Frankie Just Gym It speaking out about his experience with toxic women? (Post)

Frankie Gym It has always been blamed for his  failed relationship with Maureen Waititu and now that he is no longer with Corazon – fans feel that he is to blame for that too. Actually, what many feel that he is the type that impregnates and moves on to the next – but this is not the case.

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Just like you and me – Frankie Just Gym too has feelings and unlike men who would rather stick to an unhealthy relationship, Frankie believes in letting go. For him, it’s better to lose a relationship than allowing it to turn him to a bitter old man good example – Mulamwah case.

So yea, for the first time Frankie – is playing a card we’ve never seen before, and that is talking about toxic women; through a post borrowed from content creator Charity Iwuchuku where she says;

Toxic women destroy good men too

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Frankie Just Gym It explaining himself?

But having been painted as the villain during his breakup with Maureen Waititu – there’s no way the gym trainer could explain himself without being judged.

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Maybe because Maureen exposed how he played her with Corazon way before they had broken up; but again – looking back these two were just too dangerously toxic for each other and needed to separate asap.

However – as for his ‘breakup’ with Corazonc things were done in a more civilized way and till date we have no idea why they separated. Chances are maybe Frankie didn’t mess things up – maybe he was just dumped…left for the streets.

But since he’s always to blame, do you think anyone would believe his side of story?