Esma Platnumz mocked by soon-to-be ex husband after allegedly aborting 5 month old pregnancy

Esma Platnumz and soon to be ex husband. Msizwa have been having relationship issues and in less than a year into their marriage; and rumor has it that the two are no longer together.

Actually Esma Platnumz is said t have lost her pregnancy; but others claim that she might have aborted since she is no longer involved with her South African based play boy cum husband, Msizwa.

Thanks to a video making rounds on social media we also understand that Mama Dangote’s daughter was hospitalized this past weekend; however no one knows why or what she could have been suffering from.

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Rumor however has it that the mother of two lost a lot of blood due to the ‘miscarriage’ forcing doctors to monitor her at the HDU.

Msizwa taking a swipe at Esma

Just a few moments after video showing Esma Platnumz in hospital; her husband Msizwa on the other hand shared a mourning post believed to have been dedicated to his child.

The fella who is said to be a player and womanizer went on to caption his post saying;


Fans on the other hand were already prepared for the trolling; as most laughed off at the fact that Msizwa thought Esma would give him a child.

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Below are a few screenshots showing how fans joined in to give their opinions!