Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz parades her new man after breaking up with husband (Photos)

Esma Platnumz broke up with her husband Petit Man after he cheated on her and impregnated the woman he was fooling around with.

Petit Man went on to marry the new girl as his wife and daughter went a separate way. Esma also indicated that she was ready to move on with another man in a recent interview.

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Meet Esma’s new catch

Esma Platnumz took to Instagram to announce that she had found her rib. She posted photos of the man as she revealed how she had  fallen heads over heels in love with him.

In a separate post, Esma tells who has swept her off her feet that he will kill her with love;



“Babake kashanogewa na penzi jipya” Esma Platnumz reveals how her daughter is affected by dad’s decision to marry another woman

Esma Platnumz broke up with her husband Petit Man after he cheated on her and impregnated the woman he was fooling around with.

Petit Man went on to marry the new girl as his wife and daughter went a separate way. Speaking during an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda, Esma reveals that her daughter has been forced to cope with the new situation as her father is too busy with the new wife that he can’t spare time for her.

“Anamkumbuka tena sana tu sasa atafanyaje na baba yake ndio kashanogewa na penzi jipya,” said Esma when asked whether her daughter still remembers her dad.

Petit Man with his new wife during their wedding
Petit Man with his new wife during their wedding
Getting back together?

Esma also stressed that she is never getting back with Petit Man, she explains that she decided to move out of her matrimonial home because her husband had no plans to stop cheating on her.

“Sina kabisa kwa kweli kwa sababu sipendi anayoyafanya na ndio maana nimehama nilipokuwa naishi naye nimepanga kwingine na nina maisha yangu,” said Esma when asked whether she had plans to get back with her husband.

Adding that;

“Wakati yeye (Petit Man) anahangaika na kujirusha na kula raha mimi natafuta hela kwa nguvu zote.”





Diamond sister’s reaction after her ex marries new wife a few months after breaking up

Esma Platnumz is no longer with her baby daddy following cheating allegations. From what we have heard is that Petit Batikayo was hooking up with young ladies; while his baby mama Esma Platnumz was busy involved with Diamond Platnumz love life.

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The two ex love birds however tried to keep their break up information on the low until Mange Kimambi spilled the beans.

This left Esma embarrassed and was quick to justify her side of the story now that her baby daddy had been spotted with a new pregnant girlfriend.

Just a few weeks after the whole scandal was revealed on social media; Petit this past weekend decided to make his union official to the new lady in his life.

Through his social media pages the young man shared a few photos from his wedding giving social media users a reason to troll Esma Platnumz.

Esma responds

Well most people were quick to console Esma for being dumped and mostly for being humiliated. The singer’s sister was however not ready to be put down as she came out to sarcastically say;

Labda nimefiwa wananipa pole

Esma’s ex marries new wife

Esma Platnumz ready to move on with another man, describes the ideal man she is looking for

Esma Platnumz and her husband Petit Man have gone their separate ways, the their marriage was dogged by infidelity on the part  her husband.

Petit Man cheated on his wife with a Rwandan woman who is now carrying his unborn baby. It’s however not the first time that Petit Man has been caught up in major scandal.

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Ready to move on

Esma Platnumz is already willing to jump into another relationship after her husband cheated on her. The mother of one described her ideal man in an interview with Refresh of Wasafi TV.

Esma Platnumz with her daughter and Wema Sepetu at her shop
Esma Platnumz with her daughter and Wema Sepetu at her shop

“Kwanza mwanaume ambaye namuhitaji ni mwanaume gentleman anayejielewa, mwenye kazi yake nzuri. Awe sio mtu wa drama na Instagram yaani awe yule mwanaume ambaye yuko straight tunapanga kufanya kitu fulani tunafanya yaani in short nataka mwanaume anayejielewaa kama mimi mwenyewe,” said Esma Platnumz.





Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz confirms her marriage is over after husband impregnates Rwandan woman

Esma Platnumz and husband Petit Man have gone their separate ways, Diamond sister confirmed the breakup days after rumors emerged online that her husband was cheating on her.

The rumor was started by Mange Kimambi, a Tanzanian activist living in the US, who clashed with Wema Sepetu after the voice note of Hamisa Mobetto consulting a witch doctor leaked.

According to Mange, Esma’s marriage has been on rocks since her husband started fooling around with a woman of Rwandan origin. This was proven by a few audio recordings between Petit and the Rwandan woman whom he has already impregnated.

We parted ways long ago
Esma Platnumz with her husband and daughter during good times
Esma Platnumz with her husband and daughter during good times

Speaking during an interview on Wasafi TV, Esma Platnumz revealed that her husband and her parted ways long before the voice notes were leaked.

