Mammito displays killer thunder-thighs after fan claims she has a flat asset (Photo)

Mammito’s body goals are everything. The small waist, long legs and just the right amount of weight gives most of these haters sleepless nights; and although they act tough on her comment deep down I bet most would kill to have this comedienne’s body.

Just a few days ago another fan went on to hate saying that Mammito has no ‘asset’ – a comment he may have found funny before Butita stepped in to speak for his woman. However this being social media, life can’t be that serious hence Mammito’s silence about the flat diss that seemed to affect her boyfriend more.

Eunice Mammito

However looking at the recent photo shared by Mammito we believe that this may be her clap back as she served thick thunder thighs; leaving most of her male fans drooling all over their phones.

Judging from how hot Mammito looks on the new; it’s evident to see that beneath the low budget image lies an expensive woman whose investing wisely unlike our usual slay questions who spend on outfits and make up.

Celebrities and fans react

Thousands of Mammito’s followers loved this photo so much that fellow celebrities did not hold back from leaving comments under the photo. The celebrities wrote;

jessythemc; Weuweeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!???? MamaMimiToto….

nycewanjeri; Beautiful❤️

teacherwanjiku ????????

massawejapanni; Beautiful ????

terencecreative; Heeeeee heeeee Kanise umeamua aje

Fans on the other hand went on to say;

freedo_ke; Supuu

c.h.e.l.a_; Mammito ametuamulia usexy????????❤️

adonis_sifa; Umeanza kuchanuka aje mammito????????…Pesa kisogo tu????????…Au n Mammiti mammito???

Checkout the hot photo below;



Comedian Mammito’s new chic look turning heads online (Photo)

Kenyan stand up comedienne, Mammito more often steps out in casual, loose outfits and simple cornrows. But it is not until she unleashed her new hot look, that nearly brought the internet to a standstill.

The Kibera-bred comic who has since become a household name, uniquely stands out in the entertainment industry with her authentic rib-cracking performances that have earned her well over 1M followers since.

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The petite actress who would rather ditch that chic, feminine look for the old granny’s loose dresses, wigs and glasses decided to go extra this time round.

Mammito’s new bold look

This is after stepping out in a transformational look, the face-beat perfectly done. Some tight-fitting leather pants paired with a stylish, off-shoulder black top that gives room for the henna art on her skin to take the lead.

Completing her look with a couple of flashy rings on her fingers, a pair of slip-on heels and her hair held to the back.

The comedienne always known for her smiley face served fans with a serious look that can easily scare you away.

“Swali ni Leo unafungiwa kwa club gani?” she questions.

Comedienne Mammito unleashes new hot look

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But forget what she has to say. Her look is what has seen many oogle over a beauty ever hidden in that granny or tomboyish look until she decided to go extra.

“Weeeeeeh sawa????????????… Looking absolutely beautiful????,” fellow Churchill comedienne Nasra Yusuff remarks.

Tunajua huyu si wewe????????, a star-struck fan cries out.

Eunice Mammito

Popular actress Yasmeen, commenting;

“Aish looking amazing ❤️❤️????.”

While an impressed Kenyan publicly urged the dazzling beauty to try her luck with Eric Omondis wife applications, believing her chances to scoop the prize are high enough.

eidrease.tonja Plz send video to Eric unaeza bahatika????.

Mammito born Eunice Wanjiru Njoki has been rumored to be dating fellow comedian Eddie Butita, speculations that have almost been confirmed.

6 popular Kenyan female celebrities who recently got trolled for their choice of dressing 

Being in the public eye has almost meant living to certain standards, especially when it comes to dressing regardless of whichever day of the month or season it is.

Several female Kenyan celebrities have not been spared the trolls of late, be it for skimpy dressing, over-sized clothes or something fans feel has either been overdone or edited for the public space.

Some of these personalities clapped back with massive comebacks, others ignored that people were even talking while others made fun of the situation and eventually the dust settled. Let’s kick off;

1. Nadia Mukami

The Tesa singer recently decided to get a little skimpy with juicy swimming pool photos of her that turned heads online. Before a section of critics called her out for allegedly photo-shopping her body.

Nadia Mukami publicly parades her goodies

2. Nana Owiti

The mother of two who doubles up as Switch TV’s Chatspot show host, leveled up after bagging the TV role in February 2020, completely switching her wardrobe for a better taste. But she once decided to turn over her fashion sense with in a long, loose shirt dress that did her injustice.

Nana Owiti trolled

3. Betty Kyallo

Betty has been trolled on several occasions recently. One time was her swim wear that had her literally dressed by fans. A second time being when she stepped out in a skimpy dress when rumors were rife she was in an entanglement with a Somali bae.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

4. Mammito

This stands as the most recent cases, after the comedienne stepped out in a funny-looking shouting dress during birthday baecation with Eddie Butita down in Mombasa, that left her looking totally off. Only to savagely clap back at haters.

Eunice Mammito

5. Size 8

Linet Munyali attracted massive backlash with her swimsuit that fans believed showed too much skin for a mother of two, wife and gospel artist like her.

Size 8 looking like the yummiest mum on social media

6. Lilian Muli

The Citizen TV journalist got into a battle with a fan who claimed she used mattress to cushion her chest that seemed strangely too heavy. But had her comeback ready.

Mama boys aka Lilian Muli