Esma Platnumz Accused Of Snatching A Married Man

Esma Platnumz, the sister of Tanzanian singer Diamond, is facing accusations of snatching a married man.A woman has come forward claiming that Esma is dating her husband. The woman, who has not been named, said she recognized her husband’s hands and voice in a video that Esma posted on Instagram.

“Nilikuwa na order vitambaa by the way sijawahi kumshirikisha tulikuwa na sherehe tunaorder vitambaa online, alafu eh mbona sauti ya mume wangu na mkono wa mume wangu? Basi nikamuuliza,” she explained how she made the discovery.

The video showed Esma and the man on a yacht together. The woman said that she and her husband were on a break at the time, but she was upset that he had been seeing Esma.

“Kuna pipindi tuligombana hapo katikati, nilipoona nikamuuliza, akaniambia tutakuja kuongea.”

Esma has not responded to the allegations. She has been posting photos and videos of herself with her new boyfriend on Instagram. She has not revealed his identity, but she has said that he is the manager of Tanzanian artist Mavokali.

The woman who accused Esma of snatching her husband said that she is considering taking legal action.

Sodom & Gomorrah lifestyle? Diamond Platnumz sister leaves tongues wagging after private voice note leaks

Weuh. I just had to start this article with that opening because waaaaah – people out here are wilding without any fear to a point that they can call up a friend to tell them about their (not so normal) sexual ways.

Again, we are not judging anyone for their choice of lifestyle – so yea don’t get it twisted. Anyway Esma Platnumz seems to be the latest celebrity to land on Mange Kimambi’s page and from what was shared – allow me to say weuh one more time.

Esma Platnumz with her mum

Call me old school or whatever but judging from Esma Platnumz audio – I can bet y’all listened to it with your jaws dropping at one point. Speaking to her friend Dida who also happens to work for her brother, Diamond Platnumz – you can hear Esma narrate how one of her lovers ‘did her’ and from the sound of it – Esma saw and felt sparks she’s never felt before.


God of Karma at work?

Anyway this comes a few years after Esma Platnumz and some of her close relatives exposed Hamisa Mobetto for trying to bewitch their brother Diamond Platnumz.

Actually things got so bad that Mama Diamond Platnumz turned against her grandson Dylan simply because his mum was Hamisa Mobetto.

Well, it must have really stung especially with how they rejected the young man making him feel like an outcast by his own aunty (Esma) and grandmother, Mama Diamond.

But now with Esma audio finally circulating online – fans are convinced this is Karma at play for how Esma treated her ex best friend back then. However if this is what Karma looks like…then weuh.

Again…could this be the reason her husbands were quick to leave her?


Machoos! Diamond Platnumz former brother in law proposes to new found love after welcoming bouncing baby boy (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz family has never been lucky when it comes to love. I hear the family has a lot money like a lot ; but the sad part is that despite all the wealth, Love is the only thing they cannot afford.

Youve seen how Diamond Platnumz has jumped from one woman to the other; disappointing and ‘using’ young girls like Official Lyyn only to end up crawling back to first baby mama Zarina Hassan; who seems to have moved on with Black Stallion.

Diamond Platnumz (left) with his baby mamas, Tanasha (left), Hamisa Mobetto (top centre) and Zari Hassan (bottom centre)

Call it karma it whatever you may wish, but Diamond Platnumz sister seems to be going through the same.

After leaving Petitman, the man who sired her second born daughter; Esma moved on with a Tz Tycoon based in SA but unfortunately their union lasted for only few weeks before divorcing.

Esma weds Yahya

Petitman moves on for good

At this point Petitman who still hanging on to Esma decided that he was done with the fun and games; hence his current move with new girlfriend.

Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Well, after years of suffering in love, Petitman has finally found a new woman (official Dodo) who recently welcomed Petitman’s second born, a son; and from the photos shared on his IG, looks like he also proposed!

Tanzanian tabloids have described Petitman’s new girlfriend as a humble, beautiful lady who works in the Tz entertainment business.

And unlike Esma Platnumz, this new lady, Dodo – at least gives him the peace; and love he deserves (so they say.)

Esma Platnumz ex bags new lady

Checkout photos from their baby bump shoot:

Family drama! Why Esma Platnumz publicly blasted her step-sister, Queen Darleen in new post

Okay okay….since Diamond Platnumz is not impregnating any new women for us to take about; then I guess we shall focus on his two sisters who have apparently been beefing for a while now.

