NYS kind of money! The shocking amount Fena wants before shaving her dreads 

We all know shaved dread locks costs a bunch of money in Kenya. Rapper Fena, who has donned the style since stepping up in the music business, however, left many surprised recently after sharing how much money she might ask for in case your want to see her with her bald head.

The artists confessed a fat account of Ksh 300 million can make her shave.

“I wanna keep them as along as am live and I have promised myself to keep them for twenty years because they are like my crown. Even after the twenty years, I think I will still keep them but If someone was to offer me three hundred million, then I would cut them,” she said in an interview with Radio Africa.

New music

The singer also opened up about her new song “Ndigithia” saying that it’s based on a true story.

“It is about the real life, like do not mess with my life and what I am doing. Respect me and I will respect you, too,” she said.

“Like I have sang in my song, Miss me with that, I rarely give haters my time. There is someone who asked me why I am wearing a hat, adding that women should stick to their place. That really bothered me.”


Tedd Josiah pens another emotional tribute to his late wife that will reduce you to tears

Life took a very different turn for veteran producer Tedd Josiah after his young wife passed on leaving him with a baby just months old.

The producer, since then has been sharing his journey, informing fans how they’re holding up. His wife, Regina Katar, passed away on September 2017.

I once met an Angel, a real angel. From day one, I knew she wasn’t from here, I could feel it in the meek, humble yet powerful spirit she has. With every single action she changed the man I thought I was, to make me want better and desire to be better. Regina HAPPY BIRTHDAY in your new home up in heaven.

He added:

“As you rest please watch over us, especially your little bear cub. Thank you for this little life and her huge light. Rest my angel. We celebrate your life and all you were to everyone here on Earth. WE CELEBRATE YOU REGINA,” he posted. 

Here’s a video of Regina


Fena Gitu reveals how she was mistreated at Omarion concert

‘She Doing her Thing Tho’ hit maker Fena Gitu seems to be making headlines thanks to her amazing song that had caught the attention of many including Lupita Nyong’o as revealed during her recent interview with popular news outlet.

Anyway, she continues to wow many with how she is coming up with songs that are inspirational to the society and even though she still has a long way to go – there is no doubt that she has done it pretty well.

The lass however disappointed with how she was treated at the Omarion concert where she performed a few weeks ago.

Fena for the first time revealed that she felt mistreated by the event organizers after they banned her from accessing the backstage to get her stuff since Omarion and his team were chilling as they waited for the American singer to perform. She said;

“Event organisers should accord local artistes respect. During the Omarion concert that was held recently, I had to let my frustrations known. There was a lot of commotion backstage when he was ushered in, everything changed. Artistes on the lineup were not allowed to go back to their tent to get their stuff including me. I was frustrated because I was at my own concert which I had performed and I should have been allowed to go back to my tent. This was not the first time it happened and I’m pretty sure it will not be the last one. I hope in the Wizkid concert there will be order. For me there is a certain courtesy you extend to an artiste who is performing at that kind of platform.”