Ethic Bids Farewell To Their Popular Member Rekles

Popular Kenyan Gengetone band Ethic has announced the official departure of Rekles.

The group, which previously comprised Swat, Zilla, Seska, and Rekles, made the announcement in a statement shared on their social media pages.

The statement said that the latest changes mark a significant turning point for the group, but they assured fans that they would be continuing their journey despite the changes.

The group also acknowledged Rekles’ contributions to their success, saying that he played an instrumental role in their rise. They also wished him well in his future endeavors.

“Rekles, with his unparalleled creativity and hard work, played an instrumental role in Ethic Entertainment’s rise. His contributions to both the group and the broader Kenyan music industry have been monumental and can never be truly quantified,” the statement said.

The group also said that they were grateful for Rekles’ indelible impact on their journey. They said that the music they created together would forever resonate with fans, and Rekles’ influence would undoubtedly continue to illuminate and inspire aspiring artists and creatives for years to come.

Ethic Entertainment is known for its inclusive and diverse approach, and the group said that they were confident that they would be able to continue their journey and legacy despite this transition.

The group’s fans have been reacting to the news with mixed emotions. Some fans are sad to see Rekles go, while others are supportive of his decision to pursue new opportunities.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Ethic Entertainment, but one thing is for sure: the group has left a lasting mark on the Kenyan music industry.

‘We Never Thought Our First Song Would Be A Hit Song’- Gengetone Group Ethic Speak On Their Rise To Fame

Gengetone group Ethic Entertainment is one of the pioneers of the music genre that has been in existence for years. The genre’s unique sound track style coupled with some explicit dance is what most young people have been jamming to over the years.

The group is a conglomerate of Rekles, SWAT Mtoto wa Eunice, Seska and Zilla. The group released

The quartet burst onto the scene in 2018 and has enjoyed a meteoric rise since the release of their debut single Lamba Lolo.

Before venturing into music, they were just regular hustlers; with their most popular member Rekles working at a movie shop.

Their first song Lamba Lolo from 3 years ago now stands at 5.1 Million views on YouTube. This wasn’t something they expected, as they revealed in a recent interview on Churchill Show. They expected 5 to 10 thousand views on their song for a start.

Gengetone Group Ethic Release A Socially Conscious Track 'Masanse' - The Sauce
Ethic Group-Google

They edited the video themselves after realizing that no producer wanted to work with them. The low-budget video was shot in Umoja where members of the group grew up before the fame. In just a few days, their expectations of views had been surpassed and after hitting millions of views, they started receiving calls to perform in concerts and clubs.

Their 2nd song dubbed ‘Pandana’ was also a hit; currently standing at 6.5 Million views . Even though in the recent past most people have criticized Gengetone music for it’s downfall, Ethic have stood their ground and re-ignited the genre. They have now released their latest banger ‘Fanya’.

Watch their interview and song below;

Rekles seemingly reacts to stories claiming he exited Gengetone music group, Ethic

Singer Rekles has come out to share his side of the story moments after rumor had it that he was now done with Gengetone group, Ethic.

Rumor had it that Rekles is currently working as a solo artist; weeks after he dropped several projects featuring other artists as seen on social media. Also, judging from the fact that he seems to be working better as a solo artist, this has now left many claiming that he is now all independent.

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But since where there is smoke…there always fire; we believe that the rumors may have some truth. This is judging from how Rekless has been moving in the entertainment industry! Speaking about this, the management went on to deny rumors claiming that Ethic’s is no longer together; but oh well let’s see how it plays out.

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Rekles responds

Being the one in the middle of the ‘allegations’ Rekless also decided to share his side through his social media pages. A relaxed Rekles went on to write;

Nilikua kanisa, ati mnasemaje huku?

Below is a screenshot showing his latest Instagram bio that also suggests that he may have left the group; but is still taking time before making this public.


Compe ni compe roho safi! Ethic throws shade at Benzema’s ‘ngwatiology’

Ethic feels played by social media fans and if I am not wrong they are also blaming Ezekiel Mutua for treating them unfairly!

The popular gengetone artist revealed this in a Tweet where they pointed out at Benzema’s new song Ngwatiology; which has been receiving massive love from fans despite the dirty content it carries.

In a tweet seen by Ghafla, the boys made it known that if it were them; they would have ended up in jail for dropping such a song. However, when it comes to Benzema everyone seems smitten by his bad boy vibe!

