Betty Kyallo Reveals Why She Keeps On Changing Location Of Her Salon Business

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo has not only thrived in the media, but also in her business. She’s currently one of the women thriving in business with a minimum of fuss.

Her impeccable knowledge in both has enriched her and she’s expanding her businesses.

Betty’s most popular business Flair By Betty is a huge success even though she’s been relocating.

This is the third time she’s doing it. Flair By Betty was recently relaunched during her 34th birthday at Rose Avenue/George Padmore Road junction in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Betty’s reason is that the business was struggling at her previous location.

“My dream and the energy I have for my clients is to always deliver nothing but excellence,” she said.

“I believe in that and that is why, if it takes another location to get that, we will go for it unapologetically.”

Inside Betty Kyallo's classy salon 'Flair By Betty' (PHOTOS)

Betty said the new location was birthed when a lot of businesses were going through a hard time.

Any entrepreneur knows that things are not okay. I have the brain to think about how I can resuscitate new life to my business. How I will make new clients come and taste what we have,” she said.

Betty celebrated her birthday in style, with renowned celebrities in attendance at her re-launch.

Boss moves! Betty Kyallo launches new business that will keep the boy child coming back for more

Former TV queen Betty Kyallo is making money moves in town and judging from how she has been moving in these streets; all we can say is Betty is one go getter.

So far she has a successful beauty parlor that continues to attract customers due to it’s good work; and the fact that it run by a humble lady means more customers for her.

Flair by Betty

Well, in 2020 Betty Kyallo moved Flair by Betty from FCB Mihrab to a two-storey building along Rose Avenue in Kilimani; according to reports this is because she needed to expand her business now that customers couldn’t fit in the old flair. Talk about God.

New Barbershop

Seeing how successful her business has become over the years; Betty Kyallo has opted to open a barber shop as seen on her social media pages.

Just a few hours ago the Flair CEO went on to announce the good news through her gram where she posted a photo bd captioned;

Betty launches new barbershop

We did it! @aftershavebyflair

This comes weeks after word had it that she was involved with an Ethiopian handsome man who also happens to own a barber shop. So does this mean they merged their business together since Betty is a known media personality?

Or did she get inspired by his success and opted to start her own barber shop for healthy business competition? Well who knows!

Betty Kyallo splashes KSh 8M on posh ride barely days after quitting K24 (Photos)

Betty Kyallo is rolling like a Boss and unapologetically so. For many, getting fired or quitting a job especially during such harsh times is a sure path to financial crisis.

Well, for Betty, quitting her job spoke a different language. The 31-year old personality purchased a new German machine, that splashed into millions.

Not forgetting the lass is set to expand her salon business in a much bigger space and an almost-complete renovation for the Flair by Betty parlor, set to open in a few days.

Monday, 1st of June, Betty was busy making boss moves, leaving home for what she called ´a shoot´ only to come back with a white addition to her parking.

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A sleek, white, Toyota 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) with some leather padding on the inside. One that is believed to be a 2019 Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Checking up the figures for this ride, it goes for approximately $66,750, easily translating into KSh 7.13 million.

Betty Kyallo in Kamba land

Taking to the gram, the beauty flaunted her new ride captioning:

I am a Queen ???? I am ELEVATED.


Gotta move different if you want different! Another One is home! This time White❤️

Her white beast comes as an addition to her already existent sleek, black Mercedes Benz that she has been cruising for a while now.

Betty Kyallo´s sleek Mercedes Benz

Joho drama

Let me take you back in time – 2 years ago – when news making headlines were that Betty got embarrassingly dumped by Governor Joho who snatched back the high-end ride he bought for her.

Among what the Mombasa governor allegedly repossessed from her were: a fully furnished home in Nairobi´s Kilimani area, a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne.

Betty Kyallo gifted KSh 10M Porsche Cayenne by alleged lover, Governor Joho

The later, was reportedly snatched from the media personality while driving along Mombasa road when Joho´s guards stopped her near Nyayo Stadium and asked her for the keys.

Leaving her high and dry and with such level of embarrassment for a public figure. It was bad!

Joho´s Porsche gift to Betty was claimed to be running upwards of KSh 10 million. Either way, Betty bought her own, with a daughter to fend for, bills to pay and a business to run.

TV sensation, Betty Kyallo

What better way to fire back at her critics than to match them thrice in a row?

That´s just not it. Betty had recently announced that her daughter, Ivanna would be joining the luxurious Montessori Learning center once schools reopen.

