Rayvanny and Paulla Kajalla “undress each other publicly”

Rayvanny and Paula began dating in 2022 after Rayvanny’s split from his baby mama, Fahyvanny. However, their relationship was short-lived and they broke up in September of the same year.

The reason why Tanzanian bongo flava artist Rayvanny, born Raymond Mwakyusa, and Paula Kajala’s relationship ended has remained private for a long time. However, the two have recently decided to spill the beans in their Instagram war of words.

The reason for their breakup has never been publicly confirmed, but it is rumoured that Paula was unhappy with Rayvanny’s cheating. In recent weeks, the two have been exchanging barbs on Instagram, with each accusing the other of infidelity.

Harmonize’s girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

In one post, Rayvanny shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with Paula in which she accused him of cheating with her best friend. Rayvanny denied the allegations, but he did admit to having a conversation with Paula’s friend.

Paula has also accused Rayvanny of being controlling and abusive. She has shared screenshots of text messages in which Rayvanny threatens to harm her. Rayvanny has denied these allegations as well.

The Instagram war of words between Rayvanny and Paula is a sad reminder of the dark side of celebrity culture. It is clear that the two are hurting, and their fans are caught in the middle.

It is important to remember that these are just allegations at this point. Neither Rayvanny nor Paula has been charged with any crimes. However, the public nature of their dispute has made it difficult to ignore.

It is unclear what the future holds for Rayvanny and Paula. However, it is clear that their relationship is over. It is time for them to move on and heal from their pain.

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Rayvanny exposed by Paulla Kajalla for cheating on Fahyma

Socialite and actress Fridah Kajala’s daughter Paula Kajala has sparked a feud with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyvanny after she released a clip from her mother-daughter reality show Behind the Gram that appears to show Rayvanny two-timing Fahyvanny.

The clip, which was filmed at the time Rayvanny told the world he was back with Fahyvanny after splitting from Paula, shows Paula and Rayvanny in close proximity to each other. Paula can be heard saying that Rayvanny is “looking for her” and that she has “no intention of being with her man.”

Fahyvanny was infuriated by the clip, and she took to Instagram to accuse Paula of disrespecting her marriage. “I don’t want stupid familiarity with my husband,” she wrote. “Was it a must for you to include scenes with him in your show? I do not want us to get used to each other like that. The one you are with now could have been featured. Why would you feature Rayvanny when he left you a long time ago?”

Paula responded to Fahyvanny’s accusations by saying that she was simply sharing her reality on her show. “I’m not disrespecting anyone,” she wrote. “I’m just living my life and sharing it with my fans.”

The feud between Paula and Fahyvanny has sparked a debate on social media, with some people supporting Paula and others supporting Fahyvanny. Some people have accused Paula of being a homewrecker, while others have accused Fahyvanny of being insecure.

It is unclear how the feud will be resolved, but it is clear that it has caused a lot of drama and controversy.


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Fahyma reveals why Rayvanny’s family rejected Paula Kajala

Fahyma, a well known Tanzanian fashionista and of course Rayvanny’s baby mama; held a press conference on Thursday, 30 September to address a few things said about her on social media.

From the videos shared from the press conference, clearly Fahyma didn’t have anything new to talk about; apart from her relationship with baby daddy, Rayvanny.

Fahyma with ex, Rayvanny and their son

Turns out that despite having had a tough 2020; it’s still obvious to tell that Fahyma is yet to move on from Rayvanny; who dumped her for Paula Kajala.

From the stories shared online, we understand that Rayvanny got so fed up with his past relationship; that he even went ahead to introduce Paula to his family. But from what Fahyma says seems like the introduction didn’t go so well.

Rayvanny’s family decline Paula Kajala

According to Fahyma, baby daddy and his new girlfriend did travel to Mbeya for the introduction; however Rayvanny’s family could not recognize the new relationship since they were already familiar with their son’s family; which is her and baby Jayden.

Rayvanny and Paula

The Socialite went on to reveal that at the moment she is not attached to Rayvanny; and is currently seeing other people – as she awaits to see what the future holds.

However, judging from how Fahyma has been carrying herself for the past one year ‘submissive, patient; and faithful’,  I can see why Tanzanian women make good wives – but at a cost of enduring the pain that comes with marital issues.

“Zaa na hao Malay* zako” Fahyma tells ex boyfriend, WCB’s Rayvanny

Fahyma was Rayvanny everything back in early 2015 to 2019 before their love took a drastic turn.

