“Let her show us where she works” Ezra claps back at ex girlfriend claiming she upgraded his lifestyle

It’s Monday and yea most of your celebrities are still entertaining us with some drama but so far – Ezra and his ex girlfriend seem to be doing the most.

Socialite claims to support ex boyfriend’s lifestyle

So yea, they broke up and from what we can see is that they remain bitter despite making a mutual agreement. On one side we have Isha claiming she was the sponsor in the relationship meaning she not only sorted all the house bills; she actually paid for his trips among other things.

Well looking at her online lifestyle – its evident that Isha Raffi is an expensive girl. She loves the expensive lifestyle (don’t confuse yourself, i didn’t say classy…there’s a difference) and yea – gurl is living this life like she owns it.

And With that, I guess its why she now says she was supporting her ex, Ezra.

Ezra with ex

Clap back

However after an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Isha’s ex boyfriend now says the claims she lied about everything. According to Ezra, he never let the lady pay for anything while they were still together and matter of fact; Isha has never worked a day in her life – so where would she get the money from?

Maybe family? Mmmh – according to Ezra, the socialite comes from majengo and unlike many may have assumed – shes not from a wealthy family too.

So yea, like Ezra asked…how is she able to support her lifestyle if she has no job? I know what yall are thinking…..but again do you really think she was doing that business with a man by her side? Aki Nairobi relationships…they’re more like business deals.


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Apart from a the alleged stories making rounds on social media about one Ezra cheating; his ex Isha has now gone ahead to unveil videos of the fella at an alleged orgy that went down at Ringtone Apoko’s mansion in Runda.

Apparently Ezra and a few of his friends were hosted by the gospel singer; and unlike what we would have expected to see – turns out that these gospel personalities live a totally different lifestyle behind closed doors.

This is judging from the videos shared to prove that Isha’s accusations are true about her ex man’s wild ways.

Ezra turns to God for help

Seeing how side chicks from all directions have come out to help bitter ex, Isha expose Ezra; the young man has now decided to turn to God hoping things will get better soon.

He went on to share photo taken in church, and judging from how innocent he looks; no one would really believe that such a humble man is capable of what he is being accused of.

Ezra praying

Fans in his comment section did not come to play either as they trolled the young man for having similar characters as Shakilla. One went on to write:

macharia_denny; Ety duru za kuaminika zinasema watu wamepata jiko kanairo lakini wewe unawaekea kuni????????????

While another wrote;

iam_the_wambo_g; If shakilla was a man????????

But judging from his physical appearance, one can easily understand why most Nairobi ladies have found themselves in his hit list.

Of course a man with his energy can easily handle more than one lover; but come on, are these ladies not in the  social groups? Anyway, check out ‘if Shakilla’ was a man below;

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Ringtone with bestie, Ezra
Alleged serial cheater, Ezra
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