Well, a few months ago rumor had it that Esma and Queen Darleen we’re beefing over a certain guy; and just when we thought the drama was a just a rumor – Esma missed out on Darleen’s baby shower.

This not only confirmed that their is bad blood but also proved that Mama Dangote was fed up with ex husband, Mr Abdul’s family; and the only way she could hit back is by using daughter (Esma) to fight her battles.

Family drama

Although Darleen has been refuting rumors claiming there is beef between her and Esma; it appears that she is on her own since clearly Esma wants to make this public as possible.

The lady (Esma) proved this in a new comment left under Darleen’s post where she had shared of Diamond Platnumz to congratulate him for landing a deal with South Africa’s Warner music label. Just like any other step sister, Darleen wrote;

congrats my brother @diamondplatnumz #wcb_for_life

To which Esma busted her bubble by saying;

Jamani si tukikubaliana NYANGE FAMILY

Well…it’s all fun and games until someone gets fed up and spills the dirt on social media. But as for now, we shall be patient.

“I lied about the abortion!” Diamond Platnumz sister changes tune days after bitter out burst

If Esma knew what’s best for her, then I guess she would stop explaining herself to social media users; who are only out to make her life miserable.

I mean, with all the money she has and the businesses she has going on – why would she even feel the need to explain her marriage to anybody? But hey, it appears that she loves the attention so why not.

Tbt: Esma Platnumz officially ties the knot

Barely a week after confessing to having aborted her 5 month old pregnancy; Esma says that she did this to ‘please’ fans who kept on insisting about the abortion. According to her latest tale, Esma denied ever getting pregnant for her ex husband who she later found out was a dealer.

Esma comes clean

Speaking to Tanzanian media personality Zamaradi, Esma set the record straight by saying she was not ready to risk her daughters lives by moving in with the crook.

To her, Msizwa came into her life pretending to have an interest in her only to learn that all he wanted was to strike a Tsh 200,000,000 with her brother, Diamond Platnumz.

Having found out about this in the early stages of their marriage which lasted for 4 to 5 months; Esma says she then went home and reported everything – and for this reason was asked by family to leave him.

Esma Platnumz

Judging from how she spoke during the interview, it’s clear to see that her PR team did coach her well; but why was she hospitalized just weeks after dumping ex hubby? Well, let’s just say  that not everybody is buying this new tale. Anyway watch the interview below courtesy of Zamaradi TV.

“I would have hated his child” Esma Platnumz admits to aborting ex husband’s pregnancy

Esma Platnumz is not shy to admit that she aborted her ex husband’s pregnancy a few weeks ago following their untimely breakup. According to Esma, all the rumors making rounds about her abortion are true and so far she has nothing to hide about this.

Speaking during a live IG session, Esma went on to reveal that she was never left by Msizwa; adding that she has never been dumped by any of her boyfriends. To her, men are replaceable and if anything she only dates them for fun and games.

When asked why she aborted an innocent child; Esma replied saying;

Esma Platnumz

“The answer is yes because I can’t have a child with a man whom I don’t have feelings for. So this means if I had given birth to that baby, I wouldn’t have loved it. You need to sire with someone you love.”

She went on to add;

“Why would you give birth to a being that you know you will hate on?”

Deal with it

Judging from how Esma spoke during the live many women on social media now doubt whether she is sane; or just cursed hence her behavior. However to Esma, this is who she s and will not play wife to any man to please fans who cannot feed her.

Esma Platnumz with her newly wed

To address this Esma said;

“So stop attacking me with the fact that I aborted the pregnancy. I married him to enjoy the lap of luxury shortly like one week and we separate, so tried to be with him for months. We agreed to get into marriage and then go on with our separate lives, so I’m not in love and I didn’t want to get a child in the first place.”

About her money and relationships, Esma cleared this by saying;

“Money is everything in my life and not a relationship,”

Wueh! Esma Platnumz ex-husband throwing shade after successfully reuniting with 1st wife

Esma Platnumz and Ex husband Msizwa held a big wedding about 7 months ago – but unfortunately the two love birds did not last even for 3 months.

According to reports, Esma allegedly walked out on Msizwa who is a Tanzanian business man living in South Africa. This came at a time when no one expected the two to part ways; but since they both happen to have too much pride – their union only got to last for a few weeks.

