Given up on Kenya: Femi One speaks the youth’s truth to life

We have to celebrate Femi One more now that she has spoken the truth about the Kenyan youth’s take of our country. We need to amplify her voice. We are a failed shithole and if you can leave, you probably should.

Femi One was speaking out in frustration after MCSK announced that they expected Kenyan DJs to pay them two hundred thousand shillings in order to be able to play music on their IG lives to entertain Kenyans locked down during this Covid19 quarantine period.
During her ant, she announced that Kenyan youth who get the opportunity to go abroad and pursue a better life should take it without looking back. And this was cause for concern for Kenyan leaders who would sell you the dream that Kenya is a land filled with opportunity.

Uhuru Kenyatta

The truth about what Kenya is that there is a huge disconnect on multiple fronts. Between generations, the old and the young see things from different perspectives. Between the tribes, there is a disconnect. And between the wealthy and poor, there is a disconnect.
And Femi One has brought it to the fore.

Femi One

You see, Kenya as a country has been plundered by her leaders. Successive regimes have been more concerned with looting the economy and raping Kenya than they have been with consolidating a future for Kenya and Kenyans. As a result, just like Femi One, a lot of Kenyans are frustrated. In part, this is why we look at Kenyan celebrities lending their voices to the American conversation revolving around race when they could be talking and leading the conversation around the plunder and rape of Kenya.

Kenyan celebrities talking about American race issues is hypocrisy

Femi One is one of the realest celebrities and the comment section of her post reflects this. You see, Kenyans have given up on their country. And they do not abandon her lightly, they have fought to keep their dreams alive but in truth, Kenyan politicians have betrayed us.
This, however, leads us to ask who voted for these hyenas. And if it is us, then aren’t we fools for spending so much time voting in these hyenas and expecting them not to kill us?

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Azziad vs Femi One and Avril: Do artists owe influencers money?

Azziad seems to have a way of exciting gullible Kenyan simps who have already seen the magician behind the curtain and peeped just how much of her mystique is makeup but Kenyan men still continue to thirst and she is smart enough to leverage this shameless thirst.

“Yo! get some sleep” Avril breathes fire on fan vouching for Azziad’s recognition on Hello Baby track

So when she decides to dance along to a song, these simps push it into the trending page on Youtube and whichever other platforms Kenyan simps sit on.

Azziad Nasenya (left) and Utawezana hitmakers, Femi One and Mejja (right)

Femi One and Avril are the recipients of this attention thanks to Azziad dancing along to their music. And trust the simps to have noticed this fact. And they went further and demanded these two artists pay Azziad for being essentially an influencer for their music, making it popular.

“Utawezana was trending before Azziad!” Femi One savagely claps back

And this assertion has irked both women. Femi One was quick to point out that Azziad only danced along to her song because it was already lit and trending. Essentially, Azziad jumped onto an existing trend and reinvigorated it but with or without her contribution to the music, it was going to trend.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars
Avril however, was less uhm… Magnanimous in her response but that is because her circumstances were convolutedAzziad decided to dance to a song Avril had released a song featuring Ommy Dimpoz a long time ago that had its moment in the sun before being consigned to the forgotten bin. So when Azziad decided to retrieve it and dance to it, she legitimately did make it trend once more.

Avril responds

So do the two artists owe Azziad a paycheque? I don’t think so. You see, the argument has already been made that whenever America influencers, for instance, dance along to an artist’s song, they do not demand to be paid because they were not contracted to popularize the song. Sure, some influencers like Kylie Jenner can make a song that wasn’t on the radar hot, but they do so simply because they enjoy the song and want to share it with their fans.

Azziad Nasenya speaks up on claims of referring to Diamond Platnumz as ‘a woman eater!’ (Interview)

Azziad needs to try and dance to a Drake song then send him a bill. But knowing just how much he simps, he will probably pay her. So perhaps I should say that she should dance to some SixNine song and then send him a bill for “popularizing it”.

The fact of the matter is that aye, she is still pretty influential but her 15 minutes of fame are running out. But she cannot claim to want anything from Femi One or Avril. Sure, it would be nice to receive a thank you text or some acknowledgement but nothing is owed.


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Femi One gives us something for the with the ‘Lockdown’ freestyle (Video)

Femi One has decided to ride the wave of her recent release featuring Mejja, Utawezana which has become a smash hit and she has quickly released Lockdown Freestyle.

Femi One and Mejja
‘Utawezana’ artistes, Femi One and Mejja

Femi One is great but we don’t say it enough

This new jam is her offering for you and yours as you chill at home during this period of self-quarantine in order for us to stem the Covid19 infection spread. Kenyan artists have been very active during this period, releasing songs and freestyle left, right and centre and this, in turn, has led to quite a lot of social media challenges that have also served to keep us entertained.

