Esther Musila happy marriage to Guardian Angel proves age is nothing but a number when it comes down to genuine love

Esther Musila who in her 50’s appears to look happier each day and i want to believe this is because she found her soulmate, Guardian Angel who is in his early 30’s who she recently married.

With a 20 year age difference of course this couple didn’t have it easy the first weeks they announced their relationship online; and from the comments we saw, many seemed to imply Guardian Angel was in on it for the money….while Esther Musila was bashed for eyeing ‘small children’ but either way, they never let this affect their new found love.

So why do you think a woman at Esther Musila’s age can relate so well with a 30 something year old man?


Well I can only imagine that Guardian Angel has proven his Maturity is on the same level as to that of Esther Musila….which is why they can have grown up conversations and handle things as two grown ups….otherwise, I dont think Musila would risk raising another woman’s son when she already raised her now adult children.

Genuine love

With real love, relationships work out naturally. It doesnt matter whether youre having bad days or arguments every now and then…..because love has qualities you cant fake…maybe for months, but not for years.

Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Old soul

It’s either Guardian Angel has an old soul inside his 30 something body or Musila has a young Soul – because how else would i explain why these two click so well to a point they settled down as man and wife despite their age difference.

Guardian Angel fed up with idlers meddling in his private life

Guardian Angel may be one chilled out guy married to the love of his life despite all the criticism his relationship has received due to he 20 year old age difference between him and Esther Musila.

However as a human, one can only take so much and this is why during his recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani; the gospel singer decided to go off – telling off haters claiming he married his wife for money.

Guardian Angel with wife, Esther Musila

Well according to him, even if the rumors were true – how is it his fans business on what he does or does not do with his life. I mean, he is an adult and at 30 years – Guardian Angel has dated enough women to know what he wants on a wife. Right?

Im just living my life – Guardian Angel

Speaking to Massawe Jappani, the gospel singer went on to question why netizens often feel that they have the right to speak on somebody else’s life based on what they imagine or overhear about the said person.

Sweethearts, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

I wonder what people think and the thing is they come with say all sorts of things without knowing the truth.

But then again – everyone is entitled to their own opinions…and although the negative comments sting at times – be sure they don’t cost him his sleep at the end of the day.

Mimi nasemanga hao ni idle people, wajibambe mimi I’m enjoying my life,

‘Thank You For Making My Life Beautiful’ Esther Musila Gushes Over Lover Guardian Angel

When it comes to love, age is just a number; at least this is what most people believe and practice in the current generation. It might sound peculiar to some; but it’s just the concrete truth. Gospel singer Peter Omwaka, better known to his fans as Guardian Angel and his long-term girlfriend, Esther Musila; have for a long time been subject of criticism because of their huge age difference.

Love Knows No Boundaries

Despite Esther Musila being twice the age of her lover Guardian Angel; the two sweethearts are proving that love indeed knows no boundaries. Guardian Angel wooed his long-term lover on her birthday 3 months ago when he went down on his knees to propose to her. His bold move elicited wild reactions from a section of Kenyans; with some terming it as obnoxious and uncanny- love being blind.

Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila on her birthday-Google

In the midst of all the criticisms, Esther Musila and Guardian Angel are still thriving in their relationship and can’t stop gushing over each other occasionally.

In the latest video posted by Guardian, Musila is seen recording herself thanking her lover Guardian for making her life beautiful.

”…First, I want to appreciate you. Sometimes I feel like I don’t say thank you enough to you. And I want to just say thank you babe. I want to appreciate you for just making my life so beautiful. I wake up everyday a happy person, I go to sleep a happy person…”

In addition to their perpetual love, both Esther and Guardian are gospel artists who collaborate a lot in their music. There’s definitely more than just love in both of them.

Guardian Angel’s fiancé shares hot photo from 1991 when she was 20 years old

Okay we get it, Esther Musila is not ashamed of dating 31 year old Gurdian Angel. In fact, she recently revealed that he is the first man to make her absolutely happy; and if her late mum were alive today – she would have introduced the two.

This shows that there is no stopping this love and despite many criticizing them; they’ve both chosen to turn this energy into a more positive thing….like letting haters choke on their happiness.

Guardian angel with lover Esther Musila

However as much the couple want to normalize their love; there are just a few things that we Africans are not so used to. But hey watu wapendane.

Esther Musila as young lady

Anyway back in 1991 when Guardian Angel was still a toddler, Ms Musila was busy turning heads in Nairobi with her fine God given figure as seen on her latest post.

Back then, the lady had just landed her first job at KCB; that is judging from her caption where she wrote;

Esther Musila back in 1991

  #tbt 1991 KCB Training Centre Karen

Well…..ummh, clearly the age difference will remain continue to bug fans out here; but if Guardian Angel is happy – who are we to talk?