“Ata bure simtaki ” Esma Platnumz facing same fate as her former ‘sisters in law’

Esma Platnumz recently went on a live session to call out anyone claiming that ex husband Msizwa is her karma.

As seen and heard on the live, Esma did not hold back from trash talking about her ex husband Msizwa; who not only shared secrets about Esma and her mum.

Newly weds Esma and husband tear each other on social media

According to the lady, she has never been dumped nor will she ever so in this case – she was the one who walked out on the South African drug dealer who she married in a colorful ceremony. Things however got sour after Esma’s pregnancy that was later terminated after her return to Bongo.

Esma Platnumz

Msizwa hits back

With all the drama going on between the two, Mr Msizwa recently had a fun ask whether he would go back to Esma Platnumz; just like what he did with his first wife. The fan wrote;

kwani unaonaje nikuludiahie esma unipe hilo gali????

To which Msizwa hit back with a mean response that has not only left thousands laughing off at Esma; but others have confirmed that he could be her karma. Through his IG page the alleged drug dealer responded by saying;

Ata bure si mtaki

Playboy Msizwa replaces Esma Platnumz with new classy baby after she walked out on him (Photos)

Word making rounds is that Msizwa and Esma Platnumz will not be getting back together after calling off their union. The two love birds who got married in a hurry fearing baby daddy , Petitman would stop the wedding from happening a few months ago.

The wedding hich went down in a private ceremony saw those close to Esma and Msizwa attend; however Diamond Platnumz and mother, mama Dangote opted to stay away out of respect for Petitman who has been Esma’s longterm boyfriend.

With such things happening, fans were sure that Esma’s marriage to Msizwa would not last; and in less than 7 months after the wedding – rumor now has it that they parted ways.

Esma Platnumz with her newly wed

Esma’s abortion

According to the rumors, Esma left while 5month pregnant with Msizwa’s baby; but later on allegedly suffered a miscarriage. Others however feel that Esma might have undergone an abortion as she is known to do such; I mean didn’t she do the same with Petitman?

Anyway husband Msizwa joined in the mourning of his child in a post belived to have been aimed at Esma Platnumz.


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Moving on

Now that he is a husband of two wives, Msizwa has also decided to up his game by replacing 3rd wife with a new sleek ride. The shade. But oh well, what would we do without the Dangote’s drama on social media?

Esma Platnumz allegedly walks out on new husband barely 6 months after grand wedding

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Platnumz has finally confirmed to have called off her marriage to one Msizwa. This however comes just a few months after Esma walked down the aisle in a private ceremony that saw only close friends and family attend.

The originally wedding was however done in a hurry forcing both Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz to miss out. Online sources claim that the two did not want Esma to settle down as a 3rd wife; mostly because they were rooting for baby daddy, Petitman.

Well just like suspected, the union is apparently over and Esma Platnumz is back to her usual time life in Madale.

Petiteman’s prediction

A while back speaking to the media after Esma broke his heart; the young man went on to reveal that no man apart from him can handle Esma’s pride.

I mean, her family has all the wealth one can wish for; and her brother is currently a big name, making international moves as seen below on social media.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Anyway, I bet Esma’s submissiveness was only for the dating phase with Msizwa; and now she’s back to being her own boss. But didn’t rumor have it that she got rid of Petitman’s second baby to be with the new man she has now walked out on?

Esma Platnumz reconciles with husband after strange fall out, barely 3 months into their marriage

Diamond Platnumz sister a few days ago went on to hint that her marriage was falling apart. If anyone thought this was a joke; then I guess the post where she talks about missing home convinced everyone that all was not well!


The lass however started attracting harsh comments as fans went in all hard claiming Karma was doing its job; now that Esma betrayed Petitman, a guy that stood with her through good and rough times.

However as much as she may have deserved this, it must have been hard for her to move into someone else’s home; and take orders while all along she was used to being her own boss.

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Back together

The news about her breakup spread across different tabloids in Tanzania; and for the Instagram bloggers, the news felt like rain after a long drought….too juicy!

However mama Dangote and hubby seem to have stepped in by helping the two solve their issues before all goes south! In deed it would have been  weird to have the two split barely 3 months after their grand wedding that went down in Madale!

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But also, we cannot forget that Petitman already revealed that his baby mama (Esma) is a stubborn woman; and no sane man can withstand her pride and drama. Well, seems like his prediction almost came to pass, but luckily for Esma her dear mummy stepped in to rescue the marriage; hence saved the family the shame of being discussed.

Esma and hubby out for late lunch

Wedding bells! Diamond Platnumz hot sister engaged to be married as 3rd wife! (Photos)

Esma Platnumz who is Diamond Platnumz sister from the same mother is engaged to be married!

The rumors were sparked by several private videos which emerged on Tuesday, 23 June showing how the engagement went down.

As seen on the video, the event was graced by Romy Jones, Mama Diamond’s husband and of course Juma Lokole among others.

Although the video appears to have been staged in a way; we can now confirm that the mother of 2 is officially off the market as she is set to he married very soon!

Esma engaged

Lucky man

Although the fella’s name has not yet been revealed by the sources sharing the engagement details; all we know is that he owns a Lounge in Dar Es Salaam where DJ Romy Jones headlines as the main DJ.

The engagement took place at White Sands beach and judging from the dress code; this was an all white top event. However we understand that the two have also been dating for 2 months; and already these two want to settle down as man and wife!

Esma and friends at her engagement party

Petitman’s pregnancy?

Well, not so long ago Esma was photographed rocking a huge baby bump leaving us wondering where the baby went.

Did she suffer a miscarriage, abort or did she already deliver and chooses to keep a low profile about her child? This is a question that only she can answer, but hey….one can’t help but wonder what really happened!

Pregnant Esma

According to reports, Petit who is the father of Esma’s second born was said to be responsible for the pregnancy; but now that there is no trace of the pregnancy – we wouldn’t know who the father was!

Esma Platnumz expecting baby number 3!

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Platnumz is rumored to be expecting her 3rd child with hubby Petit.

Esma with hubby, Petit

This comes shortly after the two love birds got back together after their year long break up that saw them see other people on the side.

Petit moved on with a certain Rwandese lady who he not only paraded on his Instagram page – but was excited to call his wife.

Petit at a Video shoot

Esma on the other hand was accused of stealing her Ben 10 from singer Baby J from Zanzibar.

Esma and Petit reconcile

Anyway Esma and her husband Petit have since reconciled and are living as man and wife.

Is Esma pregnant?

Just a while back Esma was said to have suffered a miscarriage – however thanks to a new video shared by Queen Darleen we managed to spot q quite grown baby bump.

Esma rocking a baby bump!

Well, being a celebrity who is quite secretive it could be that Esma and her partner want to keep their current pregnancy on the low until she is ready to parade it.

Diamond Platnumz sister’s marriage in crisis?

So word making rounds on social media is that Esma Platnumz husband has been seeing other women on the side.

This was revealed by Mange Kimambi, a Tanzanian activist who exposed the alleged affair between Esma’s husband and Faiza; a renown actress.

According to Mange, Esma has been so involved in Hamisa Mobetto’s life that she ignored her husband. For this reason, Petit found another woman who has been warming his bed.


Drama in Diamond Platnumz family

Since Mange shared the story on Instagram, Esma also decided to respond to address what she claims is lies.

However, this is not the first time Esma is said to have been dumped by her husband. Apparently also her mother in law has been against her union with Petit but the lady continues to deny this too.