“Ata bure simtaki ” Esma Platnumz facing same fate as her former ‘sisters in law’

Esma Platnumz recently went on a live session to call out anyone claiming that ex husband Msizwa is her karma.

As seen and heard on the live, Esma did not hold back from trash talking about her ex husband Msizwa; who not only shared secrets about Esma and her mum.

Newly weds Esma and husband tear each other on social media

According to the lady, she has never been dumped nor will she ever so in this case – she was the one who walked out on the South African drug dealer who she married in a colorful ceremony. Things however got sour after Esma’s pregnancy that was later terminated after her return to Bongo.

Esma Platnumz

Msizwa hits back

With all the drama going on between the two, Mr Msizwa recently had a fun ask whether he would go back to Esma Platnumz; just like what he did with his first wife. The fan wrote;

kwani unaonaje nikuludiahie esma unipe hilo gali????

To which Msizwa hit back with a mean response that has not only left thousands laughing off at Esma; but others have confirmed that he could be her karma. Through his IG page the alleged drug dealer responded by saying;

Ata bure si mtaki

How Esma Platnumz’ 2nd fairytale wedding went down at her brother’s Mandale Empire (Photos)

Esma Platnumz is officially Yahya’s new wife however we can’t help but wonder why she moved on so quick from her long term on and off baby daddy, Petitman.

Barely 3 months after losing her 3rd pregnancy rumor has it that she had already started seeing Yahya who is now her current husband. We however cannot confirm this but, can’t help but wonder… where happened to her pregnancy?

Away from that we understand that Esma’s grand wedding was organised by her singer brother and who failed to attend her first wedding. This is because at the time, the two had been standing with Babu Tale who had just lost his wife at the time.

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Wedding photos

From the few photos making rounds on social media it’s evident to see that this wedding attracted prominent people and of course the WCB team.

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Rayvanny and his wife were however nowhere to be seen which leaves us wondering whether everything is okay back at home. However, all we know is that rumor has it that Vanny Boy is no longer part of WCB; but an independent artist who helps write songs for his former boss.

Anyway below are just a few photos from the wedding.

Esma with husband Yahya and daughter, Taraji
Family! Diamond Platnumz with mum and sister, Esma
Esma with singer Zuchu
Zuchu with WCB CEO, Diamond Platnumz

Newly weds

Invitation only! Diamond Platnumz sister’s wedding about to break the internet (Photos)

Esma Platnumz did not have a lit wedding since her brother’s manager Babu Tale had just lost the love of his life after contracting the deadly Coronavirus.

Word on the streets is that Esma and her husband Yahya chose to hold a small wedding that saw only close friends and family attend. As we all know Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz were not present; and for this reason the WCB CEO has now decided to give his sister the wedding she deserves!

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Yahya weds Esma

As seen on Juma Lokole’s page,  Esma will be holding a private wedding later on today but unlike the first wedding; this one will only see family and close relatives attend!

Wedding of the year

Judging from the photos below, it’s evident to see that Esma’s special day will not only leave tongues wagging; but make her baby daddy regret their break up!

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This wedding will mark the beginning of Esma living as Yahya’s wife and since they had already been seeing each other on the low; I bet this will not be as hard as many think.

What surprises many is the fact that Mama Dangote still remains friends with Petitman who is the father of Esma’s lastborn daughter; and also the man believed to have her heart.

Anyway… Lokole who seems quite excited about his best friends wedding has shared just a few photos showing off how lit the wedding is about to get.

Bride with her mother and mother in law
Esma Khan, the stunning bride
Diamond Platnumz sister getting glammed up for her wedding
Mr and Mrs Yahya

Esma Platnumz spoilt with money, cakes and romantic flowers on her birthday [videos]

Diamond Platnumz´ elder sister, Esma Platnumz turned a year older and it is lots of love for the mother of 1, right from her superstar brother, to Tanasha, to her beloved, Petit man.

The commercial model however failed to disclose her age, insisting that she just turned 20.

Daah siamini km nimefikisha miaka 12 sasa miaka inaenda.

Anyway, looks like many have a soft spot for her, after splashing her with love, gifts and flowers on her day.


Kenyan in-law, Tanasha Donna penned:

Happy birthday to you @_esmaplatnumz . May God bless you on this special day. ❤️????????❤️

Who soon after responded:

Thank you my darling I love you so Much ❤❤❤

Esma Platnumz turns a year older

As Tanasha gushed:

@_esmaplatnumz I love you too my darling ❤️????❤️


Her dear brother, Diamond Platnumz spent some good time with the beauty on her day, expressing:

❤ @_esmaplatnumz ❤

Who sent back the love:


Petit man

That was just tip of the iceberg after her hubby and father to her daughter, Petit man decided to treat her like a queen, sending exquisitely-wrapped bouquet of flowers her way.

Attached was a hand-written letter to the love of his life, thanking her for being the mother to his kids, hoping they will grow old together, side-by-side.