Machoos! Diamond Platnumz former brother in law proposes to new found love after welcoming bouncing baby boy (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz family has never been lucky when it comes to love. I hear the family has a lot money like a lot ; but the sad part is that despite all the wealth, Love is the only thing they cannot afford.

Youve seen how Diamond Platnumz has jumped from one woman to the other; disappointing and ‘using’ young girls like Official Lyyn only to end up crawling back to first baby mama Zarina Hassan; who seems to have moved on with Black Stallion.

Diamond Platnumz (left) with his baby mamas, Tanasha (left), Hamisa Mobetto (top centre) and Zari Hassan (bottom centre)

Call it karma it whatever you may wish, but Diamond Platnumz sister seems to be going through the same.

After leaving Petitman, the man who sired her second born daughter; Esma moved on with a Tz Tycoon based in SA but unfortunately their union lasted for only few weeks before divorcing.

Esma weds Yahya

Petitman moves on for good

At this point Petitman who still hanging on to Esma decided that he was done with the fun and games; hence his current move with new girlfriend.

Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Well, after years of suffering in love, Petitman has finally found a new woman (official Dodo) who recently welcomed Petitman’s second born, a son; and from the photos shared on his IG, looks like he also proposed!

Tanzanian tabloids have described Petitman’s new girlfriend as a humble, beautiful lady who works in the Tz entertainment business.

And unlike Esma Platnumz, this new lady, Dodo – at least gives him the peace; and love he deserves (so they say.)

Esma Platnumz ex bags new lady

Checkout photos from their baby bump shoot:

Esma Platnumz on and off boyfriend in mourning after losing his mother

Death is among the most discussed topic in 2020; and unlike any other year we have ever seen, so many have lost loved ones in this year of a pandemic.

Although we are not aware of what happened to Petiteman’s small brother who passed on in October; and now his mother who rested a few days ago, all we know is that Esma’s baby daddy is quite heart broken.

The young father of one early this morning went on to pour out his hurt heart as he mourned both his mummy and small brother saying;

Esma Platnumz with baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

Uanaume sio maumbile ila ukomavu, na kukua sio umri ila yale unayopitia, Nimekuwa sasa; ndani ya muda mfupi nimepitia mitihani mingi mikubwa ambayo sikuwahi kuiona ikija. kuondokewa na mdogo wangu, na zaidi kuondokewa na Mama yangu alienizaa; ambae ndio kiungo muhimu kwenye maisha yangu, sio jambo rahisi, lakini nimelipokea!! Na maisha lazima yaendelee!! Na nimepokea sababu najua MUNGU aliefanya hayo anafahamu zaidi kuhusu mimi, na yote nimemuachia yeye.

Vote of thanks

This being one of the toughest years Petit man has had to face; there are those like Esma and many others who chose to stand with him. He went on to thank them by saying;

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Kikubwa niwashukuru WATU WOTE tulioshirikiana kwa karibu kumpumzisha mama yangu mzazi kwenye makazi yake, nyie ni ndugu zangu, ujio wenu kujitoa kwenu na hata salamu zenu za pole ni faraja kwangu, Nawashukuru sana sana na MUNGU AWABARIKI SANA. MUNGU amechukua kilicho chake na jukumu langu kubwa nililobaki nalo ni kumuombea tu, MUNGU mpokee mama yangu na umlaze pema. Inalillahi Wainailaihi Rajiun???? #MunguBabaNaombaNguvuHayaMakubwaSana

In laws like Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz have however choosen to remain silent on social media; but judging from how close they have been with Petit; were pretty sure they sent their messages of condolesence in private.

Esma Platnumz snubs husband while thanking baby daddies for stepping up after recent pregnancy complications

Diamond Platnumz eldest sister Esma Platnumz has for a very long time kept her first boyfriend a secret. Unlike her second baby daddy, Petitman who is pretty well known on social media; Baba Tahiya prefers keeping a low profile.

However as their daughter turned a year older just a few days ago; Esma took this opportunity to unveil her first love and the father of her humble and chilled out daughter. Through her IG page, Esma went on to share a couple of photos taken during the party to which she captioned.