Their social media manager went on to write saying;

Kama ni thic ndio ingekuwa imetoa hiyo ngoma ya ‘Ngwatiology’ tukuwa tumekimbizwa kamiti


Pedophile content!

However fans on the other hand needed them to understand why Benzema’s content has never rubbed anyone wrong! According to most comments, fans reminded Ethic that Benzema has never painted any minor as a sex object in his music.

This is something they wouldn’t understand since their last song left many disgusted after singing about a minor’s private parts. Well, having done that, there is no way Kenyans on social media will let this slide easily!


Others went on to remind Ethics that they are the pioneers of Zero content music; that has helped nurture more artists like them. But in Benzema’s case, he delivers his music in a more creative way that entertains his chosen few on social media.

Brothers in the industry?

Seeing how KoT was responding to their tweet, the boys went on to make it clear that there was no bad blood between them and Benzema.

They went on to sarcastically mention that their tweet was aimed at helping push ‘ngwatiology’; and not asking Kenyans to flag it down.

We also can’t forget that they also have an upcoming album set to be released soon; which might explain why they have been trying to beef with artists on social media.

Kenyan artists need to think outside the box

The emergence of of the new crop of Kenyan musicians is good proof that all the players in the local entertainment industry should think outside the box. It is what it is.

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Every time you listen to a song by Zzero Sufuri, Ochunglo Family, Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang and the likes you should remember that we would not be here today if Ethic didn’t look at music from a different perspective.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

For a long time, Kenya had a copy paste approach to music. Musicians would wait for the likes of Nonini, Jua Cali and Nameless to release a song then they would hit the studio and release a song that is similar to the ones by these artists.

Back then, Genge and Kapuka were the in-thing. Funny enough, nobody thought they should invent a new sound and own it until Ethic came along with Lamba Lolo in 2018 and changed the game.

Interestingly, the same thing is now happening with the Kenyan sound. Every artist, even the established ones, is now making music that you can tell borrows a lot from the sound that Ethic introduced us to.

Ethic Figa

This is a good sign that most Kenyan artists are afraid of thinking outside the box. Instead of copying a sound that already exists why don’t they come up with a distinct sound that they can own?

The Kenyan industry can only grow if we diversify i.e. have different approaches to music so that even the people who don’t feel the wamlambez and lamba lolo vibe can have something that they can listen to.

Ethic just keeps getting better and better

When Ethic released their latest single dubbed Figa about a week ago, their fans couldn’t help but admire how much they had grown.

While some remarked that they had ‘taken a shower’, others joked that the group was no longer Ethic but Ethique because of the massive transformation that they had undergone.

The group that is made of Rekless, Zilla, Seska and Swat has improved in so many ways since they made their debut in the local entertinment industy in 2018 with the mega hit Lamba Lolo.


Just like wine, Ethic keeps getting better with each new day. Sometimes I feel like they are out to win the hearts of the people who couldn’t stand them when they joined the industry.

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but their lyrics in Figa were well-thought out. They weren’t just throwing words arounds as was the case with Lamba Lolo.

Their sense of style has also improved significantly. Their outfits in their latest single were really on point so much so that it became a topic of discussion on social media.

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The song was also above par i.e. the audio an video quality. It probably set them back a couple thousands of shillings but let’s be honest, who wants to listen to a whack audio or watch a low quality video in this day and age?

Lastly, their marketing was also on point. They made some their fans to set alarms just so that we could be among the first to watch the song and when it finally dropped, it was a topic of discussion on social media for the next few days.

It’s really interesting to see Ethic grow from amateurs to professional. I hope can only hope that they will keep at it!

Watch Ethic’s latest release dubbed Figa below.

“Mumechoma, rape haifai ku glorifyiwa shame on you!” Miracle Baby blasts Ethic

Ethics let many down after releasing a video to their hit song Soko.

Although the audio had already been released; and Kenyans refused to listen after Ezekiel Mutua demanded to have it banned due to disgusting content.

Gengetone boy band, Ethic

Well this is no longer a topic as the song was pulled down from YouTube and will never be heard again. However a few people here and there have come out to bash Ethics for viewing women as objects in their music; and promoting rape in their lyrics!

Miracle baby calls out Ethics

Among the people on the forefront is Sailors Miracle baby who has condemned Ethics for acting like perverts; not forgetting pedophiles who will one day have children of their own!