Femi One
Femi One

Femi One is back on her rap tip with an authentic submission in which the instrumentals are stripped down to a very minimalist sound. It starts off with the keyboard (piano) then the drum line drops. She raps about everything that has happened in the recent past, from the success of her song to the lockdown.

Femi One has teamed up with Boondocks Gang, Mbithi and DJ Lyta on ‘Nyoko Nyoko’ and it’s too lit (Video)

What, however, caught my ears with regard to lyrics was her taking about here thoughts on cyberbullying and the peculiar case of TikTok sensation Azziad who was shamed for relying heavily on makeup for her beauty. Femi One especially took issue with the fact that women were at the forefront of mocking her. pretty bold assertion but it also comes with a positive as she insists that women need to uplift each other as it is more attractive and sexy.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

The video on it’s one is similar to a lot of quarantine time videos, very simple one shot with no thrills, no muss, no fuss. Femi One is simply sitting infront of the camera on an elevated platform and delivering her rhymes. Even her wardrobe for the video is a simple one as you can guess what with the Coronavirus lockdown no one is doing extra.



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Naiboi is back with ‘Sondeka’ 2 featuring All Stars

Naiboi is back with Sondeka part 2 featuring All Stars. Those featured in this jam are ExRay, Kristoff, Fena, Benzema, Femi One, Mordecai, V6 and Khaligraph Jones. Sondeka part 2 is introduced by Dj Shitti a comedian and an actor. It is a great collabo where all those mentioned have performed a stanza.

Also, Sondeka part 2 is a continuation of Sondeka part 1. In this jam Naiboi is talking about correcting certain behavior in human beings.

Sondeka Part 2 is all about what?

To start with, you’ll notice that these artists are also talking about MCSK. This is in line with the recent payments they made to the musicians and angered them.

They say that they are correcting that. It says that tabia ya kukali wasanii na MCSK tunasondeka.  Also, they talk of how people are jealousy when they see one with a big car.

Naiboi is very talented and the way he also performs his lines is just good.

To add on they go ahead to talk about how people should stop lying. Khaligraph Jones talks of how one is telling them she is in Dubai and in real sense she is in a matatu ya Mwangi.. This is crazy. Also he goes ahead to add on how MCSK sent him Ksh 2530.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

Whatever the thing they want to correct seems to have  affected them so much. I like how Khaligraph says that someone talks of Uhuru being their relative whereas the only person who knows then is Dj Shitti.

Niaboi is very creative in this Sondeka jam. The fact that he has brought a couple of artists on board shows team work. Sondeka has been produced by Rixx. The video is super good and quality.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

It is a combination of great voices and this has come up with something good. Actually the song will leave you laughing at some point. Naiboi needs to be congratulated on this one.

In conclusion, Sondeka part 2 by Naiboi is a cool jam and you should listen to it. It gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Rapper Femi One shows acres of skin and thunder juicy thighs during Marini promo shoot(photos) 

Rapper Femi One has just released a new album ‘XXV’ that has 6 songs. Though she hasn’t really started officially promoting it yet, her name has already hit trending lists following a recent photo shoot from Marine Natural products.

Femi One stripped down to a bikini for the Marini shoot, driving her fans into a frenzy.

The rapper joined several other artists including Pascal Tokodi, Naiboy, Fena Gitu who have worked with the hairline in it’s recent promotion. The shoot comes after the rapper was named brand ambassador.

“Introducing our Limited Brand Ambassador ????????????????….. @femi_one ????????????????
This Female Emcee who has collaborated with the greatest artists including our BA (who happens to have a birthday today , can you guess who ?) ????
First of all, her pink hair do is everyyyythiiinnggggg and it’s all thanks to @marini.naturals , ????????‍♀ and now that she has dropped her new EP called XXZ that is available for order under @kakaempire , (#MariniFamily????????) her hair is the perfect look for her brand new release! ????Limited Brand Ambassador means she will be gracing our timeline for a short while! ☺ We are excited for this!” posted the company. 


Femi one appeared on the advert with her new hairstyle which is short and colored.

“Our Creamy &Dreamy Co-wash gently cleanses and protects hair without stripping away its natural oils!! ???? Especially when it comes to coloured hair, like @femi_one ,it will make sure that colour is still retained! ???????? This game-changing hair product which contains pure coconut oil and keratin will soften and detangle hair, making it look healthy and more manageable,” the caption on social media. 

Here are the photos:



Femi One takes shots at people telling her how to live her life, she is a tough one!

If you think your opinion is relevant in Femi One’s life then you thought wrong. She is one woman who does not advice from anyone simply because you think it’s best for her. The singer cum rapper revealed this in a well detailed post she shared on her gram early this morning telling off ‘wanna be friends’ trying to get involved in her life.

Judging from her post seems that her friends had started advising he on the type of songs she should be doing and how she should be dressing now that her career seems to be showing some growth.

She however made it clear that she does not need anyone telling her what she should or should not do with her life. For now their comments and advices remain irrelevant until the day she will ask for it.

She wrote to say,