What Led To The Downfall Of Gengetone Music?

There’s no doubt about the wave of Gengetone music genre being short-lived. Netizens enjoyed all kinds of Gengetone artists until the year 2020. We enjoyed it while it lasted. And one of it’s pioneers, Ethic, have not been on the limelight for the longest time.

The genre was a jam that thrived immensely since 2017. Every gengetone song released during that time was just so entertaining and enticing. It was the genre that everyone enjoyed with ease. The likes of Sailors Gang, Ethic were among the best during that period. I bet they made loads of cash during that period.

A few years later, the genre is diminishing tremendously. Some have tried to revive it but the efforts have ended in a cul de sac.

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End Of Gengetone Music

Ethic entertainment

While we enjoyed it, the genre wasn’t good enough to live up to the expectations of fans. The songs became monotonous and repetitive. Some of the Gengetone artists transitioned to other genres. A good example is Sailors gang member Miracle Baby, who decided to go to Kikuyu songs, popularly known as ‘Mugithi’. Eventually, Gengetone was overtaken by genres such as Amapiano and Afrobeats. The two genres were so interesting that they became fans’ favourite. Everyone is now hyping them; forgetting the roots of their own.

To add salt to injury, Kenyan musicians, compared to Nigerians, are not living up to the expectations. Now, the views are heading abroad. It’s high time we promote our own no matter what.

Gengetone stars prove to world their music is here to stay after this mega announcement 

Gengetone stars have been facing a ruthless fight from different institutions regarding their music. Groups such as Ethic, Sailors, Uchongulo Family and many others have been under constant attack because of their lyrics and videos.

This has however not demoralized them as artists have continued to release new music and prove they have talent. Gengetone singers have now switched to working with gospel artists such as Bahati and Mr Seed to show that they can be diverse.


Gengetone artists have now made another big move to ensure they keep controlling the Kenyan airwaves. Courtesy of events promoter, Mtetezi, all Gengetone musicians are uniting for a major concert dubbed Gengetone Festival which will go down on April 10 at Machakos People’s Park.


The event will see the likes of Lengadnary singer Juacali, who is the father of Gengetone, team up with youngsters like Katelo, VDJ Jones, Willis Raburu among others to celebrate Gengetone in Kenya.

With such kind of unity, it will very hard to end this genre as much as they are getting little airplay from the media.


Gengetone is still alive, kind of

When I thought of writing this article, I wanted to explain to you – the reader – that real talent comes from the ghetto  or what other people refer to as the poor neighborhoods. Think of it though, some of the biggest music entertainers -even those from abroad – are not from wealthy backgrounds.

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You see, my logic is that ghetto folks don’t have as many options as those who are filthy rich. So, what most of them want is that one thing that will get them out of there as soon as possible. For some it’s crime – which is the common choice but others don’t want to be gunned down so they study hard or play a game like football.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

The other common option is music. So these youngsters start singing, they get a few fans along the way as they hope and wait that they will find someone to believe in them any maybe pay for studio time or record a video for them so that they can get their names out there.

And it finally happens and one after the other they start getting noticed. Before you know it, they are celebs because of their music. Anyway, that what they wanted so it fine because some money is also going into their pockets. That is exactly what Gengetone is.

But music is not a drug. Sorry, maybe the person who said that it is was just high, drunk perhaps. People get tired of music, unless it’s a classic. People stopped listening to Gengetone sometime last year or was it early this year? Funny thing is that they even bashed the artists that they were dancing to and labelled them as ratchet.

But you see, these artists don’t want to go back to the ghetto where they are from because life is tough there, there is little or no food, the crime rate is high. My point is that they will keep making music, even if you don’t want to heat it. But remember, real talent is from the ghetto like I told you.

That means that there will still be a few probably many songs by Gengetone artists that are hits and that’s is what I mean when I say, Gengetone is still alive, kind of. If you are not sure, watch the video below and tell me.

King of Genge, Jua Cali comes to the defense of youthful gengetone artistes, Sailors

Veteran Kenyan hip hop artiste, Jua Cali has urged Kenyans to be patient with the upcoming gengetone artistes who he believes will eventually ´mature´ in their content.

Gengetone music which shook the Kenyan music industry in 2019, has been slammed for vulgar content, which is considered a bad influence for the youth.

However, King of Genge Music, Jua Cali stated that Gengetone is Kenya´s own original and it should be embraced rather than condemned.

King of Genge music, Jua Cali

Growth process

Up and close on Milele FM, during Bangaiza reloaded, the Genge influence revealed that he is actually working with the rising stars as they continue his legacy.

Lazima watu waunderstand kitu moja. Mimi kama msanii especially nlianzisha hii genge music, imagine kama mimi ningeturn around nianze kukashifu hawa vijana ingekuwa ni wrong sana. For me, ilikuwa humbling sana wao kuita mziki wao gengetone ni kama walikua wanatry kuambia watu mahali influence imetoka.

For me, ilikuwa humbling sana wao kuita mziki wao gengetone – Jua Cali shares

According to him, the vulgar content is part of growth. Which he believes will ´mature´ and change in due time, but with patience.

Usiexpect msanii mdogo aanze kuimba kuhusu NHIF ama sukari imepanda. Bado wako home. Hii kitu lazima imove natural, polepole tu. The more wataendelea kugrow, the more content itachange. Kina sailors wameanza so with time, itachange.

Upcoming Gengetone artists, Sailors

Further admitting that it is quite a pleasure for him to see Genge music evolve.

Niko blessed, niko happy kua bado hapa, kuona tumeinfluence a whole generation.

Pointing out that he would not mind if his children listened to such kind of music.