Baha of Machachari reveals next move after the show was cancelled on TV

Actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, has revealed his next move now that Machachari is no longer on TV.

Baha spoke to Word is saying that it was unfortunate the show was canceled but he’s moving to the next phase now.

“Honestly, I felt bad. However, everything that has a start has an end as well. I have had memories. We’ve bonded with people on set and for me, it’s like a bittersweet thing because it will allow people to go into the next step of life.” he said. 


Explaining what he’s up to now that he won’t be on TV any time soon, Baha said that he’s focusing on his Youtube channel.

“I want to create a YouTube station. It shouldn’t be one type of content. You can get comedy, reality shows, movies and almost everything the youths want to watch. Like a diverse platform,” he said.

“At the moment, I don’t have the financial power to get into TV, but I can create shows as a producer and put them online. I have started a series called ‘Budah In Shawt’ because Africans love telling stories. We have a unique way of telling them. Thus I want to educate and at the same time entertain.”


Machachari TV show canceled

Citizen TV has canceled its popular program Machachari after 13 years on air.

The station’s Production Manager Stanley Ngige said that the show aired the last episode after pressure mounted over the age of its characters who have now grown old and are doing different things.

“The story came to an end. This Friday is the grand finale.” 

“It didn’t evolve to remain relevant to the target audience, and the best we could do is develop the story to come to an end so that we can start a new show  (‘Johari’) for the same target audience,” Ngige said.


Citizen has made several changes, and most of the shows, the likes of ‘Inspekta Mwala’ and ‘Papa Shirandula’ that used to air from 7.30pm every day will now air from 6.30pm.

“The shows that were programmed for that time before didn’t have viewership. But when we changed with good shows, they attracted the kind of viewership that they have enjoyed on that corridor. So we believe as long as the content is good, it will still attract viewership no matter the time,” Ngige said.

Former Machachari actor Ian Munene popularly known as ‘Almasi’ steps out in a skirt…again 

No one really knows what former Machachari actor Ian Munene popularly known as ‘Almasi’ is up to or is about these days but he wants you to know one thing: he’s not gay.

The former actor lately has been forced to clear the air regarding his sexuality mainly because of his dress code. Ian was recently put on the spot yet again by his fans after he come out dressed in a skirt.

Just fashion

Here’s what fans had to say after he posted this: “It is when You Begin to Question ‘Who Am I’ that Your Spiritual Journey Begins ????‍♂️”


Machachari crew pour gallons of water on  Baha during his birthday celebrations(photos) 

Kamau Mbaya, a popular actor who many know as Baha from his role in Citizen TV program Machachari, is no longer the kid we used to see on TV.

Baha has now grown into a man and recently celebrated his 18th birthday which saw the Machachari crew shower him despite the pounding rains that has been causing havoc lately. He was also given a cake after the forced called shower.

Here are the photos:


Almasi finally addresses rumors claiming he is gay!

It is secret that former Machachari actor Almasi also known as Ian nene has changed from the innocent young boy we all watched grow….thanks to the local TV show.

He changed from an innocent boy to a totally different teenage boy who wears a bullring and one that paints his nails – something that left many questioning his sexual orientation.

Most of his fans were pretty much convinced that he was gay but he chose to ignore this until just recently when a fan left a comment under his photo pleading with him to come out since it was ‘clear’ to see that his behavior was not that of a straight man. The fan wrote;

“@ian_nene I love gays. I’ve never had anything against gays. I even know a gay guy vhen I see one and trust me I noticed you one during the machachari days. Just hoping you’re not in the ‘closet’ or In denial. Always be yourself and never let anyone look down on you or judge you for anything. NEVER!, We’re all human everyone has their wrongs so no one should ever tell you nothing.”

Surprisingly, Ian actually responded with a statement that brushed off the rumors claiming he was now ‘playing’ for the same team. He wrote,


“you’re just wrong girl. You noticed wrong girl. My apologies. Truth is you don’t know a gay guy when you see one. And I am not gay LOL. You are the people we need to change. tHIS MINDSET OF THINKING YOU KNOW SOMEONE JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM IS MESSED UP.”

But question still remains, why is he dressing like a woman? Anyway controversy always sells, right?