“Kingine ambacho hawakijui mimi na Petit tuliachana muda mrefu hata zile voice note nilivyokuja kuzisikia nilicheka sana halafu akinipigia simu,” said Esma Platnumz.

On Wednesday Petit Man addressed the issue confirming that the Rwandan woman was indeed pregnant with his baby, he said that he will take full responsibility.



Karma? Tanzanian activist Mange reveals the woman sleeping with Diamond Platnumz sister’s husband

Mange Kimambi a Tanzanian activist living in the United States is not one to mess with.

The lady who is well known for her toughness recently came to attack Esma Platnumz; revealing unknown details about her husband’s affairs. Apparently this was a tactic to defend Hamisa from the Wasafi family attacking her.

According to Mange, Esma’s marriage has been on rocks since her husband (Petit) is one who likes to enjoy other women.

This was proven by a few audio recordings between the guy and an unknown Rwandese lady he apparently impregnated.

Thanks to the audio, you can hear Esma’s husband flirting with the lady and now fans can’t get enough of the drama on Instagram.

Faiza Ally warming Esma’s bed

Apart from the unknown Rwandese lady, there is also a Tanzanian lady by the name of Faiza Ally. However, Faiza is a well known actress in Bongo and is friends with Esma.

Anyway below are photos of the lady said to be bedding Esma’s matrimonial home.

Diamond Platnumz sister’s marriage in crisis?

So word making rounds on social media is that Esma Platnumz husband has been seeing other women on the side.

This was revealed by Mange Kimambi, a Tanzanian activist who exposed the alleged affair between Esma’s husband and Faiza; a renown actress.

According to Mange, Esma has been so involved in Hamisa Mobetto’s life that she ignored her husband. For this reason, Petit found another woman who has been warming his bed.


Drama in Diamond Platnumz family

Since Mange shared the story on Instagram, Esma also decided to respond to address what she claims is lies.

However, this is not the first time Esma is said to have been dumped by her husband. Apparently also her mother in law has been against her union with Petit but the lady continues to deny this too.

“I would end her singing career if I were to drop my own music!” Diamond Platnumz sister throws shade at Hamisa Mobetto

Esma Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto’s story is that of two good friends who no longer see eye to eye. For about a year now the two former friends ended their friendship after Hamisa got pregnant for singer Diamond Platnumz.

Esma with Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Deedaylan

Although we never get to hear Hamisa Mobetto’s side of the story; Esma on the other hand never holds back from saying what she feels. Well, just recently the lady held an interview with Wasafi TV where she openly criticized Hamisa Mobetto’s song ‘Madam Hero.”

Her vocals are still lacking

According to Esma, Mobetto needs to get a voice coach to sharpen her singing skills. This is because apparently she fails to understand the message being passed on in the new song.

Esma went on to add that if she got a chance to just record one song…that would be the end of Hamisa Mobetto’s career. It is however not surprising since Diamond’s sister and her mum have always been out to humiliate the young lady who is said to have ruined Diamond and Zari’s relationship. Watch the interview below.


“Just forgive us, I’ve passed away” Diamond’s sister changes Instagram post from English to Swahili after being trolled for poor English

Most Tanzanians can’t communicate in English because Swahili is the main national language. Diamond Platnumz and his Wasafi family sought the help of an English tutor to help them speak the Queen’s language.

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Diamond’s beautiful sister Esma Platnumz however still finds it hard to communicate in English. The mother of one was forced to pull down Instagram post she had written in English after being trolled.

English to Swahili

Esma rewrote her caption in Swahili after trolls made fun of the caption she wrote in English;





“Hatuna shida naye, hatuna time naye” Diamond’s sister shreds Hamisa Mobetto, supports brother’s decision to wear women’s bracelet

Diamond Platnumz sparked public uproar when he was seen wearing ankle bracelet. Critics quickly concluded that the singer was exhibiting signs of homosexuality.

The Bongo star was forced to address claims of homosexuality during an interview with Global Publishers. He explains that he innocently wore the ankle bracelet because he thought it was fancy and not because he is gay.

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Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz however believes all those people who reprimanded her brother for wearing ankle bracelet are primitive.

“Mtu kuvaa kikuku ni fashion, wenzetu wanavaa, tunaenda na fashion. Mimi nahisi ni washamba, mtu mshamba ndo anaweza discuss kuhusiana na vikuku,” said Esma Platnumz.


Hamisa Mobetto

Esma Platnumz also talked about Hamisa Mobetto, she stressed that their family has no issue with her neither do they give a damn about her.