For some reason this young girl seemed irreplaceable in Rayvanny’s life; until she allegedly cheated on the singer with a close friend.

Fahyma and Rayvanny
Fahyma and Rayvanny

We however cannot confirm how true the rumors were; but all we know is that Rayvanny’s love towards the lady turned sour overnight. Unlike his old self, the singer started playing around with younger girls and in 2020 he officially announced that he was done with baby mama, Fahyma.

Since then, Rayvanny changed and continues to attract controversy on social media. His latest scandal however involves a young girl identified as Paula Kajala who he is said to be dating; only to realize Harmonize was there first.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

Fahyma breaks silence

Anyway about 4 weeks ago Rayvanny was detained for sharing ‘inappropriate’ photos of him and Paula Kajala on social media; a move that confirmed he had indeed moved on from his ex, Fahyma.

Unfortunately the photos landed him into trouble with the government but being a Wasafi artist; he somehow walked out free. The whole time Rayvanny’s baby mama maintained her silence on social media; until on 19th April when she went on to insult her baby daddy for putting her through hell.

In one post she wrote;

mm nimekaa kmya kwa muda mrefu lakini inatosha sasa siwezi tena kufanywa mjinga


The insults

In yet another post, the lass called out her husband boyfriend baby daddy for leading her on; yet he was seeing other women on the side,  she wrote;

Kwa kuku rahisishia sina mahusiano na wewe tena maana umenidanganya vya kutoshaa. Endelea na familia yako mpya mm na mtoto wangu tuwache hatu kuhusu kaa mbali miter 100. Zaa na hao malaya zako.

Well, I wouldn’t really say this was a smart move made by the Tanzanian fashion guru; but she is clearly hurt – however social media has never really helped solved anything at the end of the day.


Juma Lokole publicly throws shade at Rayvanny’s wife

Juma Lokole is alleged to be quite good friends with the Dangote’s and judging from how they treat him on social media; we can confirm that indeed Lokole is here to stay.

For this reason many celebrities in Bongo tend to avoid him since he is known to gossip; and just like his female friends, Lokole can’t keep his mouth shut – at least that is what they say!

Anyway just a few weeks ago the Instagram blogger went on to throw shade at Tanasha Donna; claiming that the lady was lazy in bed. According to Lokole, Tanasha Donna carried herself as a slay queen – and never kept her man satisfied.


Lokole on Fahyma

Luckily for Tanasha Donna, the Kenyan online family could not sit and let their sister get trolled by the Tanzanian blogger. As seen on videos, comments and posts, many came out to defend one of their own; something that Fahyma clearly doesn’t have.

Well turns out that Fahyma is the latest victim to suffer under Lokole’s gossip posts. This is however the second time the blogger is calling out the lady and this time around it was to shame her for faking pregnancy. Through his instagram page Lokole wrote;


???????????????????????????? basi mkadanganywa mkadanganyika wenyewe ???????????????? ……. Kudawa wala hana Mimba wala mchango haujacheza ……. kumbe uko TIKTOK kuna watia wazimu ???????????????????????? kwani Kama unaitaka mimba si umwambie chui dk10 tu …..!! Kuliko kuja kutumalizia bando

In the text above, it seems that Lokole isn’t impressed with Fahyma who broke up with Rayvanny a while ago causing drama on Instagram page. Since then Rayvanny and Fahyma have been having a weird relationship; and until now we are not sure whether the couple is still together or not.

However, on Mother’s Day the WCB singer could not hold back from celebrating the woman that made him a father for the first time.

Baby onboard! Rayvanny’s Ex girlfriend Fahyma expecting her second child

After a nasty break up that went down on Instagram, Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahyma are said to have parted ways.

The two parents however continue to raise their child using each other’s support – but most fans tend to think that the break up was staged to ensure Rayvanny’s name stays relevant in the entertainment industry.

Fahyma pregnant

Anyway, Fahyma has come out to reveal that she is currently pregnant with her second baby but the main question is who is responsible for the second child?

Rayvanny and Fahyma

Although there are chances that the two are still involved with each other since they haven’t deleted any of their photos together then this would only mean that Rayvanny is the father of Fahyma’s unborn child.

Anyway, let’s see how things turn out between ex couple.


Fahyma lands lucrative deal after nasty break up with Rayvanny

Rayvanny with ex wife, Fahyma and their son

Since her separation with bongo artist Rayvanny who also happens to be the father to her two year old son, Fahyma  has now landed a lucrative deal with a diaper company.