Tbt: Sailors Miracle baby

Through his Instagram page, Miracle baby did not hold back from mentioning that Ethic had embarrassed everyone doing gengetone; and unlike other artists who are afraid of telling them the truth, Miracle baby could not let this slide.

Siwezi kimya mumechoma???? Rape haifai ku glorifiwa. Shame on you!

Miracle Baby

Ethics issues apology

In a way Ethics was quick to dismisses claims that they were promoting rape or disrespecting women in their songs.

However after Ezekiel Mutua threatened to have sue them; the boys then shared a new message on their page apologizing as they wrote;

Tedd Josiah

Tedd Josiah who is a proud father of a beautiful baby girl was also among those who couldn’t help but feel disgusted by Ethic; and the rest of Gengetone artists desperate enough to promote rape!

He went on to call out the young boys through a well detailed post where he wrote saying;

Music producer, Tedd Josiah with daughter, Jay Wendo

Kenyan artistes, let me tell you something, it is time we address the kind of content you are producing. You start talking of rape among young children, because it is like there is nothing else to talk about from gengetone artistes. And we have seen the record label’s logo. So now you think you are the greater than all of us because you are the only ones familiar with sheng? Right?

He went on to also address their greed for fame which they seem to be chasing at any cost. Tedd Josiah said;

Well, you are only making matters worse because the same government we are trying to reach, in order to support our art and pay us royalties, are not even going to take any action with your kind of content.
Wacheni kuchoma picha! It’s like pouring acid on the same seed you expect to grow into a plant.

Are you in need of ratings that bad? Is it that bad really?

Lastly he concluded his post saying;

If you had a small kid and you hear someone advocating for the rape of young children, how would you feel? I just want to ask you that question. Because I am telling you, I swear, try that with me! I am ready to go to Kamiti if anyone dares that with my kid!

Ethic raise awareness about corona virus in ‘Quarantei’ (Video)

Ethic Entertainment, the group that introduced Kenyans to the Gengetone sound, has released a jam to sensitize the public about the deadly COVID-19 virus which has caused the death of 35,000 people across the world so far.

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As expected, the song titled Quarantei has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few hours ago and we are also feeling it.

Gengetone is still alive, kind of
Ethic Entertainment

While this track puts emphasis on as such as; self isolation, social distancing and sanitizing, there are so many things in it that have nothing to do with corona virus. I guess they were just trying to be creative and relevant.

That said, Quarantei is a big tune. Whoever said that Gengetone is dead should listen to this jam because maybe, just maybe, they might have a change of heart.

The lyricism on this track is dope. These youngins are so creative and this is evidenced by their wordplay skills. Trust me, once you start listening to them, nothing will make you stop, even if your house if on fire.

I have been trying to figure out whose verse I love the most and I must go with Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice because he did a good job. Although his rhymes were random, they are not to predictable as is the case with many musicians.

Ethic Entertainment

Notably, Rekless also nailed the hook. It is so infectious and to add to add to that, it blends well with the verses of the other members of the group.

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Motif Di Don, was not too bad though I must say that it is kind of monotonous if you compare it with their previous releases.

About the video, I feel it was lazy. However, we’ll forgive them because there isn’t much that they could do because of strict regulations that have been put in place by the government because of corona virus.

Watch Quarantei below and tell us what you think.

”Stop taking advantage of upcoming artists!” Ethics warned after stealing hit song ‘Soko’ from Sotic gang

Ethic has lately been making headlines for all the wrong reasons! Just recently they were accused of promoting rape through their Tarimbo song; that left many feminists calling them out for the insensitive content!

Sesa song by Shay Diva featuring Ethic and Boondocks.
Ethic accused of stealing new song by Sotic gang

The song was pulled down from YouTube but later re-uploaded as reported by Ethic’s social media manager.

Anyway the boys are back with a new scandal involving upcoming group dubbed Sotic gang who are accusing them of stealing their song!

Screenshot conversation between Sotic gang and Swat from Ethic

They stole our song!

After dropping Soko which seems to be doing well on YouTube; word now has it that the song was originally recorded and produced by Sotic gang who have proof that Ethic almost borrowed everything from their song Isseti.

Sotic gang

The boys claim that Ethic did not just take lyrics out of Isseti but they used the same style used by Sotic gang. Ethic however added flavor with new beats thanks to their top producers; since Sotic gang could not afford a high budgeted studio as they are upcoming artists.

