Esma Platnumz parades expensive white gold diamond wedding ring days after lavish ceremony (Photos)

Esma who is Diamond Platnumz older sister got married to her new found love Yahya this past weekend; at a private ceremony that only saw close friends and relatives attend!

Judging from the photos shared on social media we can agree that the wedding was indeed the highlight of our weekend; but also we can’t help but feel sorry for her ex boyfriend Petitman who was dumped and left stranded!

Well after years of an on and off relationship between Esma and Petitman; the two parents are now no longer involved as Esma finally decided to settle down with a man capable of being a husband.

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Esma Platnumz the bride

White gold rings

Now that she already had the wedding of her dreams; Esma has also went ahead to show off her wedding bands; and boy did she opt for expensive rings!

As a superstars older sister, Esma decided to go for white gold rings with small Diamonds   all round! The mother of two paraded the ring estimated to cost around £349 which is equivalent to Ksh 50,000.

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Price range for white gold wedding rings with Diamonds

If you ask me, thats an outrageous number to spend on a small piece of Jewelry; but also not what many would have expected  Esma to pick out a ring on that price range since we know how wealthy they are courtesy of Diamond Platnumz.

Anyway since her Ex, Petitman once revealed that it’s quite difficult to live with Esma I guess she also did not want to go all out on her wedding ring; since she is not assured for how long she will remain married to Yahya who also has another wife back in South Africa where he resides!

Check out photos of the ring below!

Diamond Platnumz sister parades her expensive Wedding bands days after high profiled wedding
Esma showing off her gold wedding bands

6 cute photos of Esma Platnumz with husband looking all loved up that will leave you envious

Diamond Platnumz´s elder sister, Esma Platnumz said ´I Do´ to her secret long-term lover in a private wedding event held in Tanzania.

The businesswoman left fans anticipating her wedding photos soon after she got engaged in an exclusive party that was an all-white affair.

She later on, only shared a short clip of herself flaunting her wedding ring, while donning an Islam gown as a bride.

A clear indication, there would never have been a better time nor a better person to forever call ´husband´.

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A week later, the mother of two has now flaunted her polygamous husband in a series of enviable photos, having been taken in as a third wife.

Esma Platnumz with her newly wed

Her family was there as well to have her back as they sent off a daughter, a sister and a friend to grow her own family and to take care of her dear husband.

Esma Platnumz with family

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She however failed to disclose the name of her dearly beloved, often referring to him as ¨Mr Okokwo¨. Well, the first thing that strikes your mind is that this guy must be Nigerian, but we can only speculate. Unfortunately.

Esma Platnumz with Mr Okokwo

Check out adorable photos from the events.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz finally weds in private affair (Video)

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz’s elder sister, Esma Platnumz recently got engaged in an all-white event and she has finally said ‘I Do’.

Early in the week, the mother of two lit up the Internet with colorful photos of her exclusive engagement party that went down at White Sands beach in Tanzania.

Esma Platnumz engagement party

It has been rumored that the businesswoman has been dating her new husband for 2 months now before they decided to officiate their relationship.

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So now, Esma is lawfully wedded to her better half after sharing a short clip flaunting her wedding ring and donning a stunning Islam gown as a bride.

Diamond Platnumz elder sister, Esma Platnumz

Diamond’s sister seems truly eager to be a new wife, hopeful that their marriage shall last to see them age gracefully by each other’s side.

She sings to an Islam melody, while giving thanks to Allah for the beautiful moment and that she can finally settle in life.

Have a look:


Her sister, Queen Darleen confirmed the news acclaiming:

Mash Allah Mdogo wangu Mungu Akusimamie kwenye Ndoa yako I love u ????????❤ @_esmaplatnumz

Newly wedded wife, Esma Platnumz

Before the Wasafi singer spilt the beans on the alleged man who has stolen Esma’s heart and who saw her walk down the isle, hours ago. Meet Esma’s husband:

Esma Platnumz´ husband


Close allies to Esma and her family lauded:

auntyezekiel Hongera lv ❤️
hamisamobetto Hongera my love ❤️
thembonishow Hongera sana mdogo wangu @_esmaplatnumz Nimeipenda umefuata nyayo Za dada. Engagement na ndoa haina kuremba????????????????????
sallam_sk Hongera Bi Esma
mwahija_r Ukailinde ndoa yako, Sasa mahusiano ya Kaka uyaache ushikilie yako. Sasa unahamia kwa mume au anakuja kukaa palepale kwa Kaka ako mna mmekutana walezi wa wana
tessychocolate Hongera babe ????????…Maashallah ????
To all this, Esma Khan expressed:
Congratulations to her!