“Sisi hatuna time naye, hatuna shida naye wala hatuna story naye. Ndo maana hata tukicomment hatumtag mtu. Saa nyingine tabia za mama mtu zinawezachangia mtoto zikakumdhuru,” said Esma.




Diamond’s sister a terrible cook? Esma Platnumz’s husband addresses claims his wife sucks at cooking

Hamad Manungwa popularly known as “Petit Man” has stepped forth to address claims on social media that his wife Esma Platnumz is a terrible cook.

Netizens claimed Esma doesn’t know how to cook after Petit Man was seen in a video posted online eating futari (food eaten to break a fast) that was not cooked well.

I enjoy her food
Esma Platnumz with her mother Sanura Sandra
Esma Platnumz with her mother Sanura Sandra

Petit Man asserts that his wife is a good cook. He explains that the futari he was seen eating in the video was not cooked by Esma Platnumz.

“Unajua mimi sibishani hata siku moja na watu wa mitandaoni kwa sababu najua wazi sio mke wangu aliyepika ile futari. Akipika yeye chakula kinakuwa cha uhakika, nikila nasikia raha hadi najivunia kumuoa, hao wanaosema Esma hajui kupika, wana lao jambo,” said Petit Man.

Petit Man with his daughter and wife Esma Platnumz
Petit Man with his daughter and wife Esma Platnumz




Diamond faults his sister Esma Platnumz for fueling the hate his family has towards Hamisa Mobetto

Esma Platnumz recently told Dizzim Online that her brother Diamond Platnumz has only dated two women; Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan. She also blamed Diamond for the breakup with Zari.

Esma sentiment was a direct jibe at Hamisa Mobetto, in another past interview she boldly stated that she was no longer friends with Hamisa.

L-R: Esma Platnumz, Sanura Sandra and Hamisa Mobetto during good times
L-R: Esma Platnumz, Sanura Sandra and Hamisa Mobetto during good times

Esma also took to social media to tell Zari Hassan that her brother was dearly missing her. She claims Diamond has lost weight ever since Zari broke up with him.

“Wifi yangu wa Kimataifa nishakumiss leo kweli lile fumbo thamani ya mtu akiwa hayupo ndio ninapouona.? Sio mimi bali Stress kuna mtu amekonda huku Nuru hana tena… ?,” wrote Esma.


Diamond reacts

Diamond called out Esma over her statement during the interview with Dizzin Online. The ‘Iyena’ hit maker complains that his sister does not recognize Hamisa Mobetto yet she came with her to his birthday back then when they were still best friends.

“Unajua Bado nakutafakari, Hivi dada angu ile interview yako ya jana, ni Swaumu ilikuwa kali ukaamua umalizie Hasira zako kwangu ama????…. Maana kusema Pengine Ulilewa kwa mwezi huu mtukufu Hapana….Yani jana, kama sio wewe vile uliyekujaga na Hamisa kwenye Birthday, na 40 ya Nillan na sare Mkashona, na kutunza juu….Dah Mungu anakuona???,” wrote Diamond.


This is why Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz spent a night in police cell 

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Platnumz spent Saturday night in police custody. The mother of one found herself on the wrong side of the law after she was found in possession of banned cosmetics.

For starters, Esma owns a beauty shop in Dar es Salaam. She was arrested after Tanzanian Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) raided her shop.

Esma Platnumz at her beauty shop
Esma Platnumz at her beauty shop

TFDA apprehended Esma for selling cosmetics that have been banned for being harmful to consumers. She was taken to Mabatini police station where she was locked up until Sunday.

6-hour negotiation

Diamond’s mother Sanura Kassim spend six hours at Mabatini police station trying to negotiate Esma’s release. Police however turned down her pleas leading to a heating verbal exchange, they even threatened to lockup Sanura together with her daughter.

Esma Platnumz with her mother Sanura Sandra
Esma Platnumz with her mother Sanura Sandra

Esma was finally released on Sunday morning after a case was filed against her, number KJM/RB/4427/2018. She will now have to argue her innocence in court.








Diamond’s former photographer Kifesi hints Esma Platnumz is supplying her brother with women to bang

Diamond Platnumz has been fooling around with women even when he was still in a relationship with Zari Hassan. The singer’s former photographer claims his sister Esma Platnumz is the one supplying him with women to bang.

Diamond fell out with photographer Kifesi after he kept on poking nose into his boss’ private affairs. The singer ultimately fired Kifesi after he blasted him for cheating on Zari.

