It’s too soon for Rekless to leave Ethic Entertainment

Rekless is said to be mulling over the thought of leaving his group, Ethic Entertainment but according to some quarters, the decision has already been made. And while it is simply geometric progression for him aswell as other Ethic members to want to explore other avenues of their careers, they could always try their hand at solo projects but still remain a group.

Management responds to claims Ethic crew has split following Rekless’ alleged exit

But even that isn’t a biggie, Rekless could actually eat his cake and still have it. However, from the looks of things, he might be considering doing things on a level of permanency. So what advice would I be looking to give him? Well, it all boils down to the fact that Ethic Entertainment are still a big deal and they can actually go on from dominating the local Gengeton scene and finally ascend to superstardom across East Africa.

Rekless and his new woman(?)

Whatever is cool in Kenya soon becomes cool in Uganda, Tanzania and the greater East African region so Ethic who are not yet at the peak of their ascendancy work better as a unit. And Rekless is their Quavo. Actually, that was a brilliant example I just thought of. Look at the Migos. They decided to go their own way in everything but name and Quavo decided to focus heavily on his personal career.

Rekless releases Saliti Freestyle and this is what we need for quarantine time

Quavo who is a stand-in for Rekless, did well as a solo artist. Offset was propped up by his social genius and the abortive relationship with Cardi B. Takeoff had an album that doesn’t feature in any hip-hop conversations. And what happened to Migos? The star is rapidly diminishing.

Ethic Entertainment
Gengetone boy band, Ethic

That is the fate that could befall Ethic Entertainment. My argument is predicated on the line, the infinitely wise words from Kanye “Bonkers” West when he said,

Ethic Entertainment is nothing without Rekless

“Don’t leave when you’re hot/ It’s how Mase screwed up”

Rekless needs to contain his ambition fo the greater good. He should learn from Camp Mulla. he needs to understand that while he is a phenomenal artist, he is part of a phenomenal collective. And everyone in Ethic Entertainment is actually brilliant. Sure, society tends to pick on them by focusing on their lyrics and blowing things out of proportion but they have the winning formula.


Ethic is still destined for greatness if they keep churning out bangers. They are destined for awards if they keep churning out the unique take on Kenyan music. Music that completely shifted the culture here in Kenya. The literally shifted the culture and not many artists can claim to have done so there is clearly more in store for them.

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Ethic Entertainment still controlling with Daktari

Ethic Entertainment is back with something lit dubbed Daktari. The gengetone group has made a comeback with their first tone in 2020.

Daktari is a Swahili word that simply means doctor. In this case, you need not assume that Ethic Entertainment is talking about a hospital set up. This is just the use of some words to create relevance and uniqueness in their work.

To start with,  Rekles is the loudest and most conspicuous in Daktari as he delivers his chorus. C’mon, this dude is just talented and calm.

Ethic as a team are still taking the Gengetone anthem far as they have started taking into consideration their content. Although the production of the video is lit, it seems they have been unable to part away with the twerking.

Also, women seem to have clouded their musical judgement. Like, in this case, you realise that there are women everywhere.

Ethic Entertainment still controlling with Daktari

Daktari is more of a club banger

But you people Ethic need to be tamed. Like how does one talking of having sex in such an open manner? In this case, one says that he is the Daktari anadunga inabaki ndani. I am just tired.

“Nimekucheki toka zamani Ju unataka nadhani Mi ndio hudunga kama daktari Nabaki ndani kwa ndani,” reads the chorus.

To add on, just like their fellas, Ethic Entertainment has fully failed as they see women as sexual beings. I really feel like someone needs to crack a whip on them.

“Eeh tunastep na tei inakam Tunaleft na Fay anakam Ngonga sana tear itakam Na ata akikuja booster kisub,” reads Daktari.

Daktari is a nice tune that has been drained down by a few words that are very sensitive. Women need to be respected by it in what manner. Actually, they should not be using women as their bait.