Sotic gang is now asking for justice to be served since upcoming artists are being exploited by other artists since they have no connections in the entertainment industry.

But seeing how our judiciary works after releasing Babu Owino who shot DJ Evolve; do you think Sotic Gang will get any justice in the entertainment scene? Let’s see!

2019 was such a great year for Kenyan musicians

I probably don’t need to tell you this because it’s something you already know but 2019 will go down in history as the year Kenyans really rallied behind local artists.

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To be honest, I’ve never seen our local acts getting as much support compared to this year and that’s definitely one of the reasons why many people will live to remember this year.


A lot has been said about the genre of music that is popular in Kenya at the moment i.e. Gengetone. However, one of the things that you can’t deny was how popular it is/has become. It’s really infectious.

This year reminded me of the early 2000s when the likes of Flexx, Nonini, Jua Cali, Pilipili, Jimwat, Nameless, Lady S, Deux Vultures, Pilipili literally ruled the airwaves. Their music was like a drug of sorts.

If you had already been born during that time then I am sure you know what I’m talking about. Kenyan music was so big and most of us, including yours truly, had books where we had written down lyrics just to memorize the songs.

The best part was that most artists sang in a language that we could all understand with the addition of a little bit of Sheng which is unlike Gengetone but that’s a story for another day.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In as much as Kenyan music was really big this year and got us back to appreciating and supporting our local artists, I fear that the phase that we are in won’t last for long.

It’s pretty obvious that the new wave of Kenyan artists need to look for ways of sustaining the sound because whether you like or not, people will soon get tired of it.

They say that to much of something is bad and after listening to songs about sex, weed, bedroom affairs all year long, I must say that I have kind of had enough.

Don’t call me a hater but I’m not sure if songs by the likes of Ethic, Gwaash, Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang, 34 GVNG will still slap as hard next year and that is why 2019 is more than exceptional. Enough said.

Ethic apologizes for rapey lyrics on their latest song, Tarimbo

Popular group Ethic has come out to apologize shortly after several people called out their latest song Tarimbo for having what many have referred to as rapey content.

According to the complaints, Rekless overstepped when writing the lyrics to the chorus where he is heard talking about using force on a lady with or without her permission.

This however left many concerned since not everybody is in a position to interpret the lyrics in a positive way – to avoid hurting the girl child.

Ethics apology

In a statement shared on their Twitter page, the group made it clear that they had no intentions of hurting anyone.

They went on to add that they have enough respect for women since they are sons to their mothers and brothers to their sisters.

Ethics apology

They concluded by saying;



Swat Vs Rekless: Who’s the baddest lyricist in Ethic?

For a long time, there has been a debate about who is the best lyricist in Ethic – the group that became household name after releasing the mega hit Lamba Lolo in 2018.

Admittedly, all the group members namely; Seska, Zilla, Swat and Rekless are gifted. However, most people can’t seem to decide who is the supremo between the last two since their verses are always lit.

It is for this reason that we decided to pit them against each other. We want to know who you are willing to put your money on and why i.e. what makes them stand out from the other members of Ethic?


Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice
Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice

His verse on their debut hit dubbed Lamba Lolo was really dope and this made him a favorite among many people.

He has continued to wow his fans in the group’s subsequent releases particularly a song titled Instagram where he really brought his A-game.



Unlike Swat, his lyrics are more thoughtful and mature but this does not really come as a surprise since he is the eldest member of the group.

You also can’t fail to appreciate his wordplay. It’s really on point. He got many people talking after showcasing his skill on the group’s latest release dubbed Figa.

That said, who, according to you is the baddest lyricist in Ethic? Tell us below!

Ethics hit song ‘Figa’ deleted from YouTube over copyright issues!

Ethic who are currently topping on most East African music charts are said to have mysteriously lost their latest hit ‘Figa’ which is no longer available on YouTube.

This apparently happened yesterday during morning hours when their fans started complaining about the song not being available for streaming.

From the stories making rounds, it seems that the song was deleted from YouTube, Apple Music and Deezer over copyright issues.

Copy and paste

Apparently the boys lifted the beat from Coño which was originally by spinnin’ records.

Check out the original beat that almost made  Figa a success!


Ethic’s statement after a member was beaten like a burukenge at Koroga Festival

It seems like Ethic Entertainment can’t just escape random beatings in their lives.

