Gwaash has teamed up with Frasha and Lyrical Picasso on ‘Short & Brief’ and it’s amazing (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Martin Wagura, better known as Fatboy Gwaash or Gwaash, has dropped a new song with Frasha and Lyrical Picasso and we are really feeling it.

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The song titled Short & Brief, which is an obvious corruption of Sauti Sol’s mega hit Short & Sweet, has been getting good reviews since it was released a few days ago.


The song begins with Lyrical Picasso and as you listen to it, you understand why he was given the first verse. This lad is really dope, his rhymes and general flow is really impressive.

Although it was my first time listening to him, I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, I gave him more respect when I learnt that he is from South Sudan.

As expected, Fatboy Gwaash also nailed it. Apart from his unique voice, his flow is so good that you would think that he wrote the lyrics while asleep. I don’t know if this makes sense, it sounded okay in my head.

Frasha, who has always been my favourite P-Unit member also delivered in this song. He also has a unique voice and a flow that’s worth writing home about.


The beat was produced by DJ Creme and mastered by Ilogos Music and that can only mean that it’s really good and if you are not careful you will find yourself busting moves as soon as you hit the play button. You’ve been warned.

The video concept was good. Although it lacks a wow factor since it is almost similar with many of the videos that we seen lately, we have to give it to VJ One for the quality.

Watch Short & Brief below and tell us what you think.