The mother of one made the announcement on her Instagram page where she confirmed to be the new brand ambassador of Amorrete sanitary pads and choice baby diapers.

Rayvanny ex wife, Fahyma

Blessings on blessings

With this blessing, Fahyma held a press conference where she confirmed her break up with Rayvanny and also talked about her new job as the official brand ambassador of Amorrete sanitary pads and the choice baby diapers.

Rayvanny ex wife

Away from that, it is still unclear as to why Fahyma and Rayvanny decided to part ways after being together for so many years. Fans however think that Rayvanny’s latest video vixen Nana might have come between the two but we are yet to confirm this.

Rayvanny with Nana

As for now Fahyma seems to have her hands full and hopefully this will keep her busy for a while!

“Natongozwa sana na wanaume DM” Rayvanny’s wife reveals

Rayvanny’s wife Fahyma is undeniably one beautiful woman and of course many men wish they could have her; but the lady seems contented with her man.


As people continue to think that Fahyma is after the young singer’s money; turns out that the lady actually has a lot of suitors in her DM but according to her, she wants nothing to do with other men.

Natongozwa sana na wanaume DM, wengi wananitaka kimapenzi lakini siwezi kuwa nao kwa sababu mimi tayari ni mke wa mtu na nampenda sana mume wangu (Rayvanny).

Tena sijawahi kufikiria kabisa kumsaliti kwa sababu ananionyesha upendo wa kweli na kunijali pia.

Jealous foes

Speaking during a recent interview, Fahyma also told off those hating her relationship with with Rayvanny. She opened up saying;

Unajua watu wengi hawapendi mapenzi yangu mimi na Rayvanny, yaani wanatamani hata kesho tuachane, lakini hicho kitu hakiwezekani kwa sababu mambo ninayompa tukiwa wawili sio rahisi kunisahau, kwa hiyo wanapoteza tu muda. Bora waendelee kufanya vitu vyao vya maana kuliko kufuatilia maisha yetu

Drama! Rayvanny accused of cheating on his baby mama with Elizabeth Micheal

Word making rounds on social media is that Rayvanny and Elizabeth Micheal have been having a secret relationship for a while now!

This is apparently after Elizabeth Micheal’s ex fiancé Majizzo went on to impregnate his ex wife and now have a son together.

Majizzo’s alleged baby mama

Well, seems that Elizabeth Micheal also decided to move on with her life as she no longer wears her engagement ring and is said to be involved with WCB’s Rayvanny.

Rayvanny’s baby mama reacts

According to several Bongo gossip tabloids, the two have been spotted together severally and now rumors about their relationship has left Rayvanny’s wife giving hints on Instagram.

Rayvanny’s baby mama

Although Fahyma did not write much on her caption, seems that the emoji snakes were aimed at someone else…so could the stories making rounds on social media true?

Fahyma: We fight regularly but you will never hear that I’ve cheated on Rayvanny

It was love at first sight for Rayvanny when he first saw Fahyma. The Bongo singer admitted in a past interview that he used to stalk his sweetheart before he finally managed seduce her and ended up being in a relationship with her.

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The two lovebirds are blessed with a cute baby boy Jaydan Vanny, they welcomed their son on 16th April 2017. Fahyma announce in September this year that she was two month pregnant.

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Rayvanny and Fahyma
Rayvanny and Fahyma

Rayvanny and Fahyma have had their ups and downs for the years they have dated. At one point they even took a break from their relationship.

Fahyma recently opened up about the challenges in their relationship during an interview with Amani newspaper. The reveals that she regularly has arguments with Rayvanny but asserted that she would never cheat on him.

“Kuna watu huwa wanafikiri mimi na mzazi mwenzangu hatugombani, kitu ambacho si kweli huwa tunagombana sana tu, ila sema binafsi nilishaamua kutulia naye, nampenda basi inatosha na ndiyo maana hamjawahi kusikia nina bwana mwingine zaidi yake,” said Fahyma.




Rayvanny releases a new song dedicated to the love of his life, Fahyma

So after all the drama and fuss turns out that Wasafi records Rayvanny and his lady were just pulling a publicity stunt.

About two weeks ago the two love birds went on Instagram to announce their breakup. At some point, Rayvanny was even seen in the company of other different women.

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However, just like the rest of Wasafi records crew…turns out that Fahyma and Rayvanny fooled their fans. Their ‘breakup’ was another way to hype Rayvanny’s new song dedicated to his girlfriend cum baby mama.