To add on, Ethic Entertainment is doing well as they have garnered a huge number of views on this one. In conclusion, Daktari by Ethic Entertainment gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Kenyan music has for a long time been neglected in the African music table.  First Kenyan artistes are producing good music better than what their competitors are doing in Africa continent.

With the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and the Gengetone groups, Kenya is far much better. It is sad that Kenyan music is not respected on the continent.

Failed Event Organisers

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

To start with, even Kenyan event organisers have helped the world in trashing our own talents. I do not understand how a Kenyan born event organiser shamelessly goes to the neighbouring country to source for artistes to perform in Kenya. This is pure BS.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

I know that most of these people will walk on into national TV interviews claiming how Kenyan music is underdeveloped. Do you wanna know why? You are the reason why there is less of music growth in Kenya. How on earth will you explain inviting Mbosso to come and perform in Kenya in a coastal cultural event? Does he even understand that culture? Are there no local artistes in that culture?

It is high time this nonsense stopped. Start promoting what is ours. How many times have you heard those Tanzanians invite Kenyan artistes in their mega-events? If there is any proof table it.

Mean African artistes who only think of their Growth

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Recently, Diamond whose music is played in Kenya shamelessly organised a mega event and had no guts to invite even Akothee a close friend.

The Bongo star took his legs and fame all the way to Nigeria to please them whereas here they are saying let’s support East Africa.

I fail to understand who this East Africa is. To add on, these Tanzanian artistes are very mean and only want to succeed alone. If the Tetema had good intentions, it would not have hurt with Sauti Sol being part of the Wasafi Festival.

Failed media in Kenya who want fame globally but not at home

In addition, there are big media houses in Kenya who will go miles and miles to pay tickets for foreign artistes to fly in Kenya. Common dummies, how many local artistes would you have paid to grace your events? Who said imported content is better? Just know you are ones who have signed a death sentence for Kenyan Music.

The other day Khaligraph Jones was nominated for an award, I am sure none of the so-called event organisers have taken their time to vote.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Actually, 2019 should have served as an eye-opener to the majority of Kenyans and see that stand all alone in the game. They need to know that Kenya has good music than even Nigeria and Tanzania.

Also, imagine the rate at which Sailors Gang and Ethic Entertainment have received recognition abroad. Why don’t we do the same for other local artistes?

We will only rise if we market our music. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have done it. Why not us? We are better than they are.

In conclusion, if you have stones to throw, then this is the right time to do because I will use them to build better grounds in the fight for KENYAN MUSIC.

Ethic Entertainment is nothing without Rekless

Ethic Entertainment came into the limelight with their first release Lamba Lolo. A jam was greately adopted by the young generation. Their Sheng’ prowess is something that has seen them prosper. The group is founded by a group of four where each and everyone possess some sort of different strength.

Ethic Entertainment comprises of Rekless, Swat, Zilla and Seska. The group seems to have a certain order in which and everyone of them performs their lines. For starters, it is a good thing that such young talents are being promoted.

Why Ethic Entertainment need Rekless more

It is not everyone that excites the crowd or fans often. There is that one person who wins the hearts of many. While looking at Ethic, Reckless seems to have taken the day. Recently, the group did a song in collaboration with Otile Brown.

Dala Dala is a great jam which fans were really anticipating for its release. When the song hit the airwaves frustrated fans hit the comment section on youtube expressing their disappointment. Fans were too quickly to notice that Rekless was missing in the jam.

Although Otile is a big name fans still could not keep calm for lack of Rekless in the jam.

Ethic Entertainment. Fans angered over Rekless missing in the jam

There is so much love for this guy from the fans. Also, he seems to have some kind of energy while performing his lines. Isn’t this the kind of love we want for local talent?

Recless misses out in Dala dala angering fans. Ethic Entertainment

Although Dala dala has a good number of views, I feel like it would have done much better with Rekless on board. This is not just me but going through the over 2000 views, this guy is loved. To add on that, it seems that Rekless even if he decides to go solo seems things will be good for him.

In conclusion, Ethic need this guy in all their projects. This kind brings a positive vibe.