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Plus, Betty just moved into her new house, if you´ve noticed recent colors of her green-looking house interior online. That´s a different discussion all together.

TV queen, Betty Kyallo

All these moves and she is rolling like a boss. Many have asked what her source of wealth is but I have no answer. For now.



Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride
Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

¨Do more. Add value. Earn more blessings¨ Kenyan youth applaud Betty Kyallo for listening to their pleas

K24 Journalist, Betty Kyallo has achieved milestones, as a single mom, entrepreneur and media personality as the Kenyan youth come out to applaud the beauty for her achievements.

Betty Kyallo has been enveloped in couple of nasty scenarios, whether her love life or business.

However, that has not stopped her from becoming who she is today.

¨Flair by Betty¨ beauty parlor has taken in a number of employees, dealing with hair, beauty and even barber, most of whom are youths.

Exclusively, Ivanna´s mum revealed that she has witnessed tremendous growth, one that she remains thankful for, expressing:

We have seen so much growth and I am very appreciative of my team for their commitment and expertise because that´s what has made us grow.


In a bid to promote her business, the mother of 1 randomly shares snaps of the inside of her beauty parlor on a normal day and captions:

And fans and followers promptly respond:

The young CEO has seen youths get worthwhile employment and leaves a mark in the society of today where youth employment is a fracas.


¨Flair by Betty¨ is a 1-year old luxury salon founded by the TV siren back in 2018 soon after she exited now Susan Kaitany´s ¨Posh Palace¨ hair studio and spa.

The salon is located in Kilimani´s FCB Mihrab building that saw her cough thousands and eat into her savings.

Funny thing is how closely apart the 2 salons are located but the two hopefully let it all rest.

Betty´s piece of advice to those about to give up is:

If you have a heart beat there´s still time to achieve your greatest dreams.

Never give up. Keep going, hustle hard, keep positive people around you… and most importantly pray.


Betty Kyalo reveals the man who helped her build Flair by Betty

K24 news anchor, yes K24, Betty Kyalo impressed many after launching her salon Flair by Betty early this year after her relationship with Susan Kaittany went to the dogs.

The two had started Posh Palace but were forced to part ways after they became enemies.

Betty recently took to social media to thank Allan Mjomba, the man she contracted to beautify her salon.

According to Betty, Mjomba did the salon’s look on the walls, the floor, plumbing and also the ceiling.

“Appreciating my talented contractor and surface artist @fundi_mjomba he’s the guy who made @flairbybetty the beautiful salon it is. From the bespoke Textured walls, to the flooring, plumbing, Italian textured ceiling. He’s good,” said the news anchor.


The news anchor also reportedly poached her former staff at Posh Palace, including stylists and beauticians.

Flair By Betty is housed inside the Sh1.3 billion architectural marvel -FCB Mihrab – which is designed like a mihrab that symbolizes an entry towards purity and goodness, adds a lot to its appeal and an awesome customer experience.

Here is Betty and Mjomba.

“I thought i was crazy to start the project” Betty Kyallo recounts journey to open her own boutique salon – Flair by Betty

Betty Kyallo opened her own beauty spa after the split with Susan Kaittany. The KTN anchor was the face of Kaittany’s Posh Palace before she opened Flair by Betty.

Betty admits it was not easy to start her own boutique salon. The mother of one reveals that she doubted her ability and was even discouraged when she ran out of funds.

“Looking back from where I started… this was before construction began @flairbybetty , I thought i was crazy to start the project, I questioned my ability and was sometimes extremely discouraged when funds ran out… but looking back I thank God I never gave up… that I pushed on and never lost faith in Him. Sometimes what seems so grand and impossible to us is really a tip of the iceberg for God… I learnt this every step of the way… have hope, have faith… be inspired by my story. But remember all good things work for good for those who love God,” wrote Betty.

Betty Kyallo standing in an empty office space that she later furnished and turned to the high-end Flair By Betty
Betty Kyallo standing in an empty office space that she later furnished and turned to the high-end Flair By Betty
Too much of a burden

Betty further reveals that staying positive is what helped her complete the project. She says she had already paid rent when she started feeling the whole project was a burden to her.

“I had already paid rent and started the construction process when I started losing hope and sight of my dream as it seemed too much of a burden Don’t let the negativity check in. Try as hard as you can to stay focused. Keep going,” wrote Betty.

Betty Kyallo standing outside FCB Mihrab building which houses her beauty spa
Betty Kyallo standing outside FCB Mihrab building which houses her beauty spa