Diamond Platnumz sister back with her baby daddy after their bitter break up!

Esma Khan and Petiteman are back together after being apart for almost one year.

The two love birds who also happen to be celebrities in Tanzania left their fans excited yesterday after announcing that they were back together.

From the stories making rounds online most people claim that Petiteman could have bowed down to Esma since she now quite wealthy while others assume that they reconciled for the sake of their daughter, Taraji,

Esma and her Ben 10

Just a few weeks ago Esma Khan broke up with her handsome Ben 10 who also happens to have been cheating on her with his baby mama.


Well, seems like this helped Esma focus on what is important and that is putting their daughter’s best interests first.

Anyway below are screenshots of Esma and Petiteman proving that they are back together.


Trouble in paradise for Diamond Platnumz sister and her Ben 10 boyfriend

Word making rounds on social media is that Esma and her young boyfriend, Aboud have been having relationships issues.

Apparently Aboud has not yet forgotten about his former life as he is currently said to have been DM’ing other ladies.

This has now left Esma and Aboud’s relationship on the rocks as they try to figure out what exactly will happen will happen to their ‘young love.’

Drama for Esma

The mother of 2 hooked up with Aboud early this year after breaking up with her ex husband Petit Man back in 2018 after he was accused of impregnating a Rwandese lady.


Esma was then forced to move on with a new man who is said to have been married to singer After introducing her new man, another lady by the name of Baby J, came out to accuse Esma of stealing her husband.

Anyway even with the on going drama, it seems that Esma is enjoying the attention but has also warned women to stay away from her lover as she is not ready to share him.

“Women should know their worth. You can never be desperate for a man cause he is hanging out with me. When you DM, don’t seduce him, wait for him to make the move,”

Diamond Platnumz eldest sister hints that her brother and Zari Hassan are still together!

Esma Platnumz and Zari Hassan have not been the best of friends ever since Hamisa Mobetto cane into the picture. From the stories shared on social media it seems that Zari blames Esma for having linked Hamisa Mobetto to Chibu and this is how she got pregnant.

For a while now Esma has not been spotted anywhere near Zari and if anything the two don’t follow each other on social media.

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Speaking to Millard Ayo recently, the mother of two revealed that she had no idea about Zari and Diamond Platnumz breakup. In fact she is still convinced that the two are together since she doesn’t meddle in her brother’s love life. She said,

“Haiwezekani, mimi naona wako pamoja, mimi sijui kama wameachana, mimi nachojua ni kwamba wako pamoja….Hamna tatizo, hamna kitu ambacho kinachoendelea.”

Esma Khan went on to add that even though she is close with her brother, there are some things they don’t talk about.

“Kuna vitu vingine unawachia wenyewe ,kuna vitu havikuhusu wewe. Tutaongea mambo ya kifamilia lakini kuna vitu vingine unaviacha.”

Zari Hassan clears the air

During Zari’s live Instagram session, the mother of 5 confirmed that her break up with Diamond was real.

According to her, they are now involved like two parents and not lovers like before. This is after her man was rumored to be roaming around with other women in East Africa.