First it was SWAT who was given a thorough beating by Umoja residents several weeks ago after they confused him for a thief.

During the weekend, another assault at the Koroga Festival were they performed left four of their members; Dj, hypeman, Zilla and their driver, all hospitalized. The four got a beating from KK security company and some of the festival organizers after an altercation.

The group has now vowed to sue the security company following the attack.

“It’s with deep regret that we have to post this. Koroga festival called us and told us to perform as the headliners for the Koroga festival Saturday edition. We’d done one event with them previously and since we had no issues the last time and also because it is a huge platform, we obviously jumped at the opportunity to perform again. This time, However, the treatment we got from them was more than hostile. As we speak four of our members including our Dj, hypeman , Zilla and our driver are all in hospital, brutally injured by Guards from the K9 security company and other festival organizers. We want to state that we will be seeking legal redress as we need due compensation from Koroga and K9 security group for our medical bills et al.

“As we push Kenyan music to the world we hope that one day,Kenyan artists will one day be treated the same as artists from other countries. The Saturday event this time surpassed all expectations and is definitely going to surpass their Sunday one. You know why? Because we Kenyan artists have worked our asses off to finally get Kenyans to support their own. And this is an agenda we’re willing to push to the very end. To all our loyal fans we’re simply asking that you support our cause. #Justiceforethic#RespectKenyanartists” Ethic Entertainment wrote on their official Instagram page.


Several artists have come out to stand with them saying the Kenyan industry is usually biased depending on where you come from.


Has Octopizzo lost relevance?

You might hate me for this but sometimes I get the feeling that Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo, has lost his relevance or he’s on the verge of losing it. Well, I could also be wrong.

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Admittedly, the Kibera-bred artist still makes good music but the truth is that is not what the mass market is consuming heavily. Put simply, it’s not the kind of music that most Kenyans are vibing to at the moment.

Octopizzo has released two songs since the year begun i.e. Babylon and Zikishika. While both songs were above par and well-executed, none of them was hit and we can debate this until the cows come home.

You could argue that the Oliel hit maker targets a particular niche with his music and he’s not interested in the mass market but the truth is that every artist wants his songs to go viral and garner millions of views on YouTube.


As we speak, Zikishika – which was released in April, has 810,000 views. Babylon – which was released in February has garnered only 780,000 views so far.

Now let’s compare this to Ethic who make music for the mass market. They have also released two songs this year namely Pandana and Figa. Pandana, which dropped in March has 2.3 million views, Figa which was released a fortnight ago has slightly above 1 million views.

If it is indeed true that numbers don’t lie, what does this tell you? What does it imply? The way I see it is that Octopizzo is losing or has lost relevance in the local music industry. It’s just what it is.

The emergence of new age-artists like Boondocks Gang, Ethic, Ochunglo Family, Rico Gang, Zzero Sufuri really tilted the scales. The mass market is consuming their music heavily at the moment and the sooner Kenyan artists realize this, the better!

We’ve seen the likes of The Kansoul working with these new age artists so that they can remain afloat so why can’t Octopizzo follow suit?

Watch Octopizzo’s latest release dubbed Zikishika below.


Zzero Sufuri Vs Ethic: Who’s really the baddest?

I’m sure you are aware that Zzero Sufuri and Ethic don’t see eye. Their beef is so bad that the former dissed the Lamba Lolo hit makers in his latest release dubbed Matisha.

Zzero Sufuri

In the song, there’s a part where Zzero says, “Si ni kumatisha, wako lamba lolo isha tubore, hujaskia ma morio flani wakali wametoka Dago si wamekam na ingine mbaya si unasikia vile inadunda bro.”

I’m not sure where their bad blood started because they don’t even come from the same area. Zzero is from Dagoretti while Ethic is from Eastlands, specifically Umoja. So this is not even about regional supremacy or is it?

Admittedly, both Ethic – which is made up of Rekless, Swat, Zilla and Seska – and Zzero Sufuri are all talented. However, their styles are as different as day and night. If you are a fan of both artists then I know you agree with me on this.

To a large extent, Ethic’s music is raunchy. Most of their songs are about sex, women’s rears, boobs and genitalia and what not. Put simply, they are willing to cross every line to become a household name.

Ethic Figa

But that doesn’t mean that they are not talented. If you listen to Ethic’s song keenly, you’ll notice some good rhymes and wordplay. Perhaps this is why most people are hooked to their music despite the fact that it’s explicit.