Below is a link to the video.

Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’

Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’. It is a time when new age music is really taking over the Kenyan music industry. This is the kind of music that we refer to as ghetto anthems. We are a time where content does not matter. Everybody is singing about sex, drugs, women and twerking.

Ochungulo family ghetto anthem

To start with, today everybody is forming a group in their hood and before we even know it they have a song. It is said that music is an art and it goes hand in hand with talents.

We have producers who have really tried to promote our musicians and it is a good thing. We are only lacking honesty to tell people that what they are singing is trash. First, we need to ask ourselves which direction our music should go.

Why are they Like small kiosks?

To start with we all know what kiosks are. This are small structures either in an estate or at the side of the road. They are so many that they have to compete for customers. In the same ghetto anthem artists can only be compared to kiosks. Why? Today we have more than 10 groups all singing in the same style.

Rico Gang; Ghetto anthem

With this I call them kiosks because we are tasked to choose where we should buy or invest our energy. I mean look at all this people

Ethic Entertainment

Rico Gang

Boondocks Gang

Ochungulo Family


Zzero Sufuri and so many others.

There is a question that all these groups need to ask themselves. What makes them unique from the other group? If they cannot answer this then they are as good as dead.  Common sense dictates that they will be out of the market even before they know it.

You know that music is a competition. We as the fans are the judges in this case and all we will have to do is say may the best team win.

Even the shops when the consumers are tired and not interested in whatever is being sold they shift making the other shop to close. In the near future we will be forced to listen to only one group.

Why so?

If all this group stick with the same style then we will have to chose from others. They only need to restructure their music before their target audience is tired. I will pose these question here, Who do you think will carry the day in this ghetto anthems in future?

Be the judge. Do not argue with me on this because you’ll later come to confirm this when maybe only Ethic or Sailors or Ochungulo will take the day. Am not a prophet or a judge but truth be told.

Ethic’s statement after a member was beaten like a burukenge at Koroga Festival

It seems like Ethic Entertainment can’t just escape random beatings in their lives.

First it was SWAT who was given a thorough beating by Umoja residents several weeks ago after they confused him for a thief.

During the weekend, another assault at the Koroga Festival were they performed left four of their members; Dj, hypeman, Zilla and their driver, all hospitalized. The four got a beating from KK security company and some of the festival organizers after an altercation.

The group has now vowed to sue the security company following the attack.

“It’s with deep regret that we have to post this. Koroga festival called us and told us to perform as the headliners for the Koroga festival Saturday edition. We’d done one event with them previously and since we had no issues the last time and also because it is a huge platform, we obviously jumped at the opportunity to perform again. This time, However, the treatment we got from them was more than hostile. As we speak four of our members including our Dj, hypeman , Zilla and our driver are all in hospital, brutally injured by Guards from the K9 security company and other festival organizers. We want to state that we will be seeking legal redress as we need due compensation from Koroga and K9 security group for our medical bills et al.

“As we push Kenyan music to the world we hope that one day,Kenyan artists will one day be treated the same as artists from other countries. The Saturday event this time surpassed all expectations and is definitely going to surpass their Sunday one. You know why? Because we Kenyan artists have worked our asses off to finally get Kenyans to support their own. And this is an agenda we’re willing to push to the very end. To all our loyal fans we’re simply asking that you support our cause. #Justiceforethic#RespectKenyanartists” Ethic Entertainment wrote on their official Instagram page.


Several artists have come out to stand with them saying the Kenyan industry is usually biased depending on where you come from.


Senator Sakaja praises Ethic, says he loves their new jam “Figa”

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has joined hundreds of thousands of youths who support Ethic Entertainment.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Citizen the politician confessed that Ethic and Ochungulo Family are the new kids on the block who are proving to very talented.

“It’s (Figa) become a very popular song, the video was done very well. There are people who might debate the content, but I think it’s expression and it’s art and we must support our young artists,” said Sakaja.

Many people have said that Ethic’s songs lack content. Sakaja said that people who share such believes don’t understand the music because they are not in the target market.