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Esma Platnumz with her newly wed

Word has it that the two are already divorced and since they got married under the Islam laws – separation was not so complicated.

Reunites with ex wife

Well now that the two are separated…Msizwa has been trying to mend his relationship with his first wife who lives with in South Africa.

He proved this with a few photos shared on his Instagram page where he went on to praise his wife for being his forever love. He wrote;

Also read: Abortion or miscarriage? Diamond Platnumz sister hospitalized following pregnancy complications (Video)

My forever ???? mama Melo

And on another photo he wrote;

When you marry your best-friend ❤️

Msizwa with wife and daughter

Well, it wouldn’t take a specialist to conclude what is going on with Msizwa; but truth is he is definitely throwing shade at Esma and her entire family.

Esma Platnumz snubs husband while thanking baby daddies for stepping up after recent pregnancy complications

Diamond Platnumz eldest sister Esma Platnumz has for a very long time kept her first boyfriend a secret. Unlike her second baby daddy, Petitman who is pretty well known on social media; Baba Tahiya prefers keeping a low profile.

However as their daughter turned a year older just a few days ago; Esma took this opportunity to unveil her first love and the father of her humble and chilled out daughter. Through her IG page, Esma went on to share a couple of photos taken during the party to which she captioned.

Esma with daughter and first boyfriend

Asante sana Baba @tahiyaplatnumz kwa mtoto Mzuri mstaraab km babaake pia nakushukuru kwa kuniuguza wewe na familia yako kipindi niko hosptal hoi damu sina

To her second baby daddy who is also her on and off lover Petiteman; the singer’s sister went on to appreciate him saying;

Esma Platnumz with 2nd baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

ila pia nitakuwa mchoyo wa fadhila pia kumshukuru pia Baba @baby_taraj_wakuache nae ulikuwa ktk kitengo cha kuleta Chips kuku kwa wauguzi usiku pia na kujitolea damu Mungu ni Mwema nimepona NawaThamini leo mpk kesho NAWAPENDA PIA ❤ Nilikuwa najiona km NIHAN KEMAL NA EMIR ????

Deletes photos of toxic South African husband

Barely 6 months after grand wedding in Tanzania; Esma has confirmed that her relationship with Msizwa is now over.

We however cannot confirm what pushed Esma to quickly quit the marriage; but all we know is that Petitman already revealed that Esma is not capable of being a wife – as she never listens or takes her partners opinions and decisions into consideration.

Kwani wamerogwa? Diamond Platnumz other sister unapologetically insults and mocks husband’s 1st wife 

Barely a week after Esma Platnumz was accused of aborting five month old pregnancy; and her other sister Queen Darleen is already making headlines again for the wrong reasons.

Well, word has it that Queen Darleen and husband’s first wife have never gotten along nor are they planning on settling their differences. But in their case it’s understandable as they both don’t want to share husband Isihack who quite a catch.

After months of insulting each other via their social media pages; we all assumed this would end after the birth of Isihack’s daughter – but unfortunately things are getting worse!

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Darleen mocks first wife

As seen on the latest post shared by Queen Darleen, we understand that she is back to beefing with Sabra over an unknown issue; but as usual it definitely has to do something with their husband.

This time around, Darleen however pulled an affair move of sharing Sabra’s photo without filter or make up! Trust me, if this was a competition then Darleen would be have the upper hand thanks to the photo shared on her stories.

She went on to Sabra in the caption as she wrote;

Also read: Abortion or miscarriage? Diamond Platnumz sister hospitalized following pregnancy complications (Video)

Sasa kabla ya kujaa mama Mkubwa B lekebisha upele na usisahau kuvaa na kigodoro chako. Mama B mwana mke ta yakoo

Diamond Platnumz sisters

Judging from how the Dangote family operates; it’s only right to say that they are the perfect example to describe a Swahili family.

They not only gossip amongst each other, throw shade and back stab; but they also have each other’s back with Lokole fighting their online battles!

With such sisters in the family; we can also understand why Diamond Platnumz is taking long to marry…. I mean which woman would put up with such?

But again, what would we do without their drama on social media?

Esma Platnumz mocked by soon-to-be ex husband after allegedly aborting 5 month old pregnancy

Esma Platnumz and soon to be ex husband. Msizwa have been having relationship issues and in less than a year into their marriage; and rumor has it that the two are no longer together.

Actually Esma Platnumz is said t have lost her pregnancy; but others claim that she might have aborted since she is no longer involved with her South African based play boy cum husband, Msizwa.