On the other hand, Zzero Sufuri’s music is not raunchy at all. He infuses dancehall with a small element of mumble rap and the outcome is totally amazing. I’m not even exaggerating!

In as much as their styles are different, at the end of the day one of them must be better than the other. So, here’s my question. According to you, who is the baddest between Zzero Sufuri and Ethic?

Watch Ethic’s latest release dubbed Figa below.

Artist Spotlight: Sheq Star, the new-age singer who is out to dethrone Ethic

The latest new-age musician in town goes by the name Shemmilick Mwendwa, alias Sheq Star, and by the look of things, he didn’t come to play. He really didn’t!

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He released his first jam titled Chuma a few days ago and it has been getting good reviews and average airplay on local radio stations.

Chuma is slang for one’s manhood and just like Ethic and most new-age musicians, Sheq’s first song is about what he’s going to do to certain lass after a night of partying.

Sheq Star
Sheq Star

I’ll say this for the umpteenth time, this kind of songs are not meant to pass a message. If you are looking for that you are in the wrong place.

This is purely for entertainment. As such, you should probably focus on the lyrical flow and rhymes.

Sheq’s delivery was on point. He really has it in him. Maybe, just maybe we finally have someone who can dethrone Ethic.

Chuma was produced by the super-talented Aloyo at Alka Productions. The beat is pretty decent and catchy.

I also loved the video despite the fact that it was simple. It was shot in the VIP section of a club in Eastlands. The video was directed by Calvo Millionaire.

Interestingly, Sheq comes from Eastlands just like Ethic which begs the question, “Does Eastlands have a new King?”

Watch Chuma below and tell us what you think.

Missed Ethic? They are back with Fyeka

Missed Ethic? They are back with Fyeka. This group is great. They have taken street music on another level. What is Fyeka now? Can’t wait for the video. Ethic has a simple way of presenting their work. Fyeka is a sheng’ word and the meaning in this song is just hilarious. Ever wondered on how they come up with their song titles?

Fyeka Akicheka is the new anthem in town.

Production and Presentation of Fyeka

There is a lot of simplicity in what this group do. Looking at the audio it is a simple style but very clear. Fyeka itself is just a title that literally means slash. The kind of artwork applied here is one to watch. Ethic has influenced upcoming artists and the society at large with their kind of work. There have their style and this is what makes them unique.

I’d classify their songs as Vulgar. How do you even say Chuma ilale ndani? Symbolism at it best here. And by the way what is Chuma in this case?

It is interesting how they pick words from the normal day language and make something out of it. Fyeka is more of a club banger. The content is one that will send you laughing.

Honestly speaking, the lyrics are always calling for ones attention.

‘Aaah, hapa bana ni ma knock-out ka fainali Na huwanga huwa sibongi ka niko ndani Mi huwa bubu sana sana ka niko kazi Tayari wanadai ati me ni mfunny.’ This kind of work mmh! It says that it is  knock-out like in the finals and when at work no talking. They always say that he is funny.
Also there is a line that has captured fans attention; ‘Chuma, chuma, chuma ilale ndani.’  I know in your mind you are like which chuma? This is a group to watch, they are so real. The song gets a rating of 5/10.

Click on the link below to listen to Fyeka.

Has Ethic been dethroned?

Tomorrow marks a year since Ethic, a group whose members are Rekles, Swat, Zilla and Seska, debuted on the local entertainment scene with Lamba Lolo.

They introduced Kenyans carefree music and we loved them never mind the fact that their song was a bit vulgar. Wasn’t it?


Soon enough, Ethic released other songs; Position, Saba, Instagram, Pandana and before we knew it, they were household names. Yup, they became stars in one year!

Perhaps the icing on the cake for them was participating in Coke Studio 2018. Anyone musician will tell you for free that that’s an opportunity that they are ready to die for.

Ethic has empowered many young musicians in the last one year. They have shown them that making a hit song does not take much, that you don’t have to splurge.

They also gave them courage to sing about anything that comes to their minds, which is mostly raunchy stuff, but that’s a story for another day.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In the last one year we’ve seen the emergence of new age musicians and groups and in my opinion they should all thank Ethic for leading the way for them.

The like of Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, G-Rock, Gwaash etc. would be nowhere today were it not for Ethic. Deep down you also know that this is true.

