Abortion or miscarriage? Diamond Platnumz sister hospitalized following pregnancy complications (Video)

Esma Platnumz is said to have been hospitalized following  a few complications with her 5 month old pregnancy. From the rumors making rounds on social media; Esma Platnumz is said to have aborted this pregnancy after parting ways with new husband, Msizwa.

According to reports, the lady was hospitalized due to some complications with her pregnancy; but unfortunately she ended up loosing the child. Most of the fans are convinced that Esma aborted Msizwa’s pregnancy just like she did with her exes, Petitman’s baby.

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TBT: Esma pregnant with Petitman’s child

To prove this, Msizwa who leaves in South Africa was seen mourning his late child in a post where he wrote;


Esma Platnumz hospitalized

Well with all the money her family has; Miss Esma feels no reason to put up with a broke man in the name of love hence the many abortions she has been accused of.

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However this time around it appears that the ‘miscarriage or abortion’ did not go so well for Esma as she ended up in hospital. From the video below one can see that she needed a blood transfusion and although she remained motionless; word has it that the lady is now doing better.

Mama Dangote continues to remain silent about this matter but fans are convinced that the two must have been in cahoots.


Esma Platnumz and Petit Man fool around in playful videos

Diamond´s sister, Esma Platnumz is having the time of her life after patching up things with baby daddy, Petit Man.

The two are not shying off from public display of affection for each other. If anything, they are here to make it loud and clear to the world – that they are crazy for each other.

In a series of unending clips, the two are seen cosying up side-by side. First, Esma showed off her ring though hid her face.

Then Petit Man seemingly gifted Esma a Samsung Note 10+, captioning:

This 4 you.

Esma Platnumz and Petit Man gifts

Closely followed by a trip to an undisclosed destination, probably baecation moments – time to catch up and reminisce good old times.

Esma Platnumz going on vacation with Petit Man

That´s not good enough to confirm to you how much undying love the reunited couple has for each other.

Through an Instagram clip, the two are seen fooling around, you´d think they are kids out to play.

Additionally, Esma flaunts her protruding belly. Whether insinuating she is expectant or not, remains a mystery for now.