Gengetone Kings Sailors gang back on the scene with another exciting song “Dunda”

‘Cessation or no cessation, Kenyans must Dunda,’ was the thought Sailors Gang had in mind when they did this song. Done to mark the first anniversary of their hit song “Wamlambez” and to also celebrate the birthday of Miracle Baby, one of the gang members

Dunda is sheng for party is surely a party

hit. The song is an awesome banger. Too bad the clubs aren’t operational otherwise this song would have been played in every single club in town.

The gang, widely known for their “Wamlambez” hit song. The song stuck on the minds of many and was trending for a very long time.

They have also done other songs including Jesu ni Mwathani, Wainame, and Pekejeng. They have also done collaborations with artists including Octopizzo, Nadia Mukami, Boondocks Gang, Joeffes.

Further, they are hailed for being among the few brains behind Gengetone music in Kenya.

Despite the controversies that emerged from their songs when they first began their art, the gang has stuck together and are determined to stay in the very competitive industry.


Dunda starts with their trademark screams at the beginning of the song.Sang in Swahili and their trademark language sheng.

Leo kuparty ni dunda

Na madem toka runda

Bibi ya Onjivo dunda amekam kunimunda

The sheng in this song needs a translator my friends.  But that’s beside the point, who needs to understand the lyrics of a song while they are partying. It’s the song one dances to when drunk or sober.

Video or no video the song is complete and is entertainment enough for any normal human being. Their fans are happy with just the audio as it is already trending.

We wish Miracle baby a happy birthday as we wait for more good music from this Gang in the future. For now, LET’S DUNDA!!!But hey remember to wash your hands.

Rating 9/10.

Below is the link enjoy.

Gengetone stars prove to world their music is here to stay after this mega announcement 

Gengetone stars have been facing a ruthless fight from different institutions regarding their music. Groups such as Ethic, Sailors, Uchongulo Family and many others have been under constant attack because of their lyrics and videos.

This has however not demoralized them as artists have continued to release new music and prove they have talent. Gengetone singers have now switched to working with gospel artists such as Bahati and Mr Seed to show that they can be diverse.


Gengetone artists have now made another big move to ensure they keep controlling the Kenyan airwaves. Courtesy of events promoter, Mtetezi, all Gengetone musicians are uniting for a major concert dubbed Gengetone Festival which will go down on April 10 at Machakos People’s Park.

The event will see the likes of Lengadnary singer Juacali, who is the father of Gengetone, team up with youngsters like Katelo, VDJ Jones, Willis Raburu among others to celebrate Gengetone in Kenya.

With such kind of unity, it will very hard to end this genre as much as they are getting little airplay from the media.

VDJ Jones partners with various gengetone artists for “Kwote kwote” and its totally worth your time

In what seems like an industry that is striving to stand on its own, Gengetone influencer Vdj Jones drops another ecstatic jam dubbed “Kwote Kwote”.

In his 1st release of 2020 he has featured some of the dopest artists from the gengetone Industry.

Wakali Wao which has got Kim Swat, Iano Rankin and Pitah Scarlet, 34Gvng which has got Vuva & B-razor, Maddox from the Boondocks Gang & Breeder LW.

Days after a disclaimer of rumours about the entertainer’s had death the song comes in timely as a means to just how busy he has been.

Kwote Kwote

Even as I celebrate the works done by Vdj Jones must admit the kids in the song did a good job.

Well, I know we will struggle a lot with the lyrics because of the deep slang they use.

However, we cannot dismiss the rapping vibe that Breeder LW starts of the song with.

First, he goes on to tell off all the haters in the affirmation that his music will be heard “Kwote Kwote”- to mean all over.

I mean they all are trying to say that gengetone is here to stay.

VDJ Jones

Musical prowess

Further, with the kind of help the “upcoming” artists are getting from Jones and a few of the legendary musicians like Jua kali, we better brace ourselves for even harder slang jams. Gengetone it is!

As the song goes on Wakali wao come with their powerful rap style still airing about their musical dominance.

As much as we’d love to hate them these chaps ain’t going nowhere. They know their game so well.

Further,34Gv’s input in the song cannot be ignored either.

The love and hate kind of lyrics give this song its juice as the teams say watachafua scene wakiwika kwote kwote.

As they finished up with appraisals for VDJ Jones kuchafua kwote kwote, you realize that the video was not overdone.

The pictures were clear and well blended for this song.

The audio was done by Mavo on the Beat and the video directed by Jijo Drumbeats for Black Market Records.

Watch and tell us what you think.

Sailors Gang take gengetone to church with new jam “Jesu ni Mwanathani”

Gengetone has dominated the Kenyan airwaves for a while now. Sailors gang have clinched their own space even in international spaces. Now they have dropped an exciting new jam dubbed “Jesu ni Mwathani” for thanksgiving.