Thanks to a video making rounds on social media we also understand that Mama Dangote’s daughter was hospitalized this past weekend; however no one knows why or what she could have been suffering from.

Also read: Abortion or miscarriage? Diamond Platnumz sister hospitalized following pregnancy complications (Video)

Rumor however has it that the mother of two lost a lot of blood due to the ‘miscarriage’ forcing doctors to monitor her at the HDU.

Msizwa taking a swipe at Esma

Just a few moments after video showing Esma Platnumz in hospital; her husband Msizwa on the other hand shared a mourning post believed to have been dedicated to his child.

The fella who is said to be a player and womanizer went on to caption his post saying;


Fans on the other hand were already prepared for the trolling; as most laughed off at the fact that Msizwa thought Esma would give him a child.

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Below are a few screenshots showing how fans joined in to give their opinions!

Abortion or miscarriage? Diamond Platnumz sister hospitalized following pregnancy complications (Video)

Esma Platnumz is said to have been hospitalized following  a few complications with her 5 month old pregnancy. From the rumors making rounds on social media; Esma Platnumz is said to have aborted this pregnancy after parting ways with new husband, Msizwa.

According to reports, the lady was hospitalized due to some complications with her pregnancy; but unfortunately she ended up loosing the child. Most of the fans are convinced that Esma aborted Msizwa’s pregnancy just like she did with her exes, Petitman’s baby.

Also read: Esma Platnumz allegedly walks out on new husband barely 6 months after grand wedding

TBT: Esma pregnant with Petitman’s child

To prove this, Msizwa who leaves in South Africa was seen mourning his late child in a post where he wrote;


Esma Platnumz hospitalized

Well with all the money her family has; Miss Esma feels no reason to put up with a broke man in the name of love hence the many abortions she has been accused of.

Also read: Esma Platnumz ex husband responds after former in-laws accuse him of being broke (Video)

However this time around it appears that the ‘miscarriage or abortion’ did not go so well for Esma as she ended up in hospital. From the video below one can see that she needed a blood transfusion and although she remained motionless; word has it that the lady is now doing better.

Mama Dangote continues to remain silent about this matter but fans are convinced that the two must have been in cahoots.


Esma Platnumz allegedly walks out on new husband barely 6 months after grand wedding

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Platnumz has finally confirmed to have called off her marriage to one Msizwa. This however comes just a few months after Esma walked down the aisle in a private ceremony that saw only close friends and family attend.

The originally wedding was however done in a hurry forcing both Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz to miss out. Online sources claim that the two did not want Esma to settle down as a 3rd wife; mostly because they were rooting for baby daddy, Petitman.

Well just like suspected, the union is apparently over and Esma Platnumz is back to her usual time life in Madale.

Petiteman’s prediction

A while back speaking to the media after Esma broke his heart; the young man went on to reveal that no man apart from him can handle Esma’s pride.

I mean, her family has all the wealth one can wish for; and her brother is currently a big name, making international moves as seen below on social media.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Anyway, I bet Esma’s submissiveness was only for the dating phase with Msizwa; and now she’s back to being her own boss. But didn’t rumor have it that she got rid of Petitman’s second baby to be with the new man she has now walked out on?

Esma Platnumz ex husband responds after former in-laws accuse him of being broke (Video)

Esma parted ways with baby daddy, Petitman a few months ago; and barely 5 months after parting ways, Esma announced her engagement to her South African based husband.

For a minute the news sounded more of a joke as Diamond Platnumz; and Mama Dangote refused to attend Esma’s wedding with her new man, Msizwa Yahya.

Rumor has it that the two did not want to disrespect Petitman who had dated Esma for over 10 years. But since the two are both hard headed, their marriage failed immediately they started making referring to each other as man and wife.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Also read: “No man can stand can stand Esma’s arrogance and pride” Baby daddy claims the new union won’t last! (Video)

Bad mouthing Petitman

Anyway, a while back Petitman went on to reveal that all is well despite losing his wife to another man!

However although she had moved on; he assured the interviewer that Esma would not last with her new husband because there is no man who can handle his ex wife’s pride.

Esma and her backup however felt offended and decided to pay back by claiming Petitman is a broke man!

Esma Platnumz and Petit Man with their daughter

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Petitman broke

Speaking to a journalist from Bongo 5, Petitman went on to deny being broke. According to him, he has enough money to sustain his small family, school fees and basic needs.

