Ethic’s Seska teams up with G Rock on new banger ‘Ya Mama’ (Video)

Seska, who is one of the four members of Ethic Entertainment, has dropped a new track with G Rock and it’s getting so much love from their fans.

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The song dubbed Ngotha Ya Mama has been topping local music charts since it was released a few days ago and it is not so hard to understand why.

Boy Bleezy and Tratic of G Rock Music

Like I always say, if you chose not to concentrate on the dirty things that they are singing about, you’ll actually realize how talented these youngsters are, even in songs that seem extreme like this one.

The G Rock duo brought their A-game in this jam. If you are a fan of the group then I’m sure you can tell that they’re getting better and better.

Their flow has become more natural. Their rhymes have also improved unlike before when it really seemed like they were just forcing things.


Seska dropped a dope hook on this jam and he’s without a doubt the reason why this jam is catchy. He also had a sick verse with wordplay that will leave you scratching your head.

Notably, beat and instrumentation on this track are dope.  Other than the fact they are catchy, you will not resist the urge to dance as you listen to this song and that is not a bad thing or is it?

Listen to Ya Mama below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Gwaash links up with Ex Ray, G Rock and Shagwah on ‘Mtaro’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Martin Wagura, better known as Fatboy Gwaash or Gwaash, has dropped a new track with Ex Ray (Boondocks Gang), G Rock and Shagwah (34 GVNG) and we are really feeling it.

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The track titled Mtaro has been topping local music charts since it came out a few days ago and it’s not really hard to understand why. Ladies and gentlemen, this song is really dope. I’m not exaggerating.

Ex Ray
Ex Ray

Like I always say, if you chose to ignore the raunchiness of the lyrics and focus on the wordplay and rhymes, you will realize that some of these Gengetone are amazing lyricists.

I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat over the last few days and one things is for sure, it’s really infectious. I don’t know if it’s just me but this is one of the best Gengetone jams that I’ve listened to since the year began.


The verses on Mtaro are so sick. For instance, you have to admit that Ex Ray did a good job. This chap has a unique ability to play around with words and you just want to keep listening to him.

As expected, Fatboy Gwaash also nailed it. Apart from his unique voice, his flow is so good that you would think that he wrote the lyrics while asleep. I don’t know if this makes any sense because it sounded okay in my head.

Shagwah, who is a member of 34 GVNG, did not disappoint either. He has a knack for telling stories and believe you me, you’ll be hooked to his verse as soon as he starts rapping.

Boy Bleezy and Tratic of G Rock Music

The trio that make up G Rock Music i.e Madra, Boy Bleezy and Tratic also have some impeccable rhymes. Actually, I am disappointed that I discovered them late but as they say, better late than never.

The beat is catchy and it gets you in a party mood the moment you hit the play button and that is not a bad thing or is it? The video is simple but I feel it works for this song since they shot it in a stream and they’re singing about mtaro.

Watch Mtaro below and tell us what you think.

Kenya’s best new-age musicians have teamed up for ‘Nare Nare’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

Some of the biggest and baddest new-age musicians in Kenya have dropped a new jam dubbed Nare Nare and even before you listen to it, you know it’s a massive hit.

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The song features Dmore (Ochunglo Family), Vuva (34 GVNG), The Boybleezy (G-Rock), Shagwah (Wanati), Jose and Mastar VK.

If this is not a perfect combination then I honestly don’t know what is ladies and gentlemen. I really don’t.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In as much all the artists really came through on this jam, I really felt like Vuva, who is known for the Wabebe hit, outshone the others.

There’s just something about his verse that makes you want to listen to it again and again.

It goes like, “Who dea, who dea, huita bae fat body, uite gute gute go down low mummy, cheza gude gude, mi ni guze guze mpaka ustuke tu ee,  niku kune kune, underwater chini ya maji nikukumbe kumbe, we mtamu supu tamu ka ya kunde kunde, kitandani mtihani twende shule shule, now you know,  ni mashash na kibenga.”

Can someone please call the fire department? No, like seriously!

The song was produced by Hitman Kaht and directed by Kuria. In my opinion, they both did a commendable job.

Watch Nare Nare below and tell us what you think.

Has Ethic been dethroned?

Tomorrow marks a year since Ethic, a group whose members are Rekles, Swat, Zilla and Seska, debuted on the local entertainment scene with Lamba Lolo.

They introduced Kenyans carefree music and we loved them never mind the fact that their song was a bit vulgar. Wasn’t it?


Soon enough, Ethic released other songs; Position, Saba, Instagram, Pandana and before we knew it, they were household names. Yup, they became stars in one year!

Perhaps the icing on the cake for them was participating in Coke Studio 2018. Anyone musician will tell you for free that that’s an opportunity that they are ready to die for.

Ethic has empowered many young musicians in the last one year. They have shown them that making a hit song does not take much, that you don’t have to splurge.

They also gave them courage to sing about anything that comes to their minds, which is mostly raunchy stuff, but that’s a story for another day.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In the last one year we’ve seen the emergence of new age musicians and groups and in my opinion they should all thank Ethic for leading the way for them.

The like of Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, G-Rock, Gwaash etc. would be nowhere today were it not for Ethic. Deep down you also know that this is true.

Interestingly, though, I feel that some of the new-age musicians learned the ropes too fast and have since dethroned Ethic as Kenya’s best new-age musicians. What do you think?

Side note: A little bird told me that Ethic and Ochunglo Family have already done the remix for Pandana and it will be released anytime now. Get your eardrums ready!