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Kifesi has now spilled the beans on his former boss’ philandering ways. The photographer claims Elma Platnumz is the force behind Diamond entering into casual sexual relationships with women.

Diamond and Kifesi
May karma punish you

Kifesi warns Esma Platnumz that she might face the same ordeal like Zari for what she does – supplying Diamond with women to sleep with. Esma Platnumz is a married woman, she is married to Petiman.

“Some sisters will even import & supply side chicks for the brother Karma is watching you. To those women who watch their brothers hurt other women and can’t even bother themselves to reprimand him, may someone’s brother do the same to you,” wrote Kifesi.





“I won’t stop talking to my brother’s ex” Esma Platnumz reveals why she is still befriending Diamond’s ex girlfriends

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz is still good friends with Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu. Esma asserts that her brother’s fallout with his exes doesn’t affect how she relates with his ex girlfriends.

Esma explains that Wema Sepetu and her have been friends for a long time. She says she wouldn’t compromise their friendship because Wema and Diamond broke up.

“I understand that Wema is my brother’s ex, and that doesn’t mean that I stop talking to her,” said Esma Platnumz.

Esma Platnumz, her mother Sanura and Hamisa Mobetto

Esma further asserts that she doesn’t favour any of Diamond’s ex girlfriends. She claims that Zari still maintains a good relationship with her despite Wema Sepetu being her friend.

“Zari knows that Wema and I were friends even before she came into the picture. I love both of them. Their relationships with my brother does not affect me at all. On the other hand, by breaking up with Diamond doesn’t mean I don’t talk to Zari. Her kids are my kids, she is family.”

Esma Platnumz with Zari Hassan



“Nlienda Disco nkiwa na mimba ya miezi 9” Diamond’s mom shocks the internet as she reveals what a party animal she was (Photos)

Diamond’s mother was the queen of the dance floor back in the days. Sanura Sandra says nothing would stop her from going to the club, not even pregnancy.

Diamond Platnumz’s mom confesses that she was a party animal during her heydays. She commemorated International Mother’s Day by sharing the secret.

Sanura says she used to go out to party even when she was pregnant. She reveals that she wouldn’t stop partying when she was carrying Esma Platnumz in her womb.

Sanura shared her old photo to prove her words. In the photo Diamond’s mother is seen with a humongous baby bump.

Sanura when she was pregnant with Esma Platnumz
9 months pregnant

Sanura reveals that she was 9 months pregnant when the photo was taken. She says that the photo was taken at a party she attended.

“Happy woman’s day..sandrah nikiwa na mimba ya miezi (9) ya @_esmaplatnumz kitambi mpaka kimeenda upande ?Hapa nilikiwa Disco Mbowe. Ikabadirishwa jina ikaitwa Bilicana,” wrote Sanura Sandra.

Sanura Sandra with her daughter Esma Platnumz



Diamond’s brother-in-law caught in Hamisa Mobeto’s snare…Romantic photos of him and her leak online (Photos)

Photos of Diamond’s brother-in-law Petitman and Hamisa Mobeto in romantic posture have stirred up all sort of imaginations ever since they surfaced on social media.

Petitman, who has married Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz, was seen carrying Hamisa Mobeto in one of the photos which surfaced online. The photos were taken way back when Hamisa was still team dark skin.

Petitman and Hamisa Mobeto

Diamond’s brother-in-law was quick to respond to the photos explaining that the pictures had nothing to do with his current life as he was now a married man.

Petitman blasted those circulating the photos saying that they had ulterior motive; he said people were trying to drag him into a scandal he’s not involved in any way.

Petitman and his wife Esma Platnumz

“Picha zinazosambaa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii ni za zamani sana. Hazina uhusiano wowote na maisha yangu ya sasa au na yale yanayoendelea kuhusu Hamisa ambaye anaonekana pia katika picha hizo kwa sasa. Yeyote ambaye ameamua kuzisambaza ana nia moja tu. Kuniunganisha katika suala ambalo sihusiki na kunichafua. Mimi kwa muda mrefu niko na mke wangu mpendwa ambaye kila mtu anamjua na tuko busy kujenga familia yetu.

Petitman and Hamisa Mobeto

“Inawezekana jambo hili haliwafurahishi baadhi ya watu hivyo kuamua kusambaza picha za zamani kwa nia zao ovu. Niseme tu kwa kifupi hizo picha sio za kutilia maanani. Ni picha za zamani sana. Kwa sasa sio muda wa kuchafuana. Huu ni muda wa kila mmoja wetu kupambana kujijenga na kulea familia yake. Mimi kama baba wa familia jukumu langu ndio hilo,” Petitman wrote on Instagram.