The new song

The song dubbed Siri is another of his love songs used to create hype between the two young lovers. Anyway, the two have left many confused since they did not need to create such drama for a love song which will eventually make it to the top of the charts.

Watch he video below;


The internet never forgets: Photo of Fahyma before meeting Wasafi records Rayvanny

The past two days have been quite dramatic for Rayvanny and his baby mama. Word has it that Rayvanny dumped the young lady after finding out that she had cheated on him but others believe that this is just a publicity stunt from the WCB boys.

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In the last 24 hours Rayvanny has been posting photos of different ladies on his Instagram page making it look a bit obvious that he wants people to talk about him.

Fahyma and Rayvanny
Fahyma and Rayvanny

His baby mama, Fahyma on the other hand seems to be carrying on with her life as she posts her selfies on Instagram. Judging from her reaction – one wouldn’t say it’s for a lady who has been dumped. But oh well, what can we say?

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Throwback photos of Fahyma

With the break up stories circulating on social Media, fans are now sharing throwback photos of Fahyma before she became famous. Looking at one of the photos, it is clear to see that money did her some good justice! Checkout the photo below.

Has Wasafi record’s singer already moved on after dumping his baby mama? (Photos)

According to Rayvanny, he is no longer with his baby mama. From the rumors making rounds on social media the two apparently split up yesterday and Rayvanny has now been spotted with a new.

The two love birds who welcomed their son early this year have left fans questioning on what could have led to their split. However in a pot shared by Rayvanny, he revealed that he was fed up of being cheated on.

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Deletes all photos of his ex

At the moment Rayvanny has deleted all his photos with Fahyma. This is a new move indicating that their break up could be true but at the same time – not forgetting that they are both pulling a stunt on their fans.

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New girlfriend?

The singer seems to has move on with a new lady as seen on the photos shared on his Instagram page. Though we cannot confirm this, you can check out the photos below;


Wasafi records Rayvanny’s video with his High school drop out girlfriend leaves many talking 

Rayvanny is not only a good artist from Wasafi record’s but a great dad to his only child Jayden with his young girlfriend, Fahyma. Word making rounds on most Tanzanian tabloids is that the lady is barely 20 years and apparently dropped off from High school.

Fahyma however welcomed their first child last year and has since not shown any signs of going back to school. The lady has become an internet sensation and Tanzanians love her.

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Anyway to promote singer Queen Darleen’s new song dubbed Touch the couple shared quite a lovey dovy video that has left many talking. The couple is seen ‘dancing’ in the short video before turning to each other for a french kiss.

Fans react to the video

Well, the video has been circulating on most social media platforms where fans have both criticized and appreciated the young couple. Indeed the two are crazy kids but seem to be drunk in love with each other!



Adorable! Rayvanny’s baby mama shares a photo of their new born baby boy

A few days after welcoming her first baby, Fahyma has finally shared a photo of her adorable baby boy on social media. The baby who is barely 2 weeks old is now living the life of a superstar as he has a fan page and official page on Instagram with 36k followers.

Rayvanny’s baby mama

Though Fahyma did not reveal his face, we already know that the toddler takes after his dad in terms of skin-tone and maybe the hair from his mama. Jaydan Vanny now joins the likes of Nilan and Tiffah Dangote among other babies who are popularly known in East Africa.

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Rayvanny has also been showing how proud he is to have his son and baby mama in his life. However he is yet to meet the baby in person since he is currently touring Sweden where he is set to perform for his fans before he returns home to be with his family.

He however spends time face timing with his lady and their baby as revealed by Fahyma in a photo she shared on her son’s page just recently. Anyway checkout the baby’s photo below:

Rayvanny's son
Rayvanny’s son


Rayvanny and his girlfriend welcome a healthy bouncing baby boy

Tanzanian singer popularly known for hit song Kwetu among others is now a father to a healthy baby boy, Jaydan, welcomed on Sunday as reported on social media.

The singer also announced the good news through his official Instagram congratulating his girlfriend for the baby boy. The two who are in their early 20’s have been dating for almost a year and a half now though just like all couples, they have had their up’s and downs.

Though the baby’s photos have not been shared, one cannot help but wonder whether the baby took after his daddy or mum…but it is something we will soon find out.

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Friends and loved ones have also been sending their congratulatory messages through social media, however though Rayvanny is signed under Wasafi Record’s his boss and Harmonize did not write any message to the new dad.

Anyway, we also understand that self-proclaimed socialite, Mishi Dorah recently revealed that she is expecting a baby with Rayvanny. Could be that he will also soon welcome another baby if Mishi’s confession is true.