They recently received three awards in the just concluded Pulse Music Video Awards a situation they never anticipated for.


Jesu ni Mwathani

This is Kikuyu for “Jesus is Lord” I think I am right with the little I know about Kyuk.

Jesu ni mwathani

But again from the caption below the video it states:

“What a year it has been! Jesu Ni Mwathani is Kikuyu dialect, translated to mean ‘Jesus is Lord’. We have seen God’s favour with our songs going global and winning 4 awards in just 6 months. This is our song of thanksgiving and praise. God ametutoa far na ni far atatupeleka. Aminia in your life as well! Jesu Ni Mwathani.”

With such kind of success who wouldn’t praise God? Trust Sailors to bring out their comic antics in the song.

The video too was well done by MRX media with a sneak peek of the PMVA’s where the team was receiving their award.

At the same time, they were accompanied by Mwalimu Rachel who is said to have played the managerial role since they started off in music. Someone the boys have been so grateful too and clearly respect.


The lyrics are a blend of Swahili and Kikuyu and a bit of the Kenyan slang. If for anything the boys outdid themselves

Furthermore, for thanksgiving, they thank God for their musical journey. For them, music has it has helped them push through life’s hurdles and they can now say they have won.

In the first verse they say,

Toka mashinani amenitoa magizani,Mathena mathena nimeishi mashidani
Sosho akanilea na mashida mingi flani,Nakugoja idhaa yako tuliishi kanisani
Ka ni ka mob justice nimeuma,Vijanaa kuchomwa jo hii huuma
Jesus wept, aminia gathee Kiufogothare……”

The Mavo produced beat is a clear indication that Sailors gang are here to stay.

For rating, I will go with 9/10. Tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Dondosa by Zzero Sufuri is all about the waist(Audio)

Zzero Sufuri has clearly made a name for himself since the days of “Zmenishika” hit. With a recent successful tour to Dubai, Zzero is back to the Music scene with a new jam  dubbed  “Dondosa”.

Zzero is among the many artist that manage to get their niche in the gengetone  dominated field now. On the other hand his sheng vibe gives him the upper hand in his scope of  music.


Dondosa is a sheng word that means whine your waist-If that is what I got right. In some sense some people say Zzero Sufuri is what was missing in the genge field. Why? This is because the lad posses some flow that many Kenyans would call magical.



Dondosa is a fill good song calling out on people especially ladies to have fun. In addition he showers his girl with praises on how she makes him happy when she whines her waist.

Well, that’s just how it goes.“Si nimekupendaga bana jo ukizitoka Vile huzitoka hunifanya bado nachoka Kwanza ukidondosa unafanya jasho inanitoka Naskia kuzitoka, bila hata kuniogopa….” reads part of the lyrics.

The song is produced by Brayo K Wise who did a beautiful job when it comes to the songs arrangement.The Genge basics intertwined with drum instrumentation of horns and bits of a bass drum, plays all the magic .

For what its worth Zzero did a good job in this jam all we can do wait for the video and see if the visuals will blend with the lyrics.

However from the views on Youtube, the call for support for Kenyan music is still up. Only problem is how fast Kenyans overlook talent but Zzero is clearly one talent not to be forgotten.

In the meantime, I will rate it at 7/10. Tell us what you think after you listen.

Gengetone becoming a cliche?

For the better part of the year we have enjoyed dancing to the newly found Kenyan sound Gengetone.

With big songs like the recently banned ‘Kenyan anthem” Wamlambez  by Sailors gang, the Kaa na Mama yako by Ochungulo family are just but some of the big songs we have been jamming to.

So far the  gengetone groups have enjoyed or rather are still enjoying th elimelight that came with their new vibe.

They have had a taste of success in the ever changing music scene of the Kenyan dynamism. As time goes by you notice that the love for this groups is now at a dwidling stage.

Ochunglo Family with Ethic
Ochunglo Family with Ethic.

By this I mean their popularity is slowly fading.

For group like Ethic they have had their love hate kind a situation in the industry coupled witjh the scandals that befell them.At the same time the rumors of whether Swat had  left the group or not is something that we got our eyes on.

On the other hand  Ochungulo Family started of on a high note too with immense support from big artists like the Kansoul.Slowly their music turned and sounded exactly like their mentors which to some fans was really a turn off.

Before we could absorb that they did another song “Kong’o” which we thought we’d enjoy long enough.

However ,that didn’t happen because the song was pulled down.Reason we are yet to know.

Are they a cliche now?

As we ponder on reasons that have been pulling the gengetone groups down.

One is left to wonder are they turning out to be cliche?

Look at it this way before the wamlambez ban the gengetone anthems had ruled over the airwaves but now it seems like its now playing low.

The drumbells that were playing all over seem to be going off slowly.

Are we getting tired of these anthems?

Well, I hope not.