Daddy’s girl! Frankie Just Gym It unveils daughter’s face for the first time, she looks like her papa

Frankie Just Gym it must be one happy man to have been blessed with his first baby girl about a month ago. Having raised boys for years must have made him secretly wish for a girl – and look, Corazon Kwamboka finally had one. Blessings on blessings.

Frankie over the moon after girlfriend delivered baby girl

Anyway at the moment we wouldn’t say that Frankie is enjoying his time with the newborn; but all I know is that daddy can’t stay away from his new baby girl since she also reminds him of his late grandma.

Barely a month after she was born Frankie recently decided to unveil the baby’s face in a family photo shared on his Instagram page. Although the photo is not an up close picture, we can still see the newborn’s face and yes….she’s Frankie’s twin.

Frankie shares photo showing daughter’s face

Taiyari and small sister looking like twins

From the photo shared, it’s evident to see that – just like the other kids Frankie’s genes came out the strongest as the baby girl looks everything like him.

Well, I’d say she actually looks more like baby Taiyari but at the same time; the forehead looks more like that of Corazon making it abit hard to tell who she will take after in future.