To him, he has no money to show off like the Dangote’s do! For some reason, it appears that Petitman is now done with Esma and just maybe, there won’t be another last chance.

“No man can stand can stand Esma’s arrogance and pride” Baby daddy claims the new union won’t last! (Video)

Esma Platnumz walked down the aisle as the 5th wife of Msizwa Yahya this past weekend; at a lavish ceremony that saw only friends and family attend.

Unfortunately Petit Man Wakuache who has been an on and off boyfriend of Esma Platnumz was not invited for the ceremony. Probably this was to avoid unnecessary drama from Petit who appears to still love Esma.

Sadly, before Esma dumped him the two had been living like most couples who fight and argue over relationship stuff; but after putting up with so much, Esma decided to leave the alleged toxic relationship for good.

Esma Platnumz with baby daddy, Petit Man and their daughter

Also read: Esma Platnumz parades expensive white gold diamond wedding ring days after lavish ceremony (Photos)

Petit Man speaks about ex, Esma Platnumz

Of course this did not impress Petit man who now claims that Esma is an arrogant woman; and if anything the new union will not last thanks to her pride. Petit opened up saying;

I am pretty sure that there’s no other man, other than me, that can live with Esma. I do not think there’s any other than can persist the pride and arrogance of Esma

Although his statement may sound bitter, we can’t help but wonder whether Petit man was out to ruin his exes reputation; or whether he was just speaking from experience.

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Before Yahya got involved with Esma Platnumz, Petit Man was said to be working on his relationship with Esma who was allegedly pregnant for him at the time.

However seeing that Esma is now somebody else’s wife; fans can’t help but wonder what Petit did to push his baby mama to another man’s arms. But all in all, the good thing is that Mama Dangote is still friends with Petit hence making co parenting easy!


How Esma Platnumz’ 2nd fairytale wedding went down at her brother’s Mandale Empire (Photos)

Esma Platnumz is officially Yahya’s new wife however we can’t help but wonder why she moved on so quick from her long term on and off baby daddy, Petitman.

Barely 3 months after losing her 3rd pregnancy rumor has it that she had already started seeing Yahya who is now her current husband. We however cannot confirm this but, can’t help but wonder… where happened to her pregnancy?

Away from that we understand that Esma’s grand wedding was organised by her singer brother and who failed to attend her first wedding. This is because at the time, the two had been standing with Babu Tale who had just lost his wife at the time.

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Wedding photos

From the few photos making rounds on social media it’s evident to see that this wedding attracted prominent people and of course the WCB team.

Also read; Wedding of the year indeed! Esma Platnumz gorgeous princess-like-wedding gown leaves tongues wagging online (Photos)

Rayvanny and his wife were however nowhere to be seen which leaves us wondering whether everything is okay back at home. However, all we know is that rumor has it that Vanny Boy is no longer part of WCB; but an independent artist who helps write songs for his former boss.

Anyway below are just a few photos from the wedding.

Esma with husband Yahya and daughter, Taraji
Family! Diamond Platnumz with mum and sister, Esma
Esma with singer Zuchu
Zuchu with WCB CEO, Diamond Platnumz

Newly weds

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz finally weds in private affair (Video)

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz’s elder sister, Esma Platnumz recently got engaged in an all-white event and she has finally said ‘I Do’.

Early in the week, the mother of two lit up the Internet with colorful photos of her exclusive engagement party that went down at White Sands beach in Tanzania.

Esma Platnumz engagement party

It has been rumored that the businesswoman has been dating her new husband for 2 months now before they decided to officiate their relationship.

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So now, Esma is lawfully wedded to her better half after sharing a short clip flaunting her wedding ring and donning a stunning Islam gown as a bride.

Diamond Platnumz elder sister, Esma Platnumz

Diamond’s sister seems truly eager to be a new wife, hopeful that their marriage shall last to see them age gracefully by each other’s side.

She sings to an Islam melody, while giving thanks to Allah for the beautiful moment and that she can finally settle in life.