Interestingly, though, I feel that some of the new-age musicians learned the ropes too fast and have since dethroned Ethic as Kenya’s best new-age musicians. What do you think?

Side note: A little bird told me that Ethic and Ochunglo Family have already done the remix for Pandana and it will be released anytime now. Get your eardrums ready!

Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

I honestly feel like Kenyan gospel musicians are deep in slumber. I’m saying this because I feel that the gospel industry is not as vibrant as it was a few years ago. I feel like it has stagnated.

If you are an avid fan of Kenyan music then I’m sure you remember how the gospel industry was big five to ten years ago. Can you?

M.O.G performing on stage
M.O.G performing on stage

The gospel industry was so enormous so much so that secular artists were almost unheard of, no one even cared about them or what they were up.

The biggest song in the country at any given time was from the likes of DK Kwenye Beat, Juliani, Willy Paul, M.O.G, Benachi, Daddy Owen, Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika etc.

I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way, the secular industry overtook took over. We can debate about this until the come home but deep down you also know that this is a fact.

The gospel music is not what it was five to ten years and this begs begs the question, are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep, did they get too comfortable or are they just lazy?

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro

I know it’s not a competition between the two sides. After all, they are all Kenyan. As a Christian, it just gives me comfort when the gospel industry is at the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of secular music. Yup! From Sauti Sol to Ethic, anything goes. I have nothing against secular musicians.

It’s just I really miss that days when gospel music was the order of the day. Those days when gospel gigs had the biggest crowds. The days when gospel musicians were really praising God with music.

This is a clarion call to all Kenyan gospel musicians. Enough said!

New-age musicians are so unpredictable and that’s the beauty of music

Gone are the days when every song was about hitting on fine ladies in a club, love, checking out ladies in the hood or just getting wasted.

Kenyan music has become so diverse in the last few years  so much so that there’s a song literally about anything that you can think of.

I might have some reservations about new-age musicians and how they package their songs. However, the fact is that they have played and continue to play a huge role in diversifying the Kenyan sound.

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Unlike their older peers, new-age musicians are more spontaneous. An idea is hurriedly conceived, the next minute they are in studio recording the song.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

Before you know it, the song is out and getting good reviews on social media as well as music streaming sites.

If you listen to Ethic, Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, Zzero Sufuri, G-Rock and the likes explaining how their hit songs came to be, they all say that they were just vibing in the house and viola!

Perhaps, this unpredictability is what the Kenyan music industry needs. Think of it like this, the main reason people like Willy Paul are successful is because you never know what to expect of them.

One minute he has a gospel song that really glorifies The Lord, the next he’s getting naughty in a music video with Nandy.

Willy Paul and Nandy
Willy Paul and Nandy

Unpredictability is what makes music beautiful. For instance, Sauti Sol members have a new song where they are singing in French, Lingala and Kinyarwanda. Who would have thought?

New-age musicians have realized that impulsiveness works in the Kenyan music industry. That’s why you’ll find them singing about anything.

From matatus, smoking weed, dustbins, bedroom matters, women’s rears, KDF mandanzis, you name it. I’m sure you also agree that this unpredictability is good to a certain extent.

However, once in a while they find themselves in trouble because let’s be honest, you can’t really sing about anything and everything in a country where there are laws.

Watch Zzero Sufuri’s Zimenishika below. It’s one of my current favourites!

New age musicians are destroying the Kenyan sound

When you think of Kenyan music, the first people who come to your mind are the likes of Sauti Sol, Kidum, Nyashinki, MDQ, Sage, H_art The Band, Blinky Bill, Mayonde, Khaligraph, Fena, Phy, Dela, Le Band, Wangeci, Otile Brown, Naiboi etc.

Khaligraph Jones

These are all super-talented musicians who have treated us to great hits and continue to do so. In one way or the other, they have helped shape the Kenyan sound. They are a good representation of what our music is.

However this is changing fast. Kenyan music is no longer beautiful. It’s vulgar and provocative simply because new age musicians are drawing inspiration from Ethic, Ochunglo Family, G-Rock, just to name a few.

Let me explain, don’t throw stones just yet. You see, Ethic used some nasty words in Lamba Lolo and got away with it. Their song was one of the three biggest hits in 2018 alongside King Kaka’s Dundaing, Naiboi’s 2 in 1 and Sauti Sol’s Short and Sweet.