“We have a classification, we have music that is appropriate for a particular age, so if you choose and that is your type of stuff then enjoy it.” he added. 


Sajaka urged Kenyans to continue supporting talent because it helps youth get employment. He said Ethic would have fallen into crime if they didn’t to music.

“These young guys were about to fall into crime if you know their story very well, but today they are earning a living, so young people should follow their example,” he added. 


Photo: Raila Junior finally meets Ethic after saying he’s a big fan

Raila Junior, Raila Odinga’s son, recently expressed his love for popular music group Ethic in a radio interview.

Junior confessed how he’s a fan of the group especially SWAT, who is his favorite. Raila Junior said he was ready to invest in the group and even hook them up with a show for free.

“Ethic ni maboys wangu. Kwanza nataka kubond na huyo msee, mtoto wa eunice, swat hunibamba. Kwanza hiyo song yao Instagram. I want to meet those guys and even do for them a show somewhere. So swat nitafute, I will do for you guys a show for free,” he said.



“I have been listening to his songs for a while now, and his choice of words is amazing. His giftedness is currently being appreciated internationally. SWAT’s style of music will propel him to greater heights. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Should he want me to put up a recording label for him and his group members, I am ready. If he wants me to help them get shows, I would book them for several gigs. I am ready to do all that because SWAT has shown how much of a talented rapper he is,” Junior declared.

Well the two have now met and we are sure a lot of good things were discussed in the process.


Ethic dropped from lucrative deal days after SWAT was almost lynched by angry mob in Umoja 

SWAT of Ethic might have survived an angry mob at Umoja a few days ago but it seems, together with his fellow group-mates, the rappers aren’t able to escape tough boardrooms decisions.

According to Hype Group Entertainment who are behind popular show Hype Fest, Ethic has been dropped off and won’t be performing in the event scheduled in April.

Though the company didn’t explain exactly why, they simply stated that they had to let them go due to ongoing legal issues the group has with it’s management.

Beaten up

The announcement comes just days after SWAT was almost killed by an angry mob who thought he was stealing in Umoja.

According to sources, Swat was getting high with friends when they saw police patrolling and decided to hide in the apartment. The manager of the group later released a statement denying that SWAT was a thief

SWAT of Ethic reappears online after thorough beating sends message to Kenyans

Kenyan rapper SWAT has reappeared online after escaping a mob in Umoja Estate who wanted to lynch him following a misunderstanding.

The young rapper entered an apartment in an effort to run from police who were arresting people. SWAT and his friends were getting high when they saw the police and decided to find the nearest escape route.

On Instagram, SWAT posted a message showing that he’s rather okay now and urged haters to keep talking since he doesn’t care.

“Wakizidi kubonga tunazidi kusonga. Bro’s strong. (While they’re busy talking, we’re soldiering on).” he posted

Doing fine

A video of the young kid being beaten by a mob has been doing rounds on social media during the weekends after he entered the flats. Occupants at first, thought he was a thief.

“If he was caught stealing he’d be in a cell right? I don’t know about the stories online but cops were definitely involved and if he’d committed any crime, he’d be in a cell as we speak. SWAT is not a thief! If anything we’d just done some shows on Friday and he was quite loaded,” said their manager John Mbugua. 

Video: Beloved singer SWAT beaten like a burukenge for allegedly trying to rob an apartment in Umoja

SWAT aka Mtoto wa Eunice during the weekend cheated death after a mob in Umoja almost lynched him for allegedly stealing.

A video of the young kid being beaten by a mob has been doing rounds on social media during the weekends claiming that he had stolen the phones from the apartment in Umoja.

According to his group Ethic, they released a statement saying Swat was with some friends outside a flat on Saturday night when it emerged there were police officers patrolling the area.

“They started flogging them and beating them up, at one point they nearly burnt them. Luckily the same police officers who saw Swat and his friend run away as they were getting away from them came to their rescue and released Swat and the friend since they were obviously innocent,” ethic, through their official Twitter explained. 