Have a look:


Her sister, Queen Darleen confirmed the news acclaiming:

Mash Allah Mdogo wangu Mungu Akusimamie kwenye Ndoa yako I love u ????????❤ @_esmaplatnumz

Newly wedded wife, Esma Platnumz

Before the Wasafi singer spilt the beans on the alleged man who has stolen Esma’s heart and who saw her walk down the isle, hours ago. Meet Esma’s husband:

Esma Platnumz´ husband


Close allies to Esma and her family lauded:

auntyezekiel Hongera lv ❤️
hamisamobetto Hongera my love ❤️
thembonishow Hongera sana mdogo wangu @_esmaplatnumz Nimeipenda umefuata nyayo Za dada. Engagement na ndoa haina kuremba????????????????????
sallam_sk Hongera Bi Esma
mwahija_r Ukailinde ndoa yako, Sasa mahusiano ya Kaka uyaache ushikilie yako. Sasa unahamia kwa mume au anakuja kukaa palepale kwa Kaka ako mna mmekutana walezi wa wana
tessychocolate Hongera babe ????????…Maashallah ????
To all this, Esma Khan expressed:
Congratulations to her!

Meet the two ladies Diamond Platnumz sister will be sharing a husband with! (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz sister is engaged to be married to a certain man; said to own one of the biggest Lounges in Dar Es Salaam.

According to reports, Esma got engagement went down at the White Sands beach; where they invited close family and friends who went on to share photos and videos from the event.

What’s more surprising is that Esma got engaged only two months after building her relationship with the said fiance. In other news, the lass allegedly agreed to the arrangement knowing very well that she will be the 3rd wife to the fella.

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With the stories spreading like wildfire, those close to the groom have gone ahead to release photos of the two ladies said to be married to the hank. Apparently he has a South African wife and a bongo one who he has been supporting for a few years now.

Esma’s co wife!

Pay day?

Well, as seen on most comments left on Esma’s engagement videos; many claim that the lady got too desperate decided to settle for the nearest catch!

Wife number 2

Romy Jones who is like a brother to Esma is believed to have engineered the whole relationship; and this is because he is friends with the man engaged to Esma.

He is also said to be the main DJ who plays at his new brother in law’s lounge; making it easy for his job security at the high end club!

Romy Jons with Esma’s fiance

Since Esma has managed to make enough money for herself; she clearly did not jump into the marriage idea for the sake of money. We also can’t say that this was love at first sight since she was just pregnant the other day; and since there’s no baby to show then I guess she is done with Petitman for good.


“Block ya Tanasha hainistui!” Esma Platnumz

Esma Platnumz has finally spoken after her silence about her brothers break up with Kenyan singer, Tanasha Donna!

The former East African couple allegedly broke up following a few issues here and there involving mama Dangote.

Tanasha Donna with the Dangote´s

According to Tanasha who recently opened up about life with her mother in law; she made it clear that this was not an easy journey since things got rough 6 months into the relationship.

Speaking to True Low magazine about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, Ms Tanasha made sure not to speak ill of her former in-laws; however it appears that they really careless about Tanasha and her interview.

Esma Platnumz calls out Tanasha Donna after unfollowing her and taking off

Esma responds

Anyway, after learning that Tanasha blocked most of Diamond Platnumz relatives; Esma for the first time came out to address this issue.

According to the lady, she cares less about what Tanasha Donna does with her Instagram account; and if indeed she was blocked then there is nothing much she can do.

Speaking about this issue, Esma went on to open up saying;

Block ya Tanasha mimi hainistui kabisa, kama ameamua kutublock Sawa nimaamuzi yake

“Tanasha willingly converted to Islam and changed her name too” Reveals Esma Platnumz

After walking out on Diamond Platnumz and refusing to address what pushed her to leave the WCB boss; we have now learnt that Tanasha went to all extends just for the sake of love.

Esma Platnumz and Tanasha Donna Oketch

Unlike what many know, Tanasha is currently a Muslim as revealed by Esma Platnumz who confirmed that Mama Naseeb willing converted fo Islam; and went on to change her name to Bi Aisha.

This comes as a big surprise to the Donnatella  gang who still can’t believe love made mama Naseeb junior change her religion; thinking this would convince her man to make her his wife.

Diamond Platnumz with his favorite women

Esma speaks after Tanasha unfollows her on Instagram

Well, this was revealed by Esma who recently went on to confess that no one pushed Tanasha Donna to convert to Islam. According to Esma, the lady did this willingly and even changed her name to bi Aisha which she was comfortable with.

Wee ndo ulichelewa kujua mbona kabadilisha tena kwa hiari yake na jina kachagua Bi Aisha

Esma’s comment

The revelation has however given some of Tanasha’s fans a reason to believe that the Kenyan lady might just find her way to Tandale; even after the nasty social media break up!