Ochunglo Family and G-Rock, the group behind the Matako hit, followed suit and used some tasteless words in their songs and no one seemed to give a hoot. What’s even more is that all these singers shot risqué videos. Surprisingly, these songs are even played on TV.

Believe it or not, these vulgar artists an inspiration to many new age musicians. They have made their peers bolder. The logic is that “If Ethic did this and got away with it. We can also do the same.”

These days, young boys and girls are picking up their cameras and recording whatever vulgar words that come to their head and releasing a song. Because this has now become the norm, nobody bothers to interrogate the words that were used so long as the song is catchy.

I’ve always wondered what goes through their minds as they are recording these songs, what do they intend to achieve? The answer is nothing. These young boys and girls just want to be famous and make some coins.

While at it, they are ruining the Kenyan sound. I honestly feel that this needs to trend needs to come to an end. Instead of moving forward, we are going back to the early 2000s when vulgar music defined the Kenyan sound and this is wrong.

Listen to Ethic’s new single Pandana below. What are your thoughts on this?

Ethic’s downfall will be caused by their pride and arrogance

I was recently having a chat with an event organizer. As we were talking, it crossed my mind that I should ask him some of the difficult Kenyan musicians that he’s ever worked with while putting an event together.

He mentioned all the usual suspects. Yes, the very same people you are thinking of right now. However, one name really shocked me and it was Ethic. Naturally, I asked him why it is difficult to work with the Lamba Lolo hitmakers and he told me that they are too proud and arrogant.

“From getting them to agree that they will show up for the event, to the monetary demands they make before getting on stage. I’ve worked with them twice and both experiences weren’t good,” he said.

Ethic performing alongside The Kansoul

I didn’t ask more questions because Ethic’s demeanor is even visible to the public. And no, I am not disputing the fact that these young men are talented. I’ve always held the opinion that Kenya had never seen a hit like Jimw@t’s Under 18 until Lamba Lolo was released.

It seems fame has gotten to the heads of Seska, Zilla, Rekles, Swat. You see, these young men were nobodies around this time last year. Lamba Lolo was released around May. However, the song started gaining traction after six weeks. Soon enough, it was playing on radio, matatus and in major clubs.

Ethic members had not forseen the kind of success and fame that would come their way. This explains why they shot Lamba Lolo’s video using their mobile phones. They didn’t put too much thought into it, afterall they were just having fun.

The song became a hit. Some deejays even dared to play it on TV, albeit cheekily. People started stopping Ethic members along the streets to say hi, asking for photos with them, their numbers on social media quadrupled within a short time, they started getting gigs at local clubs in Eastlands.

Soon enough, they were getting bigger performance gigs. A chap called Mwakiltele Kitawi, alias Teleh Mani, approached them around this time and asked them if he could manage them. He discovered that they were not even a group, so he asked them to become a group (sic) for a year and if it didn’t work, everyone would go their own way.

Ethic at Kiss FM for an interview

Things were good at first. This made Teleh to invest more of his money towards pushing these talented singers. He was running their diary, paying their cab fares, dressing them up, even bailing them out when they got arrested for fighting at clubs. He even then got them a gig with Mr. Eazi and organized a collabo between them and The Kansoul.

A few weeks down the line, Ethic members allegedly confronted Teleh for ‘taxing’ their money. It seems they did not understand how an arist is managed and how the person who’s managing them puts bread on his table. They had been used to a system where they get money during a gig and split it backstage after the performance. Each person then does whatever he wants with his money.

What followed was a nasty fallout between the two parties. Teleh revealed that he was planning to sue them for breaching their agreement, further accusing them of being difficult. He even took over thier YouTube channel and pulled down Lamba Lolo and Position for some days.

While ethic inisists that they had no formal agreement, from the chronology of events you can see that they are difficult to work with.

A few days ago, Ethic was dropped from the line up of a big gig that will go down on April 27 and 28. They would have shared the stage with the likes of Naiboi, Khaligraph Jones and The Kansoul but I guess their pride got in the way again.

When they learnt that were no longer part of the gig, the commented on the post saying “Fikeni bei.” Coincidentally, Hype Ent, the company behind the event, is partly owned by their former manager Teleh.

It’s hard to go far with this kind of pride and arrogance. People like Jua Cali and Nameless are only relevant today because they have been humble throughout their careers. They didn’t let the fame into their heads. Maybe, just maybe, Ethic should borrow a leaf from these two music legends and get their act right.