Not a thief

Ethic’s manager backed the group’s statement saying that SWAT – real name Boniface Mwangi – saw the police and he ran into a residential plot. He also denied that Swat is a thug in the area.

“If he was caught stealing he’d be in a cell right? I don’t know about the stories online but cops were definitely involved and if he’d committed any crime, he’d be in a cell as we speak. SWAT is not a thief! If anything we’d just done some shows on Friday and he was quite loaded,” John Mbugua said.


Lamba lolo crew’s new dirty song “Instagram” deleted hours after being posted and getting 200K views 

The controversy surrounding music group Ethic keeps growing by day since the group was sued by their manager Mwakitele Kitawi AKA Teleh Mani.

The group, which consist of  SWAT, Zilla, Rekless and Seska, are now in another tough position after their new song “Instagram” was pulled down due to copyright issues.

Instagram was released on 1st January 2019 and had already pulled in 230,000 views. Its seems the two parties have fallen off yet again. 


The two parties have not addressed the issue on their social media platform.

Last year, Teleh Mani was forced to sue them after the group threatened and refused to pay him. All of Ethic’s music videos, among them their banger Lamba Lolo and Position featuring The Kansoul were pulled down from YouTube.

Teleh Mani said the songs were re-uploaded after a dispute between him and the group was resolved.

“The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end. But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” he told Edaily then.


Pinye, see this! Lamba Lolo crew hit the studio with popular Nigerian artist after he praised their work(photos) 

Days after Nigerian producer and singer Chris Alvin Sunday, popularly known as Krizbeatz, shared his love for budding rap group Ethic, the two groups have united to work on a new song.

In an interview with a local radio station, the producer said that he was impressed by what the Lamba Lolo crew is doing in the industry and that he wouldn’t mind jumping in studio with them.

“So Ethic, I love you guys I love your music if you guys are listening come on let’s do something. I have a song Krizbeatz X Ethic it’s gonna be crazy,” said Krizbeatz.


It seems Ethic heard his plea and decided to work with him. The two camps posted the photos on their social media accounts while in studio meaning a hot collabo is on the way.

Kriz Beatz, is the man behind Tekno Miles’s hit single “Pana” and “Diana.” He has also worked with RnB star Omarion and Diamond on their hit song African Beauty, 911 by Yemi Alade and Harmonize.

‘Lamba lolo’ song deleted from YouTube, Ethics to be take to court

Viral songs Lamba Lolo and Switch Position from popular group Ethic have been deleted from YouTube as their manager Mwakitele Kitawi, popularly known as ‘Teleh Mani’ of HYPE Entertainment prepares for a serious legal battle with the kids.

According to the manager, the four kids who include Zilla, Seska, Rekless, Swat are very unprofessional and it’s time the two settle their differences in court because they keep breaching their contract.

“The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end. But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” said Teleh.

Second time

Teleh Mani said Ethic came back and apologized after crossing him the first time. They had even given him death threats after he demanded his pay after sponsoring their videos and recording sessions.

“They apologized and we took them back in. They, however, messed up again and that is why we are where we are today. I cannot say in what way that is, exactly, because like I have said it is a court matter now,” added Teleh.


Lamba Lolo crew already breaking up? Part ways with manager 

Ethic, a group that trended for days after releasing their first song “Lamba Lolo” is already having problems barely three months after breaking out.

Different sources have been hitting hard on the group claiming they have become unfocused and bigheaded after their huge breakout.


The group, which consist of four guys, is rumored to have had their first fall out with their manager who has been sponsoring them since they started their young career.

On Twitter @telehmani confessed that he supported the kids but they ditched him later on. 

“A lot of industry guys told me to stay away from @ethicentmt and it was gonna be rough. Nothing repaired me for the fuckery today. I was wrong and I shoulda listened,” he said. 

Pulse also did a story saying that the kids refused to work with Timmy Tdat. Ethic has not directly commented about this and Kenyans are eagerly waiting for their reply.