Diamond Platnumz game

Not quite sure what Diamond gives his women; for them to go to the extend of changing religion in the name of love. But all we are aware of is that the Bongo singer is not ready to settle down with any woman for now.


How Esma Platnumz birthday went down!

Diamond Platnumz big sister Esma Platnumz recently turned a year older and to mark this special celebration; her family held a small party to celebrate her.

Well, as usual the party was an invites only event that saw the likes of Mbosso, Lava Lava, Juma Lokole, Mama Dangote, Uncle Shamte and of course her husband among other close relatives.

Esma marks this special milestone just a few weeks after rumor had it that she had suffered a miscarriage. Word is that after getting back with Petiteman, the lady has been trying to have a 3rd child.

The Esma and Petiteman looking for baby number 3

Although things are not working out in their favor, Esma and her husband, Petite continue to hope that they will soon be having a 3rd child since time is also not on their side.

Anyway, just like most couples these two have had their ups and downs to a point where they both took a break and went on to see other people.

However after stepping in with matching outfits during the birthday dinner; then we can now confirm that these two have settled down with each other for good!

Diamond Platnumz at Esma’s birthday dinner
Esma’s party
Lava Lava at Esma’s party
Esma with friend at her party
Mbosso at Esma’s party
Mama Dangote with Uncle Shamte at Esma’s party

Diamond Platnumz sister opens up about her miscarriage for the first time

Diamond Platnumz eldest sister Esma Platnumz has admitted to have suffered a miscarriage a few weeks ago.

This comes just after she reconciled with her baby daddy and husband Petit who had allegedly left her for another woman for about 1 year.

Esma with hubby, Petit

However the two reconciled and are back together. Speaking to Wasafi FM just recently, Esma Platnumz confirmed that she was expecting Petit’s second child but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage along the way.

Esma speaks

According to Esma, this is the main reason she did not attend Aunty Ezekiel’s birthday party. She went on to open up saying;

“Nilikuwa na mimba siku ile Aunty Ezekiel ana birthday yake. Kweli Petit alisafiri aliporudi mimi nilikuwa hospitali kama Juma alivyosema, ndio hivo mimba yangu iliharibika ndio maana hukutuona pale kwa birthday ya Aunty.”

As to why she reconciled with Petit, Esma says they both decided to do this for the sake of their children. She went on to conclude saying;

“Mimi na Petit tumerudiana imekuwa muda kidogo lakini wote tulikuwa katika mahusiano, yeye kwa yake mimi kwa yangu. Tuseme labda kitu kikubwa ni watoto ambao wameturudisha. Tahiya alikuwa ni mtu wakwanza yaani alikuwa anampenda Petit, Taraji naye pia hivo. Hata nikijaribu kuwaweka mbali lakini watoto utakuta wamempigia simu. Kuna wakati labda Petit amaemchukua Tahiya akampeleka shopping ukimuuliza hivi vitu kakununulia nani kuna wakati anaficha lakini kuna wakati anasema uncle Petit ndio kaniletea. Ilifika tu tukaona kila mtu awache mahusiano yake turuadiane,”

Zari claps back after Diamond Platnumz sister mocked her during a recent interview

Zari Hassan has clapped back at a statement made by her former in law, Esma Platnumz.

Apparently the two who were good friends have now become great enemies following Zari and Diamond Platnumz split up.

Judging from an interview conducted by Wasafi TV; Esma Platnumz was heard praising Tanasha Donna as her favorite In law since she finds her humble.

Esma went on to add that among all the women Diamond Platnumz has ever dated, Tanasha Donna continues to stand out as she rarely shows off.

Zari offended

The singer’s sister gave an example of one particular former in law who records everything for the gram and surprisingly Zari felt offended by this and decided to respond.

Through her Instagram stories Zari posted videos of her new home where she couldn’t help but brag about the custom made furniture she got from King bae.


From her videos one can tell that the mother of 5 was shading Chibu’s family for acting rich yet they own China made furniture.

Well, not quite sure how the war between Zari and Chibu will last but the drama might just escalate after Millard Ayo releases his exclusive interview with Zari.

Zari’s post

Esma Platnumz: I love Tanasha so much, at times I ask myself where was she all this time

Tanasha Donna Oketch finally met her soon to be in-laws for the first time on January 13th 2019. She met Diamond’s mother, sister and other family members.