Esma with daughter and first boyfriend

Asante sana Baba @tahiyaplatnumz kwa mtoto Mzuri mstaraab km babaake pia nakushukuru kwa kuniuguza wewe na familia yako kipindi niko hosptal hoi damu sina

To her second baby daddy who is also her on and off lover Petiteman; the singer’s sister went on to appreciate him saying;

Esma Platnumz with 2nd baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

ila pia nitakuwa mchoyo wa fadhila pia kumshukuru pia Baba @baby_taraj_wakuache nae ulikuwa ktk kitengo cha kuleta Chips kuku kwa wauguzi usiku pia na kujitolea damu Mungu ni Mwema nimepona NawaThamini leo mpk kesho NAWAPENDA PIA ❤ Nilikuwa najiona km NIHAN KEMAL NA EMIR ????

Deletes photos of toxic South African husband

Barely 6 months after grand wedding in Tanzania; Esma has confirmed that her relationship with Msizwa is now over.

We however cannot confirm what pushed Esma to quickly quit the marriage; but all we know is that Petitman already revealed that Esma is not capable of being a wife – as she never listens or takes her partners opinions and decisions into consideration.

Esma Platnumz responds to claims of interfering with Diamond Platnumz´ relationships

It is said: you know your true friends in the face of adversity and a person´s true character is revealed when they have to pick sides.

Diamond´s ex-girlfriends and baby mamas have not had an easy time dealing with the singer´s family. One that has time and again been accused of using sorcery and ever controlling the 30-year old´s relationships.

It has been reported that at first, they seem nice to you. But as time goes by, they start highlighting your flaws and giving all sorts of reasons why you are not the ideal woman for the Bongo Flava star.

The Wasafi family

Reports that his eldest sister, Esma Khan has now come out to address. Calling out Tanzanian critics for pinning the blame on her regards Diamond´s failed relationships.

She categorically stated that she is already overwhelmed with her own troubled relationships to even think of pocking her nose in someone else´s.

Kwanza watu watambue kuwa mimi sihangaiki na uhusiano wa mtu kwa sababu ndoa yangu mwenyewe inawaka moto. Halafu wanafikiri wakiniita Yuda (Judas) nitabadilika kuwa Petro (Peter). Haiwezekani.

Tanzanian businesswoman, Esma Platnumz

Esma´s relationship to her baby daddy, Petit Man has been faced with multiple on-and-offs. Having broken up at least thrice, got back together, before finally partying ways.

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According to the businesswoman, she is probably better off living on her own with her two children because men have proven difficult for her.

Esma Platnumz with baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

Tanasha & Diamond

Let´s talk of meddling in Tanasha´s love life with Naseeb. A quick flashback will remind you just how much praise Esma showered on the Kenyan girl while she was dating her brother.

Only to later, come out and label her ´unfit´ for the King of Bongo Flava, which is a clear show of hypocrisy.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

To this Esma responded:

Kama nilimsifia (Tanasha), ujue alikuwa akifanya jambo jema. Lakini kama alivurunda ndiyo maana nikasema hivyo.

Petit Man opens up on the two Tanzanian personalities behind his reunion with Esma Platnumz

Recently rebound estranged husband, Petit Man patched things up with his baby mama, Esma Platnumz and the two are currently on cloud nine.

However, it took the effort of more that the two to streamline their issues and take back each other.

In a post seen by social media influencer, Jay Maudaku, Petit Man expressed his gratitude to bongo movie actress, Aunty Ezekiel and socialite, Wema Sepetu for his reunion with Esma.

Wema Sepetu (left) and Aunty Ezekiel (right)

He penned:

@auntyezekiel  NATOA SHUKRANI KWAKO NA MWENZAKO @wemasepetu nilipokuja kuwaomba ushauri mlisema nirudi kwa Esma kuwa kule sio saizi yangu ????Mungu awaongoze.

It is no lie that the two love birds are living their romantic life on the first lane and are not about to break.