Ringtone is actually not shy at all so he wouldn’t try and hide from the scandal and you have a winning season.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi n the day he launched

All in all, Eric Omondi has a winning idea for a show but now he needs to get some vision to ensure it remains fresh for another 10 seasons. Rington could be the key to unlocking that potential.

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Eric Omondi’s show is the exciting new socialite discovery platform

Eric Omondi’s dating show, Wife Material is entering its second season. And wouldn’t you know it, he is currently being bashed because the premise of the show has fallen flat.

Eric Omondi Fires Back At Haters Who Think His Wife Material Show Will Put Him In A Scandal

The idea behind it is for Eric Omondi to get a wife he will settle down with. So why are we in the second season of Eric Omondi looking for a different woman? The premise is moot.


Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi and Shakilla

But I would argue that the show still has some entertainment value in the form of the ratchetry that the socialites, both aspiring and established. And things often get hairy and “real” in the show.

Eric Omondi’s studio investment might send him the Tyler Perry route

You see, we have seen socialites like Shakilla revive their plateaued careers. We got treated to a lot of salacious content and we got to enjoy some hilarious fights. That’s right, I said that we enjoyed the nonsense his show brought to us.

Eric Omondi
Eric’s girl? Though she won the show, she revealed it was all a scam

And as a result of the platform, it provided the previous cast, you have got to believe that this time around, socialites are going to be clamouring even more to join the cast. So you should expect to see the most ratchet of them all.

Dana De Grazia tattooing Eric Omondi’s names on her body is a turn-off

And the man is aware of this which is why the marketing for the new season is teasing scandal. He recently opened up about the fact that the show mirrors his life saying,

Eric Omondi

”Bruh my whole life is a sex scandal”

So if you’re looking for some spicy Tv, why not just wait for his show to launch. You will not be disappointed.

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