For starters, Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna Oketch have been dating since November 2018. The Bongo singer decided to introduce his sweetheart to his family because he plans to marry her sometimes this year.

Tanasha and her boyfriend spent Sunday afternoon at the singer’s Mandale home in Dar es Salaam. Diamond’s family treated the Kenyan beauty to a sumptuous lunch as they got to know each other.

Esma’s love for Tanasha
Tanasha with Diamond, Esma Platnumz and Sanura Sandra
Tanasha with Diamond, Esma Platnumz and Sanura Sandra

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz has confessed that Tanasha and her just clicked from the very moment her brother introduced her to their family.

Esma further says that she loves Tanasha so much that she just wishes Diamond could have started dating her much earlier.

“Huwezi amini Tanasha tayari ameshakaa ndani ya moyo wangu, nampenda sana na kuna muda najiuliza alikuwa wapi muda wote? Kwa nini hakutokea mapema kwenye familia yetu? Hayo mambo ya kuniita yuda hata siyajali kabisa, wata­jua wenyewe kwani mimi maisha yanasonga,” said Esma Platnumz during an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda newspaper.




“Sipendangi wanaume weupe” Esma Platnumz opens up about her obsession with dark-skinned men

Esma Platnumz broke up with her husband Petit Man after he cheated on her and impregnated the woman he was fooling around with.

Petit Man went on to marry the new girl as his wife and daughter went a separate way. Esma also moved on with another man.

She took to Instagram to announce that she had found her rib. She posted photos of the man as she revealed how she had  fallen heads over heels in love with him.

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Dark-skinned men

Esma opened up about her obsession with dark-skinned men during an interview with Sam Misago TV. She said that she enjoys making love to men who are dark in complexion.

“I’m looking for a perfect man. Lakini ninaye mmoja. Mimi sipendangi wanaume weupe. Mimi napenda mwanaume mweusi. Nikiwa na mwanaume mweusi nikilala naye nasikia raha,” said Esma Platnumz.





“Esma tuliishi miaka mitano” Petit Man hints cheating scandal is only a tip of the iceberg in his breakup with Esma Platnumz 

Esma Platnumz broke up with her husband Petit Man after he cheated on her and impregnated the woman he was fooling around with.

Petit Man went on to marry the new girl as his wife and daughter went a separate way. Esma also indicated that she was ready to move on with another man in a recent interview.

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5 years of marriage

Petit Man spoke for the first time about his relationship with Esma Platnumz during an exclusive interview with Millard Ayo.

He hinted the cheating scandal was only the tip of the iceberg in his breakup with Esma when he refused to speak in details about the split.

Petit Man however expressed his respect for Esma saying that she is the mother of his daughter and that she further respects her for staying with him for the five years they had been married.

Petit Man with Esma Platnumz and their daughter
Petit Man with Esma Platnumz and their daughter

“Kwenye mahusiano kuna makosa, kila binadamu ameumbwa lakini ana mapungufu yake. Mimi na Esma tuliishi miaka mitano siwezi weka hadharani yaliyotokea yule ni mke wangu tumezaa nae, matatizo yapo ni kawaida,” said Petit Man.


“Usiwe kama Zari na Hamisa” Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz shows her support for Tanasha Donna. But not without a warning

Diamond Platnumz has been criticized by his compatriots just a few days after he introduced Tanasha Donna Oketch as his girlfriend.

Tanzanian on Instagram gossip pages went Hard As a Motherf@cker (HAM) on Tanasha claiming that she is not wife material.

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Diamond is satisfied with Tanasha
Esma Platnumz and Diamond Platnumz
Esma Platnumz and Diamond Platnumz

Esma Platnumz has come out to show her support to Tanasha after the myriad of criticisms on social media. Speaking during an interview with Risasi newspaper, Esma said that Diamond is satisfied with Tanasha and that there is nothing she could do about it.

Esma further stated that she has already accepted Tanasha as her sister-in-law. She wished her luck urging her not to be like previous sisters-in-law (Zari and Hamisa Mobetto)

“Wala sina shida, nimemkubali wifi yangu na kwa sababu Nasibu (Diamond) mwenyewe ndiye amesema anamuoa na ameridhiana naye, mimi ni nani nikatae? Kikubwa ninawaombea heri tu asiwe kama wengine ili na mimi nipate wifi wa halali, niache uyuda,” said Esma Platnumz.